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The UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico. Development of U-2, SR-71 spy planes and VCASS for RPVs.

During the summer of 1947, a few weeks after a private pilot reported seeing a flight of unusual aircraft skimming along the mountain tops in the Pacific Northwest, Mac Brazel, a sheep rancher living near Corona, New Mexico stomped into the sheriff's office to complain that something large had fallen from the sky and was cluttering up one of his meadows. After hearing a description of the object, the sheriff suggested Mac report the incident to the authorities at Roswell Army Air Field.

Roswell AAF was, in 1947, home to the 509th Bomb Group. The 509th flew B-29s that carried Atomic Bombs. In the same general area and comprising a triangle were Los Alamos, New Mexico where the first atomic bomb was tested, and White Sands Missile Test Center. Authorities at Roswell were curious enough to send a detail out to Mac's place to have a look at the object, fearing, perhaps, that one of the B-29s had lost a part in flight. (Nothing was ever reported missing in subsequent press releases).

After they arrived at the meadow, they went ballistic, cordoned off the area, gathered up every scrap of the object and carried it back to Roswell AAF. A few hours later, someone issued a press release stating emphatically that Roswell had in its possession an alien spacecraft - a flying saucer! The next press release downgraded the metallic-like flying saucer to a rubber and wood weather balloon.

This encounter has been dubbed the "Roswell Incident" and, even after 45 years, has refused to go away, despite the government's attempts to deny that anything unusual happened.

Later reports, real or imagined, indicate that the "weather balloon" was placed aboard a railway flat car and transported to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio for examination.

Two questions arise: (1) If it was a weather balloon, why did someone feel it required examination by the Air Force at one of the most secret bases in the world? and (2) who had a weather balloon so large it had to be transported by rail car with an armed guard rather than in a small cardboard box in a modest sized airplane?

If it was a weather balloon it would have been launched from one of the bases mentioned and the Air Force had no business examining it. A call to Los Alamos or White Sands would have produced the owner and they should have claimed it, extracted the data and tossed the ruined balloon into the trash.

It is interesting to note that the person who issued the second press release claiming the object was a weather balloon had never seen the object and issued the claim only on direct orders from higher authority. He insists, to this day, that because of the furor created over the recovery of the object, he is convinced it was not a weather balloon or any kind of aircraft known on this planet.

In 1947 the press, the Air Force, and scientists spent a lot of time trying to convince the American public that no aircraft could enter our airspace without being detected by radar, especially around Roswell, Los Alamos and White Sands.

But what most people didn't know then and still don't know today, is that in 1947 America had an aircraft that was, for all practical purposes, invisible to radar! It had not been designed as a stealth aircraft because no one even understood the concept in 1947, but this airplane, the brainchild of Northrup Aviation, the YB-49 Flying Wing, reflected such a small radar image that ground operators literally could not detect it. Indeed, its profile was so slight while airborne that it could not be seen visually until it was over the airfield!

So the claim that an aircraft could not penetrate American airspace undetected in 1947 was a lie and the government knew it was a lie.

I believe if the Army had produced several large pieces of a crashed B-29 (they were not known for not crashing, after all), and had let a few hundred journalists take pictures and print them in every newspaper in America, the incident would have died right there.

But they didn't. They told us they had found a flying saucer which mysteriously turned into a weather balloon and word leaked out that it had been sent to the Foreign Technologies Center at Wright Pat for examination.

The Foreign Technologies Center at WPAFB claims they take foreign aircraft apart to see how they were manufactured, how they work and what danger, if any, they pose to America. I believe that. Still, since Russian pilots now fly their latest fighter planes and bombers at airshows on American soil and in every country sponsoring an international airshow, and since anyone with enough money-governments and private citizens alike-can purchase one of these "foreign" aircraft, and since we trade and sell aircraft like cattle to countries who have even claimed to be our enemies, what could be so secret about any foreign aircraft that the Foreign Technologies Center is still so secure one literally cannot get past the entry foyer without getting shot?

Just how foreign is their foreign technology? Is it across the border in another country, across the ocean on another continent, or is it across the cosmos on another planet? How does the Air Force define it?

45 years ago the technology for stealth aircraft did not exist and neither did the machines for analyzing material which could not be identified-materials which might have fallen from or might have been a part of an alien spacecraft. 45 years ago no one could identify exotic materials such as carbon fiber composites that are lighter than but stronger than steel, do not reflect radar images and can enter Earth's atmosphere from space without falling apart.

But someone devised such a machine and that raises another question: Why would anyone have need of a machine to analyze exotic, unheard of materials unless they were required to examine something they could not otherwise identify with machines already in production?

As early as 20 years ago no one could have identified carbon fiber composites. Now the Air Force scientists at Wright Pat claim they could, given time, identify anything and eventually discover what function it performed!

The question is: Why would they need to do that unless they had found something somewhere that prompted the development of the technology?

Did it take 25 years or more to unlock the secrets of the Roswell "weather balloon"? Were carbon fiber composites just on chance discovered to have the exact properties required to construct a lightweight, strong, invisible aircraft capable of flying into and out of Earth's atmosphere a few years after the Roswell saucer was delivered to WPAFB?

Let's jump to the near present. Kelly Johnson and a team of amazing co-workers developed the Lockheed U-2 spy plane to carry out recon missions over unfriendly countries during the cold war era. It was basically a high altitude powered glider, thought to fly so high that it was out of range of enemy missiles until CIA pilot Francis Gary Powers was brought down over Russia, not by a direct hit, but by the sonic explosion of the fired missile.

The U-2 was a large, slow, conventionally powered (jet engine), conventionally built (aluminum, titanium, rubber, plastic) aircraft that could be easily spotted and tracked on radar. It flew at high altitudes for great distances taking pictures inside foreign countries, but it did not represent a great leap forward as far as aircraft technology was concerned. The great leap forward would be left to the next airplane, the SR-71 "Blackbird."

Statistics of the SR-71 are still classified even though the plane has been decommissioned. It was built of exotic composites, parts of the skin fitted so loosely that the plane actually leaked fuel before takeoff. Once in the air and after the skin of the aircraft heated up from friction, the plane sealed itself. The pilot would find a waiting plane, refuel, and make a dash for its mission somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 miles per hour ahead of its two great ram engines.

Although a lot of unfriendly people tried to shoot them down, they flew so fast that no known missiles could catch them. They served America well and were recently retired from service. Visit Boeing's Air Museum in Seattle and you will see one prominently displayed but you will be unable to find out just what it was really capable of doing.

Anyone who has been around airplanes for more than a few months knows that the government, and particularly CIA, does not retire their best aircraft unless and until a suitable replacement has been developed, tested, flown and certified airworthy.

Now let's jump to the immediate present and Lockheed's super secret "Skunk Works" where the U-2 and the SR-71 were developed for CIA. A considerable workforce is still at that facility, still working and still being funded to create new and awesome aircraft unheard of just a few years ago. At least one of those aircraft, Aurora, is now flying from Beale Air Force Base near Sacramento, California and landing at a secret base near Groom Lake, Nevada after dashing across oceans and continents at altitudes of 200,000 feet (40 miles) and speeds of Mach 6 (4000 miles an hour).

An unidentified aircraft was tracked by RAF radar operators in 1991 leaving a remote NATO/RAF base at Mackrihanish in western Scotland at a speed of Mach 3 when no aircraft capable of that performance was known to exist.

They have been heard, their contrails spotted and photographed, their sonic profiles recorded by CIT seismologists in Pasadena, California. Eyewitnesses in the western US and in Great Britain have filed reports of sightings. Others have reported hearing the low growling sounds of its engine(s).

The seismic profile of the sonic boom has been recorded by CIT personnel in response to people asking if there had been an earthquake. It is unlike anything ever recorded before. Photographs of the contrail clearly define the power source of Aurora to be a pulse detonation wave engine or pulse jet similar to that used on the German V-1 "Buzz Bomb" during the second world war, but on a much grander scale.

But where the V-1 was relatively slow (Hurricane and Spitfire pilots shot them down if they were lucky, and Meteor pilots had no trouble catching them at all), Aurora's engine produces such thrust that the plane could circle the planet at the equator, a distance of about 25,000 miles, in a bit over six hours.

The sonic booms are produced as the plane decelerates from hypersonic flight (Mach 5+) over north central California to land at Groom Lake, Nevada.

This is an aircraft so radical in design and construction, so powerful,  that it can literally take off from the ground, enter space and return to earth without rocket boosters. Just like a flying saucer might do, or exactly as we imagine a flying saucer should do.

I questioned someone who should know if the Aurora was of a classic saucer design and the answer was a quick, "No." A bit too quick, perhaps. But the "classic" saucer shape is not really suitable for hypersonic flight in the heavy air of Earth's atmosphere where friction would cause it to heat to the melting point. If it was constructed of conventional materials.

But the SR-71 would be so hot that no one could touch it for hours after it landed and it stayed together just fine. It was actually a better plane when it was red hot because it wasn't leaking fuel all over the runway!

The argument against the ovate ellipsoid (saucer shape aircraft), and a fairly good one at that, is that the shape creates too much drag for the amount of thrust required to allow it to get off the ground and remain airborne efficiently. The argument has some merit and is one of the problems that arose with the YB-49 Flying Wing. The wing was so thick that the plane could not accelerate to Mach 1, the speed of sound, with the engines that were being produced at that time. Even with eight jet engines laboring behind it, the Span Loader was a subsonic aircraft.

But aircraft technology has changed rather spectacularly since 1947. Aircraft, especially combat aircraft designed for sustained high speed flight, have gotten flatter, longer and wider, and their wings have gotten shorter and thinner, often to the point of being hazardous to ground support personnel. Bulky, protruding tail assemblies have disappeared completely or have been contoured into the fuselage/wing junctions.

In other words, modern aircraft are beginning to look more and more like modified ovate ellipsoids!

A great paradox of aircraft design is that the more stable the aircraft is, the harder it is to fly. A perfectly stable aircraft probably wouldn't get off the ground once it got up a full head of steam since the inertial forces would tend to keep it heading right down the runway until it screamed off into the trees. That's why fast, high performance fighter planes are built to be extremely unstable, flyable only by banks of computers that constantly monitor and vector it in the proper direction when the pilot makes slight pressures on the control yoke.

The pilot doesn't fly the airplane; he sends electronic signals to the computer and the computer flies the airplane. But the computer gives something back. It presents displays on video screens of a quasi-virtual world in two dimensions that allow the pilot to understand where he is, what his plane is doing, what other planes are doing, how many other airplanes are nearby, what ground features are in the way, where his target is, how many weapons are on board and what type they are, and gives precise times and angles to deploy them for optimum kill.

Jump back to Building 248, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio and the immediate present. Here technicians are creating the ultimate flying computer. It is not an aircraft; it is a helmet. The world outside the aircraft is presented in two dimensions and in color on the visor inside the helmet via an umbilical cord attached to a computer tucked away somewhere in the airframe. It is called VCASS or Visually Coupled Airborne Systems Simulator. The pilot doesn't even have to see what is outside his airplane from the moment he sits down and turns the key until he opens the lid and climbs out!

Future developments, if not already produced, will incorporate sound to alert the pilot of approaching aircraft so precisely that the pilot need only shift his eyes to that side to "see" the aircraft. Speed, altitude, flight attitude, fuel, heading, ground features, man-made features, weapons stores and more are displayed inside the helmet by tiny video cameras receiving information from sensors located all over the aircraft.

The helmet will tell the pilot what kind of aircraft is approaching, its speed, heading, if it is friendly or not, and select the appropriate weapons on standby in case the pilot elects to engage in aerial combat.

The computer, like a real-life R2D2 co-pilot will fly the aircraft through tight maneuvers if the pilot blacks out and will perform the necessary evasive tactics until the pilot regains consciousness and resumes control.

So what does all this modern aircraft technology have to do with what happened, or might have happened, near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? Just this:

Doesn't it seems strange that all this amazing technology popped up at the same time? We have an airplane flying around the world in six hours that can take off from the ground, enter space and come back to land at the same airfield. We have exotic new materials to use in the construction of sub space and hyper space aircraft. We have a virtual world display in two dimensions, with sound,  going on inside a pilot's helmet. We have aircraft computers so intelligent that they can fly airplanes without assistance from the pilot from lift-off on earth to touchdown on the moon or Mars or beyond. We have laser guided weapons so precise that they can hit single buildings. We have communications devises floating around in space that can guide ships and aircraft to destinations anywhere on this planet, precisely, in total darkness.

Think about this: Why is a super secret aircraft flying around taking pictures of the entire planet? Because someday, in the very near future, the computer in an even newer aircraft is going to have to know where to take the airplane when it returns from an interplanetary journey, and the computer will have to know long before it reaches the Earth's atmosphere.

Computers look at pictures and make two dimensional maps to store in memory. Here is O'Hare, here is JFK, here is Atlanta, here is Dallas, here is Roswell, New Mexico. We'll land there.

Or here is Moscow, here is Baghdad. They may be future targets.

Friendly or enemy, the two dimensional images will one day be projected inside a pilot's helmet or on the surface of the canopy, or as three-dimensional displays, in color, in mid-air as holograms (and where did that technology come from just when we needed it?)

The pilot will open and close "windows", just as graphic artists now do with their Macs and PCs, to select desired features or landing sites, enlarging them for detail or reducing them for an overview by simply raising a finger and pushing a button he believes he sees in the helmet. To anyone outside, it will appear as if he is poking the air.

Impossible? Not at all. You can do it with your home computer if you have the right program. Touch the screen with a stylus and the image changes. Draw pictures with your finger. Stretch it, move it, color it. If the computer is programmed to perform a function when you move your finger, the computer will perform the same or different function if it is programmed to "believe" you have touched a button in mid air that really isn't there, that only exists in the computer's memory!

It is being done right now in Building 248 at WPAFB, in Dayton, Ohio, in the USA, and probably in other labs in other countries as well. We are an ace from jumping off this rock and going where no man has gone before.

Before you discount this, consider  one last item: Some years ago scientists launched a tiny hunk of iron called Voyager from this planet. Inscribed on its golden skin was the precise address of planet Earth. Inside were the sounds and scenes of earthlings, from songs to poems to whispers and sighs, the very breath and voice of humans and animals right down to the love songs of migrating whales. Carefully patterned directions and arithmetic equations were provided to lead someone back to the launching site. It is now in deep space emitting signals to announce its passing to anyone or anything intelligent enough to hear and understand. Earth scientists expect it to be found and returned!

It does not really matter if flying saucers exist or not. It does not matter much if the Air Force is hiding an alien spacecraft and its pilots or if they are not (frankly, I would opt for the Naval Research Lab in Washington, DC as the final resting place of the Roswell saucer). What matters is that we have  obtained the technology, whether as a gift in return for allowing someone to live here or as pure scientific discovery, to create a craft capable of doing most of the things a flying saucer should do.

ROSEWELL: Another Point Of View. German V-1 and V-2 launches from desert bases after WWII.

Two key people were on hand to recover the debris from the Roswell saucer crash site: the base intelligence officer and a member of the Counter Intelligence Corps. They directed the recovery of the debris, which consumed a good part of the following day, and loaded the pieces into two vehicles. The debris was taken to Roswell AAF for disposition.

At about the same time, 100 miles away, Grady Barnett found what he believed to be a crashed saucer. Nearby were four small dead bodies. They had frail limbs and large heads with big, slanted eyes. According to Barnett, their bodies were encased in tight, one-piece, grey suits with no visible fasteners.

Again, the military was quick to arrive. All witnesses were ushered away and ordered not to speak of the event. On June 8, 1947, six days after the first event (all the debris may have been from the same vehicle), a press release approved by Lt. W. Haut, announced that saucer debris had been recovered by the 509th Bomb Group.

The debris from both finds was loaded aboard a B-29 and flown to Carswell AFB in Fort Worth, Texas where it was announced that it was nothing more than the remains of a standard weather balloon.

We are supposed to believe it took military intelligence officers an entire week to determine that the debris was from a weather balloon, an object any alert E-1 could have identified in about 30 seconds. Since most officers do not scrub about pastures recovering debris from fallen objects, it must be assumed some enlisted men were on hand for the task. Dozens, if not all,  could have identified the object as a weather balloon if it was, indeed, a weather balloon.

But if not a weather balloon, what was it?

Let's eliminate the two least likely possibilities: weather balloon and alien space craft, and concentrate on discovering what the 509th might have carried away from the pastures in 1947.

To find an answer, we must return to the period near the end of World War Two and Nazi Germany. German engineers and technicians had produced the only operational jet bomber, the Arado 234, during the war. Additionally, Willie Messerschmitt had designed, tested and produced both the Me 262 twin-jet fighter bomber and the Me 163 rocket plane. Each of the latter planes was hundreds of miles per hour faster than anything the Allies had at the time.

The Me 262 was powered by two very advanced Jumo axial flow jet engines. The Me 163 was powered by a  rocket motor using hypergolic fuels.

But most bizarre was the disclosure that the BMW plant in Prague had built a prototype advanced jet powered saucer shaped aircraft with a diameter of 140 feet. Completed in 1944, this radical aircraft was flying by February, 1945 and was destroyed with its blueprints when it became apparent it would soon fall into the hands of the Allies. British and U.S. intelligence reports confirm the existence of this real "Flying saucer."

Cessation of hostilities between the warring countries and the knowledge that Germany might have won the war by pure technical skill had not the Allies overwhelmed it with an endless supply of expendable hardware and manpower, was the impetus that prompted U.S., British, French and Russian scientists, politicians and military leaders to develop weapons equal to or better than those that had nearly destroyed half the civilized world.

Before the war was even declared at an end, U.S. intelligence agencies were scouring the countryside trying to locate as many German scientists and engineers and their hardware as they could before the Russians or British found them.

By mid 1947, Arthur Rudolph, director of the Dora-Nordhausen rocket projects, and hundreds of former Nazis and members of the SS were safely settled in dusty desert towns in southern Texas where they began reassembling a few V-2 rockets from hundreds of crates transported from Germany.

Rudolph would go on to create the  Saturn V  booster that would put an American astronaut on the moon.

Conveniently forgotten were the 80 million souls for whose deaths Rudolph had to share responsibility.

The American public, by and large, was unaware that these former Nazis were here or that their weapons would soon be launched from American soil, because the German teams had been literally smuggled into the country illegally and in secrecy by the military!

White Sands Missile Test Center was just down the road a piece. Los Alamos was not far away. Roswell AAF was north, across the state border.

When pieces of strange, unidentifiable objects began raining from the desert skies, it is no wonder that uninformed officers at Roswell's 509th thought they had discovered something "not made on this planet."

But when knowledgeable people heard of the incident through the media reports and frantic telephone calls, they would have clamped a lid on the find. The exotic materials found at both sites may have been pieces of a German-now-American V-2 tactical ballistic rocket gone astray!

The pieces, after all, went to Carswell AAF in Texas, probably close to where they had been fired if the reports are correct. There would have been no need to send the debris to Wright Patterson Air Force Base for identification.

