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How would you like to use the major online services (Compuserve,

America  Online, Delphi,  GEnie, and  Prodigy)  for  practically


Well, you can if you know a secret little marketing technique.

Have  you  ever  noticed  that  these  services  will  give  you

something  like 10 FREE  HOURS  for  every  friend  you  get  to


Well,  you can use this incentive to get  practically  unlimited

free usage (except for the monthly fee).

There  are a few ways to do it.   For one, you could just make a

lot  friends online through business or  leisure  interests  and

"pitch"  each service and why they should join as you did.   You

could persuade a business colleague what that particular service

is  doing for your business and ask him just to try it  for  one

month,  for free!  And you will get those free hours credited to


The other way is an interesting marketing technique.  If you put

some  extensive thought into  it,  you  could  design  a  little

marketing campaign like this:

Place  ads online (on any of the services)  and tease users with

the  idea of using the online services for practically  nothing.

Then market a report about how you are running this campaign and

tell them you will give them the rights to use it (just like you

are doing) if you could sign them up for one of the services for

a  free trial.  Then they sign up for free, and you get credited

some free hours.   This person can then go and happily try to do

the same thing.

There  are so many people online already with thousands  on  the

way  everyday.  A lot of these people love to use  these  online

services  for plenty more each month than their hours that  come

with  their monthly fee.   These people would love to learn your

plan  to get free usage.  So sign them up for a service you  are

using  (and they aren't),  teach them how to do it also, and get

some free hours.  EVERYBODY WINS! Even the online services.


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