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One way to make extra money or start a business of your own is by

placing advertising which will pay a good profit. Selling printed

information by mail can be financially rewarding. Classified

advertising is the cheapest way to get into Mail Order and it is

often possible to raise a fortune from these small ads. Just

check any large publication such as Popular Mechanics, for their

classified advertising section and you can see yourself the many


These small ads, running month after month would not be there if

they were not profitable and making money. according  to some of

the promotional material being sent around the country, you could

make up to $500.00 or possibly more by running the following

classified ads over your name and address. They ask you to pick

up a top national publication and test either one or both under

"Money-Making Opportunities" headings and watch the dollars come

in. I did not run any of these ads myself but was told they

really are both profitable. Here are the programs and the


"How would you like to receive $25 daily and keep all the money?

For complete set-up rush $1 to (Your name and address)"

" $500 monthly, work at home, receive money daily. For complete

set-up send $1 to (Your name and address here)"

You are supposed to fill orders you receive with a copy of this

sheet you are now reading. Make photocopies or get a supply

printed to send as needed.

There are other variations of this plan, but all serve the same

purpose: to sell printed information to people who are interested

in making some extra money. (they say it is truly possible to

make money with this plan).

If you study the many classified ads in the big national

publications, you may get a better idea of what the leading

companies in Mail Order are doing. You will get a better idea of

how classified advertising works. if you have limited capital, it

would be wise to run your ads in smaller publications such as

small newspapers, small Mail Order Publications and adsheets.

If you have sufficient capital, some good pulling national

magazines or Tabloids are:

*Popular Mechanics

*Money Making Opportunities

*Salesman's Opportunities

*Specialty Salesman

*Mechanics Illustrated

*National Enquirer

And many others to numerous to mention.

many such magazines tabloids and other good publications are

available at your local news stand, library or through Mail

Order. Many of them require a copy of the material you are

selling with your ad and reserve the right not to print certain

ads they feel may be injurious to the public or the image of

their publication

Yes! You can start your own advertising and mailing business at

home and keep finances ahead of inflation but be sure you are

involved in the kind of program that gives you a reasonable

chance to be a winner!


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