Compromise of the classified projects and disclosure that Former Nazi officers were responsible would have created a political disaster, hence, the weather balloon story was released to pacify the American public.

America and Russia, who had kidnapped and confiscated the lion's share of German engineers and hardware, lost no time developing advanced aircraft and missiles of their own. Many of the early marks were bolt-for-bolt replicas of German operational aircraft.

The North American F-86 Sabre, so famous during the Korean War, was developed directly from German technology, the prototype flying on October 1, 1947.

Two weeks later, on October 14, 1947, Captain Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in the Bell X-1. A series of stunning and incredible flights followed with the X-planes leading the way toward the edge of space.

By 1958 the first North American X-15 was rolled out and by June, 1960, an X-15, powered by a Viking Rocket XLR-99 engine producing 57,000 pounds of thrust, reached an altitude of 59.6 miles-the very threshold of space itself-at a speed of 4,000 miles per hour. In 1964, the X-15 Number 2, designated A-2, established an absolute speed record of 4,520 miles per hour.

The next series of tests were to be conducted with exoatmosphere orbital planes but the project was canceled before the planes could be developed.

Exoatmosphere planes were not a new concept. At least not to the German engineers. During the Second World War, German engineer Eugene S-nger had proposed and drawn up the plans for a massive sub-orbital "Skip Bomber" that, if produced, would have entered the edge of space, re-entered on a flat trajectory, and skipped across oceans of air and water until it fell to earth over North America. It would have carried a nuclear warhead.

America's "Skip" planes should have led the way to reusable aircraft that could have taken off from the ground (rather than being carried aloft under the wing of a B-52), flown into space and returned to the same airfield to refuel and take more passengers into space.

Scott Crossfield, who helped develop the X-15 and was its chief pilot for a number of flights, recently stated that if the exoatmosphere tests had proceeded, America would have been in space with a reusable aircraft years ago.

But the Space Shuttle program was developed (by the same German scientists) and the orbital planes were all but forgotten along with the daring pilots who paved the way for a new generation of astronauts who would take man's first tentative steps on another planet of the solar system.

Rocket scientists Werner von Braun and Willy Ley both worked on America's space program at Huntsville's Redstone Arsenal. Their efforts put Americans on the moon.

It is interesting to note that the period during the development, testing and evaluation of the X-planes, from 1947 to 1959, was also the period when most UFO sightings were reported.

Unidentified Flying Object  reports dropped dramatically from a high of 1,501 in 1952 to only 167 during the last six months of 1959. Of the 173 official reports filed in the first six months of 1960, only three were classified as "Unidentified."

During the entire Blue Book reporting period from 1947 to 1960, the number of unidentified sightings averaged only about 2%, or 130 out of a total of 6,523 reported sightings. A number of the unidentified sightings were classified as "Lights In The Sky."

Lights in the sky can include such phenomena as ball lightning, swamp gas, earthquake lights, meteors, plasma, stars, planets, aircraft lights, jet or rocket exhaust, sun-dogs and a host of other odd known or unknown effects.

"Nuts and Bolts" sightings include aircraft, rockets or other tangible man-made artifacts, or unidentified or unknown aerial cars.

"Sightings" are generally defined as observations of unknown craft at a distance greater than 500 feet where the craft does not touch the ground, does not affect the environment and does not alarm nearby animals.

"Encounters" fall into three categories:

The First Kind: UFO is seen within 500 feet but does not touch the ground or affect the environment or nearby animals.

The Second Kind: UFO is seen within 500 feet and touches the ground, affecting the environment by flattening or scorching vegetation and/or alarming nearby animals.

The Third Kind: Occupants are seen within 500 feet outside the craft. Virtually all are seen at night and usually only one or two witnesses are present. The occupants do not attempt to communicate, but retreat to their craft which quickly flies away.

Two additional classifications are recognized but recorded separately  from "Encounter" type reports. They are: "Favored Intermediary" or "Contactee"; and "Abductions."

Of all the reports filed, "Lights In The Sky" seem to be the most perplexing and difficult to explain. Many lights, or glowing orbs, perform complex maneuvers and sometimes respond to other lights or telepathic commands, or to the movements of human observers.

They apparently defy the known laws of the universe, traversing the atmosphere with ease and flashing into hypedrive in the twinkling of an eye, or by making rapid right-angle turns, stopping suddenly from rapid flight and hovering silently for long periods before they sail away.

In 1974, Ground Saucer Watch, comprised of 500 engineers, physicists and astronomers, began using computer enhancement to determine if UFO photos were real or fakes. Scanned onto a computer screen, the images are reduced to 245,000 pixels and the computer is programmed to assign each pixel a brightness rating. Using color contouring, 3-D enhancement, and a number of other sophisticated tests, GSW engineers were able to prove conclusively that 90% of previously accepted UFO photographs were hoaxes.

Two of the most famous UFO photographs were taken by Paul Trent on May 11, 1950 at about 7:45 in the evening. Mrs. Trent was in the yard feeding her rabbits when she looked up and saw a large metal disc sailing silently across the sky. She called to her husband who got his camera from the car and snapped two shots of the disc before it accelerated and disappeared toward the west.

Fearing he might have photographed a secret U.S. aircraft, Mr. Trent told only a few friends about the incident. A reporter from the local newspaper heard of the sighting and eventually got the negatives. Within a week the photographs were printed on the cover of Life Magazine.

In 1969, after rigorous scrutiny, skeptical scientists working on the Condon Report accepted that the object in the photos could not be explained by any known natural or supernatural phenomena. They concluded, "...the photographs confirms precisely what the witnesses said they saw."

GSW examined the photos and endorsed the Condon findings in 1974 when its experts concluded that the object in the two photographs was a real "nuts and bolts" solid object, between 60 and 90 feet in diameter with a flat, evenly lighted underside and had been at least one-half mile away from the observers.

In 1947, Kenneth Arnold made his historic UFO sighting while flying his private plane near the Cascade Range in Washington State. Nearby, in the inaccessible canyons and mountains of the Yakima Indian reservation, over 200 anomalous lights have been reported in the past 20 years. Reports include stories of discs, fires, glowing canyons, sounds from underground, encounters and other odd phenomena.

Most reports are of bright lights moving low in the sky, swelling and pulsing with color. Some appear to be aware of humans, some cause automobile engines to quit, others affect nearby animals.

Glowing orbs of lights performing apparently intelligent maneuvers have been photographed and observed with various scientific instruments in England, the United States and Norway, enabling investigators to make educated guesses as to speed, size and light intensity. Their physical and chemical properties remain a mystery.

Photographs of the objects reveal nothing more than lights rather than objects with features of flying saucers. Taken as lights alone, these phenomena pose a genuine challenge to science. Nothing presently known fits the description of the lights. They last longer than any known transient luminous phenomena. They glide silently, often for long distances, proving that they are not associated with specific locations.

Some have been photographed against a background of mountains, proving they are not celestial bodies, mirages, or refraction effects. They are larger and brighter than any other known atmospheric light. Some have been reported since at least 1771, meaning cars, trains and aircraft lights must be ruled out as causes.

They exist in the physical world, but evidence shows they may respond to lasers, light, radio waves and telepathic messages!

Challenged to explain sightings of mysterious lights in the hills around Piedmont, Missouri, physics professor Harley Rutledge of Southeast Missouri State College, set up Project Identification in 1973 to gather data. 178 anomalous objects were recorded on 157 separate occasions.

40 scientists used a wide range of equipment, telescopes, sophisticated cameras, spectrum analyzer as well as a galvanometer to measure changes in the earth's gravitational field.

Simultaneous observations from widely separated locations allowed measurements of speed, course, and position of the objects. Sightings of aircraft, meteorites, headlights, refracted lights, etc., were eliminated from the investigation.

The most startling discovery was that, on at least 32 recorded occasions, the movement of the lights synchronized with actions of the observers. They appeared to respond to a light being switched on and off, to verbal or radio messages, and even to telepathic communication! These claims, made by a member of the lay public, would have been dismissed as the ravings of a lunatic; coming from a professor of physics, they merit serious consideration.

In 1944, while flying over Germany, USAAF pilot Bill Leet reported a luminous sphere suddenly appeared beside his B-17 "like a light switch being turned on." It paced the plane for almost 45 minutes, then vanished.

The gunners wanted to shoot at it but Leet ordered them not to, stating that if the light wanted to harm them, it could have done so any time.

This was just one of many sightings of the now-famous "Foo Fighters" reported by pilots flying over Europe in the winter of 1944-45. The discs and globes were about five feet in diameter, generally seen at night, and sometimes changed color from orange to red to white and back to orange. They were never seen on radar.

After the war, German and Japanese pilots admitted they had been perplexed by the same phenomena. They have never been satisfactorily explained.

Could it be that these glowing orbs, combining a physical existence with an ability to interact with the human psyche, hold the key to the UFO enigma?

Secret weapons have always been guarded by the military and certain U.S. intelligence agencies for obvious reasons. It is simply not in the military's interest to have thousands of public eyes prying into top secret projects, nor is it, indeed, in the public's interest to do so.

The most bizarre of all aircraft, the alien-looking A-117 Stealth Fighter, the "Shabah" (Spirit), of Desert Storm fame, was kept secret right up until the time it was deployed to Saudi Arabia and it had been flying around the country for years! Had the public known of its existence, had foreign countries known of its existence, an effective countermeasure for detecting and destroying it might have been developed before it could have been used. So we must accept that there are some projects better left secret.

In 1947, a few days prior to the Roswell incident, a V-2 rocket had been fired from White Sands Missile Test Center. At about the same time, the U.S. Army released one of its first polyethylene weather balloons, a material uncommon in the late 1940's and which may have explained reports of a material "incredibly tough" and unlike any seen on this planet.

Additionally, either of those vehicles might have carried monkeys aloft as part of the test, which could explain the four small dead creatures discovered at the second site.

But even if secret rockets and weather balloons go astray (and the early V-2s were famous for it) the military and intelligence agencies, encouraging interest in the UFO phenomena, can discredit observers as cranks and, thus, effectively maintain the integrity of secret weapons tests.

It is the UFO conspiracy conspiracy! Areas of high UFO activity in America have always been near test sites for secret weapons and aircraft.

Additionally, several aspects of UFO activity might be attributable to the CIA or some group within the CIA since waves of UFO sightings often occur after times of crises within the government. Several UFO sightings followed the Soviet's successful launching of Sputnik in November 1957 when America's own space efforts were failing dismally on the screens of every American television set!

A UFO conspiracy, apparently now directed by a group ensconced in the lower stories of the Pentagon, and backed up by the military, effectively masks secret weapons from prying eyes. Disinformation diverts the scientific community from serious study of UFO phenomena. Obvious hoaxes, staged a few years apart, is enough to keep the media and scientists off balance. Behind the smokescreen, new secret technology and radical aircraft designs can be developed, tested and evaluated without serious interference from people who have no need to know what's going on.

It doesn't matter if someone is trying to hide a secret weapon, planning a corporate take-over or concealing their involvement in an assassination, these two strategies apply: (1) If you want to keep your secrets, you always create a diversion to keep people looking in the wrong direction, and (2) If the evidence you find leads to only one conclusion, the conclusion will be wrong every time because the evidence has been planted.

"Nuts and Bolts" flying around the skies of every country on the planet is one thing; "Lights in the Sky" are something else. It seems entirely plausible that an experimental saucer-shaped aircraft might have overflown the Trent house in Oregon in 1950, a period of great activity in aircraft development in America. It is less plausible that lights responding to human telepathic communication in Piedmont, Missouri are creations of the U.S. military or manipulations of the CIA.

They have been seen for centuries on every continent and by nearly every race of people, many of whom never even heard of the CIA or ever read a UFO report. Unlocking the secrets of the lights may give us some of the answers to the continuing enigma of UFO's.


The "Mothership" Theory and Warp Speed Thinking.

One theory presented by some UFOlogists is that a great ark or "mothership" may be orbiting Earth or laying at anchor in deep space just this side of a "Black Hole" dispatching scientific probes and reconnaissance craft to our planet from time to time. This ark, like a real-life "Deathstar," is an artificial world, growing its own food, recycling its own waste products, capable of sustaining alien life indefinitely, just as a naturally created world does.

Living aboard this ark are a number of different kinds of alien beings, each carrying out their own particular experiments upon earthlings with the blessings and help of the others.

That the ark is peopled by different life forms is the only explanation of the diverse descriptions of alien beings seen by humans who have experienced encounters. Unless there is more than one ark!

But if UFOs are really capable of the speeds and maneuvers they appear to display, a "mothership" would not be necessary. If a spacecraft could travel to the ark near a black hole, why not simply go on to the black hole and re-enter their own dimension, thus eliminating the building of an enormous artificial world with all its logistics problems?

In one way, an answer to the appearance and disappearance of UFOs may be less complicated; in another way the possible answer is infinitely more complicated than humans can imagine.

Light travels at 186,000 miles per second. A beam of light, if it could be made to follow the curvature of the Earth, would circumnavigate this planet at the equator 7.44 times every second. It takes approximately 2.5 seconds for radio transmissions travelling at the speed of light to reach the moon. It takes light approximately 8.33 minutes to reach Earth from the sun and a bit over two minutes from the planet Mars.

The fastest aircraft devised by humans travels at approximately 4000 or 5000 miles per hour; 83.3 miles per minute; 1.38 miles per second, or approximately 186,000 times slower than the speed of light!

The limit of our vision at sea level, from horizon to horizon in nearly flat areas (deserts), is about 40 miles. If we could spot the Aurora aircraft flying at 40 miles above the ground in the west and follow it until it disappeared in the east, we would see it for approximately one minute.

If a UFO or TLO were to traverse the same sky at the same altitude at the speed of light we would be unable to see it at all since it would be in our field of vision for about 1/5000th of a second! The image, even if we were looking directly at the object, would not even register on the optic nerve, would not be transmitted to the brain, except, perhaps, as a subconscious image.

Some astronomers, engineers and government poobahs have argued that UFOs do not exist because no one has ever captured an image on film during the thousands of photographs taken of stars and planets from all the observatories on the planet. Aircraft lights have been recorded as they cross the field of vision of the telescopes, and other known phenomena have been captured. But no UFOs have been recorded by astronomers. Even long exposures of open sky seems to have failed to reveal the presence of real "Nuts and Bolts" UFOs or elusive TLOs.

What they apparently fail to understand is that the hardware and software they're using is not equal to the task of recording an object moving at or near the speed of light.

Recent video pictures of the Patriot missiles intercepting Scuds over Saudi Arabia clearly illustrate the inability of television cameras to record events that occur in fractions of a second. A 4000 miles per hour missile may travel several hundred or several thousand feet between scans of the television camera. Even ultra high speed motion picture cameras miss events at 10,000, 20,000 or more frames per second simply because the shutter or prism of the camera has rotated to a "closed" position exactly 50% of the time the event is being recorded!

Think of it this way: When you watch a motion picture recorded at 24 frames per second, each frame of the film is seen in approximately 1/50th of a second. Then the shutter on the projector closes, the film advances and the shutter opens to reveal the next frame. In other words, when you view a film at a theater, half of the time you are seeing total darkness!

Because the human brain is geared to generate apparently smooth motion from a series of still photographs projected through a light source and lens at approximately 1/50th of a second, the movement on the screen is transmitted the brain as continuous motion. We are completely unaware that 50% of the time the shutter is closed and we are in darkness until someone explains it.

But even at 1/50th of a second,  significant action is occurring that we do not, can not see. Imagine how much more action might be occurring all around us at 186,000th of a second!

A craft with a propulsion system capable of moving at the speed of light in normal flight coupled with the anti-mass field inertial system could remain in earth orbit continuously without ever being seen by human senses or recording devices. Only when the UFOs decelerate from light speed to several thousand miles per hour to enter the atmosphere to land or take pictures or hostages, do they become visible to human senses.

Imagine you have built a spacecraft with these features. You certainly would not approach the target landing area at the speed of light. You would slow your craft and make a gradual approach similar to any earth aircraft, although at a considerably higher speed. When you decelerate from light speed your craft would suddenly become "visible" to human senses, making it appear as if your craft materialized instantly in the sky.

Having chosen your target or landing area, you would glide in, take pictures, or land to abduct humans, do whatever you think you should do, and leave. Once in the sky and safely away from aircraft or other hazards, you could accelerate to light speed again and simply "vanish" from view. You could be on Mars in about two and half minutes having dinner.

And that brings up a question: When humans are abducted, are they examined in the spacecraft at the spot where it landed or does the spacecraft take them somewhere else? Does the tingling or burning reported by many abductees suggest that the propulsion system is operating, that they are somewhere in space during the examinations? Many people have reported that they regain consciousness miles away from where they first encountered the spacecraft. This would suggest that some, if not all, are actually taken to another location or into hyperdrive while the examinations are occurring.

This seems entirely plausible since the aliens would not necessarily wish to remain on the ground during a medical examination requiring an hour or two of earth time. Too much danger of being seen by others. Besides, remaining in Earth's polluted atmosphere may be unhealthy for aliens accustomed to breathing purified gases.

That UFOs and TLOs appear and vanish instantly, that they perform dramatic maneuvers while in the atmosphere and visible to humans is well documented. This can only be accounted for (in a purely mechanical way) if the craft are capable of accelerating to or decelerating from near-light speeds.

But at least one type of travel is infinitely faster than light speed and that is Thought-Speed! Suppose for a moment that alien spacecraft are not propelled by "engines" or surrounded by anti-mass fields, but are projected to specific points in the universe by the power of alien thoughts!

Light can travel to Mars (for instance) in about two and one half minutes. Thought can travel to Mars instantly. Thought can travel to a "Black Hole" instantly. Thought can travel to the most remote corner of the galaxy instantly. One moment you are on Earth; the next you are on Alpha Centauri. There is no physical motion, no brute force required to send you from one point to another. No humming or buzzing of equipment or engines. You are here, then you are there. You appear and disappear as quickly as you can think it.

Scientists who study the human mind agree that we have hardly scratched the surface of knowledge about what the human mind is capable of doing, even when functioning at one-hundredth capacity. Experiments in mind-over matter suggest that normal human beings are capable of controlling the random numbers generated by computers.

Tests have shown that human beings can control their heart rate and blood pressure by will alone. People who practice holistic medicine are able to regenerate damaged tissue in a remarkably short period of time. Mediums appear to be capable of conjuring up spirits of departed friends. Terminally ill patients have been known to cast off their ailments and live long and productive lives with no sign of harm.

Some particularly gifted people can move objects or alter their shape. Nearly everyone has thought of an old friend only to have them call minutes later. A few espers can see events that will occur or are occurring with astonishing clarity and accuracy.

Are these people operating on a different frequency from the rest of us, or have they simply honed skills any of us could perform could we but get the hang of it? Is the dimension of thought-time-space so near that we live within it without being aware of its existence? Has everything that ever happened, is happening or ever will happen already happened? Is our universe so structured that it takes "Earth Time" to catch up to it? Could we see past, present and future events completely by learning to penetrate and control the dimension of time and space as thought?

