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The telephone is truly a remarkable invention. It is probably

the world's greatest time-saver. It plays an important and

necessary role in almost every business, no matter how large or


The telephone can also become your "business partner". By

realizing its capabilities and potential, the efficient use of

this little device can help assist anyone in operating a

profitable business. A business that can help the goal of most

Americans: financial independence. All that is required are

knowledge, persistence, patience and of course, a telephone.

Previous experience in the use of a phone for business purposes

is helpful but not necessary. There are no age limits for

starting such a business. Sex or race is not a barrier. Location

is unimportant, as long as you have a phone.. Your home can be

your "office" if you wish and you are your own boss. And in most

instances, you can name your own working hours.

There are two methods for charging for your telephone services -

by "subscription" and by working on a commission". Rates to

charge are not given because wages vary from place to place and

change time to time.

The first group of possibilities for earning is by signing up

"subscribers". You then establish a weekly, monthly, or yearly

rate for your services. If there already are similar services in

your community, you should charge slightly less than your

competition when first starting your business. If no such service

exists, compute your rates by including your time, amount of work

involved and expenses, which will consist mainly of the cost of

out-going phone calls. Many will be happy to pay handsomely for

your service.

"WAKE-UP " SERVICE. Some find if difficult to get out of bed and

ready for work when the alarm clock rings. An unusual service is

to phone these subscribers at a pre-arranged time each work day

morning. If they must walk to another part of their home to

answer the phone, they are certain to  become fully awake. A good

method to get such a service started is by advertising that you

will offer a free weeks trail of service for such sleepy heads.

"REMINDER" SERVICE. Busy homemakers as well as overworked

executives are fearful of forgetting important dates such as

birthdays, anniversaries, business appointments, etc. By making

notes on an ordinary calendar, you can phone several days in

advance to remind them of the important occasion.  Some

subscribers will want  to be listed for only 10 or 15 calls a

year, while some businesses will have a 100 or more such dates.

Your rates should be based on the number of "reminder" calls for

a given period.


Some concerned persons wish to keep

informed as to the health and condition of relatives, friends and

neighbors. These are generally those people that live alone and

may be ill, invalids, senior citizens and such. You will be

required to phone these people at pre-arranged times (usually

once or twice a day), to check if all is well. If there  is some

of emergency or no response to your call, you should immediately

notify the subscriber. There are those that will pay a good price

for such service simply for their own "peace of mind".


This is a matter of providing a baby-sitter on a moments notice.

To get a list of available baby sitters, place small signs on

bulletin boards in local high schools and colleges and keep this

list of names handy.. Advertise this service in local newspapers

to get subscribers. When calls come in, send the nearest baby

sitter. The employer pays for the sitter's time and generally,

the cost of transportation.


Advertise throughout your community for part-time office help

such as secretaries, typists, file clerks, etc., by placing signs

on bulletin boards. Charge a small subscription fee for specified

period- usually 6 months or 1 year. Then contact prospective

employers by phone or by sending notices announcing your service.

When you receive calls for part-time office helpers, it is then a

matter of checking your list and finding the qualified workers to

fill the part-time job requirements.


There are some women that are required to attend

social and business functions, but may not have an escort to

accompany them. To reach these subscribers, run ads in local

newspapers and business publications such as "Escorts available

for all occasions". To get a list of available escorts, run

"Escorts wanted" classified ads. Establish a realistic hourly

rate of pay for escorts, which should include their incidental



Most busy executives do not have the time to do their personal

shopping. They are in need of someone to do their buying for

them, such gifts for their wife, family, secretary, business

associates, etc. You can provide such a service. First, you will

be required to spend some time visiting some of the most popular

stores and shops in your area.. Make a list of items available

that will make suitable gifts. Locate stores that provide free

delivery service. (Or use a delivery service). Many larger

department stores have a "shopping service", which you should use

as much as possible for additional suggestions. and help.. In

addition to charging a subscription fee, you can also send a

monthly bill "services rendered", which is a small percentage of

sales of items purchased.


Many high school and college students need part-time jobs after

school hours and on weekends. Charge these subscribers a

monthly or quarterly fee. There are also businesses and some home

owners who have need for part-time workers. Your duty will be to

fill the needs of employers by sending the most qualified

students for the jobs. To locate interested students, place signs

on college and high school bulletin boards. To announce your

service to prospective employers, run classified ads in local

newspapers, and phone or mail circulars to various businesses.

"CAR POOL" SERVICE. Many would rather pay a private car owner

than take public transportation. Your job is simply a matter of

matching "riders" with "drivers" going in the same general

direction. Subscribers in this case pay you a one-time fee to

locate suitable transportation for them. Other details are worked

out between rider and driver. Place notices on bulletin boards

and run classified ads for both "Drivers Wanted" and "Riders

Wanted". Also advertise in company's house organs, newsletters,

trade journals, etc.


