Gary Christensen

NAME:  Gary Christensen

BASED IN:  Corvallis, Oregon, USA

E-MAIL:  Gapach97@aol.com

NATIONALITY:  German-Danish heritage.  Born in America.

"My interest lies in the Promotion of Others.  My business is to help; to guide; to train others, to be self-supporting and completely financially independent.  My writings can help people to see the need to become self-dependent; to start a business of their own; to help them to be good at self-promotion; to point the way to other people, who can assist
them; to point them to websites that will help them; to point them to "attitudes" that they must seek, to better themselves, to be better able to "make it" in their own business, whatever kind of business that may be".

* A free Listing to Publishers of e-zines at my website: www.site-city.com/members/e-zine-master/
* Offering free subscriptions to my 4 e-zines (monthly e-mailed
Newsletters)  (1) The E-zine News.. mailto:chrig98@aol.com
(2)  The HomeMoney Newsletter .. mailto:gapach97@aol.com
(3)  The Publishers Trade News .. mailto:gach98@aol.com
(4)  Writers & Publishers Connection .. mailto:writers98@aol.com
* My 100+ Reports, to assist others in their search for sources; tips and methods that work.  (All 100+ Reports for just $28.00)

* Monthly distribution of the writings of other authors to a list of Publishers and Editors, both on and off line ($25. to mail each article.)

PUBLISHED:  Articles of mine have appeared in "Income Opportunities" magazine; in "The American Banner" magazine; in "Introduction to Mailorder" magazine; in "Spare Time" magazine; in "Sunshine" magazine,.. in
"Jackpot National Shopper Monthly".. in "American BizOpps Magazine".. in Dream Merchant magazine; in "Advantage Digest".. in "Opportunity World" magazine;.. in "Home Business Magazine".. in Emerald Coast News".. in Ben Frank's
Almanac".. in "Phoenix 5000 magazine,..." ... to name a few.
AVAILIBILITY:  Ready to try anything,.. to write on any topic,.. although I might not be able to write about Health Products or UFO's... but, most anything else I feel I can take it on and give it a good try!

PROPOSALS:   Mostly I write Business Articles; Self-Development type articles.  Recent titles include "The Business of Bringing" (about taking someone along with you,.. guide them, train them, to work with you,.. to learn how you do it and what you do and why.)    "Your Attitude regarding Servitude" (about our helping to meet the needs of others; to help them, guide them, serve their needs... to help meet the needs of the customer, to serve their needs...)
   "How I Promote my Business on the Internet" (about the sites and sources I have found on the Net, which help me to run my business in cyberspace,.. to help others to get their business going on the Net..)
   "Co-Operative Partnering" (about how to work with others, to help our businesses to grow; to work with others, pooling our money and talents, so that we both succeed.)    ... to name a few...

AVAILABLE TITLES (apart from the ones listed HERE):
__How to Work your Potential Representatives.
__ What REALLY Works the BEST for you?
__ Where are you gonna be 1 Year from now?
__ The Benefits of Co-operative Partnering.
__ New Lessons from ole Desert Pete!
__ Why are you Starting your Customers at the Finish?
__ The Vision vs. The Reality
__ 10 F.A.Q.'s about selling by mail from your home!
__ The Changing Face of Mailorder.
__ Free Legal Aid, Your Best Defense.
__ The Main Reason I use Classified Ads.
__ How to Make Money Utilizing Reciprocity.
__ The Best 4 Priceless Advertising Methods!
__ The Most Perfect, Profitable, Popular Product to Promote.
__ Why I won't Demand Fax-On-Demand!
__ Secret of the 5 "R's" of Mailorder.
__ How to Write a Great, Order Pulling Ad.
__ Top 18 Free Ad Websites on the Internet.
__ Low Cost Advertising Promotions
__ Make More Money by Giving Away Free Samples.
__ The Vowels of Service.
__ 20 Ways to Turn a Profit on the Internet.
__ Please tell me, What am I doing Wrong?
__ The Business of Bringing.
__ My Personal Formula for Success.
__ What's your Attitude Towards Servitude?
__ What do you want, Customers or Convienence?
__ Take a Moment to Consider your Competition.
__ The Very Best Ad to Place, Anywhere & Everywhere!
__ Companies who'll pay you Cash to work from your home!
PHOTOS:  I'm not too experienced with photos.  But, willing to learn. My photo is attached.

LANGUAGES:  Writing and speaking English; a little Spanish & Japanese (Ryukan).



E mail: Gapach97@aol.com

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