An illustration that events occurring over a period of thousands or millions of years continue to exist in the cosmos is evident by the birth and death of stars. Exploding super novas have been seen and recorded on earth, even in recent times. But the stars destroyed themselves thousands or millions of years ago. We are only seeing the event now because it has taken the light from the explosion thousands of years to reach Earth telescopes. That we can see and record these events is tantamount to traveling backwards thousands of years in time. The light emitted from these stellar explosions is not lost with time and distance. It continues for thousands of years until it strikes a solid body in space.

If a spacecraft approached Earth at the speed of light from a distant galaxy, the inhabitants aboard that ship could see every event that occurred on this planet from the moment it began to form from cosmic dust to the present. They would have an instant overview, in a matter of hours, minutes or seconds, like a motion picture seen in fast forward until they slowed to "Earth Time,".

They would, of course, if they are as technologically advanced as they appear to be, have sophisticated devices aboard their spacecraft to record and store these images. They would have seen the rise and demise of dinosaurs, the emergence of homo sapiens, every war fought over every inch of ground since the beginning of time, and every probe earthlings have launched into their airspace.

They would know a great deal more about us than do we!

IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT Two dimension and multi-dimensional worlds. CE-1

CIA's latest hypersonic spy plane, Aurora, is capable of flying at altitudes of at least 200,000 feet (40 miles) and at speeds of Mach 6 (4000 miles per hour) or greater. While it represents a spectacular leap forward in aircraft technology, it is improbable that it was developed from information obtained from captured alien spacecraft. That it is a remarkable aircraft is beyond dispute, however, it is still an aircraft designed on earth by human beings for operation in Earth's exoatmosphere.

It is unusual in that it can fly faster than any other known aircraft, can fly higher than any other known aircraft, and uses unconventional engines and fuel (liquid methane or liquid hydrogen) for propulsion . Because of the stresses placed upon the aircraft while flying within Earth's dense atmosphere, it is most certainly constructed of rather exotic materials.

It may use one type of engine (turbo-jet) to take off and land and another type (scram-jets or pulse wave detonation engines) while flying at the edge of space. Advanced computer systems and ECM (electronic counter measures) devices are almost certainly aboard the aircraft.

But it is still just an airplane capable of straight and level flight at top speeds and cannot perform any of the maneuvers executed by craft known as Flying Saucers. It operates within a known envelope and within some very limited parameters. It cannot accelerate from a dead stop to hyper speed in the twinkling of an eye nor can it stop suddenly from hypersonic flight.

It cannot jump sideways into another dimension and appear on another planet in a distant galaxy. For all its advanced technology, the Aurora is still a three-dimensional man-made object designed to operate in a three-dimensional world.

"Nuts and Bolts" flying saucers, although capable of extreme maneuvers, appear to also operate within a known envelope and broader but still finite parameters. They are also defined as three-dimensional objects created by beings who, for at least a portion of their lives, function in a three-dimensional universe. UFOs have height, length and breadth. When you touch them you feel solid material.

TLOs, on the other hand, while capable of existing briefly in a three-dimensional world, may be objects, beings or energy from something other than a three dimensionally structured universe.

While it is difficult or even impossible to imagine how a four-dimension creature or object would appear to our senses, we can get an idea of what we may NOT see if we think first of a two-dimensional universe; that is, one having only width and breadth.

If we were to poke a finger into a two-dimensional world, the creatures there would be incapable of assessing  what they are seeing since they could not observe or even comprehend the length (or height) of our finger. To them, the object suddenly appearing in their world would look something like a flat straight line.

If we moved our finger around a bit to stir things up, the two-dimensional creatures would believe they are seeing a disc-shaped object moving rapidly and with extreme maneuvers over a broad expanse of their world. Some might report having seen a UFO, an alien craft from another world. In fact, that is exactly what they would have seen, however, their interpretation of the object, as we know, would be completely mistaken. Because we come from a three-dimensional universe, we  understand that the two-dimensional creatures missed a very important part of the object; evidence which would have given them a precise identity to their UFO.

If TLOs are four-dimensional objects seen with senses designed to calculate three dimensions, we may be missing the most important part of the object, the knowledge of which would provide us with the same precise identifications.

The universe is infinite, without end forever and forever more. There are more celestial bodies in the heavens  than grains of sand on every beach on planet Earth. The number could be written as 10-  (One with zeros to the infinite power).

If the universe is infinite, having neither center nor end, it follows that an infinite number of things exist in it. An infinite number of explanations account for an infinite number of phenomena. An infinite number of dimensions overlapping infinitely. An infinite number of creatures having infinitely diverse forms and stages of  development.

TLOs appear suddenly as if from another dimension, stay briefly  and vanish, returning from whence they came, as if something poked a finger into our universe, stirred things up a bit and withdrew.

TLOs do not always return in the direction from which they come. They do not emerge from a hole in the ground, fly around for awhile and retreat to the same hole. They appear as from nowhere, follow airplanes or simply sail along mountain ridges or across deserts until they are out of sight or vanish into the darkness.

If an object could accelerate from a dead stop to the speed of light, it would appear to vanish instantly. It would not diminish slowly or get smaller; it would pop off, out, without leaving a trace of its having been here.

A four dimensional object traversing the sky of our world would also vanish instantly if withdrawn by the creature to whom it belonged.

TLOs have been seen for centuries. No one has been able to identify them or explain what they are, where they come from or where they go when they vanish.


In August, 1968, a Navy Photographer was standing the 2400 to 0800 security watch at a top secret intelligence installation in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam conflict. He had just phoned the OOD at 0600 to report all secure and decided to step outside to get a breath of fresh air.

The two story concrete building was behind him. To his right was a range of low mountains obscuring approximately 20 degrees of the southern sky. To his left was (a bay) and the South China Sea. He was facing east where, about 20 miles away, another range of mountains obscured approximately 5 degrees of the sky.

Immediately upon stepping outside the building he saw a bright luminous object gliding silently from west to east above the range of mountains. He "felt" the presence of another object and turned toward the bay to see an identical object gliding at the same altitude and speed as the first. The objects were approximately one mile apart.

The second object sighted made a sharp right turn, glided overhead at an altitude calculated to be 1200 to 1500 feet, passed behind the first object and disappeared from view beyond the mountain.

The first object sighted continued eastward at approximately 20 to 25 miles per hour. Both objects were described as being as bright as a 1000 watt street light as seen from a distance of 200 feet. Neither object made any noise and neither object displayed any normal aircraft running lights. The objects were described as being the size of a dime as seen at arm's length. The witness estimates their size to be 40 to 50 feet in diameter and spherical in shape.

The first object was in sight for approximately 45 minutes. It did not deviate from its eastward course, nor did it pulsate or change colors. Its speed remained constant throughout the entire sighting.

The witness states that he was unaware that 45 minutes had passed until the morning crew began arriving for duty. At that time the eastbound object was a pinhead size bright light still visible on the face of the rising sun! He calculates that the object was approximately 20 to 25 miles away at the time he returned to the building.

He signed over the duty log, relinquished his sidearm and went back outside. The object was still visible on the lower edge of the rising sun which was approximately 10 to 12 degrees above the horizon.

The witness later remembered that the duty crash cameras, a 4x5 Speed Graphic and a 16mm Cine camera, were inside on the floor beside his chair and he had not even thought to take a picture!

This witness had been in the Navy for 10 years, the entire time as a photographer, a portion of that time as an aircrew member. His MOS was Photographer but his job was processing and printing surveillance and intelligence film from U2s, RA3Bs and other reconnaissance aircraft. He had been around aircraft, both civilian and military, for twelve years.

He cannot explain what he saw but believes they were not fixed wing or rotary wing aircraft, not weather balloons (one turned, the other did not) and they were not celestial bodies or atmospheric phenomena.

His original assessment, although the objects appeared to be identical, was that he had seen two different things, one a weather balloon, the other a slow flying aircraft of some kind. Neither, however, displayed the movements or identification lights one would expect for an aircraft.

Weather balloons, when blown by the wind (there was none that night) wobble and bob through the sky. Instrumentation packages swing below them, causing them to change shape and direction. Additionally, weather balloons are not lighted from within nor do the instrumentation packages carry such bright lights.

Helicopters can certainly fly at 20 to 25 miles per hour, however, none known at that time could fly silently at 1200 to 1500 feet. Neither of the TLOs emitted engine sounds or  exhaust trails or displayed navigation lights. When seen against the sun, even at a distance of approximately 25 miles, no hull shape or fuselage could be seen.

The object seen against the sun appeared to have travelled in a straight line; that is, not following the curvature of the Earth. At last sighting, the witness estimates the altitude of the object to be 10,000 feet or higher above the ground.

Because of his background in photography and his experience as an aircrewman, the witness feels he properly calculated the altitude, speed and size of the objects. The description of the two TLOs does not fit any known aircraft or weather balloon. It does, however, perfectly define the phenomena known as Transient Luminous Objects which have been shown to glide silently and slowly for long distances, change directions with apparently intelligent purpose and emit no sounds or exhaust trails.

TLOs do not display any signs of hostility or covert curiosity. They do not damage objects or affect the environment in any apparent manner. They simply appear, move about the skies for a time, then glide away or vanish, leaving stunned and confused witnesses to wonder what they have observed.

Unlike UFOs, which seem to have destinations and purpose, and are solid and three-dimensional, TLOs are truly an unexplainable phenomena having no observable substance or core, no common size or brightness, no common speed or direction. They may forever remain a mystery.


According to a 1987 Gallup poll, almost 50 percent of Americans believe Flying Saucers are real. 30 percent or more believe they have seen odd phenomena that may be UFOs.

Although many sightings have subsequently been shown to be misidentified common aircraft or explainable atmospheric phenomena, a quite respectable number of sightings and encounters defy explanation and are classified as "Unknown."

Despite the government's attempts to debunk UFO sightings and encounters as waking dreams and hoaxes perpetrated by people who have lost a few marbles, there are no satisfactory explanations for the behavior of aerial craft and TLOs (Transient Luminous Objects) that apparently can venture through space or the earth's atmosphere with equal ease, stop suddenly from hypersonic flight, or execute right angle turns, climbs and dives.

Nor has anyone explained how or why TLOs appear suddenly, hover or sail silently for long minutes and just as suddenly vanish.

If the military found UFOs that have reportedly crashed on this planet and have systematically unwound the secrets of their construction and propulsion, why, after nearly 50 years, have they not been able to duplicate the engines that drive them? Why have scientists and engineers been unable to duplicate in military aircraft the maneuvers UFOs appear to perform?

In the 1950s, the A.V. Roe Company developed and built the Avrocar in Canada. It was supposed to be capable of speeds of 600 miles per hour. After a number of years, the Canadian government lost interest and the U.S. Air Force began funding the program.

Except that it ultimately provided important research data for hovercraft, the Avrocar was a dismal failure. It could barely lift its own weight a few inches off the ground and, even then, was almost dangerously unstable.

But engineers learned that there were major difficulties understanding how the ovate ellipsoid moved within our atmosphere. Flying Saucers, if they exist, certainly do not use the same propulsion or lifting technology as either our jet aircraft or rockets. Additionally, there are also physiological problems for any human passengers in a craft that can execute the amazing maneuvers displayed by UFOs. The known laws of physics suggests that humans could not survive such maneuvers.

If Flying Saucers are alien spacecraft, if they really exist, they are obviously powered by some force our scientists do not, as yet, understand (or, at least, will not reveal). We have some clues about these unusual power sources. Many reports tell of automobile engines stopping or stalling when in close proximity to UFOs. Lights are often dimmed and instruments often stop functioning, suggesting a force field that impedes the ionic flow within electrical circuits.

The erratic flight of UFOs during "Falling Leaf" descents is another clue. A study of the physics of such movement suggests that, like a platter falling in water, the UFO becomes virtually massless during decent. If the problem of mass can be overcome, the problem of destructive inertial effects of instant maneuvers is solved as well.

Several credible engineers have used this information to design a workable UFO on paper. American chemist and engineer consultant, Kenneth Behrendt, has devised the AMF (anti-mass field) theory to construct a complex mathematical blueprint of a circular aircraft that would prevent mass field radiation. This would render the craft essentially gravity-free.

One of the most interesting points of Behrendt's theory is that such a craft would ionize the surrounding atmosphere, provoking effects that are identical to those reported by UFO witnesses.

At the present time our scientists are stymied by the constraints of aerodynamic shape, lack of exotic construction materials and a suitable propulsion system.

Additionally, while a number of ideas have been suggested to explain how UFOs and TLOs arrive from some apparently distant worlds, no truly cogent theory has been presented or endorsed by credible scientists.

One suggestion is that UFOs travel through "Stargates" from parallel universes, from inside the earth itself or from distant galaxies. One such stargate could be the collapsed stars that are so dense not even light can escape their gravitational pull. Because they emit no light, they are called "Black Holes."

Some astronomers speculate that black holes could be shortcuts through time and space. Since it is known that matter can pass through these holes out of our space-time continuum, some UFOlogist theorize spacecraft can also pass through the Stargates and travel great distances from one galaxy to another.

Other people speculate that universes might exist side by side, actually overlapping but vibrating with different frequencies so that they are not normally visible or interactive with one another. Occasionally, the theory states, windows open in one or more of these universes allowing beings and machines to pass from one to another.

The Bermuda Triangle might be classified as such a window to another universe. If so, alien spacecraft may not always be here by choice. They might enter these windows and stargates unwittingly or accidentally only to find themselves in very strange lands indeed!

But once they (or we) learn the secrets of the stargates, it is possible they may be manipulated at will to allow instant travel over cosmic distances to any part of the universe. It would be rather like stepping into a telephone booth, dialing a number and, instead of reaching a party by voice, one would be instantly transmitted to that person's home!

There is some evidence that the military might have conducted some experiments in transportation of humans and machines after the Second War during the Philadelphia Experiment. Sparse reports indicate the experiments were fatally disastrous. Navy personnel died or went insane. Some were seen to burst into flames. Others were seen to walk through walls and not appear on the other side, as reported in a Norfolk, Virginia newspaper.

Did they step into one of the windows and vanish, only to find themselves on a distant planet in another galaxy? If so, where are they and why can't they return?

Or is it possible they can and do return, but in a form not recognizable by human senses? Could the accidental time-space travellers be returning periodically as TLOs? TLOs have been known to execute apparently intelligent maneuvers, respond to lights and radio signals, and even to telepathic commands! This suggests some sort of sentient energy, the nature of which we do not yet understand.

Another theory, largely unaccepted, is that UFOs are alien spacecraft that travel by sheer brute force from one system to another, much as would our own spaceships during a journey from the Earth to the moon, or from the Earth to Mars.

Such great distances separate the planets and solar systems, that the time involved to travel from one to another would be so vast that the original inhabitants of a spaceship would have died centuries before the craft could arrive at its target destination.

The nearest stellar constellation, Alpha Centauri, is over four light-years away. Using the fastest spacecraft yet constructed, it would take earthlings 80,000 years to reach it. After so long a time, the original purpose of the journey would have been completely forgotten.

Even if a spaceship could attain the speed of light, it would take six years to reach Alpha Centauri since nearly two years would be required to accelerate to and decelerate from the speed of light.

Clearly, this is not the way to travel from one star system to another for not only would the passengers aboard the starship not know why they were travelling through space, the spacecraft itself would be little more than a derelict after such a long period of time.

It would be impossible to get a spare part for the toilet, for instance, when the spaceship was several billion miles from home base. Messages, which would be transmitted at the speed of light, would require three or four years to reach the spacecraft or Earth and who could correlate the answer with the question after all that time?

Indeed, if the spaceship was travelling at exactly the speed of light, radio messages would never reach it, since it would always be outrunning the signal.

We now believe that spacecraft have not travelled to Earth from any planet in our own solar system. Data from Voyager's journey to the outer planets has revealed that life as we know it cannot and does not exist on any other planet in this system.

Although "Nuts and Bolts" UFOs have been shown for the most part to be secret military aircraft or other test vehicles, a small number of unidentified UFOs remain on the lists. They merit serious investigation if they are what many people believe them to be. We need to understand how they operate and how they travel from one star system to another with ease.

Additionally, we need to solve the mystery of TLOs. If they are naturally occurring atmospheric phenomena, then we need to find explanations for them once and for all. If they are visitors from other times or dimensions, then we need to discover how they get here and why they find our planet and its inhabitants so interesting.

Travelling at the speed of light or faster probably only works in the movies.

MISSIONS TO MARS: Will they make it? Will they survive? Some won't!

In 1988 the Russians launched their Phobos II probe to Mars. One of its missions was to photograph Phobos,  the smallest of Mars' satellites. In one of the photos transmitted back to Earth, an anomalous light is shown to left of the tiny moon.

Russian astronomer Paul Stonehill states that the light, or UFO, then turned toward Phobos II and destroyed it. No further signals were received from the probe.

In October, 1992, America launched its Observer spacecraft to Mars on a comprehensive photographic mission to map the surface of that planet as a prelude to a manned exploration in the near future. One of the features NASA has agreed to photograph is an apparently symmetrical object known as "The Face on Mars" near the Cydonia region, which appears to have been carved by sentient beings. It is about one mile long and one mile wide. Computer enhancements of the object and other nearby features indicate that they may not be  naturally formed.

Although Mars' atmosphere is 150 times less dense than Earth's, scientists believe enough elements are available to have supported microbes and they plan to search for them in the perma-frost at the poles. Microbes frozen for thousands or millions of years have been recovered on Earth and made to live again. Scientists hope to recover similar suspended life on Mars and re-establish them elsewhere. If that fails, they have sophisticated plans to introduce microscopic plant life from Earth to the surface of Mars and begin a cycle of life that may lead to the building of an atmosphere, higher plants and even animal life as a purely naturally occurring evolutionary process.

Once introduced to a fertile environment, scientists are convinced micro-organisms and microscopic plant life will create their own atmosphere, just as they did on Earth millions of years ago. Once higher plants are established, animals should follow naturally.

Of course, colonists will have to be sent to Mars to oversee and occasionally prod this life-building process. If successful, Earth's future generations-your grandchildren and mine-will become the "Martians," the offworld harvesters and animal husbanders of that far planet.

But one wonders if Mars (and other worlds) have not already been claimed by the same beings who apparently visit Earth from time to time. If a UFO can destroy a Russian probe, as Paul Stonehill contends, they could as easily destroy a spaceship laden with microscopic life or Earthers planning to settle the Plains of Cydonia.

One answer to this question of ownership might be revealed when close-up photographs show what the "Face" really is. If it is an artifact created by a dead civilization, we should erect a fence around it and leave it alone. If it was carved by more recent visitors, we may have to fight vigorously for landing rights on Mars.

The Observer spacecraft should reach Mars, if all goes as planned, in January of 1993. The data returned from that probe will establish the criteria of Earth scientists for the next several decades.

