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A shy child need not necessarily be treated with kid gloves.

There are a few points about shyness in children which will

help you better understand the best approach in dealing with

your child.

First of all, are you sure your child really is shy?  Some

children like to size up a situation before they jump in.

Caution should not be misunderstood as shyness.

Don't call your child "shy".  Studies have shown that often a

child will grow to fit a label.

Parental pressure on the shy child can cause anxiety and

insecurity, leading to a worse problem with shyness.  Don't push

your child to achieve above his or her individual level.

Never compare your shy child with other children in a negative

way.  And never allow anyone else to hurt your child in this way.

Take your child's ideas seriously.  By lessening the importance

of a child's concerns you lessen the child.

Encourage your shy child to get involved in activities with

others.  Don't allow too many isolating activities, like

watching TV.

Never push your shy child to do things he or she would find

unbearable.  Rather, make suggestions, but realize your child

may not be ready.  Be patient.

You need not handle your shy child with kid gloves, but be aware

of how he feels and show that you understand.


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