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Written by Paul Roberts


For the last 26 years I have eaten out in restaurants EVERY DAY!

Many times two or three meals in one day! About 98% of all my

meals are from restaurants. I've spent so much time in

restaurants that, over the years, I've, even worked in a few as

dishwasher, cook, and manager trainee. I rarely eat out in

fast-food establishments. I enjoy the "family-style, dine-in

type" restaurants. The kind with a smiling hostess, friendly

waitress, and a manager who gets around and speaks to all the

customers. When I find a place that has good food and friendly

service, I keep going back! It doesn't take long to be on a

"first-name" basis with each employee that you deal with.

Through the years of eating out, I've occasionally received a

"FREE" meal! The following methods to receive free meals are NOT

SCAMS or ILLEGAL SCHEMES! I'm also NOT going to tell you to get

someone else to pay for your meal, but if it works for you... Go

For It!  I DID NOT go out and plan or create these methods, they

just started happening to me!


By frequenting the same restaurant often, you get to be pretty

good friends with the managers and owners. On several occasions,

I've been offered a meal "on the house" for one of two reasons:

1. Owner/manager wants my opinion of a new menu item and offers

it free of charge, or 2. A dinner, either ordered by mistake by

waitress, or prepared by cook by mistake... too good to throw

out.. offered to me free of charge... Thank You! (Right place at

the right time!)


I've also received FREE MEALS for doing the restaurant a favor

from time to time. I once suggested my favorite restaurant to a

local cub scout troop for a banquet location. I received a FREE

MEAL from the manager in appreciation. A co-worker of mine was

looking for a caterer for his family reunion. I suggested he

call my favorite restaurant for a price (and mention my name).

He got a good price - and I got a FREE MEAL in appreciation!

Also, while "hanging out" at my favorite restaurant, I've been

asked by the manager to run to the grocery for him to pick up

some item they may need. When I get back, he's "taken care" of

my check!


I once saw an ad in the classifieds for a secret shopper. I

answered the ad and was hired by a national restaurant chain to

eat in one of their restaurants twice a month. Each time I

visited I had to make a full report on service, food, time it

took, etc. I was reimbursed for my meals plus received extra

money for doing it! Watch your classifieds, or you may start

your own service.


Many restaurants offer discounts or free birthday cake on your

birthday. I have found one restaurant that will give you a FREE

MEAL on your birthday! I cannot print the name, but I can tell

you it is a national chain of restaurants, and, you can get

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for FREE! (I go to different

locations for each meal.) Call your local restaurants to see

what they do for birthdays.


A few years ago I decided to get a part-time job to make some

extra money. Since I spent so much time in restaurants, I

thought food service would be my first and best choice. I soon

found myself working in a buffet style restaurant where

employees can eat FREE on the days they work!


 Probably the best way I've found to get "practically free"

meals is to trade for a service or product. I say "practically

free" because there is a very small cost involved. I had already

owned a pin on button machine much like those you see advertised

in most magazines. I've been making sports buttons for schools

and teams for about 7 or 8 years. One day a manager asked me if

I had any Easter buttons for his waitresses to wear for the

holiday. I came up with a design, had it printed and took 25

Easter buttons to the manager. When he asked me "how much?", I

didn't know what to charge. He offered me a $9.00 steak dinner,

and I said "OK!" (NOTE: My TOTAL costs to make these 25 buttons

was $1.63!!) The following month he wanted 50 Mother's Day

buttons (25 for each of his two stores). I received TWO complete

meals of my choice including drink and dessert!! Every major

holiday for the last seven years, I've traded holiday buttons

for "practically free" meals!! I've also approached other

restaurants in my area and had similar success. NOTE: I only

approach restaurants that I really would like to eat in. Just

think, if you could barter with enough restaurants each holiday,

you could accumulate enough meals to possibly eat "practically

free" every day!!

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