The U.S. government and NASA have rekindled their interest in extraterrestrial life with SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). The largest radio telescopes on Earth are turned to the heavens to seek out the faintest random or planned signals directed toward this solar system. Scientists expect to garner more information in the first 30 seconds than have been recorded in the past 30 years.

At the same time,  interest has been renewed in formerly scrapped plans for nuclear engines to power a future generation of spaceships to Mars and beyond. Nuclear engines are not a new concept in spacecraft engines. American scientists and engineers tested them at Jackass Flats in Nevada and were close to producing a usable engine before the Space Shuttle concept forced cancellation of the project.

Nuclear powered spacecraft will be assembled in space, well away from Earth, and will provide an almost limitless source of energy for the future journey to Mars and deep space. The journey to Mars will require about three months out, a stay of 600 days (to allow Mars and Earth to reach their closest points to each other in their orbits of the sun) and a return journey of three more months. In all, the first international team of scientists will be gone for nearly two and one-half years. Everything they will need for the trip will either go with them or precede them in a supply ship which will be waiting in orbit around Mars. If the owners decide it's okay, of course.

Now, all this expensive exploration isn't going to happen in the next year or so. It is tentatively planned for the second decade of the 21st Century when your infant son or daughter, or your grandson or granddaughter is 23 or 24 years old.

There are a number of people who believe earthlings are not only planning a journey to Mars, but are actually returning to Mars after countless centuries of having been absent while colonizing planet Earth. They contend the Earth colonies survived some cosmic cataclysm while our original Martian ancestors did not and that we are now going back to reclaim our original planet. Proof or disproof of that will begin to unfold by January, 1993.

There are reports that alien encounters are followed by medical examinations during which sperm samples are taken from males or artificial insemination is inflicted upon female abductees. Why they would do that is anyone's guess, but the consensus of opinion is that the aliens are trying to develop a crossbred being who can exist both in space aboard their craft or on this planet as a new generation of  hybrid earthlings. If these reports are true it would appear the aliens plan to eventually settle here, whether we like it or not.

All these things-sightings, encounters, contacts, abductions-taken separately seem to be hokum; considered as a whole, they begin to make sense. But one of the greatest obstacles to solving the mysteries surrounding UFOs and TLOs and their inhabitants and motives is that we tend to examine a 100th century phenomena with 20th century technology and a 15th century mentality. We are trying to examine the UFO phenomena with ideas and instruments as obsolete as those used by Columbus when he set out to discover the new world in 1492.

Until we learn the secrets of the propulsion systems used on alien spacecraft; until we learn how they traverse such great distances with ease; until we discover from whence they have come and why they are here; until we begin to think in terms of something other than brute force and miles per hour, we will be no closer to duplicating  the alien ships and the feats of their pilots than 15th century navigators were when hoping for fair winds and full sails to carry them across 1200 miles of blue water 500 years ago.

We have to forget everything we've learned and study the UFO phenomena as a totally new and different concept.

Fossil fuels, without question, are the worst sources of energy ever conceived. Their combustion is dependent upon consuming vast amounts of oxygen, which robs humans of the very gas they require to survive. Residues produced by burning fossil fuels pollute the atmosphere and destroy both plant and animal life. These residues affect the environment in ways we are just now beginning to understand.

Nuclear fuels are no better and, in many ways, are even worse. Radioactive wastes from nuclear furnaces will affect life on this planet for millions of years. If enough radioactive waste is dumped in landfills, caves and oceans, we may soon find our tiny island is completely uninhabitable. If we are to survive to see our children and grandchildren harvesting Martian wheat, we need to turn our attention to more suitable sources of energy.

Humankind did not set out to purposefully destroy  this planet with deadly residue. That fossil fuels were discovered at all was probably an accident. Only the exploitation of fossil fuels was planned. But somewhere, someday, some clever engineer is going to discover a way to provide power to the entire world without all the perils apparent in fossil and nuclear fuels.

Until now we have been rather like ants climbing a great redwood tree. We know we are climbing although we cannot see the top, our destination. We are so small and the tree so large that it will require several generations to make it to the top of the tree.

A hundred years ago, more or less, one of our ancestors reached a lower branch of the tree and, thinking they were on the main trunk, continued onward, unaware they were going in the wrong direction, unaware every step was taking them farther and farther away from what they once saw as their original destination.

Now we have to backtrack, to unthink what we have done, and find the main trunk of the tree again. We have to unthink fossil fuels. We have to unthink nuclear reactors. We have to unthink water-driven dynamos that are destroying our rivers and lakes to produce a few kilowatts of electricity.

If UFOs are real, if they have come from the far fields of space, they have done so by virtue of some power source that is inexhaustible and does not threaten to kill their pilots every time they take a breath. We desperately need to discover what that power source is before we are in grave danger of perishing.

Nuclear engines can only provide a temporary and dangerous source of energy for future spacecraft. Crew members will most certainly encounter serious health risks. The fragile Martian environment can only suffer from repeated exposure to nuclear wastes and exhaust emissions as more ships land to supply the colonies and blast off to return to Earth. This is not the legacy we want to leave to future generations of earthlings.

Until we cast out the medieval notion that we have the right to plunder the resources of all we see and touch; until we rethink the idea that we have the right to exploit any person, nation or planet for profit, we had better stay where we are and not seriously consider staking claim to a world that doesn't belong to us.

Perhaps the aliens who are performing genetic experiments with humans have more than curiosity in mind. Future crossbred children may see more than we can see, know more than we can now possibly imagine. If they are to inherit the Earth and planets orbiting our sun; if they will ultimately be the keepers of future worlds, then they would want to insure that all generations to follow would receive the very best, rather than the very worst, their ancestors envisioned.

One or more of these "Star Children" may create the perfect power source, the ultimate engine, the great gleaming starship a decade or two from now. If we're lucky and if they survive the system, they and their schoolmates, their husbands and wives and children, will leap away from island Earth to build new cities on new planets in galaxies we can only imagine in our dreams.

CANADIAN SIGHTING CE-3 landing witnessed by six, approached by two.

Seven or eight bright spherical objects were seen in the skies between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM Eastern time, near Montreal, Canada during the summer of 1967. Six men had been swimming at a public pool in the suburbs on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River near the exit of the Champlain Bridge when they spotted several objects streaking across the southern sky almost in formation.

The objects suddenly separated and began moving in different directions very rapidly (..."almost at the speed of light."), changing course and making extreme maneuvers, stopping instantly, then streaking off in another direction, stopping and moving in apparently random patterns.  They were different colors, red, orange, yellow and green.

After ten to fifteen minutes, all but one vanished instantly outward away from the earth. The single bright sphere began to descend rapidly toward a clearing. It landed behind a stand of trees near a new housing development.

Two of the men walked south along a service road to where it intersected another service road leading west. They continued down the westward road until they could enter the trees to observe the object.

The object was a large, bright yellow sphere, approximately twice the height of a telephone pole (40 to 50 feet),  and emitted a sound similar to that of a diesel train engine, but alternating low and high pitch. Its shape and outline were clearly defined and observable as a sphere with dark tinted windows near the top third portion.

The men observed the object for approximately 20 minutes at a distance of 75 feet, whereupon, the object lifted from the earth and vanished rapidly upward and toward the west.

When they called a local radio station to ask if others had reported the phenomena, they were thought to be playing a joke so they gave up.

The object observed on the ground was described as having the appearance of a yellow grapefruit twice the height of a telephone pole illuminated from within by lights "as bright as the sun."

It was a hot, dry, clear, calm night. Bright stars were observed, against which the motion of these objects were compared. The objects were seen to perform extreme maneuvers, stopping, then rushing away in another direction. They did not explode or break into pieces. None emitted smoke or exhaust trails. They changed brightness, throbbing and pulsating although none ever changed shape.

The object on the ground was observed in clear air by the person who filed the report. It was a solid, three dimensional object.

No occupants were seen to exit the vehicle, although it was out of sight from the time it landed until the men entered the stand of trees. No open hatches or doors were reported. No landing gear were reported. No burning or tingling was reported. No landing prints were reported.

The objects were reported to be unlike any other object the witness had ever seen.

Aircraft, whether fixed wing or rotary wing, display certain flight characteristics identifying them as man-made objects capable only of maneuvering within the Earth's atmosphere.

Landing lights, when seen from the front of the aircraft, can be easily recognized as beams of light. If the aircraft passes the observer, the forward shining beam of light can no longer be seen.

Additionally, navigation lights required to be operating on aircraft during night maneuvers are also clearly identifiable, usually from a distance of 20 or more miles. Commercial and private aircraft display the same kinds of lights as a matter of law.

A red light appears on the port wing tip; a green light appears on the starboard wing tip; a white light is displayed on the top center fuselage or at the top of the vertical fin, and a red rotating beacon is displayed under the fuselage. During daylight and night flights a very bright white strobe light is displayed under the fuselage.

Landing lights (one or more) may be located in the leading edges of the wings, or just forward and integral with the forward landing gear, or in the nose of the aircraft. Older aircraft had landing lights that swung out of the wings in pods.

Aircraft engines, whether reciprocating or jet, make known and recognizable sounds. Rockets are extremely loud and emit great volumes of exhaust gases. People who live in civilized countries, unless they have been locked in closets all their lives, can immediately recognize the sounds and flight characteristics of aircraft built to function in our atmosphere, even when such aircraft are observed at night.

No known aircraft is capable of the extreme maneuvers displayed by UFOs such as those reported in midsummer of 1967 in Montreal, Canada. No known aircraft, even to this day, can stop in mid-flight, change directions, and speed away at thousands of miles per hour or dart up and down, back and forth while changing colors.

No aircraft known to any of the thousands of people who write books and compile catalogs of every aircraft ever built on this planet has been described as having the shape and flight characteristics or the engine sounds of those reported by a number of witnesses.

Yet, luminous spheres, large and small, have been seen traversing the skies of every country on Earth and even landing on occasion. It seems unlikely that any airforce on this planet had a squadron of luminous spheres in their inventory in 1967 or we would have seen them by now. No one could keep them a secret for 45 years unless they had a way to make you believe you didn't see them.

Although the public was denied seeing the A-117 Stealth Fighter until the Gulf War, most journalists and aircraft experts knew of its existence. The SR-71 and YF-12A were common sights on television and in magazines. The U-2 was public knowledge soon after it was built.

As remarkable as these planes are, they were just preludes to Aurora, CIA's newest spy plane. But even Aurora cannot perform the extreme maneuvers displayed by UFOs. If the US Airforce had sphere-shaped aircraft capable of performing the maneuvers and speeds reported of these objects in 1967, they would have become the ONLY type of aircraft used by all airforces in the world! We would have seen them regularly in the skies for the past 25 years. We might even have travelled from coast to coast on a commercial model by now.

No company or agency on this planet will admit to manufacturing them. But are there secret bases hangaring squadrons of luminous spheres capable of near light speeds into deep space?

 If we had one or two, we would never have developed the Space Shuttle or sent primitive rockets to the moon or launched probes from earth orbit to Venus and Mars. Scientists would have jumped into the first available sphere and made the trip personally, recorded spectacular events in their journals and spent hours showing us pictures on television!

That means the true UFOs must be coming to this planet from somewhere else, and if they are capable of moving at near light speeds or tripping the stargates, that somewhere else might be several galaxies removed from us.

Serious study must be made of the characteristics of the sphere sighted in Canada in 1967. A sphere that is solid but appears to be lighted from within might be radiating energy from a source that could identify the kind of propulsion system used by at least this type of UFO.

What would sound like the engine of a diesel train, alternating high and low pitch*, and radiate such brilliance? What kind of inertial system would allow such extreme maneuvers without harming the occupants? If an object 40 or 50 feet in diameter were surrounded by an anti mass field, how much power would be needed to propel it away from the earth at thousands of miles per second?

If you or anyone you know can support this sighting, or confirm it, write and request an official report form.

* This sound has been reported by a number of people worldwide. Residents of Taos, New Mexico have heard the "idling diesel" for several years-underground!

THE GRAND CONSPIRACY MJ-12 and government cover-ups for 50 years.

(A famous person) requested that the following file be published on (a Computer Bulletin Board). The information contained in this file has not been verified by (CBB), nor do the opinions expressed herein necessarily reflect those of the Administrator or other (CBB) staff members. We can state, however, that  (famous person) is who he says he is, and has numerous contacts in sensitive positions that could conceivably allow him access to information of this type.


December 29, 1987

Editor's note: Brief credentials of the famous person who supposedly filed this report were given but will be withheld pending verification by UFO REPORT. According to the report, he became interested in the subject of UFOs  (in 1986 - Ed.) after talking with United States Air Force personnel who had witnessed a UFO landing at Bentwaters AFB, near London, England, and three small aliens walking up to the Wing Commander.


The government of the United States continues to rely on your personal and professional gullibility to suppress the information contained herein. Your cooperation over the past 40 years has exceeded our wildest expectations and we salute you.

"The sun does not revolve around the Earth."

"The United States government has been in business with little gray extraterrestrials for about 20 years."

The first truth stated here got Giordano Bruno burned at the stake in AD 1600 for daring to propose that it was real. The second truth has gotten far more people killed trying to state it publicly than will ever be known.

But the truth must be told. The fact that the Earth revolves around the sun was successfully suppressed by the church for over 200 years. It eventually caused a major upheaval in the church, government and thought; a realignment of social and traditional values. That was in the 1800s.

Now, about 400 years after the first truth was pronounced we must again face the shocking facts. The "horrible truth" the government has been hiding from us for over 40 years. Unfortunately the "horrible truth" is far more horrible than the government ever imagined.

In its effort to protect democracy, our government sold us to the aliens, and here is how it happened. But before I begin, I'd like to offer a word in the defense of those who bargained us away. They had the best of intentions.

Germany may have recovered a flying saucer as early as 1939. General James H. Doolittle went to Sweden in 1946 to inspect a flying saucer that had crashed there in Spitzbergen.

The "horrible truth" was known by only a very few persons: They were indeed ugly little creatures, shaped like praying mantises and who were more advanced than us by perhaps a billion years. Of the original group who were the first to learn the "horrible truth", several committed suicide, the most prominent of whom was General James V. Forrestal, who jumped to his death from a 16th story hospital window. General Forrestal's records are sealed to this day.

President Truman quickly put a lid on the secret and turned the screws so tight that the general public still thinks that flying saucers are a joke. Have I ever got a surprise for them.

In 1947, President Truman established a group of 12 of the top military scientific personnel of their time. They were known as MJ-12. Although the group exists today, none of the original members are alive. The last to die was Gordon Gray, former Secretary of the Army, in 1984. As each member passed away, the group itself appointed a new member to fill the vacant position. There is some speculation that the group known as MJ-12 expanded to at least several more members.

There were several more saucer crashes in the late 1940s, one in Roswell, New Mexico; one in Aztec, New Mexico, and one near Laredo, Texas, about 30 miles inside the Mexican border.

Consider, if you will, the position of the United States government at that time. They proudly thought of themselves as the most powerful nation on Earth, having recently produced the atomic bomb, an achievement so stupendous it would take Russia four years to catch up, and only then with the help of traitors to democracy. They had built a jet aircraft that had exceeded the speed of sound in flight. They had built jet bombers with intercontinental range that could carry weapons of enormous destruction. The postwar era and the future seemed bright.

Now imagine what it was like for those same leaders, all of whom had witnessed the panic of Orson Wells' radio broadcast, "The War Of The Worlds," in 1938. Thousands of Americans panicked at a realistically presented invasion of Earth by beings from another planet. Imagine their horror as they actually viewed the dead bodies of these frightening-looking creatures with enormous eyes, reptilian skin and claw-like fingers. Imagine their shock as they attempted to determine how these strange "saucers" were powered and could discover no part even remotely similar to components they were familiar with; no cylinders or pistons, no vacuum tubes or turbines or hydraulic actuators. It is only when you fully understand the overwhelming helplessness the government was faced with in the late '40s that you can comprehend their perceived need for a total, thorough and sweeping cover-up, to include the use of "deadly force."

The cover-up was so successful that as late as 1985, a senior scientist with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, Dr. Al Hibbs, would look at a video tape of an enormous flying saucer and state for the record, "I'm not going to assign anything to that (UFO) phenomena without a lot more data." Dr. Hibbs was looking at the naked emperor and saying, "He certainly looks naked, but that doesn't prove he's naked."

In July of 1952, a panicked government watched helplessly as squadrons of flying saucers flew over Washington, D.C., and buzzed the White House, the Capitol Building, and the Pentagon. It took all the imagination and intimidation the government could muster to force that incident out of the memory of the public.

Thousands of sightings occurred during the Korean War and several more saucers were retrieved by the Air Force. Some were stored at Wright Patterson Air Force Base; some were stored at Air Force bases near the locations of the crash sites.

One saucer was so enormous and the logistics problems in transporting it so great that it was buried at the crash site and remains there today. The stories are legendary on transporting crashed saucers over long distances, moving only at night, purchasing complete farms, slashing through forests, blocking major highways, sometimes driving two or three lo-boys in tandem with an extraterrestrial load a hundred feet in diameter.

On April 30, 1964, the first communication between these aliens and the U.S. Government took place at Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico. Three saucers landed at a pre-arranged area and a meeting was held between the aliens and intelligence officers of the U.S. Government.

During the period between 1969 to 1971, MJ-12, representing the U.S. Government, made a deal with these creatures, called EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, named by Detley Bronk, original MJ-12 member and 6th President of Johns Hopkins University). The "deal" was that in exchange for "technology" that they would provide us, we agreed to "ignore" the abductions that were going on and suppress information on the cattle mutilations. The EBEs assured MJ-12 that the abductions (usually lasting about two hours) were merely the ongoing monitoring of developing civilizations.

In fact, the purposes for the abductions turned out to be:

1) The insertion of a 3mm spherical object through the nasal cavity of the abductee into the brain. The device is used for the biological monitoring, tracking and control of the abductee.

2) Implementation of posthypnotic suggestion to carry out a specific activity during the specific time period, the actuation of which will occur within the next two to five years.

3) Termination of some people so that they could function as living sources for biological material and substances.

4) Termination of individuals who represent a threat to the continuation of their activity.

5) Effect genetic engineering experiments.

6) Impregnation of human females and early termination of pregnancies to secure the crossbred infants.

The U.S. Government was not initially aware of the far-reaching consequences of their "deal." They were led to believe that the abductions were essentially benign and since they figured the abductions would go on anyway whether they agreed or not, they merely insisted that a current list of abductees be submitted, on a periodic basis, to MJ-12 and the National Security Council. Does this sound incredible? An actual list of abductees sent to the National Security Council? Read on, because I have news for you!

The EBEs have a genetic disorder in that their digestive system is atrophied and not functional. Some speculate that they were involved in some type of accident or nuclear war, or possibly on the back side of an evolutionary curve. In order to sustain themselves they use an enzyme or hormonal secretion obtained from the tissue that they extract from humans and animals. (Note: Cows and humans are genetically similar. In the event of a national disaster, cow's blood can be used by humans).

