Why was PromoPress born?

YOU do the job - YOU take the money
PromoPress is a service meant to help journalists, reporters, fiction authors, press photographers, illustrators, critics, TV-reporters to connect with possible publishers-clients.
Above all the reason si that nowadays it is seems kind of stupid to publish only in our village's little newspaper. The borders -in many senses- are being erased- and there are many, many good press-professionals out there with a great potential to produce interesting stories and other material for publishers.
Normally, how do the publishers find the material, the news, to publish? Well, normally, the subjects and the articles "happen". That is, a press release, a note or a phone call reaches the publisher/editor in the right moment to fill what's left before deadline.
(Please, I don't mean to offend nobody... but I've worked as a publisher for a few years and I know that a lot of time "luck", we like it or not, is part of the inspiration...)
But, here comes PromoPress.
Because PromoPress wants to offer ANY kind of news, articles, photos or A/V programs.
Honestly, I want it to be useful for everybody. Because many of you, the freelancers, have archives filled with great material who might be great just as or with some re-make. And with a great capacity to create new material if somebody asks you to. A lot of the professionals that I hope to see here have a long experience as reporters, making photos, articles and interviews, about any subject, all over the world.
Today there is no reason why we should not commercialize our services internationally. Only a year or two ago a project like this one would have been too expensive in mail, telephones and faxes... and that is why only the big -and rich- agencies were able to move stories around the globes) but cyberspace makes it easy to unite the freelancer with the publisher.
PromoPress pretends to be the meeting point and the showcase for the freelancers and for the publishers to find more varied material and, often, better and at a better price. (Remember, we do NOT charge 50% commission from none of you!)
PromoPress doesn't take more than "a tip"... if anybody feels like giving a tip. If  not, at least there is the pleasure to make an old dream become true.
PromoPress is my impossible project, the agency I always wished I could find, both as a publisher and as a freelance reporter.
Well, so I wish all of us good luck!!! And of course, I look forward to any suggestion, idea or input from any of you. :-))
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