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Because tens of thousands of people all across America want to

know how they can work at home and earn enough money to run a

household, there is a special need for this report. Today the

need for women to work out of the home is stronger than ever.

According to recent surveys, almost 70% are married and

contribute up to 50% or more to the family income. Because

family responsibilities play such an important part in the lives

of men and women, millions of individuals and couples are seeking

ways to make money at home.

In the past decade money-making, home-based opportunities that

match a person's skills, interests, abilities, and ingenuity have

become almost limitless. The purpose of this report is to show

you that it's simple and easy to join the ranks of success-minded

people by choosing a work-at-home program that suits your

interest and needs. Business histories have shown over and over

again that the rewards and advantages of working at home can go

far beyond a person's wildest dreams. In fact, it's perfectly

possible to launch a small business in your garage, backyard,

basement, or a room in your home, and become a giant corporation.

Your first step will be to study the company listings in this

report, and then contact those that interest you. It's possible

you may not be interested in many of those listed in this brief

report. But others may serve as that great motivator that makes

you look further with a renewed determination. Once you develop

that mind-set, persistence will follow and then nothing will stop

you from achieving your goals.


If you expect any level of success you must set goals. If you

expect to be successful, you must determine what that means to

you and the best way to achieve it. There are two basic steps you

can take to convert goals into achievement: 1) You can decide on a

specific dollar amount; and 2) You can set a time frame for

obtaining the dollar amount you want. Your goal should be

specific and indicate, What, When, and Where. After making a list of

every possible way you might accomplish a goal, select the method

that best suits your situation.


1)"How can I support my family while I build up my business?"

This question must be worked out according to each individual's

circumstances. Many people start out on a part-time basis in addition

to their regular jobs to see how much they can handle. Then when

their income reaches a certain level they will switch over and go

full time.

2) What are my abilities? To determine your abilities you will

have to take an inventory of yourself. Decide what you enjoy

doing the most and what you "feel" you would be good at. Examine

every possibility and include every skill you have no matter how


3) Is there a market for the product or service I have chosen? Be

cautious before you invest any money! Check it out by making

inquiries directly to the company, competitors, or firms who are

marketing a product similar to the one you are interested in.

Test it on a small scale. Check it thoroughly.

4) How long will it take this business to reach the financial

goal I have set? It's really a question of knowing how much time

you can dedicate to your business, and what your profits will be

for that time. From there, a simple addition will tell you how long

it might take to reach a particular financial goal.


Starting a business at home is an economical way to start a small

business that can easily grow into to a larger one. Many

entrepreneurs have proven that you don't need a huge

manufacturing plant to develop a successful business. Some of the

most successful businesses in existence today started in a spare

room or garage. It isn't how you start out that is important.

What really matters is that you have the courage to begin.


Take a close look at your interests and abilities, and then

decide what type of marketing you want to do. For example, do you

want to sell directly to people; or would you prefer selling

wholesale to retail outlets? If you prefer doing piecework or

assembling items for manufacturers, make certain it's something

you enjoy working with. If you enjoy one-on-one sales, then test

the product out on your friends, relatives, and neighbors. The object

is to find out what has the most appeal.


A good marketing technique is the one part of the business plan that

is absolutely essential to its success. In fact, the ability to

properly market a product or service is actually more important

than the product itself. Even an inferior product can be a

financial success if marketed properly. Seek out the advice of

everyone in your field. Explain your needs and ask them

questions. Experience is the best teacher. With good advice and a

salable product, you should be able to develop a winning

marketing plan.


The first place to look for financing is right at home. Take an

inventory of items you don't need and have a garage sale. Most

people are pleasantly surprised at how much cash can be raised in

a single weekend. Next, turn to members of your family or close

friends who have faith in you and want to see you succeed. Offer

to repay them through profit-sharing. Go to individuals in  your

community who and know you and believe in your personal worth.

