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Selling by mail can be the easiest and least expensive method of

selling your services or commodities.  It can also be the most

difficult and the most expensive method of doing the job.  It

all depends on the method you use in presenting your offering to

your prospects; it depends on the kind of a letter you send to


To write such a letter, a message that explains concisely yet

completely and in an action-compelling manner what you have to

offer, is a job that demands the services of an expert versed in

every one of the thousand phases of selling and one with many

years of successful mail order experience at his command.

If you would choose the one man in the United States who could

write for you a sales letter that would produce the results you

desire, you would probably ask Robert Collier to do the job.

Backed by many years of success in the field of selling by mail,

selling every commodity from trench machinery to fertilizers,

books and raincoats, stocks and bonds and services, he has

placed hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of the

clients for whom he has written his master sales letter.  As a

consequence, he is today, America's premier writer of successful

selling letters.

Mr. Collier was asked to select from the many thousands of sales

letters considered to be the best of them all.  It was a difficult job

to pick fifteen of the best from a list of ten thousand of the

best, but the job is finished and here are the letters.  These

are the fifteen letters considered the best ever written by the

man acknowledged to be the best writer of sales letters in

America today.  They have actually been tested, they have actually been

used, and they actually sold over one million dollars of

services and merchandise.

These letters will sell for you.  Choose those which are

applicable to your own business.  Alter them only to such an

extent as to accord with the products and services you have to

sell.  It will also pay you to study them all, for they all

contain the essential elements that enter into every successful

sales letter.  They contain ideas that you may apply

successfully in sales letters of your own dictation



Here is a letter to which a new penny was pasted.  In

conjunction with the figures given, the penny aroused an amazing

amount of attention.

The idea could readily be used by Insurance Companies, Savings

Banks and the like.  It was also used with unusual results by an

association trying to build a membership for the purpose of

cutting the cost of government.



The Power of Money to Make More Money!

Just this little insignificant penny, saved each week since the

start of the Loan and Saving Association, would today amount to

$75.00 - and of that $75.00, $50.00 WOULD BE INTEREST DIVIDENDS.

$1.00 saved each week would today amount to $7,500.00!  THAT IS


No matter what his beliefs, every man will agree that the

Scriptures contain some of the oldest and greatest truths known

to mankind.  There is one truth that the Wise Men of old felt to

be so important that they repeated it no less than six times in

the very first chapter of the Bible, and referred to it

throughout both Old and New Testaments.


Plant a seed of corn and you reap ears of corn.  Plant

thistles and you grow a profusion of thistles.  Plant money

and your money comes back to you after many days, increased a


What harvest do YOU want to reap ten or fifteen years from

now?  Money to put your children through college or start them

in a business of their own?  Security for yourself?  Financial


You have only to set your goal in order to win it.  The price of

$5,000.00 or of $50,000.00 is only so many seeds of savings.

$5.00 saved each week at the Loan  and Savings Association will,

in about 13 years, amount to $5,000.00.  $25.00 each week will

grow to $25,000.00.

Mind you, here is the part that counts.  Of that $25,000.00

only $16,250.00 represents money paid in by you.  The rest -

$8,750.00 - is GROWTH INCREASE!

Do you know any other way you can buy $25,000 as surely, as

safely - and pay so little for it?  Do you know any way you can

buy $25,000 or any other sum, and pay for it in little,

convenient installments each week that never depreciates in

value, which are like seeds sown in good ground that keep

growing and growing, year after year, always ready to give you

more than you sow.

How much do you want to buy - $1,000.00 - $5,000.00 -

$25,000.00?  How much do you want to give to your youngster when

he goes to college, or gets married, or starts in business?

Here is the one sure and easy way of having that money when you

want it.  $1.00 a week now, means $1,000.00 thirteen years from

now.  $5.00 a week means $5,000.00.

What will you start with - $1.00 - $5.00 - $10.00?  "To begin",

says Ansonius, "it is to be half done".

Will you begin NOW - TODAY?  Will you fill out the little form

attached, pin your check, dollar bills or stamps to it covering

your first remittance and mail it back in the enclosed envelope?

 Will you save the first $1.00 on your $1,000.00, or the first

$25.00 on your $25,000.00 TODAY?




A few years ago, a merchant in the clothing business in Buffalo

failed.  While he was waiting for the bankruptcy proceedings to

be closed, he had no money and little credit.  He had a

family and he had to do something to keep them from starving.