While away from home for extended periods, many property owners

will gladly pay someone to water their lawn, flowers and

shrubbery. Mow grass, sweep sidewalks, remove newspapers, collect

mail, etc. Announce that your provide this service for a small

fee on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For workers, place signs

on bulletin boards in high schools, colleges, YMCA, YWCA,

churches, etc.


Operating a lucrative telephone answering service requires 7-day

a week, around the clock attention. It could also require

employing additional help and the installation of a switchboard,

which can be leased for a modest  monthly amount from the

telephone company. Subscribers to such a service contact the phone

company and make arrangements to have all calls automatically

transferred to your number, in the event there is no response to

their business or residence phone.  Most subscribers will consist

of professional people such as physicians, dentists, attorneys,

business executives, etc. However, there will also be

emergency-type service people such as electricians, plumbers,

contractors, carpenters, heating unit specialists and service

repair people of all types.  While away from their telephone,

subscribers will call you telling where they intend to be and can

be reached. Thus, in case of an emergency, you will be able to

locate them to relay messages.  Successful business people

realize the necessity of a telephone answering service and will

readily pay substantial amounts for good, courteous,

conscientious service. By getting several hundred subscribers,

almost anyone can make a good living from this type of operation,

as well as paying above-average salaries to 3 or 4 additional

full-time employees. Subscription rates can be based on the

number of calls anticipated per month or a flat fee. Check with

competitive answering services in your vicinity for current

rates. This type of service is best advertised in local

newspapers and trade publications. Also by direct mail

announcements to independent and self-employed professional



Many pet owners do not have time to take their pets to various

places for medical purposes, grooming, etc.

First, locate pet-lovers who have time and a vehicle at their

disposal. Pay them on a "per mile" basis similar to a taxi cab.

For pet owners that require this service, charge a fee, collect a

commission from veterinarians, pet hospitals, grooming services,



Using a telephone to earn money by working on a commission basis

can also be profitable. However, a firm agreement must be reached

in advance to the exact amount of commission you can expect -

based either on a percentage basis or flat fee. To advertise any

of these services, unless stated otherwise, use newspaper

classified ads and/ or notice placed on bulletin boards

throughout your community. Following are a number of good



Almost every business has outstanding debts. If you can convince

debtors by phone that they should pay their bills, you can

receive nice commissions. Some firms allow as much

as 1/3 commission. Almost any company will be interested in your

plan,,, since most will be happy to pay you a fee and receive

some payment, than nothing at all.


Contact local repair shops in your community and tell them you

will "list" them free of charge for a commission on all business

you send them. For those that are agreeable to your terms, find

out which type of repair work they specialize in, such as TV

sets, washers, etc. will call you and you can refer them to the

proper repair shop. The store owner gets the extra business; you

receive a commission, and it doesn't cost the customer anything

extra. If pickup and deliver service is required, this should be

added to the customer's bill by the store owner.


While it must be done several times a year, many find window

washing a disagreeable task. Charge a fee, based on the number of

windows to be washed. Also collect from the window washing



Many home-owners and apartment dwellers will welcome help at

"house cleaning" time. Charge a flat fee for the amount of work

that must be done. Make arrangements with firms that provide

workers for washing windows, cleaning carpets, washing walls,

painting, etc. and collect a commission from all those you send

extra business.


Planning a large banquet or party is time consuming.. Last minute

details can be extremely hectic, Most hostesses and/or hosts will

welcome expert help. You can earn two ways by being of

assistance. First, familiarize yourself will all services that

may be needed by such social events. This includes places where

you can rent chairs, dinnerware, silver, table decorations,

linens, etc. Also,, where you can find attendants such as

bartenders, waiters, musicians, etc. Also sources of catered

meals, beverages, flowers, ice, entertainment, etc. By making a

complete list, you will be able to provide a full service without

leaving your phone. Collect a flat fee from the party-givers,

based on the number of guests. Also collect a commission on all

sales from firms that you recommend help cater the affair.


Many firms need phone salespeople to help sell items such as

books,, magazines & newspapers subscriptions, encyclopedias,

subscriptions to record clubs, etc. Most pay above

average commissions. Some pay on a "per sale" basis; others pay a

flat fee for making appointments for their salesmen to call on

prospective customers, plus a commission on every sale. Watch for

classified ads in newspapers and magazines under "HELP WANTED".

Also contact local firms that may be interested in using your



Similar to above, but generally you can offer your services to

local firms that sell "big ticket" items that home-owners would

be interested in, such as roofing, painting, landscaping, water

purification, insurance, remodeling and decorating services, etc.

Since such services are so technical in nature, you will usually

be paid a fee for each appointment you arrange for the salesmen,

plus receive a commission on the final sale.