If you have a good credit history your banker should consider you a good

financial risk. Two other excellent sources would be your local

Small Business Administration (SBA) and Chamber of Commerce. SBA

has low interest loans available for qualified applicants and

your Chamber of Commerce can assist you with referrals and other

helpful information.


Anyone who is serious about work-at-home opportunities need only

look around them. There are thousands of options everywhere!

There are employment opportunities that involve becoming an

independent contractor; working on a commission basis; working

for a salary; freelancing for pay; getting paid by the hour,

receiving pay for each piece assembled; getting paid by the

project, or a combination of any of the above. No doubt, what you

finally decide on will depend on your particular needs and


Read the following listings carefully, and when you're ready

contact any that interest you. Don't become discouraged if the

company you contact isn't hiring right at the moment. Often

circumstances change rapidly. Use you imagination to convince an

employer there are great advantages to giving you work! Be a

self-motivator and continue moving forward towards the goals you

want and deserve. Start doing it NOW!


LITTLEGUY'S Box NFP, Winkleman, AZ 85292.

If you enjoy making craft items but hate selling them, or are

looking for a way to sell more, look no further! This company

says they will purchase home-made items from you, or refer you to

other companies who are buyers. All types of hobby crafts are

considered. Enclose a 32 cent postage stamp when writing for more


ELITE ENTERPRISES P.O. Box 31577, Chicago, IL 60631-0577.

Get your share of the billion dollar popcorn market! Elite

enterprises has put together an incredible program for making

money that involves the distribution of one of America's favorite

foods-Popcorn! 56 gourmet flavors of popcorn to be exact. Write

to Robert Doncaster for more information.

WOMAN'S EXCHANGE, INC. 3 Village St.,Heritage Village, Southbury,

CT 06488.

Woman's Exchange, Inc. is a non-profit national organization with

41 centers. Hand-crafted items of all kinds are marketed at a small

markup through store-front operations. Most needed items are children's

clothing, quilts, and fine hand sewing. Also needed are women to

participate nationwide.

SUITCASE BOUTIQUE 12228 Spring Court Place, Maryland Heights, MO


Suitcase Boutique is a home party. This company buys many types

of hand-crafted items including stuffed animals, wood crafts,

toys, soft sculptures, framed pictures and cross stitched items. Crafters

should send a photo and description of their products.

CRADLE GRAM, P.O. Box 16-4135, Miami, FL 33116

The sale of personalized birth and baptismal announcements can be

made in a variety of ways from in-home direct sales, to

fund-raising organizations. The Cradle-Gram marketing department

is especially good at assisting with any type of in-store

promotion campaign. This company has been in business several

years and pays representatives a 30% commission on each sale.

Payment is immediate, and all orders are filled within 72 hours.


Direct sales of European cosmetics and skin products.

Representatives build customer bases using any direct sales

method that works for them. Training and ongoing managerial

support is provided. Pays commission.

CAMEO COUTURES, INC.,9004 Ambassador Row, P.O. Box 47390, Dallas,

TX 75247.

Home party sales of lingerie, cosmetics and food supplements.

Training is provided. Pays commission.


Olsten has over 300 offices nationwide in its health care

services division. Each office has a minimum of two- home-based

staffing coordinators job-sharing on a seven-days-on,

seven-days-off schedule. The jobs consist of taking calls during

the days, evenings, and on weekends to dispatch the appropriate

personnel for hospital and home health care positions. Some

staffing experience or medical background is required. Write to

locate the office nearest you then apply directly to that office.

Pays weekly salary plus placement bonus.

RESEARCH TRAINING INSTITUTE, Hanes Bldg.,Research Triangle Park,

Raleigh, NC 27601.


Interviewers for option research surveys conducted primarily in

the field. Triangle is a non-profit social research organization

operating nationwide. Good communication skills required. Send

letter of interest. Pays hourly rate in some areas, pays per

survey in others. Training is provided.

TOM SYNDER PRODUCTIONS, INC., 123 Auburn St.,Cambridge, MA 02138.