So he got a friend to advance him a few dollars and with that he

bought some cheap knitted ties and started mailing them -

without orders of any kind to lists of likely buyers.  With the

ties, he sent a letter offering the ties at 50 cents apiece

and enclosing postage for their return or for remittance.

Within a few months he is said to have cleared $200,000.  In

five years, it is reported that he made a couple of million.

Similar offers were speedily made by dozens of other concerns.

Here is the letter that successfully sold hundreds of

thousands of initialed handkerchiefs by this unique method.


Here's the most unusual offer you've ever received.

For years, it's been the custom among well-dressed men who were

fastidious about their handkerchiefs to have BOTH their initials

embroidered on them.  Up to now, they've always had to order

them specially at considerable expense.  There were so many

combinations of initials (630 to be exact) that no store could

possibly carry them all in stock.

The result has been that fine quality handkerchiefs individually

monogrammed have cost from 75 cents to $1.00 each.  (Your wife

will quickly verify this.)

Now, we've conceived the idea of monogramming handkerchiefs

without orders (in quantities that would keep the cost low) and

sending them by mail to a carefully selected list of Business

Men who would appreciate the wonderful opportunity afforded them.

You are one of the men we selected.  Your handkerchiefs are

enclosed - four of them monogrammed especially for you WITH BOTH


These handkerchiefs are of fine quality, are fully-sized - 18

inches square -- and have a neatly hemstitched border.  You will

readily see that such handkerchiefs should cost 75 cents each

when specially embroidered in silk with your initials.

If you'd like to keep these handkerchiefs, send us - not 75

cents each, not over 50 cents each - ONLY $1 FOR THE ALL FOUR.

You can easily do it by slipping your check or money order in

the enclosed envelope.

However, if you don't want to keep the handkerchiefs, just put them

back in the envelope, paste the enclosed label and stamp over

the address and mail them back to us.

Isn't that a fair way to do business?  It's the only way we know

in which individually initialed handkerchiefs can be sold

so reasonably.

Yours for unusual handkerchief value,



YES... though it is necessary to first use the inquiry-bringing

type of letter to winnow out the few interested people, and then

keep after those few with a whole series of letters until you

land their orders.

$25,000,000 worth of yachts were sold by mail this way.

Inquiry-bringing letters and mailing pieces were mailed to them

first, then to those interested, a series of letters and

booklets were sent, and where possible personal calls were made.

Here is a letter which was most successful in bringing inquiries

for a machine selling for about $2,500.00.  It was mailed to a

restricted field - Public Service Companies - and it brought

interested inquiries in considerable volume.


When Millions Were Actually THROWN IN THE GUTTER!

"The most expensive gutters in the world"; that is what they

called the canals of 1830 which cost $200,000,000 to build and

were doomed by the locomotive.  What do you suppose they will

call the trenches of today, where whole gangs of laborers, take

days to dig up stretches of expensively paved streets, JUST TO


"The most expensive ditches in the world" - probably.  FOR THESE



All the work of tearing up paving, all the expense of

resurfacing, might just as well be thrown into the ditch, for

all the need there is for it or all the good you get out of it.

You see, the HydrAuger bores UNDER the street.  It can make any

size hole from 2 1/4 inches to 10 1/2 inches.  It can bore any

length up to 120 ft.  It works as fast as a foot a minute, AND


"In 1930, plans were made for installing water mains in a newly

incorporated borough", writes the Richland Township Water Co. of

Windber, PA, "through which passes three paved highways.  Our

permit was conditioned upon NOT BREAKING THE PAVED SURFACE OF

THE HIGHWAY.  Thirty or more crossings were necessary.  The

HydrAuger enabled us to do the work in 1931 at minimum

expenditure.  There is no better or more economical machine

known of for its purpose.  The job was completed for less than half the

estimated cost of tunneling."




Have you ever tried to sell fertilizer, shrubbery and the like

to suburbanites?  It is not easy at the best of times, but

during the depression, when you couldn't get rid of real estate

for love or money, and when the mortgage companies were taking

over homes right and left, selling fertilizer and such for the

lawns was a real problem. Yet it was done.   And here is one

letter that did it with amazing success.


End Worries Over Scraggly Lawns

Dear Neighbor:

With your permission, I am going to make an analysis of the soil

of your lawn to determine - at my own risk and expense - what

elements are lacking in it, what you need for stronger,

healthier, more closely grown turf.