The secretions obtained are then mixed with hydrogen peroxide and applied on the skin by spreading or dipping parts of their bodies in the solution. The body absorbs the solution, then excretes the waste back through the skin. The cattle mutilations that were prevalent throughout the period from 1973 to 1983 and publicly noted through newspaper and magazine stories, and included a documentary produced by Linda Howe for the Denver CBS affiliate KMGH-TV, were for the collection of these tissues by the aliens.

The mutilations included genitals taken, rectums cored out to the colon, eyes, tongue and throat all surgically removed with extreme precision. In some cases the incisions were made by cutting between the cells, a process we are not yet capable of performing in the field. In many of the mutilations there was no blood found at all in the carcass, yet there was no vascular collapse of the internal organs.

This has also been noted in human mutilations, one of the first of which was Sgt. Jonathan P. Louette at the White Sands Missile Test Range in 1956, who was found three days after an Air Force Major had witnessed his abduction by a "disk-shaped" object at 0300 while on a search for missile debris downrange. His genitals had been removed, rectum cored out in a surgically precise "plug" up to the colon, eyes removed and all blood removed with, again, no vascular collapse. From some of the evidence it is apparent that this surgery is accomplished, in most cases, while the victim-animal or human-is still alive.

Body parts are taken to various underground laboratories, one of which is known to be near Dulce, New Mexico. This jointly occupied (CIA-Alien) facility has been described as enormous, with huge tiled walls that "go on forever." Witnesses have reported huge vats filled with amber liquid with parts of human bodies being stirred inside.

After the initial agreement, Groom Lake, one this nation's most secret test centers, was closed for a period of about one year, sometime between about 1972 and 1974, and a huge underground facility was constructed for, and with the help of the EBEs. The "bargained for" technology was set in place but could only be operated by the EBEs themselves. Needless to say, the advanced technology could not be used against the EBEs themselves, even if needed.

During the period between 1979 and 1983, it became increasingly obvious to MJ-12 that things were not going as planned. It became known that many more people (in the thousands) were being abducted than were listed on the official abduction lists. In addition, it became obvious that some (not all) of the nation's missing children had been used for secretions and other parts required by the aliens.

In 1979 there was an altercation of sorts at the Dulce Laboratory. A special armed forces unit was called in to try to free a number of our people trapped in the facility, who had become aware of what was really going on. According to one source, 66 of the soldiers were killed and our people were not freed.

By 1984, MJ-12 must have been in stark terror at the mistake they had made in dealing with the EBEs. They had subtly promoted "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" and "ET" to get the public used to "odd looking" aliens who were compassionate, benevolent and very much our "space brothers." MJ-12 "sold" the EBEs to the public and were then faced with the fact that quite the opposite was true.

In addition, a plan was formulated in 1968 to make the public aware of the existence of aliens on Earth over the next 20 years, to be culminated with several documentaries to be released during 1985-1987 period of time. These documentaries would explain the history and intentions of EBEs. The discovery of the "Grand Deception" put the entire plans, hopes and dreams of MJ-12 into utter confusion and panic.

Meeting at the "Country Club," a remote lodge with private golf course, comfortable sleeping and working quarters, and its own private airstrip built by and exclusively for the members of MJ-12, a factional fight developed over what to do next.

Some members of MJ-12 wanted  to confess the whole scheme and shambles it had become to the public, beg their forgiveness and ask for their support. The other members (majority) of MJ-12 argued that there was no way they could do that; the situation was untenable and there was no point in exciting the public with the "horrible truth", and that the best plan was to continue the development of a weapon that could be used against the EBEs under the guise of "SDI", the Strategic Defense Initiative, which had nothing whatsoever to do with a defense against incoming Russian nuclear missiles. As these words are being written, Dr. Edward Teller, father of the H-Bomb, is personally in the test tunnels of the Nevada Test Site, driving his workers and associates "like a man possessed."

And well he should, for Dr. Teller is a member of MJ-12 along with Dr. Kissinger, Admiral Bobby Inman, and possibly Admiral Poindexter, to name but a few of the current members of MJ-12.

Before the "Grand Deception" was discovered, and according to a meticulous plan of metered release of information to the public, several documentaries and video tapes were made. William Moore, a Burbank,  California UFO researcher who wrote "The Roswell Incident", a book published in 1980 that detailed the crash, recovery and subsequent cover-up of a UFO with four alien bodies, has a video tape of two newsmen interviewing a military officer associated with MJ-12. This military officer answers questions relating to the history of MJ-12 and the cover-up, the recovery of a number of flying saucers and the existence of a live alien (one of three living aliens captured and designated EBE-1; EBE-2, and EBE-3, being held in a facility designated as YY-II at Los Alamos, New Mexico. The only other facility of this type, which is electromagnetically secure, is at Edwards Air Force Base in Mojave, California.

In addition to those mentioned above, the officer named Harold Brown, Richard Helms, Gen. Vernon Walters, JPL's Dr. Lew Allen and Dr. Theodore von Karman as members of MJ-12.

The officer also relates the fact that the EBEs claim to have created Jesus Christ. The EBEs have a type of recording device that has recorded all of Earth's history and can display it in the form of a hologram. This hologram can be filmed but because of the way holograms work, does not come out very clear on movie film or video tape. The crucifixion of Christ on the Mount of Olives* has allegedly been put on film to show the public. The EBEs claim to have created Christ, which, in the view of the "Grand Deception", could be an effort to disrupt traditional values for undetermined reasons.

*Editor's note: Jesus was NOT crucified on the Mount of Olives. He was crucified at Golgotha, the Mount of Skulls. Matt xxvii 33.  (Heb. Gulgoleth - a place of a skull) or He [or His double, Didymus] was crucified in a private garden belonging to  a person we know as Joseph of Arimethea.

Another video tape allegedly in existence is an interview with an EBE. Since EBE's communicate telepathically, an Air Force Colonel serves as an interpreter.* Just before the recent stock market correction in October of 1987, several newsmen, including Bill Moore, had been invited to Washington, DC to personally film the EBE in a similar type interview and distribute the film to the public. Apparently because of the correction in the market, it was felt the timing was not propitious. In any case, it certainly seems like an odd method to inform the public of extraterrestrials, but it would be in keeping with the actions of a panicked organization who at this point in time doesn't know which way to turn.

*Editor's note: If EBEs can communicate telepathically, why is a medium required to pass the information along to others present? Why not communicate with everyone at the same time?

Moore is in possession of more Aquarius documents, a few pages of which leaked out several years ago and detailed the super secret NSA project which had been denied them until just recently. In a letter to Senator John Glenn, NSA's Director of Policy, Julia B. Wetzel, wrote, "Apparently there is or was an Air Force project with that name (Aquarius) which dealt with UFOs. Coincidentally, there is also a NSA project by that name." NSA's project Aquarius deals specifically with the "Communications With The Aliens" (the EBEs).

Within the Aquarius program was project "Snowbird," a plan to test fly a recovered alien aircraft at Groom Lake, Nevada. This project continues today at that location. In the words of an individual who works at Groom Lake, "Our people are much better at taking things apart than they are at putting them back together."

Moore, who claims he has a contact with MJ-12, feels that they have been stringing him along, slipping him documents and providing him leads, promising to go public with some of the information on extraterrestrials by the end of 1987.

Certain of Moore's statements lead one to believe that Moore himself may be a government agent working for MJ-12, not to be strung along, but to string along ever hopeful UFOlogists that the truth is just around the corner.


1) Moore states emphatically that he is not a government agent, although when Lee Graham, a southern California based UFOlogist, was investigated by DIS (Defense Investigative Service) for possession of classified documents from Moore, Moore himself was not.

2) Moore states emphatically that the cattle mutilations of 1973-1983 were a hoax by Linda Howe (producer of "A Strange Harvest") to create publicity for herself. He cites the book, "Mute Evidence" as the bottom line of the hoax. "Mute Evidence" was a government sponsored book to explain the mutilations in conventional terms.

3) Moore states that the USAF Academy physics book, "Introductory Space Science," vol. II, chapter 13, entitled, "Unidentified Flying Objects," which describes four of the most commonly seen aliens (one of which is the EBE) was written by Lt. Col. Edward R. Therkleson and Major Donald B. Carpenter, Air Force personnel who did not know what they were talking about and were only citing "Crackpot" references. Moore states that the book was withdrawn to excise the chapter.

If the government felt they were being forced to acknowledge the existence of aliens on Earth because of the overwhelming evidence such as the October and November sightings in Wytheville, Virginia, and recently released books such as "Night Siege," and taking into consideration the "Grand Deception" and obvious hostile intentions of the EBEs, it might be expedient for MJ-12 to admit the EBEs but conceal the information on the mutilations and abductions. If MJ-12 and Moore were in some kind of agreement, then it would be beneficial to Moore to toe the party line. For example, MJ-12 would say, "Here are some more genuine documents, but remember, no talking about the mutilations or abductions." This would be beneficial to Moore as it would supply the evidence to support his theory that ETs exist but deny the truths about the ETs. However, if Moore was, indeed, working for MJ-12, he would follow the party line anyway, admitting the ETs, but pooh-poohing the mutilations and abductions. If working alone, Moore might not even be aware of the "Grand Deception."

Time will tell. It is possible that Moore will go ahead and release the video interview with the military officer around the first of the year as he promised. From MJ-12s point of view, the public would be exposed to the information without really having to believe it because Moore is essentially not as credible a source as, say, the President of the United States. After a few months of digestion and discussion, a more credible source could emerge with a statement that, "Yes, the interview was essentially factual."

This scenario would cushion the blow to the public. If, however, Moore does not release the tape by, say, February 1 of 1988, but comes instead with a story similar to, "MJ-12 has informed me that they are definitely planning a release of all information by October, 1988. I have seen the plan and have seen the guarantee that this will happen, so I have decided to withhold the release of my video tape at this time as it may cause some problems with MJ-12s plans", it would, in effect, buy more time for MJ-12 and time is what they desperately need.

Now you ask, "Why haven't I heard about any of this?" Who do you think you would hear it from? (Famous news commentators) just read the news; they don't find it. It's not like  (a famous news commentator) would go down to Wytheville, Virginia and dig into why there were four thousand reported sightings in October and November of 1987. Better that (another famous news commentator) or someone else should risk their credibility on this type of story.

No one, but no one, is going to risk their neck on such an outlandish idea, regardless of how many people report sightings of 900-foot objects running them off the road. In the case of the Wytheville sightings, dozens of vans with NASA lettered on the side failed to interest newsmen. Those who asked were informed that NASA was doing a weather survey.

Well, then, you ask, what about our scientists (famous name)? What about (famous novelists)? Wouldn't they have known?

Editor's note: There is here a brief indictment of scientists and novelists who, according to the author of this letter, may or may not be aiding and abetting the cover-up.

If the government won't tell us the truth and the major networks won't even give it serious consideration, then what is the big picture, anyway? Are the EBEs, having done a hundred thousand or more abductions (possibly millions worldwide), built an untold number of secret underground bases (Groom Lake, Nevada; Sunspot; Datil; Roswell; and Pine Town, New Mexico) getting ready to return to wherever they came from? Or, from the obvious preparations, are we to assume that they are getting ready for a big move? Or is the more sinister and most probable situation that the invasion is essentially complete and it is all over but the screaming?

A well planned invasion of Earth for its resources and benefits would not begin with mass landing of ray-gun equipped aliens. A properly planned and executed invasion by a civilization thousands, and probably hundreds of thousands, of years in advance of us would most likely be complete before even a handful of people (12?) realized what was happening. No fuss, no muss.

The best advice I can give you is this: Next time you see a flying saucer and are awed by its obvious display of technology and gorgeous lights of pure color - RUN LIKE HELL!

(Editor's note: Portions of the previous letter were omitted for legal reasons).

A rebuttal follows.

THE GREAT DECEPTION: If we have a conspiracy on our hands, let's get it right!

In offering an analysis of the previous report, I will make particular note of a number of inaccuracies and inconsistencies which should be readily apparent to most knowledgeable readers. It should already be obvious that a number of unusual and severe methods may used to deceive and confound entire nations when the integrity of top secret projects is at stake.

One effective method is to denounce witnesses as mentally unstable, insane, or unreliable. Witnesses are  proclaimed to be "crazy" or "suffering from paranoid delusions."

A second method is to release documents containing a number of inaccuracies and inconsistencies such as the MJ-12 documents addressed to President Eisenhower which has been proven to be a fraud, and things like the preceding document.

A third method is vehement denial over a period of several years through every possible media.

A fourth and most effective method is to perpetrate, on a fairly regular basis, obvious hoaxes that can be subsequently shown to be hoaxes and frauds.

A fifth method is to create national disasters or wars to divert attention away from secret projects. Television is a wonderful platform from which to launch such diversions. The recent Gulf War was the most watched event in history and who was thinking of UFOs while the slaughter of 150,000 soldiers was being electronically projected to the world?

In the case of UFO sightings all five methods, and others (possibly murder and kidnapping) are used.

It is not my intention to deny that unusual aircraft are flying the skies of planet Earth; but it is my expression that the previous report, while it contains some historical fact about UFOs, is a hoax.

In the first paragraph of the report, the author states that the U.S. Government has been in contact with extraterrestrials for 40 years. Six lines later, the number has changed to 20 years. Three paragraphs later it changes back to 40 years.

The person who supposedly filed this report is a famous son of a very famous person. He is a pilot. He has flown many different kinds of aircraft. He supposedly worked for CIA and other government agencies.

Unless his study of the history of aviation is severely deficient (and from his stated credentials, I doubt it), he would know that a very advanced jet-powered saucer shaped aircraft had been developed by Nazi Germany near the end of World War Two. American and British intelligence agencies have confirmed this as fact.

If the person who filed this report worked for the CIA in any capacity for any reason, it seems highly unlikely that he would put his name on this document. The CIA has no problem whatsoever in dealing with people who cause them grief, even if one of their own (or especially one of their own). Not that I condone it, but there is good reason for it.

The author of the document names several well-known scientists, newsmen and novelists and accuses them of collaborating in the cover-up of UFO information. In a strictly legal sense, the author has named them as accessories to kidnapping and murder, an accusation that could cause him a great deal of anguish if only one of them elects to sue. If the person who filed this report is really the person he claims to be, he would know that the family empire might soon belong to a famous newscaster!

The medical records of James Forrestal are sealed for the same reason yours would be: It is not public information. I would be surprised, however, if Mr. Forrestal really jumped from that 16th floor window. But I would believe that he might have been pushed.

It is true that organizations still exists to handle the UFO problem. One of them has set up housekeeping in the basement of the Pentagon. One of their missions is to study the phenomena of UFOs, but their primary mission is to make you believe something is out there, but that they are all hoaxes. This effective smokescreen is used to mask secret projects (aircraft, weapons, etc.), secret wars and secret deals, not with interplanetary visitors, but with other nations on this planet. When someone gets close to a secret facility, they create a "flying saucer" flap to scare the hell out of everyone.

Since the UFO is just what these snooping people are looking for, they turn around and look the other way for a month or so and the secret project can continue unhindered by prying eyes. This is the true UFO Conspiracy: the UFOs they let you see for the most part are not real so you don't get too close to the UFOs that are real.

People who claim to have been abducted report the beings are smaller than humans, clothed in a soft-looking gray material, and have large heads and enormous dark elongated eyes. That description is repeated over and over with regularity worldwide .

So what are the locusts, the praying mantises who eat human flesh and drink human blood, who steal human eyes and tongues and rectums, who are at first billions of years more advanced, then only a few thousand years more advanced than we?

Americans did not invent the concept of the atomic bomb. The Germans did. Americans did not create supersonic jet or rocket powered aircraft. The Germans and British did. Americans did not invent the concept of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The Germans did. America confiscated the technology and German scientists who developed it after WWII, but America did not invent it.

Crashes of "saucers" near Roswell and other desert communities after the war were probably V-2 rockets and other stolen weapons launched by German scientists who had been smuggled into the US illegally. (This is not to say that unidentified aircraft have not been recovered by the military, nor is it meant to imply that some facilities do not have pieces of alien space craft).

I have not seen the video tape referred to in relation to Dr. Hibbs, so I cannot comment beyond saying that it is a dictum of the scientific method to pronounce no theory until all the facts about an item or object are obtained. A video tape does not prove or disprove the existence of UFOs.

While government officials publicly declared that the Washington, DC flap was the result of radar returns from a weather inversion, I suspect the sightings will never be honestly revealed. Aircraft scrambled to intercept the "saucers" could not find any objects in the sky, although they were still on radar screens. At this time, I am inclined to believe the sightings were false radar returns.

The government moved a lot of hardware along our highways after the war. Most of it was the rockets and aircraft confiscated from Nazi Germany. If they purchased entire farms from people, I suggest the author name the people so we can verify the sale. Records exist somewhere of all real estate sales!

How much does a 100-foot diameter UFO weigh? Could two or three lo-boys carry the weight without popping the tires? Could two or three lo-boys drive thousands, or even hundreds, of miles in unison so they wouldn't drop their load? Can anyone alive today verify the movements of these vehicles and the shape of their loads? Records exist somewhere! If anyone closes a major highway in any state, a record of that closure must be filed in the county or state capitol. Let's have a look.

If communications were established between EBEs and humans at Holloman Air Force Base on April 30, 1964, how was the meeting arranged and by whom? Are any of the principals still alive to confirm or deny the meeting? Could they or would they? Records must exist within Air Force files somewhere. If they are not all dead, humans who witnessed the event should be interviewed and statements produced.

About the only thing with which I concur are the details and definitions of abductions. I do, however, suspect the abductions are being conducted by Earthlings rather than aliens, even if the abductions are for most of the reasons stated: medical research, development of biological warfare agents and Artificially Induced DNA Structuring (AIDS) genetic experiments.

Oddly enough, the author of this document suggests that nearly everyone who has vanished in the last 40 years has been the victim of alien abduction with the notable exclusion of MIAs. Yet, UFO activity increases rather than decreases during periods of worldwide conflict. TLOs (foo fighters) have been seen in every country during every war since WWII, including Korea and Vietnam. Maybe the dead are easy pickings. Maybe wounded or lost men can be abducted without raising too many questions. They died. They're missing. They're captive. Too bad. Go home and leave us alone.

Are any of the MIAs or KHAs listed on the aliens' reports to NSC? Records exist somewhere! Let's have a look at them.

The author states that the EBEs have a genetic disorder that has atrophied their digestive system. How does he know that? If he knows that, why must he offer a speculation in the following sentence that the disorder may have been produced as a result of a war or evolution? If he knows they have a system dysfunction, he should know what caused it, the information having been derived from the same source at the same time.

In the case of Sgt. Louette, who was reportedly mutilated by aliens: How does the author know how the body was mutilated? Where did he obtain the medical records? (which are not available to anyone in the public realm). Let's see the name of the coroner who performed the autopsy (and you can bet one was performed). Records exist somewhere!

