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You can preserve the fresh beauty of flowers for years in their

natural vivid colors without a great deal of work or expense.

Simply mix a combination of four parts of borax to one part of

silica gel.  You can make your mixture by hand; the borax should

be run through a sieve before mixing with the gel to remove any


You should treat all of the flowers to be preserved immediately

after picking.  Cut off the stems close to the base of the

flower.  In the bottom of a plastic bag or an air-tight jar put

down a layer of the preserving powder and lay a blossom face

down on the powder.  Pour some additional powder over the flower

until it is well covered.  Then lay another flower face down and

cover it, repeating the procedure until the bag or jar is full.

Put on your lid, or if using a bag, press down on it lightly to

squeeze out all the air.  Tie the bag tightly with string as

close to the contents as possible to prevent air from coming in.

Now put your flowers and powder mixture away in a dry place for

about four weeks without peeking at it.  Never store it out of


At the end of the four weeks, open the container very gently and

remove the blossoms one at a time, blowing the powder off them.

You may make a stem by running a piece of florist's wire through

the lower side of each blossom.  Now you have preserved flowers

in their garden freshness.

A good method of prolonging the life of cut flowers is to put a

small amount of ammonium chloride, potassium nitrate, sodium

carbonate or camphor in the water into which the flower stems

are inserted.  One or more of these drugs will keep the flowers

fresh by working to oppose germ growth and stimulate the cells.

This method is, however, not permanent like the borax and gel


Preserving flowers can help you save your memories of a wedding

corsage or a gift bouquet forever.


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