When a large convention comes to town, it is often difficult for

many travelers to find accommodations. Contact hotels and motels

in your area and explain that when they have an "overflow" of

guests, they should contact you. By keeping in touch with as many

hotels and motels as possible, you can reroute these quests to

other available accommodations. Your commissions are collected

from those establishments to which you send guests to fill their

vacancies. "GIFT WRAPPING" SERVICE. While some stores provide a

gift-wrap service, many do not. This is an ideal service at

Christmas time, but also handy for other holidays and special

occasions... To advertise this service,, have a neat signs

printed giving your phone number.., and distribute all businesses

that do not gift wrap. Then locate several persons interested in

earning extra money wrapping gifts. You provide pick-up and

delivery service and charge a fee, depending upon size of package

and quantity. Pay your "wrappers" a commission for work done and

you keep the rest.


Worthwhile charities need help in obtaining donations. Contact

churches and such local organizations and offer your services for

a commission on all such "pledges" you obtain.


Political candidates are always looking for fund-raisers. Contact

local political organizations and/or candidates and explain that

you will help raise money on a commission basis.


In larger cities, firms such as newspapers, radio & television

stations, advertising agencies, etc. Occasionally need help in

taking public opinion polls. Contact them and state that you are

available when needed. Also look in your Yellow Pages under

"SURVEY REPORTS". "HOUSING" SERVICE. By finding homes for

tenants, you perform a valuable service for both landlords and

tenants. Advertise that you have listings available for houses,

apartments, flats, rooms, etc. You can either charge a one-time

fee for finding accommodations or work on a commission. To get a

list of available housing, contact apartment building operators,

real estate agencies, guest houses. etc. Also watch "FOR RENT"

classified ads. In some instances you will also be able to

collect a commission from the property owner or landlord for

suitable tenants that you locate.


To operate such a service, you will need a list of professional

people who can be available around-the-clock, 7 days a week. This

will include locksmiths, car-towing services, doctors, plumbers,

electricians, TV repair personnel. building contractors, etc.

When calls come in, your job will be to contact the proper

emergency help required and send them where needed. You receive a

commission for all business you send them.


Rather than place their pets in strange and unfamiliar

surroundings, many pet owners would prefer for someone to take

care of them in their own home, while they are away. Students are

ideal for this type of job. Pay them on a "per pet" basis

and charge pet owners by the day or week for services rendered.

This is similar to "plant sitting".


The job of a travel agency is to provide assistance by making

travel arrangements for individuals, couples, families and tours.

Duties require making to and from travel reservations with

airlines, buses, trains, steamships, etc., as well as

accommodations. In addition to receiving substantial commissions,

travel agencies also receive worthwhile benefits in the form of

discount travel fares, reduced rates or free accommodations, etc.

Investigate how other travel agencies operate in order to

establish pricing structure for the various services you will



Contact businesses and individuals who are available for

difficult and more strenuous jobs such as cleaning basements,

moving, lawn care, preparing gardens for planting, painting, snow

removal, small carpenter jobs, etc. Collect commissions from

those you recommend to do these jobs for your customers.


This type of service is designed for busy people who want to

"spend a night on the town" but don't have the time to handle the

many details. You will be required to make reservations for

dinner, hotel and motel reservations, if necessary, etc.  Also

obtain tickets for theater, opera, concerts, ballet, etc. Charge

customers a fee based on the amount of work involved. You can

also collect commissions from many of the businesses you send

your customers to.


Another helpful idea for busy working people,

including homemakers. First, you will need a list of those of

those available who have cars or vans to run errands, such as

picking up and delivering everything from cleaning and laundry to

young children.  Contact students for these chores by placing

signs on bulletin boards in colleges and high schools. They will

be eager for such part-time work. Pay them on a hourly basis.

Charge customers a fee for time involved and/or mileage.


Many will gladly pay someone else to have them "let their fingers

do the walking" in searching for difficult-to--locate items and

services. Some jobs may be impossible, but for those orders that

you can fill, you can collect a fee for time involved as well as

commissions from merchants in your community that can be of



This service provides care for house plants (and outdoor plants,

shrubbery, gardens, etc., if necessary), when people are away

from home. Again, students can do these jobs. You charge

customers a daily, weekly, or monthly fee based on the amount of

work to be done.


Since Western Union has discounted "singing telegrams" you can do

this by phone. Voice isn't  important. It's the thought that

counts! May also adaptable for holidays and other personal

occasions. Charge a one-time fee for this service.


This service is especially suitable for areas where grocery

stores no longer make deliveries. When you build up a long

customer list, suggest to store owners you receive a discount.

Again, students are ideal for making deliveries. Charge customers

a percentage of total sales as your commission.


Similar to "Business Men's Shopping Service", but available to

everyone. A good way to increase business is by operating on a

7-day-a-week basis.

BONUS TIPS: When speaking on the phone, always be courteous.

Since the person you are talking to cannot see your face or read

your lips, always speak slowly and clearly. Make calls as brief

as possible, but don't appear "abrupt". Never allow your voice to

show disappointment in not obtaining an order. Your prospective

customer may be pleased with your initial call and think of you

the next time he may be in need of your services. There are

dozens of other ways to make money with a telephone. Study the

Yellow Pages of your local directory and let your imagination

run wild!


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