Mind you, this will not cost you a penny or obligate you in any

way.  I am going to make this analysis just to show you how

little is needed to correct the texture of your soil and make

possible the growing of rich, thick grass.

You see, soil gets acid or alkaline such as your body does.  Let

your body get too much acid and the results are quickly apparent

in sallow skin, eruptions, disease.  Let the soil of your lawn

get too much acid and the grass on it will quickly grow sallow,

faded, full of weeds and noxious growths.  But that condition

can be quickly corrected - the missing elements easily added -

once you have determined what the trouble is.

Will you let us make a chemical analysis of the soil in your

lawn - and send you a report of it  - WITHOUT COST OR OBLIGATION

TO YOU?   John Smith of Jamestown, VA, wrote us:

"I should never have believed it possible that so slight a

changing of the treatment of the soil could so quickly rebuild

and re-establish a lawn.  Your analysis showed us how to work

wonders with our place."

Just your name on the enclosed card will bring you a FREE

chemical analysis of your soil condition, with clear directions

as to just what elements are needed to supply anything now

lacking.  A similar analysis from any chemist would cost several


Analysis will be made in the order in which requests are

received, so if you would like to get your orders quickly,

please mail your card NOW or telephone.



A 100,000 MARK NOTE

To show how readily you can adapt to your business an idea that

has been used successful in another line, here is an

adaptation of the "Dollar Letter"..  (See Letter #10.)

Pinned to the top of this letter was a 100,000 mark German note.

Its purpose, like that of the dollar, was to get the reader's

immediate attention and arouse his interest in the message of

the letter.

It worked so well that the Wall Street Journal, for whom the

letter was written, reported that it was the most successful

subscription-getter they had ever used.


Will You Accept The Enclosed German Reichsbank Note

For 100,000 Marks, With Our Compliments?

Dear Sir:

If the enclosed German Reichsbank Note for 100,000 Marks pays

for one minute of your time, consider yourself engaged.

Yes, it's a real Reichsbank Note, put out by the German

Government.  Before the War, 100,000 marks were worth $23,820.00

in our money.

But when this particular issue of notes was retired, it took

10,000,000 notes like this to get a mark worth 24 cents in gold!

That is what uncontrolled inflation did to German money.  As

fast as new issues were brought out, the old ones dropped in

value, until a man's only chance to get ahead lay in putting his

money in common stocks, or into goods or real estate - or

something that would go up in price just as fast as the value of

his money went down.

In a small way, something of the kind may occur here.  Even with

inflation under perfect control, the value of the inflated money

is bound to drop, while common stocks and goods and real estate

will go up in value.

The question is - what type of stocks will depreciate most?  And

what effect will inflation have upon various lines of industry?

That is where the Blank Street Journal can be of genuine help to

you.  Its facts are not merely timely, but they are derived from

original sources, and their accuracy can be depended upon.  But

that isn't all.  The facts it brings to you each day are

interpreted from the standpoint of the investor and business man

enabling you to invest your money or to plan your

business with understanding and foresight.

The Blank Street Journal is the source of information for

countless statisticians, newspapers and market services.  Yet

the information for which you pay the high fees is just as

readily available to you in the pages of the daily Blank Street

Journal as it is to them.

The enclosed card entitles you to the next SIXTY ISSUES of the

Blank Street Journal for $3.  Not only that, but it brings you

FREE EXAMINATION of the first five copies.  If these five do not

make clear to you the financial trend, if they do not show you

every phase of business and financial activity, just tell us to

cancel, and you will be out nothing.

Will you TRY it?  Will you let us send you accurate news from

the very heart of the financial center of the country NOW - when

that news may be worth more to you than ever in your lifetime?

Will you mail the enclosed form TODAY?




End of the Season Sales are the plague of every merchant.  How

to clean out the remnants of stock at a price that will appeal

to the public and still leave a modicum of profit is something

that would make any advertising man rack his brain.

Here is a letter that we first used on books.  When the Simond's

War History sale was over, there were a couple of thousand

returned or damaged sets on hand.  The price was reduced to 25

cents and a letter along the lines of the attached was mailed.

It pulled so well that the 2,000 sets were disposed of at once,

and the order cost was found to be so low that it paid to

deliver some 6,000 brand new sets on the orders that

came in.

Adapted to Travelling Bags, the letter did just as well.  Here

it is, used to dispose of the odds and ends of a stock of

Overcoats.  It has been successful on every product on which we

have used it.


