How PromoPress works

PromoPress offers the space to the free-lancers interested in getting in touch with publishers or media all over the world.
PromoPress does not charge any amount for the service. (Sure, tips are accepted :-)  )
PromoPress is not responsible for the individual work of the free-lancers as the contacts and the deals are all done directly.
HOWEVER, we will appreciate if either parts have complaints. (Like delivery failures, material below promised standard, delays of delivery or payment, payment not the accorded and such. If the complaint is found true -yes, we will find out- we will take the free-lance off our agency or suggest our affiliates about the "risks" with a certain publisher. As this is in interest for everybody, do try to make yourselves a favour, all of you.)
PromoPress only exposes the information given by each professional.
PromoPress do not hold any copyright -except to the content of this site.

PromoPress will post the information received from you on a page included in its site. Any idea-title of story or names of photos, for example, given by the professional will be linked directly to his or hers page. The contacts between the publisher and the free-lancer are made directly, with no interference whatsoever by PromoPress unless any special service is asked for. (Forwarding of e-mail, translation services or such....)
No links to external sites are accepted without approval from PromoPress.

As mentioned above, all contacts and deals are responsibility between you and the free-lancer.
PromoPress will post your special rules for queries and such or special demands of material.
If you prefer an e-mailing to be made to our affiliates, this can be done.
If you have rights, photos, films or other material to offer -for sale or exchange- to other publishers.
Our commission for these deals will be 5% of the sales.
Interested? Do drop us a line.

PromoPress will promote this site as much as possible, but each professional may also promote their own page. Help will be appreciated, of course.

Suggestions and ideas are VERY welcome.

PromoPress - PR & Press

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