It is one thing to state that secret bases exist at various locations around the nation (and world). It is another to produce proof that human body parts are being stored and stirred in huge cauldrons by members of the CIA and crew members from captured alien spacecraft. At one point in this report, the author states that only three EBEs have been captured (EBE-1, EBE-2 and EBE-3) and that they are being held in a facility designated YY-II at Los Alamos, New Mexico. But throughout the report, he seems to tell us that thousands of insect-lizard EBEs are manning the test facilities and food processing stations all over the nation, if not the world.

How many are there? Three or three million? Or zero?

If a breakout was attempted at some secret base near Dulce, New Mexico and 66 soldiers were killed, let's see the records. Now that would be public record. If you want a copy of a serviceman's record, write to the Army and you have it by First Class mail. In any event, records of this incident would exist somewhere and soldiers must still be alive who participated. Let's find them and ask some questions.

Motion pictures, by and large, have always been used as propaganda. I can't say that any particular motion picture has been financed by the government to keep us looking the wrong direction, but I wouldn't put it past them. The point is: Records exist somewhere! Produce them as evidence.

Unless something has gone awry, the aliens' plan for domination of Earth is taking an inordinately long time to accomplish. Since these critters have been seen for a couple of thousand years, and continue to be seen today, and they still haven't taken over and eaten us all, it means they aren't planning on eating us, aren't planning on taking over and, in fact, may not exist. Or it means they are so inept they can't get their program in gear, even after 40 years of intensive work.

Almost as bad as the politicians in Washington, eh?

The author's Bible history can only be described as pitiful. If he is who he says he is and is intelligent as he says he is and has accomplished all he says he has, why doesn't he know the difference between the Sermon on the Mount of Olives and the location of  Jesus' death-Golgotha? (Calvary in Christian literature).

How does the author know the aliens have a video tape or hologram recording of Jesus? Who told him? Where is it?

If the aliens communicate telepathically, why do they need monitoring devices implanted in humans to keep track of them? Why not just summon human number 673 and start talking? If aliens communicate telepathically, why not summon all of us and tell us to drop dead so they can stir us up in their vats?

Why do they require a medium in the person of an Air Force officer to relay their messages if they can communicate telepathically? To communicate telepathically means communicating mind to mind without the need to verbalize. Is this Air Force officer the only person in the world adept at hearing the message? If so, the aliens aren't all that accomplished to my way of thinking. Why not just talk to Bill Moore directly? Or you? Or me?

My overall analysis of the previous report is that it appears to be precisely one of those documents devised to confuse the facts and divert attention from serious UFO research. Report #9  is so obviously a fake (like the MJ-12 document) that it was probably planted by the people whose job it is to make us believe all UFO sightings and reports are fraudulent. It is  fact and fabrication designed to frighten you with gore.

The idea is to interweave truth with fiction so the layman neither knows what to believe nor how to interpret it. If one part of the report is obviously fake, it must all be a fake. That's the way the thinking goes.

But everything you read about UFOs isn't fraudulent. The conspiracy is that special groups and agencies have devised these methods of throwing us off balance so we cannot see the real thieves sneaking out the back door with the silverware. The conspiracy is that they have formulated the UFO Conspiracy themselves and use it to prevent us from knowing what they are really doing in their secret underground laboratories.

Do I believe UFOs exist? Yes. Do I believe they are manned by beings from other planets? Maybe. (I need more data). Do I believe people are being abducted? You bet. Do I believe they are being kidnapped by creatures from outer space? No. Do I believe they are being kidnapped by agencies of the government? Yes.

Do I believe TLOs exist? Indeed I do! Have I ever seen a UFO or TLO? More than once. Knowing what I know about weapons and aircraft, can I identify what I have seen? In all but two cases (TLOs).

As far as I know I have never been abducted or contacted but I believe other people have been and I am certain more people will be. I rather suspect the body snatchers are the same people who are working in some of those secret bases noted in various reports. I feel fairly certain they are abducted for bizarre medical research more than anything else.

Groom Lake is undeniably a super secret facility. It may have miles of underground tunnels. That is not unusual. There are also miles of underground tunnels elsewhere housing ICBMs and communications centers but no one makes a big deal of them.

Is there a flying saucer at Groom Lake? Maybe. Aurora, CIA's new spy plane, lands there. But it lands at Pease Air Force Base, too, and at NATO bases around the world. Who built it? Probably Lockheed Aircraft's skunk works. It is not capable of doing much more than flying at 200,000 feet altitude at about 4000+ miles per hour, certainly not competition for the classic UFO.

But if a flying saucer is hangared at Groom Lake, is that craft something we captured from aliens? No. Why not? Well, according to the the previous report, the aliens are generously giving us their technology. According to the author of Report #9 the aliens communicate by telepathy. According to him, the aliens won't let us use the technology without their hands-on help.

If we have a captured alien saucer, why haven't they simply flown it for us and shown us how to do it? If we are doing it while they are locked up at YY-II at Los Alamos, why don't they use their telepathy to make us stop? Why don't they use their telepathy to blow up the planet? Why don't they call their brothers to come down and stomp us good and give us what for?

If there is a saucer shaped craft at Groom Lake, it was built by Earth people for Earth people and for operation in Earth's atmosphere or, at the very best, at the edge of space.

My point is this: If the aliens are supposed to be showing us the way to create all these wondrous things, why are they so inconsistent with their generosity?

If anyone believes SDI was created to blow up invading spaceships why do they not believe these advanced beings could not and would not prevent us from building it by using telepathy to make us all fall asleep? If they can use telepathy to communicate, why have they not made their jailers believe they should unlock the cells and let them out?

And if the aliens are locked up with no way to escape, who is performing the abductions and medical experiments? Who is flying the UFOs that are being reported almost daily? More aliens? Why don't they help their brothers escape? It should be a snap if they are as great as some people say they are.

Almost eight years have passed since this report was originally filed with the Computer Bulletin Board. Nothing significant has happened to change the way we should investigate the UFO phenomena. Certainly nothing has happened to change our society in any radical manner except that we have fought another war and have elected another liberal leftist President. Neither of those events can be considered Earth shaking.

A well planned invasion of Earth by creatures thousands or billions of years more advanced than we, who have spaceships capable of moving at light speeds, who can communicate telepathically and who require human flesh and blood as sustenance would most certainly be swift and sure lightning war.

Why wait 40 or 100 years until we have developed our own sophisticated weapons when they could have overwhelmed the planet about half-way through the Second World War when our resources were stretched to the limit? Why wait to see who was going to win when they could have destroyed all of us with their superior technology and mind power?

Why send a few dozen or a few hundred vampires when they could have sent millions? Why not just sweep in and harvest the crop, then go home with a full belly?

And the most elusive question of all has never been asked or answered: Where is "home?" If they told us they have digestion problems, why haven't they told someone where they came from?

The author of the previous report admonishes you to run away the next time you see a UFO so you won't end up as Soylent Green. That's just about what you should expect from someone who doesn't want you to find out what's landing in your back yard.

My advice is this: Next time you see a UFO, don't worry about being dissected by intelligent insects. Take as many pictures as you can, preferably through several neutral density filters and through filters of various colors. Write down everything that happens. Note the times, directions, speeds, number of craft. Count heads. Look for landing gear. Listen for sounds.  Remember the colors you see. Throw a rock at the thing and see if it bounces off or vaporizes. Listen and note the sound when (or if) the rock strikes the object. Look for landing patterns after it leaves. Measure the size of everything by comparing various parts to known objects (trees, people, telephone poles, automobiles, houses, etc.).

If you have a sidearm and see a creature, aim for the forehead and pull the trigger. They are mortal and they can die. (No one will prosecute you, even if you kill a government agent or Air Force pilot dressed up like an EBE). Unzip the suit and see what's inside.

Until we get some answers, I believe all serious UFO investigators should carry two essential pieces of hardware: A good camera with lots of color film, black and white film and infra-red film, color filters and neutral density filters, and a large caliber semi-automatic firearm with four or five extra clips of ammo. A 12-gauge pump with deer slugs would work fine. It should be something that will penetrate an automobile engine with ease.

Unless the UFO is surrounded by a force field to vaporize the slugs, you are going to cause some serious damage to the craft and its inhabitants. Maybe if we shoot up a few of them, they (whoever they are) will rethink their game plan.

Don't let anyone or anything take you inside a craft that has landed. You aren't required to follow. Think and act as the aggressor rather than as a prisoner. You don't have to give any of your body parts to anyone if you don't want to. You don't have to give your planet to anyone if you don't want to. Shoot first and ask questions later.

"They" seem to want us alive (maybe dead livestock doesn't sell well where "they" come from). But I have no illusions that "they" won't shoot back if necessary.

It doesn't matter if you come from Alpha Centauri or Virginia, you have to explain to someone higher up in the chain of command why and how you lost a six billion dollar aircraft and that always looks bad on your next r-sum-. So one of two things is going to happen: 1) They are going to shoot back, or 2) they are going to think twice about abducting people with guns.

At this stage of the game I believe we should shoot them down if they are up and shoot them up if they are down, even if the craft appears to be on a "harmless" reconnaissance flight. The more damage you can cause, the better for our side.

If you can capture a crew member, dead or alive, do it. Hit them with a rock, poke them with a sharp stick or put a bullet through their head; whatever it takes to do the job. Recover the carcass, if possible.

Do NOT call the police or any other government agency before you find out who or what you have bagged and then only if you feel you can deal with the consequences.

Some UFOs, whether built here or elsewhere, may be unmanned observation and surveillance craft. Smaller craft are less likely to carry passengers. Large craft may carry several. Look for sensors and disable them if possible. Beware of defensive weapons. Don't touch the craft. If you do not have a weapon, remain hidden. You should consider all UFOs as hostile and dangerous.

Always keep an open mind but also keep your eyes peeled for more obvious hoaxes such as the previous report. Don't try to find the person who wrote it ; you may find more trouble than you bargained for.




Our UFO must be large enough to house a human crew of 10 or 12 comfortably for a long period of time (several months). It must contain life support systems, food and water processing equipment, navigation equipment, medical facilities, recreation facilities, waste recycling facilities, science and photographic divisions, mess area, sleeping quarters, storage for exploratory equipment and vehicles, and the control, communications and engineering spaces.


We will install a power source that renders the vehicle massless while in flight (anti-mass field) and is also capable of driving the UFO at near light speeds. It should be small enough to be located in a central area near the control and engineering spaces, and simple enough in design to be attended by no more than one or two technicians.


A central ladder or a lift powered by the engine should run the entire depth of the sphere. This eliminates space and weight consuming stair wells and will provide easy and rapid access to all decks and spaces. Each separate division should be accessible to any other two adjoining divisions by access doors. Access doors, hatches and scuttles must be airtight to protect the rest of the vehicle in the event of a disaster.

Life support systems, electrical systems and comfort systems such as air conditioning and ventilation will be centrally located near the lift and easily accessible in the event of failure.


Our space vehicle must be constructed of a durable, lightweight material that will protect its inhabitants from solar and cosmic radiation and impacts from small objects. It must be airtight and watertight, capable of traveling through space or under the deepest oceans.

It should have no weight or space consuming landing gear and be capable of hovering inches from the ground for indefinite periods of time as long as the power is on. The hull must be constructed of a material that will withstand very high temperatures while moving through dense atmospheres. It must be capable of withstanding the sub-zero temperatures of deep space or distant planets. Exploratory equipment should be located near the bottom of the hull and an access hatch should be provided for loading and off-loading personnel, samples and machines as necessary.

If our science is far enough advanced, we might have no exterior access doors at all but would beam objects and beings aboard or off load vehicles by means of a matter transporter. The UFO might have view ports for direct line of sight observation. Ideally, however, we would use VCASS viewing simulators in two or three dimensions, in color or projected as holograms to the control deck.

Since our vehicle can appear and disappear at near light speeds, no weapons would be required, except, perhaps, some sidearms for personnel when disembarked for planetary exploration when known hostile inhabitants are wandering about the area. They should be considered last-effort defense weapons only. Stun-guns, perhaps, or psychological inhibitors of some sort. No aggressive weapons would be required since we could simply vanish in the event we might be detected and set upon by alien air forces.


Since our vehicle would be moving at near light speeds most of the time, communications with the home planet would be difficult unless we could either develop a signal accelerator or learn to communicate by telepathy over vast distances.

Honing our latent telepathic communication skills would virtually eliminate the need for radios and intercom systems within the ship. Each person would know precisely what to do every moment simply by tuning in to the other crew members.

Honing teleportation skills would eliminate the need for a machine to move us into and out of the vehicle. If one wanted to enter the ship, they would think it and it would be done. Of course, they would have to be able to pass through solid objects in order to accomplish this feat, so learning to transmigrate would be helpful.

Performing transmutation would be a boon to our crew. If each member could alter their virtual shape or appearance-becoming a grey figure with a large head and huge oval eyes, for instance-we could prevent inhabitants of the planets we visit from discovering our true vulnerable forms, our true mortal selves.

In time we might be able to do away with the ship completely and simply whisk ourselves to any planet in the known universe at thought speed. But for now-between 1992 and 2020-let's concentrate on building and living aboard our remarkable UFO as we journey into deep space to explore and plunder the near planets of our own solar system.

The space medicine required to keep us healthy in space has already been developed. Food processing devices and waste recycling machines have graduated from test bench items to pieces of practical hardware. Our communications devices are just adequate for the task of transmitting and receiving messages between Earth and Mars or beyond.

Scientists and engineers know the general shape and design of future space craft and they've developed most of the materials to use in their construction. Teachers are alive and well and future astronauts are being born at the rate of several hundred every minute. About the only thing preventing 20th Century humans from leaping away from Earth en masse is the power source which will allow both masslessness  and acceleration to near light speeds. I suggest this will be one and the same power source.

The anti-mass field generator or Cascade Generator will render anything within its field virtually massless, thus a few ounces of thrust would be enough to propel the craft in one direction or another. Several thousand pounds of thrust could cause it to accelerate to near light speeds with no harmful effects upon the crew. It would be a total inertial system, effecting everything encompassed equally.

Several countries are eagerly exploring anti-mass field engines, most notably Japan and Germany. Their subsonic commuter trains are driven by power sources only a discovery or two away from the Cascade Generator. While they have not overcome mass or inertia, they have succeeded in overcoming the greatest terrestrial bugaboo of all: friction. Their trains ride on an invisible cushion of electro-magnetic force that separates the enormous weight of the train from the tracks by a fraction of a millimeter. It literally rides suspended in the air above the tracks.

Forward motion is achieved by changing the magnetic field of the coils in the track at incredible speeds, alternating positive and negative to pull the train along, one magnet (the track) pulling the other (the train). A similar device, refined to prevent mass, could propel our UFO someday. Not an anti-gravity device (which has so far proven unsatisfactory), but an anti-mass device projected to the hull from a central point, the AMF would allow extreme maneuvers in any direction instantly.



At about 3:15 am Sunday morning, the 6th of December, 1992, residents of Bay Park and Pacific Beach, areas of San Diego, California, were awakened by the lights in their homes flashing on and off and appliances, radios and television sets turning themselves on and off, although the wall and unit switches were turned off!

Residents reported a bright, glowing light in the sky behind the low clouds, pulsating in perfect sync to the flashing of the lights in the community.

One resident said she could not see a shape to the light; she only saw a bright pulsating glow in the clouds.

Nearby, a power pole began to arc, burning the pole and 265 feet of underground cable, turning the surrounding sand and soil to glass.

San Diego Gas and Electric  engineers were unable to explain how or why lights and appliances could turn on when the wall switches were turned off and the circuits not completed. They suggested the residents might have been mistaken. Asked again, the residents all insisted the wall switches were turned off! Engineer Ed Hedricks said such a phenomena might occur under some remarkable conditions but not with SDG&E's system.

December 6th, 7th and 8th was a period of intense military activity at San Diego and nearby Camp Pendleton as Navy and Marine units geared up to deploy to Somalia.

It had been raining for two days, with thunder and lightning, and some flooding in low areas. No one offered a suggestion that the storm caused any of the observed phenomena.

An asteroid passed within 2 million miles of Earth during the same general period, hardly a near miss that would cause the observed electrical phenomena. (The same asteroid passes Earth every four years).

On Tuesday, December 8, 1992, two sharp sonic booms were heard and felt in San Diego. San Diego is approximately 300 miles southwest of Groom Lake, Nevada where CIA's super secret spy plane, Aurora, is based, certainly well within the sonic wave area of a plane decelerating to subsonic flight from the Pacific Ocean side of California or from Mexico and South America. San Diego is also about 50 statute miles west southwest of Anza/Borrego, an area of intense UFO and TLO activity.

I fly near and over that area on occasion. It is remote, hostile and, in many places, inaccessible. It is called the "Borrego Badlands" for good reason. It would be a perfect place to hide a UFO.

As of this writing, I am trying to determine if the San Diego UFO/TLO was recorded on radar. Although both San Diego and Los Angles radar operators could have seen it, and tower personnel at NAS North Island should have seen it, it is possible that it may not have been recorded for one reason or another. If the UFO was employing masking devices (ECM), it would not be visible to radar.

On the other hand, it might not be visible even if not employing masking devices. During a recent flight to the Chino, California Planes Of Fame Museum, we heard a helicopter pilot on our frequency being denied transition of the Los Angeles TCA because the radar operator could not get a signature on his aircraft! Whether because of its size, heading or altitude, the helicopter was invisible to LA's radar! They routed him around the area and he wasn't real happy about it.

If an aircraft that is trying to be seen can't be seen on the most sophisticated commercial radar on the west coast, an aircraft that doesn't want to be seen will never be seen!

It is interesting to note that a lot of military activity was occurring over the weekend and into Monday and Tuesday. UFO sightings and activity increase during such periods, leading one to suspect that UFOs and TLOs might be part of the military maneuvers.

But exactly what part, no one is telling. And if a military weapon is capable of causing that much damage accidentally, think how much it might cause on purpose! The electrical phenomena caused by this UFO is precisely that of a craft surrounded by an anti-mass field. Does the military or one of the intelligence agencies, or both,  have working "Flying Saucers" using this technology? Recent video tapes of a new aircraft based at Groom Dry Lake, Nevada suggests a development that can rise vertically, hover and fly silently with remarkable control, particularly at low altitudes.

It has been called the "BOOMERANG" and will be the subject of a future report. (Tactical High Altitude Penetrator THAP).



Stenonychosaurus has been credited with being the most intelligent dinosaur. Compared with most others, it had a relatively large brain, although the excess brain volume was probably not concerned with reasoning and other activities that could be called "intelligence."

Stenonychosaurus had large eyes, slender flexible fingers, and a light body. The brain was probably concerned mainly with its highly developed senses, fine control of its limbs, and fast reflexes, which were used in hunting small and elusive prey.

In 1982 Dale Russell and R. S-guin (Ottawa) published an article on  Stenonychosaurus. A new partial skeleton had been discovered in 1967 which provided the basis of the first skeletal and flesh restoration of Stenonychosaurus. The detailed work of building the model was illustrated in their paper.

In addition to the restoration, they indulged in an imaginative experiment, posing a question: What might these intelligent dinosaurs have evolved into had they not become extinct near the end of the Cretaceous period about 64 million years ago?

