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Let me say at the very start . . . it is my own sincere opinion

that when one sticks to tested rules, one's chances of winning

more or less consistently  is by far the most sensible

procedure.  On the other hand, BINGO is a game of Chance, and

one's luck (and streaks of luck) can be greatly IMPROVED by

following a good set of rules.  I think THIS is the best ever.

I'm confident no one has ever worked out a method to win EACH

game one plays (regardless how many cards they may buy.)  With

THIS method I have worked out, one should WIN a lot  more

frequently than NOT using it.

Having owned one of the largest professional Bingo game sets

made, and having made a careful study of each move and "call", I

find out some numbers are hardly ever called.  So I don't pick

out (or accept) cards with those numbers on them.  The law of

AVERAGES indicates most numbers  ought to be called three or

more times in an evening . . . yet time and time again . . . ALL

are NOT.

Whenever possible, attend Bingo games where you may select your

own cards.  That's the FIRST and one of the most important rules.

Take the letter B:  Favor the first TEN (10) numbers.  AVOID

higher numbers.

The letter I:   You'll most likely find it pays best to favor 19

through and including 29.  DON'T take numbers  LOWER than 19, if

possible, especially if lower than 14.

Letter N:  Favor a card with the numbers 29 to 39 on it.  AVOID

all number 40's.  This way you also get the FREE space, (center).

Now the G:  Favor OVER 49, up.

Under O, favor 60 through 68, inclusive, or 70 O.K., with NONE

over 71.

SAME RULES APPLY regardless what specific type of BINGO rule it

may be - Such as a four corner win - or in attempting to cover

ALL spaces.  Pay Attention to the "calls" at all times.  When

you "miss" a call because you were NOT paying attention - it

GREATLY reduces your win chances.

DON'T BUY MORE CARDS THAN YOU KNOW (from past games) you can

handle efficiently, even when offered at LOWER cost - stick to

the RULES, always.  DON'T PLAY at all if you can not get a seat

near enough to the "caller" to hear with EASE every number


You should find this method will surprise you on the hardest

BINGO game to play - where ALL NUMBERS MUST BE COVERED.  You'll

find frequently this is the game where the most valuable and

sizable prizes are given.  With this proven method you should

get more than your just share.  NOW, follow these rules, and you

ought to find you will win far more frequently than you ever did

before.  Don't play feeling you ought to ALWAYS win.  Instead,

study these rules, use them, and play to GET REAL RELAXATION

instead - and, you'll really ENJOY the game.

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