Contract programmers and software engineers. Company produces

educational games for Apple, Atari, Commodore and IBM. Most of

the available work is conversion from machine to machine. Send

resume and work samples. Pays by the job or hourly rate of

$10-$40 per hour.

QUICK KEY DATA, 415 Rutgers Road, West Babylon, NY 11704.

Quick Key Data is a data and word-processing service that acts as

an organization of home-based freelance professionals. For an

annual listing fee of $25, homeworkers in upstate New York and

Long Island can receive subcontracted assignments for secretarial

services and/or database management. Homeworkers keep 70-80% of

the billed amount.

DREAMSCAPES, 2140 E. 7th Place 1, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

Put yourself in an exciting new profit picture with this

company's original Dreamscapes, a unique picture of sand and

colored liquid that when turned over creates and endless variety

of beautiful landscape. It's fascinating, irresistible,

mesmerizing, and profitable. Sell them at flea markets, fairs,

and anywhere people gather. Write for details.

HANKINS MARKETING GROUP, P.O. Box 1681, Salisbury, NC 28114

Aching feet is America's No. 1 medical complaint. Air-Flo Insole

is a revolutionary breakthrough that helps. Its patented vacuum

principle allows air to enter the insole when the foot is lifted

and gradually releases it when the wearer steps down. It's like

walking on air! Learn how you can make up to 160% profit selling

this item to individuals, retail, and chain stores. Write for


GLASS-MATE SIGNS, 409 Calle San Pablo, Camarillo, CA 93010

The manufacturer of the original sliding "OPEN/CLOSED" signs are

offering you a chance to make some good profits. 30 new colors

have been added. Write for details.

FAMOUS PHOTOS 475 Kahali Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96816

Start your own celebrity photo pose business. This is the hottest

novelty concept in years! You photograph customers with a

life-size figure of President Bush or some other national figure

or celebrity. All the profits are yours! Write for details.


Rosewell Road, Suite 2232, Atlanta, GA 30328

Become a professional real estate appraiser with this home study

course. Study at your own pace. Enjoy the excellent income

potential, and become financially independent! Write for more


PICNIC PROJECTS, P.O. Box 87, Towanda, PA 18848

You can make $600 week or more, building and selling high quality

picnic tables. if you enjoy working with wood, contact this

company for more details.

VON SCHRADER COMPANY, 1600 Junction Avenue, Racine, WI 53403

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own business, this

company may have the perfect opportunity for you. Carpet,

upholstery, and wall cleaning are in high demand and the profits

are huge! You can offer all three of these services for a

fraction of the price a franchise would. Write to them for more


CAJUN COUNTRY CANDIES, 502 Evangeline Drive, Lafayette, LA


Who ever invented the word Delicious, was probably eating Roy

Babineaux's "sweetest ever yet" Cajun Country Candy! This product

is a leader when it comes to "selling itself." One taste and

you're hooked. You could be the first to introduce Roy's world

famous products into your area. Roy has a marketing plan that can

make you rich! No inventory is required.

BADGE-A-MINT, 346 North 30th Road, Box 800, LaSalle, IL 61301

You have seen them worn by people, each with a different message,

but have you ever considered the huge profits that are made from

button sales. Write for details.

HOLIDAY MAGIC, P.O. Box 882314, San Francisco, CA 94188

This company offers three different products that can be

assembled at home. 1) The Christmas Oven Mitt, 2) Crystal

Splendor (a Christmas Ornament), and 3) a Valentine Heart

Mini-Pillow. They pay supply costs write for Free Details.

SATIN DOLL ENTERPRISES, 78 Water St.,Beverly, MA 01915

Earn up to $100 per day with doll lingerie that sells itself.

Write for start-up information.

TV PROJECTOR COMPANY, 2410 Orchard Road, McHenry, IL 60050

New TV Projector kit turns any TV set into a life-size 7-foot

screen! This is a product that sells on sight for only $20. You

can make 400% profits fast! Write for details.

MODERN CARD COMPANY, INC.,3855 N. Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, IL


Greeting cards represent a billion dollar business and the orders

are large. this company says it needs sincere, ambitious people

who can show their line of cards and other items to merchants.

