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Did you know that you can make big money by reading the

classified advertisements in your daily newspaper? Careful

attention to the classifieds on a regular basis will quickly turn

you into an expert on who is looking to sell their goods - tools,

antiques, automobiles, houses, you name it. You'll also discover

who is looking to buy certain items.

The secret to earning a very healthy income is to use these short

ads to match buyer and seller. The key is speedy response - you

must be prepared to connect buyer and seller in short order,

before they can meet up with each other without your help. If you

enjoy swift action and the thrill of the chase, this can be a

lucrative sport.

Working among the classified ads is almost like doing the work of

a private investigator, but you're searching for clues about what

people have, or what they want. Often this is clear from a tiny

ad unless you know have trained yourself to read between the


Keep in mind that at the same time you're arranging deals, you're

trying to build your reputation as someone who knows what's out

there. You especially want to build a stable of buyers who are

always in the market for certain items. Your margin in arranging

a sale to these people may be lower on each sale, but will have a

route for generating quick cash.

Once they begin to rely on you, people will come to you as a

first stop, to find the items they want. Your services will

provide a shortcut through the time consuming process of working

through of the classified ads.

Making contacts is a big part of this game, and knowing key

people will help you initiate and close deals before the goods

ever hit the newspapers. This will put money in your pocket with

little work.

For your services, you can charge a finder's fee to cover your

efforts. So that you're not bypassed when it's time for the money

to change hands, you arrange to complete the deal in a meeting

with the buyer and seller, and you collect your fee.

If you travel fairly widely, study the classifieds wherever you

go. You may uncover items that are big sellers in one area ever

as they lie dead in the water somewhere else. If you can't

arrange the face-to-face deal because of distance, you may find

it worth your while to buy the item and result it to the buyer at

a profit to yourself.

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