790 Leftover Ulsters At A Big Discount!

Dear Sir:

In the rush and excitement of selling, in the past two months,

of 21,000 "Keep Warm" Winter Ulsters - there was no time to pay

attention to exactly how sizes and colors were running.

The result is that now, with the season near its end, we find

ourselves with 790 coats left over - in all sizes - BUT WITHOUT


There are dark grays and blues and beautiful brown

heather-mixtures, in Greatcoats that we sold in the past, all the

way up to $47.00.   All of them are really handsome colors, but we

can't be sure of having your exact size, in the color you specify.

And you know how the Overcoat season is - if these Ulsters are

not all disposed of before Christmas, some of them will probably

be on our hands until next Fall.

So rather than carry any of them over until then, we have

decided to make one sweeping reduction and offer these 790

smart, distinctive, beautifully tailored Greatcoats of fine,

warm, double-texture pure wool cloth for only $27.65!

This is the lowest price we have ever made on these all-wool

"Keep Warm" Ulster Coats.  Just try to find their equal - in

style, in workmanship, in fine quality material for $40 or $50.


Only 790 Coats Left

We have just 790 of these double-texture all-wool Greatcoats to

sell at this low price.  When they are gone, your chance to save

on your Winter Ulster will go with them.  While these 790 coats

last, you can get a perfect-fitting, good-looking, and as

fine-quality a Winter Greatcoat as you would ever want to wear,

at an almost unheard-of bargain.

If you will just write your name and three simple measures on

the enclosed card and mail to us, we will send you a "Keep Warm"

Ulster - that will fit you exactly - by prepaid Parcel Post.

You may keep the overcoat for a full week.  Then, if for ANY

REASON AT ALL you don't care to keep the coat, you can send it

back AT OUR EXPENSE.  But if you are so well-pleased with it

that you don't want to part with it, just send us $27.65, the

low price at which we are offering these last remaining 790


SEND NO MONEY - simply mail the post card.  But do it at once,

this opportunity to save money will not occur again.

Yours up to 790,




When you want to land a fish, you bait your hook with something

that the fish likes.  When you want to land a lot of orders, the

same principle applies.

A client wanted to sell a new, small size traveling bag.  He

tried selling it on its merits alone and got 3% to 4% of

orders.  Since the bag sold for $7.95 and 3% gave him an order

cost of only $1, that was profitable.  But he wanted volume.

So he tried using a bit of bait.  To all who would send for this

new bag, he offered a Fountain Pen with their name die-stamped

on it in letters of gold.  Instead of only 3% or 4%, that

attractive bait brought the orders up to 10%, 12% and even on

some lists, to 14%.


Will you accept one of the latest model, self-filling Fountain

Pens with your name die-stamped in raised letters upon it in

return for a little favor from you?

The courtesy is a small one, pleasant and easy to render.

For years, you know, the standard size Traveling Bag has been

an 18 inch bag like the famous "Twentieth Century Bag", but

lately many friends have been writing that they would like a bit

smaller bag than this.  They would like something light and

inexpensive, but with all the strength, fine appearance and

all the unique conveniences of the "Twentieth Century".

Now we are trying one out.  This is a bag so convenient

that we don't believe its equal has ever been made;

certainly at nowhere near the price.

**Every time you pack this Bag, you will be thankful for the

TIME-SAVING convenience of its wonderful interior pockets.  It

has a place for everything you need on a trip and it almost

"packs itself".

Ever have toothpaste or shaving cream get all over your clean

shirts and collars or have the stopper come out of a bottle and the

contents run over everything?

Then you'll appreciate the convenience of the moisture-proof

pockets lined with the long-wearing, high grade hospital rubber.

No moisture can leak through it.

These five moisture-proof pockets will hold shaving gel, talcum

powder or toilet water - all your toilet needs.

On the opposite side of the bag are two full-length pockets with

folders for carrying shirts, ties, underwear, socks, and any

papers that you need when you go on a trip.

These handy pockets are collapsible and take up no room when not

filled.  They not only enable you to pack your bag in half the

time it used to take, but they keep all your things shipshape,

and leave the entire bottom part of the bag free to pack suits

of clothes and other large articles - a wealth of packing  space.

I am writing a few of our customers for their opinion of these

new Traveling Bags.  We call them "RedypaktBags" because

they're handy for so many different uses.

