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What is Public Domain & Shareware Software?

Public domain software is software that is not copyrighted by

their authors. Public domain software is written by authors that

place their software in the Public Domain and may be copied and

distributed freely by anyone with few or no restrictions.

Shareware software is software that is copyrighted by their

authors. Shareware is written by authors that allow the user,

you or your customers, to try the software before having to

register it with the author.If a user likes the software enough

to continue using it, the user is put on the honor system to

register  the software with the author for a fee, usually from $5

to $100. This registration fee provides the user with benefits

like free update versions, printed manuals, technical support,

other available software, etc.

Shareware software may be copied and distributed freely by

anyone with few or no restrictions and without payment to the

author. Most authors list their distribution restrictions, if

any, usually in a "README" file on their software disks. Also

check these files for registration procedures and fees.

You Will Distribute Your Software . . . You Will NOT Sell It'

   One of the most common restrictions set by authors of both

Public Domain & Shareware software is that you cannot sell their

software. But you can freely copy it onto a diskette and

distribute it to people that pay you a fee for the diskette and

your copying service of the public domain or shareware programs

onto the diskette. The maximum fee most authors allow you to

charge to distribute their software is $7.00.

How to Get Your Software . . . FREE of Charge

Public domain & shareware software is available from a number of

Bulletin Boards Services (BBS's)located in every small or large

city. With the use of a modem and telephone ,you can download any

public domain and/or shareware software program available . . .


If you plan on distributing only a few different public domain &

shareware programs, then downloading them from your local BSS is

a very good way to start. However, if you plan on distributing

50, 100 or more different public domain & shareware programs

(there are over 1500 different public domain & shareware software

programs available for you to distribute), then the cost of

telephone calls to the BBS's will prohibit you from downloading

any large quantities of programs. You must then purchase them

from a Public Domain & Shareware Library House.

How to Get Your Software for only $2 to $7 per disk

Most public domain & shareware libraries, including Infopreneur

Services library, supply the diskettes, the copying service of

the public domain & shareware programs onto the diskette and the

special knowledge to help and provide you with the very best

public domain & shareware software available.

Here's a list of some of the major public domain & shareware

libraries. Write to each one for a copy of their catalog and

their breakdown of prices.

INFOPRENEUR 3755 Avocado Blvd #110, La Mesa, CA 91941

PC-SIG, 1030D East Duane Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

PUBLIC BRAND SOFTWARE, PO Box 51315, Indianapolis, IN 46251

SIZZLE WARE, PO Box 6429, Lake Charles, LA 70606

How Much You Should Charge

Most public domain & shareware software libraries charge a

diskette and copying service fee ranging from $2.00 to $7.00. We

suggest you charge $3.99 to start. You will have less sales resistance

with the lower fee and therefore get many, many more orders!

If you get all of your public domain & shareware software for

only $3.99 per disk, you will break even when you get your first

copying fee of $3.99 for that program. But every time you

distribute that same program again and again, it will only cost

you 25 cents for the diskette (use the 25 cent bulk diskettes you

see advertised in most computer magazines -- they work great),

about 2 cents for an envelope and 29 cents for first class


. . . that's only 56 cents subtracted from the $3.99 leaves you a

net profit of $3.43 for each disk you sell! And most people that

buy public domain & shareware software buy an average of 4 to 12

different diskettes each time they place an order!

How to Distribute Public Domain & Shareware Software

Depending on your advertising budget, you will probably want to

begin using one of the methods explained in this report, such as

classified ads and/or direct mail.

CLASSIFIED ADS . . . You will offer in your classified ad a FREE

CATALOG. This catalog must be simple . . . use just one, two or

three sheets of paper listing the public domain & shareware

software you offer and your copying fee. Include an order form. A

good idea here is to put two order forms on one 8 1/2" x 11 "

piece of paper. Use one color of paper for your catalog sheets

and a different color for your order forms. But do use colored

paper for both -- it will pull a better response with more orders

than by simply using plain white paper!

DISPLAY ADS . . . as your advertising budget increases, consider

a display ad in a national computer magazine. Go to your local

library or bookstore and find all the public domain & shareware

software ads in the major computer magazines. Use the ads you

find to get ideas for your own ad. Remember, these advertisers

are spending money each and every month on the same ads. They

are spending this money because these ads are bringing them a lot

of money every single month. Most of these advertisers have the

same ads running in a number of different magazines.

DIRECT MAIL . . . If you decide to use direct mail, then simply

mail your catalog sheets and order forms to a mailing list of

computer users. Mailing lists are available from any mailing list

broker in your city.

COMPUTER and SOFTWARE STORES . . .these stores buy software in

quantities . . .not just one order at a time. A great source for

volume orders.

BULLETIN BOARD POSTERS . . . bulletin board posters are known as

one of the best FREE ADVERTISING media methods available. Don't

pass this method by.

FLEA MARKETS and SWAP MEETS . . . flea markets and swap meets are

visited by thousands of people and computer users every Saturday

and Sunday all year long. This is a very profitable, easy and fun

way to distribute Public Domain oft Shareware Software.

How to Package Public Domain & Shareware Software

This is simple. You don't package it . . . you simply copy the

program onto a diskette, put a label on the diskette and mail it

to your customer in a plain envelope. It's that simple!

How to Distribute Software WITHOUT Owning a Computer

You do NOT need to own a computer AND you do NOT need any

computer experience to distribute Public Domain & Shareware

software. Listed below are the major disk duplication service

houses that will do all your disk copying for you, for only

pennies per disk. This eliminates your need to know anything at

all about computers or software. Call or write each company for

their quantity and price per disk copying fees.

Diversified Systems Group Inc, PO Box 1114, Issaquah, WA 98027,


MegaSoft, PO Box 710, Freehold, NJ 07728, 800-222-0490

Princeton Diskette, 1101 Richmond Avenue, Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ

08742, 800-426-0247

Star-Byte Inc, 2880 Bergen Road, Hatfield, PA 19440, 800-243-1515

Duplication Services Corporation, Scottsdale, AZ, 800-322-8392

Where to Buy Computers at Discount Prices

The best place to buy any computer system and /or accessory at

the lowest possible prices is by mailorder.The single best magazine

(filled with hundreds of advertisements) to find any computer related

product is the COMPUTER SHOPPER Magazine. Go to your local

bookstore and buy a copy. Then, get a pen and a piece of paper.

Write down the items you want to purchase. Read every ad in

COMPUTERSHOPPER Magazine that sells the items you want to

purchase, making notes of each companies name,address, phone

number, prices, return policies, etc. When your list is done, you

can then decide which company offers the best prices and policies.


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