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 Do  you want to reach millions of potential customers for  FREE!

Well,  you can if you know  how.   The  Internet,  that  massive

network  of thousands of computers around the world,  also  know

as the "Information Super Highway," is your ticket to generating

free leads and sales.

But  beware the Internet is  generally  VERY  MUCH  AGAINST  ANY

COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY.   The Internet was originally set up by the

government  for individuals and universities to have  a  massive

database  of information.   The Internet has pretty much  gotten

out  of control with its explosive  growth  over  the  past  few

months and years.

The  Internet is know basically  as  an  Anarchy.   There  isn't

really any how runs and regulates the Internet, at least not for

now.   So pretty much anything goes on the Net.  But beware that

there  are several thousand Net users  who  have  self-appointed

themselves  as the Net Police.   The Net users have been know to

devastate  other Net users if they do not  follow  their  rules.

The rules are pretty basic:  only post in areas that are related

to your message, and DO NOT ADVERTISE! The world we live in is a

very  commercial one,   and it was only a matter of  time   when

someone realized that a vehicle, like the Internet, that had the

capability to reach millions could be used to promote  business.

And  so people began to conduct business on the Net  by  placing

ads and sending unsolicited E-mail letters.

Several  of these advertisers were in for a big surprise.   Many

of  them have received thousands of hate mail letters  known  as

"flames." Their boxes were overflowed with hate mail that a  lot

of them were forced to go out of business online.  Many of these

self-appointed net policeman have even developed blacklists  for

advertisers.   These lists are then sent  to  thousands  of  Net

users and they can send these blacklist members hate mail  until

they  leave the Net.   So advertising is frowned upon on the Net

and it makes several people very angry.

But  that doesn't mean that there is not a RIGHT way to  do  it.

There  are little  unknown  newsgroups  on  the  Internet  where

advertising  is actually welcome.   You can place ads  in  these

sections  and have  confidence  that  you  will  get  some  good

response from them, and not much hate mail if any.

These newsgroups are:
















These  newsgroups have several sub topics for you  to  advertise in.

You can do some careful "digging" on the Internet and find  some

hidden areas to advertise in also if you look.

These  newsgroups have the ability to be seen by  millions,  and

for FREE!

Your  ad will last about two weeks in each of these  groups,  at

this time you should re-post your ads.

Keep  track of your individual ad response.   You may find  some

areas  are extremely good for your business,  and  some  aren't.

You  will save time and money just  concentrating  on  the  good


DO NOT JUST PLACE ADS ANYWHERE! Although you possibly could make

some money by placing ads in all kinds of  newsgroups,   it will

not  outweigh the trouble you will  go  through   to   get   it.

There is no reason to anger several thousand people just to make

a  few  bucks.   You'll  make  a  lot  more  if  you  use   good

"netiquette"  and develop a good Internet  reputation  for  your

business.   If you are into Online Business do it for  the  long

run,  and you will be much better off.   As more and more people

come  online everyday,  you eventually be able to reach more and

more potential customers.

One other way to do advertising, is sort of a "sneaky" but often

welcomed  way.  Kind of like of press release,  or editorial new

product feature.  "Donate" a nice article to one of the relevant

topics  in common with your business.   Then at the end of  your

contributed  article give a SHORT AND  CONCISE  "plug"  for  you

product or service.   Let them contact you for more information.

Do not use the ad to do the selling,  do that with  information

you will send them later.

You can also create what is called a "sig file" which stands for

signature file.  This is a footer that is added to the bottom of

all  of your posts.   Your sig file can have your name, company,

e-mail  address, and any short  sales  message  you  would  like

others  to see.   This is a good place to tell others to e- mail

you for more info on what you are marketing.


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