I would like you to try one of them for a week - USE it on your

next trip - see how convenient, how time saving, how handsome it

is.  Compare it with bags you have paid $12 or $15 for.  And

then tell me what you and your friends think of it.

It is a small favor, but it means a great deal to me.  We are

thinking of making a general offering of these "RedypaktBags"

all over the country.  However, before doing it, I would like to have

your opinion.

Just your name on the enclosed card will bring a "RedypaktBag"

to you to try out for a week for FREE.  At the end of the week, if

you should like the BAG so well that you want to keep it for

your own, you can have it for only $7.95.  If you don't want to

keep it, please send it back at my expense, telling me what you

think about it, and I'll be deeply grateful to you.

Naturally, this special price holds good only if your card comes

in at once, while your advice will still be of value to us.

Won't you, therefore, put your name on the card and mail it now?

I thank you for your courtesy.

Gratefully yours,

P.S.  Along with the "RedypackBag, I will send you the new model,

self-filling fountain pen with your name die-stamped upon it.  Whether or

not you keep the "RedypackBag", I want you to keep the pen as a

present from me, entirely free of charge.  It's a return for your

courtesy of examining the "RedypaktBag" and giving me your

opinion about it.



The longest way around is frequently the shortest way home -

when it comes to selling people an idea.

If we were to come to you, and tell you that we'd be glad to put

your name in some "Who's Who" provided you would dig up $10 for

a copy, you'd shy off at once.  It would be too apparent that

the only reason we were listing you was to get your $10.

But if we approach you tactfully and indirectly, there is a good

chance we shall get both your listing and your $10.  Here is an

example of the indirect approach that worked well.


Dear Madam:

Would you be good enough to do me a favor?  I promise not to ask

too much.

You can help to solve a problem which is of significance to all

officials of Women's clubs.  You know that for 34 years, the

leading Club Women of the United States have been recorded each

year in the So & So of Women's Clubs.

This year, a symposium is being conducted among the leading

officials of Women's Clubs, to determine whether it would add

measurably to the So & So's value to include an entirely new

section - a "Who's Who Among Club Women", - giving a short

biographical sketch with the offices you have held and all the

outstanding achievements of your Club life.

Your Club Activities entitles you to representation in this

exclusive section.  Will you be good enough to give me your

opinion of the value of a section?

There will be no charge for the listing, but since each listing

will mean considerable additional expense in the way of

typesetting and the like, we shall ask each of those whose

biographical sketches appear in this "Who's Who" to subscribe

for one copy of So & So.  To make up for this however, we shall

send it to them - not at the regular price of $5.00, but at a

special pre-publication discount of 15% - making the net price

to them $4.25, and even from this figure we shall give them an

additional discount for advance payment.

We shall greatly appreciate an expression of your opinion .

If your opinion is favorable, please fill out the Record

attached, giving your Club connection and all those little

personal items that Society Editors and others ask for, when

yours or your club's activities bring your name into the news.

The enclosed envelope needs no stamp.  Won't you, therefore fill

out the Record NOW - while it is in your hands and mail it right

back in the enclosed envelope?

Thank you!




Everyone offers bargains.  At least everyone claims that if you

take into consideration the quality of his product, it is a bargain

at this price.

But what everyone claims, no one believes.  So you've got to do

more than claim that your price is low or that you offer an unusual

bargain.  You've got to show the reason why.

Here is a letter that was unusually successful in convincing

readers that they were getting something unusual in the way of

price reduction, and therefore brought their orders back in

profitable quantities.


Mr. Business Man:

"Name your own price!" said the manufacturer.

And we did.

You know how most factories are - busy and working overtime

eight or ten months of the year and idle the rest.  And those

idle months, like the famines of ancient Egypt, eat up most of

the profits of the busy ones.

We offered to keep this factory busy making new Carozy Robes all

during the idle season.

"Name your own price", was the answer.

We named a price.  It was accepted without cavil or question,

with the result that we can offer you, at $9.85, a Motor Rob

that customers tell us could not be equaled in stores at

anywhere near that price.  The folder enclosed will give you

some idea of the beauty and richness of this luxurious Robe.

Naturally, bargains like this won't last long.  We got this one

manufacturer's output for three months, but while three months'

output is a lot of robes, they won't go far among our more than

300,000 customers.

The enclosed card will bring one of these beautiful new Carozy

Robes to you for a week's examination - FREE!  No money - no

risk - no obligation.  Just the postcard.

