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            You can travel anywhere in the world and stay for free in private homes and luxury hotels.  How?  By one or both of the following methods:  Method 1:  Join a Co-operative Exchange and Travel Club (listed below) for as little as $5.  As a travel club member you receive a list of as many as 5000 names and addresses from all over the U.S. and the world.  Only members receive the list.  As a member, you offer your home as stopping point for compatible people when it is convenient for you.  In return, you can stay for free in any of over 5000 homes throughout the world.  Most of the people who belong to these clubs are interesting, adventurous and fun-loving.  On your next vacation enjoy the personal contact of staying in someone else's home.  See the world on a shoestring and enjoy!  Write to the following clubs for complete details:  TRAVELER'S DIRECTORY, BOX 1547, 537 CHURCH ST., LANCASTER, PA  17604; VACATION EXCHANGE CLUB, 119 FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK, NY; HOLIDAY HOME EXCHANGE, BOX 555, GRANTS, NM  07020; WORLDWIDE VACATION HOMES, 5264 PROCTOR RD., CASTRO VALLEY, CA.  Method 2:  Become an "outside agent" for a travel agency, a tour guide or coordinator for group tours.  Go to a large travel agency and contract with them for a free trip (all expenses paid) in exchange for your securing 20 to 30 people to go with you on a group tour.

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