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There are a wide variety of ways that you can get dollars in your mailbox

through mail order. In fact, there are so many this report doesn't even begin

to have room to list them all. However, we will attempt to help you to get

started in the fascinating business of mail order. It isn't difficult at all

if you learn to take it slow. Save your money! It won't cost you a lot

initially and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to generate a second income


A word of caution though: People everywhere are in constant need of

information. And they'll pay you money to get it. The only problem is that

some mail order reports you see advertised have been on the market for over

40 years. Everybody, including their mother and cousin has seen these 1,000's

of times and already know what they are.

As a beginner to the mail order world, you naturally have never seen these

old reports and think they are something brand new. The publisher will sell

you a package of them with reprint rights and never give you information

about promoting them to make money. Therefore, before you get involved in any

programs that claim to make you lots of money be sure and check them out.

Don't fall into the same trap everybody else does that begins a mail order

business. Instead, discover the vast array of products and services being

offered by millions of reputable and down-to-earth folks!

How do you do this? By writing to some of the honest mail order dealers who

have been in business for a long time. One of these people is Gloria Rivers,

5308 NE 49th Street, Vancouver WA 98661 and another is Gary Davis, PO Box 80,

Foyil OK 74031. Both of these reputable people will help steer you in the

right direction.

In the meantime - back to the subject. How can you get dollars in your

mailbox through mail order? Just follow the steps below:

1. Go through the publications you receive and study the advertisements

    that other people are running.

2.  When you find something that interests you, order the product or request

    more information. Don't spend a lot of your hard-earned money until you

    know what is involved in selling the particular item you have selected.

3.  Some programs will give you free camera-ready ads (just like the ones you

    read in the mail order publications) that have your name and address

    already on them if you decide to sell the product or service they offer.

4.  All that's left to do is to run the camera-ready ads with your name and

    address on them in other mail order publications. (You can receive a

    collection of these over a period of a few weeks simply by writing

    letters to publishers who are advertising in the same publications

    Gloria and Gary send you.) You'll be surprised how much valuable

    information and contacts you can get just from studying the tabloids

    and publications - which are free.

5.  When people respond to your ad they will send you money.

6.  You either fill the order yourself or send it to the "prime source"

    to complete. Then you simply pocket your commission.

The mail order business is a fascinating business that anyone can get

involved in. In fact, once you are exposed to the products and services

you can purchase through the mail, you will never go back to paying retail

prices again. You can buy everything from groceries to shampoo to printing

to publishing services through the mail. And the prices are always 50%

(most even 80%) less than you would pay locally.

Why are prices so low? Because you are dealing with people who actually make

the product or perform the service. No middleman. No secretary at the front

desk. Mail order is filled with mom-and-pop operations who take good ole'

American pride in what they sell. You'll get better service and better

products at affordable prices.


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