"A direct savings to me of at least $7.50," wrote John Smith of

Clarksburg, WV, when he saw his robe.

The card will be worth good money to you, too, IF YOU WILL MAIL


Yours for mutual cooperation,




Here is the most successful letter we have ever heard of - the

famous "Dollar Letter".  Pinned to its top was a crisp, new

dollar bill - a real dollar bill.

This letter pulled better than a 90% response.  The writer of

this letter told us that from 175,000 mailed, he got back

$270,000, plus more than 90% of the $1 bills mailed out with


But this was only the start.  From the list of more than 150,000

people who gave that $270,000, further subscriptions were

secured to the amount of nearly $14,000,000.


Dear Mr. Jones:

Here's a dollar:  Yes, it's a REAL dollar - nice and clean and


Keep it if you want to, after you've read this letter - but I

don't believe you will.

Here's what it's all about:

I've made an investment of a thousand dollars in human nature -

human kindness.  I've mailed a thousand dollars - in a thousand

letters to a thousand people picked at random.  I have done this

because I believe that every one is really kind, way down inside

- that no one is REALLY heartless and that the only reason why

folks do not help where help is needed is just because these

needs are not IMPRESSED upon them hard enough.

"And that's the mission of each of my thousand dollars - to

impress the importance of a need.  This thousand dollars is my

subscription to the Blank Hospital - and I'm investing in the

belief that every one will bring back several more - at least

another - with it.  So our subscription - which I'm starting in

this way will be at least two thousand - maybe five - for

there's going to be a lot of you who will send  a five or a ten

or more - when you mail my dollar back.

Remember - both my dollar and your dollars go to help crippled


Will EVERY ONE come back?

Will everyone bring something more?

Are people really kind - or REALLY heartless?

Have I made a good investment?

What is YOUR answer?




How about selling stocks by mail?  Millions of dollars of such

sales have been made, and when properly done, it is one of the

least expensive methods of selling known.

The easiest way, of course, is to send an inexpensive letter to

your list first, to find out who can be interested in that

particular type of investment.  To those who answer that letter,

you can afford to send a whole series of follow-ups, booklets or

make a personal call.

Here is a type of letter which has met with marvelous success in

offers of this kind.


Here Is The Industry That Started


Dear Sir:

Men made iron and steel for thousands of years.  Along came  a

new process and a  man named Carnegie to capitalize it, and made

a thousand millionaires.  When he was "in steel", while this magic

change was in process, he made fortunes almost overnight.

Men have been brewing beer for thousands of years.  Then along came

Prohibition and practically closed the industry.  Breweries were

dismantled and their working crews scattered to the four winds.




The stocks of the few active, well-equipped breweries soared

overnight.  In two weeks, they increased 48% in value, while the

average of all stocks went up only 6%.  Yet if the record of

earnings means anything, that is only the start.  Men with good

brewery stocks should see them rise to almost phenomenal heights

as did those "in steel" back in Carnegie's day.  Breweries today

should make even more.

Yet there is one brewery which has been in continuous operation

in the same family for 77 years, with a splendid plant and a

fine old name, and which has so far escaped the notice of stock

market investors.  To us, it seems to offer greater

possibilities of profit from small investment than anything you

can put your money into today.

May we tell you more about it?




How can you most easily find the people interested in new

courses, new sets of books and the like?

By offering them to the most likely lists of prospects and sending,

without cost, a booklet of interest only to people desiring that

particular type of knowledge.  The encyclopedia Britannica, for

instance, offers a booklet containing sample pages and

illustrations from its new Encyclopedia.   In the words of Dr. Eliot

of Harvard, Collier's offers a booklet telling what he considers the

essentials of a liberal  education, and thus finds the people who

can be interested in Dr. Eliot's Five Foot Shelf of Books.

Here is such a letter, designed to winnow out from the other

lists the names of all those interested in learning the art of

Public Speaking.  It is one of the most successful

inquiry-bringing letters we have used.


Now For The First Time -


Dear Sir:

At your request, I shall be glad to send you one of the most

talked-about little books ever written.  It  will cost you exactly

one cent - the price of the stamp that will bring the enclosed

card back to me.

The name of this booklet is - "The Secret of Effective Speech".