Stenonychosaurus proved to be an interesting choice for the experiment because it was one of the largest-brained and therefore presumably one of the most intelligent of all dinosaurs. The result of the experiment was a creature named "dinosauroid."

One interpretation of the habits of Stenonychosaurus is that they were lightly built active hunters of small prey-perhaps small lizards and mammals. The long grasping hands, and the large eyes which pointed partly forward and therefore gave reasonably stereoscopic vision, may indicate that these were nimble predators which were active at dusk or even at night when many small nocturnal mammals would have been active.

Dinosauroid was constructed by extrapolating from these attributes. It was visualized as a highly intelligent and manipulative dinosaur. What it might have lacked in speed, it would have made up for by its superior intellect. This would have allowed it to avoid potential predators by outwitting them rather than by running away.

As a predator it may have been able to catch prey both by endurance running and perhaps by making simple weapons- much as primitive homo sapiens would do 64 million years later.

But let's take the evolution of the Saurian a step further. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that Stenonychosaurus did not become extinct at the end of the Cretaceous period and actually had a chance to evolve into something close to the Russell-S-guin model.

It is remarkable to note that the Saurian creature bears a striking resemblance to descriptions given by witnesses during a number of UFO encounters! Long, clawlike fingers, large, elongated eyes, reptilian nostrils, three-toed, clawed feet, lizard-like skin, small stature and absence of ears are all features people have reported as belonging to UFO occupants.

Scientists do not know most dinosaurs became extinct; they assume it because few relatives exist today in forms recognizable as dinosaurs.

But what if one or two examples actually survived and managed to evolve into highly intelligent creatures capable of building not only simple weapons, but sophisticated craft to explore the cosmos?

The Sauroids would have a 64 million year head start on homo sapiens. They could have built their empires and space craft and disappeared among the stars millions of years before humans ever evolved to walk upon this planet!

Or if the Saurians are not from planet Earth, why not from another where evolution might have followed a similar pattern with similar, if not identical, creatures, including dinosaurs, at about the same cosmic time-50 to 70 million years ago?

While it is fairly certain life does not exist on any other planet of our solar system, we cannot rule out the existence of life on any of the billions of other planets that have  revolved about billions of other suns in billions of other universes for billions of years before humankind ever existed.

Let's face it: When we finally arrive on some distant planet inhabited by sentient beings, whether more or less intelligent than ourselves, scientists and intelligence agencies are going to insist that specimens be returned to Earth, dead or alive, for study. Knowing this, should we be surprised or outraged if creatures from other worlds arrive here and begin taking specimens of earthlings for their own scientific studies?

The requirement for the  complete and successful examination of any living organism is to reduce it to its smallest parts and look at each cell or atom under a powerful electron microscope or  vaporize small samples in a spectrometer to determine the elements of which the creature was comprised when it was alive. Sample parts might suffice for some studies but whole creatures, alive and dead, will be required for others.

These sample creatures will be acquired for study by abduction and murder. Period. Those in government agencies whose business it is to plan and coordinate these missions have known it all along. It is possible that they are practicing and honing their skills by abducting and dissecting their fellow humans from time to time. At the same time, they may be building their own secret parts bank for the generations of space travelers who will need spare kidneys, livers, eyes, hearts and lungs on Mars about three decades hence.

It's a thought, isn't it?

Another thought is that the creatures who crew UFOs might not be from another planet, but might have been genetically built and incubated right here on earth in one of those secret underground laboratories, and not by aliens, but by human tinkerers. Suppose the future astronaut is not a warm-blooded mammal (human), but a cold-blooded intelligent reptile (saurian) who can tolerate cosmic radiation better than humans and who have shown to be able to survive mass extinctions with little change or effect in their subsequent behavior and evolution.

Suppose the saurian is not a creature who lived before us, but is the creature, by genetic manipulation, some of us are soon to become.

Some reptiles, remember, have an uncanny ability to regenerate lost parts, often two or three parts. This would prove a real benefit for explorers on a planet several million miles from home base where spare arms and legs are not readily available.

Some reptiles can survive days or even weeks between meals while warm-blooded mammals can hardly exist more than a few hours!

Some reptiles appear to be unaffected by cosmic radiation that is killing human beings by the thousands. Some reptiles can hibernate for months and years at a time without suffering adverse effects.

Cruel experiments on humans in Germany during the second war helped put American and Russian Cosmonauts into space only two decades later. Those experiments haven't stopped simply because we have no announced plans to return to the lunar surface soon.

This country is planning a journey to colonize Mars in less than 30 years! Imagine what it will take to get us there and keep us there!

Dinosauroid. Have witnesses seen this creature in one of its evolved forms? Is this what contemporary Stenonychosaurus might have looked like had it continued to evolve to the present day? Russell and S-guin assumed for it a large brain, and the short neck and upright posture were arrived at as a way of balancing the head more efficiently. In turn, the vertical posture removed the need for a tail. The legs were modified by lowering the ankle to the ground and the foot was lengthened. It would have stood upright at about five feet tall. Given the proper conditions and time, this evolution would be quite possible.


UFO's and America's new aircraft technology are the most closely guarded government and military secrets in history. The X-30 (Aurora) project has as its goal an aircraft that can take off from the ground, fly to the upper atmosphere, enter the edge of space and accelerate to 17,500 miles per hour as it begins an intercontinental flight lasting only a few minutes.

The X-30 is a noisy, highly visible aircraft until it reaches the upper limits of its flight, or until it turns on its ECM gear. One of its present missions is to divert attention away from more spectacular aircraft development, particularly that which is being conducted at Groom Dry Lake in Nevada.

Government officials and intelligence agencies claim there is nothing at Groom Lake, that it doesn't exist. At the same time, gun-toting security guards protecting a runway almost seven miles long will threaten you with charges of espionage if you get too close to their facility.

Actually, I don't think they would charge you with espionage. Consider for a minute: How could anyone be charged with spying on a facility that officially doesn't exist? Believe me, trying to prove you were spying at Groom Lake would be more difficult and more embarrassing than denying the government is hiding UFO's in the first place.

It would be a lot easier for them to simply kill you and bury you in the desert because they wouldn't be required to open their non-existent base to public prying during the subsequent investigation.

Let's play a mind game. It's called "King of The Hill," or "Blue Flag, Red Flag." You have a secret base sequestered in the high desert just north of Las Vegas and you're doing things up there that have piqued my interest. I'm determined to have a look at your facility. How do I go about it?

What I would not do is organize a caravan of a dozen or more people to go parading into town to announce our intentions. I would go alone or with one or two other people. I would not tell anyone I was leaving and I would not stop anywhere near the base to herald my arrival. I would stay out of town and particularly would I stay out of the local gathering place.

If no one knows you arrived, no one can call the secret phone number to let the spooks know they should keep their plane on the ground, see?

Officially, two billion dollars were allotted to the X-30 Project and if you don't believe some of that money was set aside to pay informants in the villages surrounding Groom Lake, you're not seeing the big picture.

While planning your clandestine mission, bear in mind that the only person you can really trust is you.

But this is only half the strategy. The desert around that base is littered with the same kind of motion sensors we used in Vietnam to detect enemy troop movements. Walk through the desert, day or night, and a panel on the base lights up like a Christmas tree. Pretty soon, here come the security police a hundred miles an hour to threaten you with extinction.

These motion sensors are only the most immediate indication that you are treading on forbidden ground. Every few hours of every day satellites pass over the base taking pictures that can reveal items as small as this 8x11" sheet of paper with astonishing clarity. Sensors can see right through your tent or automobile or motorhome. The people to whom these images are presented can tell the year and model of your vehicle, can tell if a person is male or female, adult or child, and what they are carrying in their hands at any given moment. They know when you go pottie and where.

How do you get around this problem? Here are some suggestions:

First let's outline the mission. We don't want to set fires or blow up airplanes. We're not saboteurs, merely overly curious taxpayers. We don't really want to go on the base. We don't have to; we can find out everything we need to know from about 30 miles away on civilian territory.

The mission here, if it really makes any difference, is to find out what kind of aircraft are being tested at Groom Dry Lake and what other odd goings-on are occurring there. We must remember that we are going to penetrate a secret facility and discover information not intended for our eyes. With a little questioning, you can discover the schedule of most of the satellite fly-overs and plan your activities when they are over the horizon.

What will we do with the information once we have it? (because we are going to get it if we plan our mission as semi-professional spies and not as a roving band of zealots who have great purpose without great plan).

All we need are pictures. Still pictures, motion pictures, video pictures. One or all. Since the base is fairly well hidden on a dry lake surrounded by formidable mountains, we must find a way, short of walking, to get above the mountains in any direction from the base.

Idea #1). A radio controlled model airplane designed specifically to house a camera that can take still or motion pictures of the desired area. Our own little U2, so to speak. Engines can be muffled to be nearly silent. The wood and plastic model will not return a radar profile so it could, if required, fly right over the base without being detected.

The camera should be mounted vertically, be of suitable format (70 mm or larger) and be capable of being programmed to fire at predetermined intervals after the plane reaches altitude and desired heading.

The radio signals should be capable of reaching the plane over a fairly long distance, probably farther than a normal RC transmitter. If the lens on the camera is of sufficient focal length, we can stand off a safe distance and still get our pictures.

The camera and plane must be recoverable after the sortie is completed. Infra red film should be loaded for night flights, black and white Shellburst for day flights. A navigation light should be affixed to the plane and be visible for a mile or more so we can keep track of it.

Idea #2). An unmanned tethered balloon rigged with a suspended platform capable of holding a still or video camera. The platform should be constructed to rotate similar to a television antenna. The balloon should be tethered at four points to minimize pitching and yawing. The control cables should run from the platform or basket to the ground where batteries and monitors are located, perhaps in a van or motorhome.

The tethers should be of sufficient length to  allow the balloon to ascend to 3000 to 5000 feet (you'll be violating sacrosanct airspace, so be prepared to haul it in or cut it loose). To reduce weight, tethers might be of mylar monofilament. The balloon will have to be of a size sufficient to lift the weight of the platform, the camera, the motor and rotating assembly and the tethers and control cables.

The camera must carry a lens capable of recording clear, sharp  large scale images over a distance of 25 to 30 miles. Any photo supply house will sell or lease the proper gear and film to you for the right price.

Idea #3). This would be my choice. An ultra light aircraft. No license required. Can be trailered and assembled in minutes by anyone with a screwdriver and a couple of wrenches. Carries one or two fully grown adults. One qualified pilot and one cameraperson. Plenty of fuel. No problems with directional control of the vehicle. Shoot what you see, change lenses, change film, stay as long as required and land. Again, the camera should be fitted with a telephoto lens similar to a Questar. Try to get something with an effective focal length of 250 to 500 inches.

The disadvantage to the ultra light is that it is large, noisy and highly visible, increasing the chance someone will drive over to see what the heck you're up to before you complete the mission.

A rifleman on the ground could easily shoot you down if he wanted to and that will definitely ruin your plane, to say nothing of what it will do to you.

With some rigorous practice assembling and launching before you go to the desert, you should be able to get your mission off the ground in about 30 minutes after you park the truck.

What we are going to do to obtain our intelligence data is to use the same tricks they use to gather their intelligence information-day and night aerial photography. We are going to take aerial photos early in the morning, around noon, and just before sunset. We need the early morning and evening shots to establish the length of shadows. This, coupled with our altitude, focal length of the lens and sun angle, will tell us how tall structures are. The shadows lend a third dimension to the images on the film. If we calculate the height of the average man as six feet, we can use those shadows to determine about how tall other nearby objects are.

We need the noon shots to eliminate shadows so we can put each object in relation to all others and determine the sizes and placement of the objects we see on the film. Ideally, we need some vertical shots with approximately 60% overlap so we can construct stereoscopic models.

We also need some horizontals (obliques) so we can see into hangar bays and between buildings during morning and afternoon shots when the sun will project light where we need it.

It is possible we might use all three aerial recon methods to obtain our data. The RC model plane can get our verticals, particularly during the day so we can establish the locations of buildings, aircraft, revetments, etc., and we can plan our night missions more effectively. We'll know where to look for likely activity.

The balloon can be used to take the Infra Red night shots. Ideally, the camera would be fitted with a night scope so we can really see what's going on and rotate the camera more precisely. We might want two cameras; a video camera with a nightscope to use as a viewfinder/rangefinder boresighted to a 16mm cine camera like a Milliken, loaded with IR film and capable of shooting at 1000 to 5000 frames per second. You would be surprised what you can see on IR film! The heat of the vehicle and crew, for one thing. Lights and exhaust for another. Sensors, too.

The ultra light aircraft can be used to recon the area and look for security vehicles when not being used to take telephoto shots of the base during the day. Air observers and ground personnel must have short range FM radios.

Now, you're saying all this seems like a lot of trouble just to get some pictures of the most secret aircraft in the world. But you're going after pictures of the most secret aircraft in the world and if you really, really want to find out what's down there, plan on spending some time and money on the project. We didn't find out Russian missiles were in Cuba by asking the Cubans to release  information; we sent some U2s and RF-101 Voodoos over to take pictures and we knew it for a lead pipe fact.

The point is: If we want to get the information we feel we must have, we can no longer treat this as a weekend holiday to the Alien Inn. We must sit down and plan an incursion into very unfriendly territory, which incursion might get someone killed. Period.

Those who decide to contribute funds for the equipment and materials should make their presence known in some manner. Those who take it upon themselves to plan and execute the mission must understand that they cannot expect to go for a weekend trip, but must be prepared to camp out in the desert for a week or more. That means most of the food, water and sanitary supplies must go right along with the balloons, helium, cameras, film and aircraft.

That means radio silence. That means completely avoiding other people for however long it takes to get results.

And don't forget to take a semi-automatic weapon and at least 100 rounds of ammunition per person. Just in case.

Espionage (for that is what it is) is serious business, folks. You aren't going to discover what's on the other side of the mountain by sitting around at the restaurant in groups of two dozen or more and expect CIA to launch a UFO on cue when you go roaring up to the viewpoint.

You toss your bottle of Canadian blend into the trash, kiss your wife goodbye, sneak in, tell no one you are there, unload all your gear, send your driver on his way, set up housekeeping, and stay as long as necessary or until the big bad wolf arrives to run you off. That's the only way we're going to get usable pictures of the top secret aircraft flying out of and into Groom Dry Lake.

Where would I set all this up if I were seriously entertaining the idea to execute the mission? Well, certainly not at the best-known and most convenient mountain in the area. The one mountain left from which people can see the base is only one facet of what the intelligence community calls "crowd control." As long as you know you can see the base from that mountain without being unreasonably harassed, that's where you will go, right?

And, of course, that's where they want you to go so they don't have to spread their security forces too thin to cover the several hundred thousand square miles of Groom Dry Lake looking for interlopers.

The idea, then, to beat them at their own game, would be to go to the least accessible and least likely area to begin your recon of the base. Most of the motion sensors are over on the easy side. Most of the PIs will be looking for activity over there. Begin somewhere else.

Of course, this will require a pre-assault expedition to locate the best area to set up your base camp away from the civilized villages that were established to attract you like moths to a flame so base intelligence personnel can keep track of your caravans.

As a diversion, you might schedule a weekend symposium at or near the Alien Inn to keep the PIs occupied while two or three courageous souls venture over to the other side of the base to launch their balloon and RC U2 recon plane.

If intelligence personnel locate your base camp, they will descend upon you like the wrath of God, shouting and shooting.

Expect, at best, to lose your equipment if you get caught. Expect to be detained indefinitely while someone reams you a new fanny and determines what will become of you. If you are apprehended, control of your destiny will be in the hands of people who really don't care too much about your health and welfare.

Expect, at worst, to become a statistic, a MIA. For this reason, you should complete a will and let friends  know they should contact your relatives should you not return by a certain date. Don't tell them where you are going or they may become statistics, too.

On the other hand, as I have stated before, some things are better left alone. Secret weapons are secret because the average American and the rest of the world has no need to know what is parked behind those revetments or stored in underground caverns.

I have seen nothing concrete to convince me that the aircraft at Groom Lake (or anywhere else for that matter) are anything more than progressive developments of technology begun in Germany, England and America prior to and during the Second World War.

If a Spanloader (Flying Wing) exists that can rise vertically, hover and sail silently away, and if you think that is remarkable, remember that the prototypes of vertical lift aircraft were being developed before the Second World War, sixty years ago. Remember that VTOL and STOL aircraft have been constantly developed and vigorously refined since the end of the war. Remember that computers can produce counter-frequencies to mask any sound and produce complete silence, even to the loudest aircraft around, the AV8 Harrier, a V/STOL tactical ground support fighter that literally causes the earth to tremble when it lifts off vertically.

Be aware that if a computer can produce counter-frequencies to mask sound, cloaking devices-computers to mask images (make things invisible) may also be utilized on the next generation of military aircraft.

And remember, too, the VCASS helmet being developed at Wright Pat. The same idea (Virtual Reality) is so common on the commercial market that, for twenty dollars, you can go to an Arcade, strap on a helmet and play VR games for half an hour in three sensations: sight (color), sound (stereo) and touch.

What many people perceive as "new" technology is merely old technology and ideas refined and removed from the test bench to become usable hardware.

If you were astounded by laser and wire and TV guided bombs during the Gulf War, please remember that Germany had developed and was using those weapons on a regular basis by 1944. They had wire guided air to air, air to ground and ground to ground missiles. They had air to ground TV guided bombs. They had air to ground and ground to air radio guided missiles and bombs. They had remotely fired rockets. They had jet and rocket airplanes. They had solid and liquid fueled intercontinental ballistic missiles. They had developed and flown an advanced jet-powered saucer-shaped aircraft (which may or may not have been captured and refined by western powers after the war). Eugene Sanger had proposed and presented the "Suborbital Skip Bomber" that would have carried nuclear warheads from Germany to the North American continent and against which no deterrent had even been conceived!

This was fifty years ago when many aircraft were still being made of wood and covered with fabric in most of the rest of the world!

So remarkable were the inventions of German scientists that the victorious nations kidnapped the scientists and confiscated the weapons by the shiploads before the war was even over. Many of the German scientists smuggled to America were put to work on our space program. Their most notable  achievement  was getting American astronauts to the moon and back within a brief 20 years.

The most beneficial results as far as the rest of us are concerned were advances in cosmetics, synthetic fabrics and fuels and automobile products, and intercontinental air travel in planes with jet engines and swept-back wings and flying tails.

But behind all the glamor and clamor of the headline news, don't you imagine other people were quietly at work developing secret weapons and secret aircraft and secret computers to get us, not to the moon and Mars, but to the edges of the known universe? That was, after all, the real dream of the German scientists.

Don't you imagine someone somewhere has been working on the design of the starship with all its intricate and manifold parts that will carry the human seed to other worlds? Don't you imagine that hundreds of people have struggled for decades to create the perfect power source, some sort of Cascade Generator that would render a craft massless and drive it at light speed-if for no other reason than to sever our dependency on foreign oil?

