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Only coin collectors know about this; but you can still find 40%

silver-clad half dollars in circulation today. Here is how.

Go to banks or savings and loan companies, and  buy rolls of

halves at $10.00 each. Buy as many as you can afford, the more

you buy the more you stand to find. Take them home and check

them. Keep all halves made before 1971.

U.S. silver dimes, quarters, halves and dollars minted in 1964

or earlier are 90% silver. Then Kennedy half dollars of 1965

through 1970 have a 40% silver content. The 1970 half dollar was

not released for public circulation, so any specimen of it would

be a mishandled collector's coin or one which had accidentally

been placed in circulation. A coin-collection is stolen and the

coins are just spent as regular coins, especially by teenagers

who do not know their numismatic value. Sometimes these

teenagers just snitch a coin or two and go for a malted at the

local drug store or malt shop. So always watch all your coins.

These 1970 half dollars command a sizable premium.

Half dollars after 1970 have no silver in them with the

exception of the proof and mint sets (which were not put into

circulation - they were for collectors only.)

I have been a coin collector since 1964 and over all I have made

money at it - however I collected, bought and sold everything.

I still find 40% silver halves, and once in a great while I find

a 90% half. In addition to the banks and the savings and loan

companies, I make it a habit to stop at small town banks, and

especially country stores and ask them if they can or will sell

me some half dollars. Usually they will.

Every time I make a purchase at any store, I ask them if they

will sell me some or all the half dollars in their till.  Most

businesses are glad to get rid of them. No one wants to handle

them any more. They all use quarters for making change.

Roll up all the halves that have no silver content and return

them to the bank. Cash them in or trade them for more rolls or

use them to buy groceries or other merchandise.

So keep at it and don't get discouraged when you go through

several rolls and don't find any... The law of averages will

even it up for you.

If you would like to join the most enjoyable and profitable

hobby in the world, visit your local coin shops and attend some

coin clubs, and coin shows. You should purchase a copy of A

Guidebook of United States Coins, what the coin collector calls


You might also want to subscribe to a coin paper such as Coin

World. Their address is: Coin World, Sidney, Ohio 45367.

Good Luck!

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