The principal part of it was written by perhaps the most

successful speaker of modern times, the man who made over

$4,000,000.00 from his lectures and then used it to send young

men through College - Russell Conwell, author of "Acres of


The Secret of Effective Speech should be read by every executive

who ever has to face a hostile audience, whether that audience

consists of one man or a thousand.

It is not made up of rules and principles, but of the few

common-sense essentials which Conwell found of most importance

in his thousands of appearances on the public platform.  It is

radical.  It is stimulating.  AND IT IS FREE!

Your name and address on the enclosed card will bring you a copy

of "The Secret of Effective Speech", with our compliments.  You

will like this little book.  It is short, but there is a

tremendous lot in it.  Every time you read it, you will realize

more clearly why Russell Conwell had so many thousands of

enthusiastic admirers, audiences which hung on his every word.

Frankly, we are taking this means of bringing to the attention

of a few alert business executives a new method of teaching

Public Speaking - a method so striking and simple, yet so

amazingly successful, that it is taking the country by storm.

Will you use the postcard NOW - TODAY?




Sports articles are notably successful in mail selling, where

you can get lists of people interested in any particular sport.

Fishing tackle, golf clubs and balls, tennis racquets and a host

of other products have been successfully sold by mail.  There is

even a concern in Baltimore which sells fine saddlery by mail

and has built a surprisingly profitable business.

Here is a letter that sold Field Glasses by mail, and sold them

in goodly quantities.  Its basic idea is just as applicable to

dozens of other products that appeal to all sportsmen.


Now the Far Distances are Yours


Dear Friend:

Here is a wonderful way to add to the enjoyment of your trips,

to give you "ring side" seats at every sporting event, to bring

anything you want to see within a few feet of you MULTIPLYING


Four-Mile Eyes - that is what they give you, spanning distances

like the fabled seven-league boots of childhood.  For the

hunter, they are a necessity.  For the tourist or traveler, they

add a zest that doubles the enjoyment of sightseeing.  For those

who love sports, they make a nearby window or hilltop as

desirable as the most expensive "ring side" seat.

Yet for a little while, they can be had FOR LESS THAN THE COST


You see, the finest glasses in the world are made in Central

Europe.  And you know how conditions have been over there - many

highly skilled artisans getting lenses for a month's toil than

they would for a single day's work here.  The result?  Bargains

as you will never get again.  Bargains such as we never dreamed

of being able to offer in Fine Field Glasses.  Prices are higher

over there now and are stiffening rapidly, but up to a few weeks

ago, you could get the finest achromatic day and night lenses at

figures so ridiculously low as to seem like a gift.

We had a lot of extra powerful Officer's Field Glasses shipped

to us at those prices a month ago.  They have just been unpacked

and gone over, and they are beauties.  Filled with specially

large achromatic day and night lens, and equipped with compass

and focusing scale.  They are the most powerful glasses of the

kind we have ever seen at anywhere near the price.

I have a pair on my desk before me as I write, and through them

I can mount the high tension wires on a hill a couple of miles

east of here, and through these glasses, I can watch every move

of the builders.  If they were football players, I could see

them better than from the choicest seat.

And the reason?  These glasses were made for the use of Army

Officers, and they had to be good.  They are the only 8-lens

Galilean Field Glass with compass and leather case that sell for

less than $30.00!

SEND NO MONEY!  Just your name and address on the enclosed card

will bring a pair of these extra-powerful, *-lens Officer's

Field Glasses to you at our risk, our expense, TRY them!  Test

them against the finest glasses you can find selling at $30.00

to $40.00 a pair.  If these are not clear, stronger, more

satisfactory in every way, send them back.  If you are willing

to part with them for any reason, send them back.  Otherwise,

$7.95 makes them your own, an endless source of pleasure and

usefulness.  On that understanding, will you TRY a pair of these

Magic Eyes?  With that distinct agreement, will you put your

name on the enclosed card, and mail it NOW?  You will never have

another such opportunity.




Want to start a business of your own by mail?  Here is a letter

that brought in more than $1,000,000.00 worth of orders for a

new concern in its first six months.

Every man wants to make money.  Every man wants to see his money

grow.  When you start by asking your reader if he'd like to see

one dollar grow to a hundred, you have his attention.  when you

prove to him that he can learn how to work such a miracle before

he pays out a single penny, you are sure of his interest.  After

that, the bringing back of the actual order is mere detail.

This letter is high-pressure... to much so for many projects -

but for those that can stand it, it embodies every feature of

the successful selling letter.