Write for samples and details.

RECOGNITION SERVICES, P.O. Box 30288, Indianapolis, IN 46230

Every business, corporation, institution, church, school and

organization is a potential customer of recognition awards. As a

representative of this company, you can provide jewelry and

custom-made embroidered emblems that include: Lapel pins, medals,

medallions, and cloth emblems that are custom made in any shape

or color. Write for details.

NAVAJO MANUFACTURING CO., 5801 Logan St.,Denver, CO 80216

Navajo Manufacturing is a source of products for retailers that

includes fashion and authentic American Indian Jewelry,

sunglasses, toys, plush animals, and many other novelties. Write

for more details.

POLISH MASTERS, 364 Ramble Ridge Rd.,Thousands Oaks, CA 91360

Polish Masters will help you become part of the hottest new

concepts ever to hit the auto appearance industry. With their

systems you can earn up to $400 per day cleaning and polishing

autos, boats, R.V's, and airplanes. There is no franchise fee to

pay, and they will work with you every step of the way. Write

for free details.

WORLD DISTRIBUTORS, 331 W. Montrose Ave.,Chicago, IL 60618

You can sell jewelry, watches, perfumes, clocks, wallets,

religious items, tapestries, cutlery, tools, lamps, toys,

housewares, and much more when you become a distributor with this

company. Send for Their catalog.

CADIE PRODUCTS CORPORATION, 100 Sixth Ave.,Paterson, NJ 07524

Involves packaging small items produced by the company. No

machinery or experience is required. Pays by the piece.

LUCKY HEART COSMETICS, INC.,138 Hurling Ave.,Memphis, TN 38103

Lucky Heart Cosmetics, Inc. carries a line of cosmetics for Black

Women. Independent distributors are wanted. Commission plus

bonuses. Management opportunities available.

NICHOLS BRONZE SUPPLY, 389 Sebring Airport, Sebring, FL 33870

Bronze baby shoes at home and make $250 per day. A free brochure

will show you how to start making money immediately preserving

baby shoes, sports items, and many other types of keepsakes, in

bronze, gold, and chinakote pearl. This company claims to be the

world's largest supplier of elegant cultured marble mountings.

DICKENS MATSON U.S.A., 21023 Gratiot Ave.,East Detroit, MI 48021

This company is looking for people to assemble clowns from their

home. The work is fun and easy. Write for free details.

ARBITRON RATINGS, INC.,312 Marshall Ave.,Laurel, MD 20707

This company hires telephone interviewers for market research

surveys. Positions require communication skills and private phone


NOWCO INTERNATIONAL INC.,1 George Ave.,Wilkes-Barre, PA 18705

Work at home and cash in on the gift basket boom! This company

sells gift basket packaging to the champagne and caviar trade

throughout the country. Write for more details.

MAGIC  SYSTEMS, INC.,P.O. Box 23991, Tampa, FL 33623

Make profits of up to $100 or more per hour imprinting messages

and designs on T-shirts. Hundreds of other items can also be

imprinted. Write for free details on how you can get started

without lengthy courses.

CENTRAL-SHIPPE, INC.,46 Start Lake Ave.,Blomington, NJ 07040

Involves manual assembly of color cards, inserting and

mailing. Homeworkers receive piece rates for putting swatch cards


ANKA CO.,INC., 90 Greenwich Ave.,Warwick, RI 02886

Attention wholesalers, retailers, flea market dealers, and

independent home-based salespeople. This company has rings and

costume jewelry for men and women at low wholesale prices. There

are several hundred different ring styles with genuine and

simulated stones, gold and silver plated necklaces, bracelets,

earrings and watches. Write for full color catalog.

THE LYNETTE CO., Mentor Park, Mentor, OH 44060.

This company will show you how to start making money with

plastercraft, manufacturing sculptured art at home. They will

show you how to make a wide variety of wall plaques and other

fast-selling items. Write for details.


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