My dear Sir:

Would you like to see $1.00 grow to $60.00 - $8.00 grow to

$500.00 by next March?

Let me tell you how:

I am going to send you within the next few days a set of seven

little books.  These books are probably not like any you have

ever seen before because:

They are about YOU!

They show you that you have been using but a small part of your

real abilities - that back in your subliminal mind", as the

scientists call it, is a sleeping Giant who. awakened, can carry

you on to fame and fortune almost overnight!  A

Genie-of-your-Brain as powerful, as capable of satisfying your

every wish, as was ever Aladdin's wonderful Genie-of-the-lamp of


They make your Day Dreams, your visions of wonderful

achievement, of fortune, health and happiness COME TRUE - not

five, ten, or fifteen years from now, but TODAY, A.D. 1925!

These little books will be sent to you - with no

obligations on your part - for you to read and ACTUALLY TRY OUT

for a week at my risk and expense.

But - there's just one thing - I need your permission.  You can

grant that in a moment on the enclosed special "Courtesy Card".

There's absolutely no obligation on your part to pay for them.

You can return them for ANY reason, or for no reason at all.


If you; find these little books are everything I say about them

(and you're to be the sole judge), how much would you expect to

pay for them?  $30.00?  $50.00?  $100.00?  That's what ordinary

courses, which merely promise to show you how to do some special

kind of work, cost you.  Certainly, if this one will do the half

of what I've promised you, it will be worth all of that - and


Well - if you decide to keep these books, you need send me - NOT

$50.00 or $100.00, not even their regular price of $13.50 - but


EDITION of $6.85!  (If you prefer the more convenient monthly

payments, send only $1.00 a month for eight months.)

And that isn't all!

If within 6 months your $1.00 hasn't grown to $60.00 - if you

can't credit to the $6.85 you pay for this Course at least

$500.00 of ADDITIONAL EARNINGS - send back the books and you'll

be refunded cheerfully and in full every cent you have paid to

me for them.

There are no conditions - no strings attached of any kind to

this offer.  If within 6 months these little books have not

brought you the pot of gold at the foot of the rainbow, then

they are not for you.  Send them back and get your money!



There is a concern in one of the Eastern states which built a

business running into the millions on four letters.  Those four

letters were used over and over again, year after year.  They

finally wore out, but after several years' rest, they are again

good for an occasional mailing.

All those letters were built around the most important and

interesting subject you can write about to any reader - HIMSELF.

Here is the most successful of these four letters - "Will you

give me a little information about YOURSELF?"


Dear Sir:

Will you give me a little information about yourself - just your

height and weight?

I want to send you one of our famous "Rainproof" Coats (designed

especially for substantial Business Men) for you to examine,

free of charge; but I can't send one in your size without

knowing your height and weight.

Over 36,000 Men-of-Affairs, in all parts of the country, wear

these "Rainproof" Coats on rainy days.  They are just the kind

of coat EVERY well-dressed business man needs in the Spring and

Fall, for they are really TWO COATS IN ONE - a perfect raincoat

for stormy days and a well-appearing Topcoat for cold and windy


More than 36,000 keen business and professional men who have

ordered "Rainproof" Coats during the past two years paid us

prices varying from $17.85 to $23.50 for their coats.



YEARS - $16.65!

From Ohio, Mr. John Jones, Vice-President and Treasurer of Blank

Cement Co., writes:

"I never got as much comfort and satisfaction out of any coat as

I have from the "Rainproof".  I had been looking for

such a garment for years - a coat I could wear on all occasions

and be proud of."

And this is just one out of hundreds of letters and telegrams

that have come from men who have ordered these "Rainproof" Coats

and been delightedly surprised with their fine style, great

usefulness and good value.

Won't you fill in your height and weight on the enclosed

postcard, and mail it to me?  Then I can send you one of these

famous "Rainproof" Coats - in your exact size by Parcel Post for

a week's FREE TRIAL.  You can examine the coat at your leisure,

with no insisting clerks at your side, and WEAR IT A FULL WEEK

FREE.  If you don't think it is just the kind of coat you've

always wanted, just fire it back at MY EXPENSE, and accept my

thanks for the privilege of sending it to you.

But remember - this is the only month in which we are going to

offer "Rainproof" Coats a the special "lowest-in-years' price of


Hadn't you better drop the postcard into the mail RIGHT NOW -

while you can take advantage of this Special Offer?

Yours very truly,


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