Don't you imagine that we see a trickle-down benefit of such research on the commercial market in the form of automobile computers, aircraft designs, even children's toys (designed to give today's kids a hands-on feel of tomorrow's heads-up display in their starfighter).

And don't you imagine that most of this RDT&E must remain secret or top secret if we are to maintain superiority in the field?

Recently launched satellites can track the migratory habits of creatures as small as sea turtles in the Atlantic Ocean or pinpoint fires burning out of control in the rain forests. They could also keep track of humans implanted with small transmitters or creatures alien to our planet, or space craft, space debris and small planetoids approaching and entering Earth's atmosphere some not-so-future day.

Being an author, I'm as curious as the next person about the inventions and new developments that will carry us into the 21st Century and beyond, however, conspiracy or no conspiracy, I really believe we ought not go scrubbing about on secret RDT&E bases lest we find and expose exactly what we are looking for.


Bearing in mind that concerned intelligence agencies may be reading this material on a fairly regular basis, if you have ideas, comments or suggestions of a constructive nature, we invite you to submit them for publication.

WE WATCH THEM; THEY WATCH US: Why you can't get close to a secret airbase anymore.

One reason it is so difficult to get close to a National Test Range like Tonopah, China Lake, Groom Lake or White Sands is because there are large bore cameras planted all over the mountains to keep an eye on the ground when they are not pointed skyward.

A typical set-up at a Test Range would include a ring of Cinetheodolites, Cinesextants and video cameras around the perimeter of the area where aircraft are flown or packages are dropped from aircraft to impact on the range.

A Cinetheodolite is generally a 70mm sequential camera that records events in real time while displaying dates, times, speed, altitude, etc. on the film. They are usually pedestal mounted 24 inch or 36 inch focal length cameras with a single operator sighting through a reflecting telescope boresighted to the lens.

A Cinesextant is a mobile or stationary mount bearing two, four or six long focal length surveillance cameras. The mount is electrically and hydraulically driven by servos actuated by an operator who sits in a seat between the lens barrels.

A "joystick", much like the control stick of an airplane is between the operator's legs. Two switches may be found near the control. One switch arms the cameras; the second switch alerts the mission controller that the operator has acquired the target and is tracking.

A trigger on the control stick will fire all the cameras that have been selected by the mount operator. These cameras may include 16mm and 35 mm cine cameras and video cameras fitted to extreme focal length lenses by C-ring adapters. Focal lengths of the lenses may vary from 12 or 24 inches to 250 inches or greater.

The lenses are basically large refracting terrestrial telescopes fitted to various cameras. All the lenses are boresighted to a spotting scope in the center of the mount and eye level with the seated operator. Boresighting is accomplished by pointing the spotting scope at a large black and white checkerboard target several miles away, locking the mount, and adjusting all the cameras and lenses so they point at exactly the same line or patch on the distant target.

These cameras and lenses are so precise that the mount operator may see and transmit images of objects as small as human faces at a distance of 40 to 50 miles away!

Transmission of images is accomplished by one of two methods simultaneously: Cine film which is taken to the base photo lab for processing, and video pictures in real time transmitted via microwave dish to a control center where it is both recorded and further transmitted to other distant stations.

If you see a camera station on a mountain and you want to know if they are using real time video, look for a microwave dish. If you want to know where the control building is, just note which way the dish is pointing. Microwave is line-of-sight. All the dishes will point toward the control building or another microwave tower. Eventually you can narrow it down to the last point of reception, whether it is on the base or at a control building located on the Test Range.

Inside this building will be a number of technicians who are gathering information on the test vehicle by various means. Some information is via the video pictures; other information is from telemetry packages aboard the vehicle being observed.

Radar operators will be present. Video technicians will be there, too. Photographers will be manning pedestal mounts on the roof of the building or at concrete platforms nearby. A helicopter pad will be present. The mission controller (the guy who counts 'em down) and the Range Boss reside there during days when operations are being conducted. Normally, like most other government facilities, operations are not conducted during the weekends (but not always).

You can spot the camera stations on these secret bases by looking for a white dome shaped like a small observatory. They work exactly the same way. Doors crank open electrically and the dome turns 360 degrees.

Cinetheodolites are generally found atop concrete buildings surrounded by high, barbed-wire fences.

The Cinesextants may be mounted "free-standing" inside a dome atop a tower 60 to 80 feet tall. They may also be found as mobile mounts on four-wheeled trailers and covered with heavy plastic shrouds to protect the lenses and cameras from the heat and weather. All are kept inside the fence behind locked gates.

The mount can be manipulated to depress below 0º, or below the horizon, and can be elevated to the zenith or 90º. It can also be rotated through 360º azimuth, all quite rapidly, to track supersonic aircraft, missiles, bombs and other weapons.

Generally speaking, an aircraft flying at 30,000 to 40,000 feet (7 miles) can easily be acquired and tracked from as far away as 50 to 60 miles slant range. If the aircraft is as large as a C-130, the field of view with the largest lens might only cover the loading ramp!

Some years ago Operations Department at El Centro, California, winter home of the Blue Angels, witnessed the real-time live crash of one of the aircraft because one of our Cinesextant operators was tracking them on an adjacent range, about 25 miles away, during a lull in our drops.

Other cameras you are likely to find on these secret bases are shorter focal length types mounted in 6x6 trucks or other vehicles capable of maneuvering in desert areas. The pedestals remain in the truck but the cameras are removed when not in use.

A variety of hand-held still and motion picture and video cameras are also used around these test sites. Focal lengths will vary from 35mm to 50mm on still cameras to 250 inches and up on the Cinesextants. Some of the lens barrels are 10 to 15 feet in length and 12 to 16 inches in diameter.

The cine cameras are capable of recording events from about 6 frames per second to thousands of frames per second (extreme slow motion) for precise analysis of the object being tested. Shutters may be standard "butterfly" types as found on most older cine cameras (Mitchell, Milliken and Arriflex) to rotating prisms and mirrors on more sophisticated types operating at extreme high speeds.

Film sizes may be 16mm, 35mm and 70mm, and all sizes and camera types may be included on any single Cinesextant mount which could bear and fire as many as six cine and video cameras at one time.

Film types used would include color film with  speeds of ASA 500 or even greater, usually pushed to ASA 1000 or greater for processing, and black and white Shellburst, a minus blue data recording film originally designed to accurately record ordnance explosions. Shellburst has haze filters built in so aircraft really stand out when flying at high altitudes! (Are you paying attention?)

Shellburst is available in 35mm and 70mm format at most large camera/film stores by special order.

Other film used at some bases is Infrared for night sorties to record exhausts, surface heat, crew heat, flight track, shell fragments, trajectories, in SLIR/FLIR  devices*, etc. Infrared is also available from large suppliers in 35mm and 70mm format.

The whole point of this report is: If you want to record what they record, you must use the same hardware and film they use! If you have enough money and plenty of time, you could even lease a Cinesextant all set up and ready to haul to the high desert. If you know someone who works for a company like COHU, you might even beg a video camera and nightscope with a monster lens to take a few shots. If you know someone who works for a motion picture company, you might talk them into pointing their camera starward some desert night to see what they can see.

Rising lights are not enough to create profiles of UFOs. Several aircraft can rise vertically, hover and fly off in horizontal flight, although I know of none that do so silently.

We need SHAPES! If I see a Spanloader or "Boomerang" rise vertically, hover and fly away, I won't be unduly impressed. If, however, I see an ovate ellipsoid or a skirted sphere doing the same thing, I can conclude that I have seen that which we commonly call a "Flying Saucer" or UFO.

It is important to understand that an aircraft based on a standard wing design must rely on aerodynamic lift to keep it airborne after it changes to horizontal flight. That makes it an airplane, not a flying saucer.

But a sphere or ellipsoid would remain airborne by virtue of some energy other than the shape of the wing or hull. It must be rendered massless or weightless by an anti mass field and be propelled by some electrodynamic engine unlike any we now know. That may be classified as a UFO or Flying Saucer.

An ellipsoid or sphere without its surrounding field would have the glide coefficient of a Grand piano! An aircraft built upon an aerodynamic wing can glide, however slightly these days, by virtue of the air passing around the shape. Craft designed to swim the oceans of space do not require aerodynamic shape; they could be perfect cubes or polygons and not be affected by the void.

But if you see a craft with a "wing", you can bet your last dollar it was built on Earth by Earthlings for use in Earth's atmosphere (at least part of the time) or it wouldn't be a wing in the first place.

If you can get pictures of these aircraft without violating any laws, do it, so we can eliminate them from our list of things that go bump in the night.

But remember: The camera operators, who can spot and track you from their mountain perches for 50 miles are connected directly to the control building and every other camera operator, as well as to the base and the Security Forces via FM radio and via the real time live video transmissions by microwave.

Additionally, because a rather imposing satellite array is stationed at Groom Lake, we should assume the pictures are also capable of being transmitted directly to CIA or NPIC, or both, in Washington, D.C. by way of their COMINTELSAT as the events occur.

That means if you step behind a bush to pee, several hundred people will be watching. I know because we used to see people doing it in the desert adjacent to our range. The pictures went live to NAS Operations.

When I tell you they know when you go pottie and where, I am as serious as a heart attack.

If you get into their territory and one person sees you, he will inform every other mount operator and Control, who will inform Security, who will buzz out to see if they can add you to the endangered species list.

Security personnel at secret bases like Groom Lake may be civilian contractors, they may be Air Force personnel, or they may be CIA people.

But if I had to hire some mean, reliable guys to keep my secret base secure, I would round up some of those former members of the CIA Shadow Companies (SOG) who were classified as MIA or KHA in Vietnam so they could operate in the provinces around the Plain of Jars in Cambodia with complete impunity.

These guys are already dead, so who would be looking for them if someone finds you've gone missing? They could fairly well do what they wanted, and they are the people I would hire to protect my secret base.

Chances are, if I've thought of that, so have a lot of other people who spend most of their time thinking about just those kinds of things. For these reasons, it would be prudent to consult reliable charts before you go traipsing off to take pictures around Groom Dry Lake, Nevada (or anywhere else for that matter).

* SLIR/FLIR: Side-Looking Infrared and Forward-Looking Infrared cameras are generally mounted in all aerial recon aircraft and in a number of attack and ground support aircraft. Coupled with radar systems, these cameras are capable of "seeing" hundreds of miles inside enemy territory.


Striving for truth and the scientific method.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, postulated that "when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

This, of course, is a dangerous dictum in the hands of the wrong people for it allows all sorts of crackpots to attribute impossible interpretations to perfectly logical, if not totally understood, phenomena.

Ideally, we should be open-minded when dealing with such phenomena as UFOs and TLOs. Most zealots demand of others a broad-minded view, yet they are often as close-minded as the scientists they disparage, rejecting as "conspiracy" any theory or expression that does not support their own.

There is always a danger of going too far the other way, of accepting as fact things that are really only popular beliefs, or of parroting imaginative and theatrical explanations for phenomena that are really appallingly mundane.

Yet a point can be made for Holmes' dictum. There does come a time when evidence in favor of a conclusion becomes overwhelming and it would be perverse not to admit it, even if it does not support one's own theory.

It would be as foolish to reject out of hand the existence of UFOs as to embrace their existence without question for it is that very debate that will ultimately uncover the truth of the matter. After having eliminated the impossible relative to UFOs and TLOs -viz. that all reports of all such craft and crew result from improper recognition of aircraft, manic delusion or hallucination-we are left with the initially improbable but ultimately inevitable conclusion that UFOs, TLOs and "Flying Saucers" do, indeed, exist.

It would be irrational to disagree with the validity of the argument that something is there, even if it ultimately proves to be not exactly what many of us now believe (or hope) it is.

While I cannot with certainty state that "Flying Saucers" from other worlds are traversing the skies of planet Earth on a regular basis, I would be surprised if they were not. Similarly, while I cannot state with certainty that hundreds or thousands of people appear to have been abducted and carried off in craft of some sort, the corpus of evidence and testimony indicates that they have been and, again, I would be surprised if they have not. Certainly I would have no confidence in expressing the opinion that neither of these events have ever occurred or that they are not now occurring regularly on a worldwide basis.

I have some theories, based upon sound evidence and first hand knowledge, about the nature of many of the craft commonly referred to as "Flying Saucers" and UFOs. My theories are not particularly popular with some UFOlogists who steadfastly claim all UFOs are from other worlds or other galaxies and that all UFOs must, of necessity, be crewed by alien beings who came to this planet to harvest us as food after having agreed to an evil covenant with 12 well-intentioned but inordinately short-sighted members of America's political and scientific communities.

In dealing with the phenomena of UFOs, we should make every attempt to reserve judgement until all the facts have been presented. Certainly, we should approach our investigation objectively rather than subjectively; that is, not assign to UFOs attributes they may not possess (portholes, crew, sounds, lights or flight characteristics). We need to maintain an open mind while avoiding the pitfall of having someone come along to put things in it.

I am convinced the UFO and TLO phenomenons will eventually succumb to the scientific method. In the case of UFOs, we require hard evidence, the best of which will be excellent quality irrefutable photographs, video tapes and motion pictures, preferably with raw sound.

Statements by former military employees are useful only as supplements to photographic evidence. Eye-witness accounts from sightings, contactees or abductees is interesting narrative but proves little without the hard evidence of pictures.

If the government is trying to hide UFOs from other worlds or simply trying to protect secret aircraft, they can publicly deny their complicity and that's the end of it. The burden of proof falls upon the serious UFO researcher, whether he believes UFOs are real nuts and bolts machines or whether he believes the UFO experience is more of psychological or parapsychological origin.

Fanatic mysticism and wild, unsubstantiated claims will never prove or disprove the existence of craft we know as UFOs. Irrefutable photographs, if anyone is lucky enough to ever obtain any, may not be enough to prove the existence of even a single alien spacecraft if the government is determined to deny it.

But the more high quality intelligence information we obtain, the better will be our case, regardless of whether the information supports or refutes our best pet theories.

We must remember that none of the current ideas about UFOs are inherently impossible, however, when all the evidence is presented, only one theory will be shown to have been based upon sound evidence gleaned from scientific methods objectively performed.

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, void of poetic license, absolute, literal, word-for-word, however improbable (or unpopular), must be the truth of the matter. It is for that truth that we all should strive even if the pursuit ultimately robs some of us of stature and status.

TOUTATIS: Errant wanderer that "misses" Earth every four years. Getting closer?

JPL, Pasadena, CA -

NASA obtained radar pictures of an asteroid that flew close to Earth in early December, 1992, giving them the best view yet of the kind of object that may have collided with the planet 65 million years ago and brought the Cretaceous Period to an end with the extinction of most dinosaur species. This same asteroid, or others similar to it, may threaten humanity someday.

Astronomer Steven Ostro, a senior researcher at JPL, said it was the first clear look at one of the many thousands of asteroids that could interfere with Earth's orbit.

NASA bounced radar waves off the surface of Toutatis using a 230-foot antenna dish at a tracking station in the Mojave Desert. The returning signals were captured by a 112-foot antenna to record the photographs on December 8, 9, 10 and 13th.

Unlike most asteroids that orbit in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, Toutatis and thousands of other errant wanderers could enter Earth's atmosphere and strike the planet with devastating effects greater than the power of thousands of nuclear warheads.

The images show Toutatis is composed of two jagged rocks, one about 2.5 miles wide; the other about 1.5 miles wide, apparently held together by gravitational forces.

Scientists believe a six to nine-mile wide asteroid struck Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula about 65 million years ago, throwing dust and rocks high into the atmosphere, chilling the climate and destroying food plants, dinosaurs and most other highly evolved species.

Scores of other impact areas have been discovered on Earth, including one from an asteroid that exploded over Siberia in 1908 obliterating a vast tract of forest.

An asteroid two and one-half miles wide would wipe out millions of people, plants and animals whether it strikes a land mass or falls into the ocean.

The tidal wave from a strike at sea in the Pacific Ocean, for instance, would probably sweep away every city on its shores, killing billions of people, and destroying livestock and crops hundreds of miles inland from the coast.

MJ-12 DOCUMENTS What the fuss is all about. Are they forgeries?

On December 11, 1984, TV Producer Jaime Shandera found two documents stamped TOP SECRET in his mailbox. One was dated September 24, 1947, the other November 18, 1952. The first was signed by President Harry Truman. The second was addressed to President Dwight Eisenhower from Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, a former director of CIA.

The document signed by Truman claimed to be a classified executive order to Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, authorizing him to establish a board of experts, answerable only to the President, and to be known as Majestic-12 (MJ-12). Their job was to investigate the crash of a Flying Saucer near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947.

The documents appeared to be proof that the Roswell saucer, long the subject of rumor and speculation, had really happened. The second document supported the first and was a top secret briefing for the newly elected President on the members of MJ-12 and their progress in the investigation.

Shandera waited for over two years to make the documents public on May 29, 1987. His associates in the revelation were William Moore, coauthor of The Roswell Incident, and crashed saucer expert Stanton Friedman. Moore's and Friedman's theories stood to be vindicated if the documents were real!

The three claimed to have found further documentary backing for the existence of MJ-12 in the person of a "highly placed military intelligence operative" who could authenticate the story. The source was discredited when he turned out to be a USAF sergeant once found guilty of falsifying documents.

The documents, subjected to intense scrutiny, were soon shown to have been falsified as well when it was revealed that the 1947 document was actually written on a Smith Corona typewriter not manufactured until 1963. Hillenkoetter's memo was dated in an odd mixture of civilian and military styles and he had signed himself Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, which form was never used before or since on any of the volumes of surviving correspondence. A close inspection of Truman's signature revealed that it was a photocopy of a signature on a letter from Truman to nuclear scientist, Dr. Vannevar Bush, written on October 1, 1947.  Since Hillenkoetter's memo refers specifically to Truman's "Classified Executive Order" of 1947, it follows that both are fakes.

The MJ-12 documents may be a case of someone conspiring to create a conspiracy. The clumsiness of the hoax suggests that it may have been intended to be exposed, thereby implicating the CIA or other intelligence agencies (who would have easy access to the signatures) in an attempt to discredit the pro-UFO groups and, in particular, Stanton Friedman, who has researched and documented the Roswell crash for many years.

But the evidence, if not planted by intelligence agencies, appears to indicate that one of the pro-UFO groups invented the evidence that they were convinced really existed somewhere. When all the evidence points to only one conclusion, you can bet the evidence has been planted. Anyone who produces such evidence, particularly if it irrefutably supports their theory will, with good reason, be first to fall under suspicion. That does not mean, however, that they perpetrated the hoax!

ABDUCTED! Physical abduction and telepathic contact. Are intelligence agencies responsible?

Thousands of ordinary people claim to have had contact with aliens from other worlds. Response to these claims varies from skeptics who make every effort to ridicule the phenomena to true believers who accept it at face value and believe the authorities know more than they are willing to admit.

There are notable similarities between reports of abductions and accounts of nightmares. The order in which events are remembered, the manner in which they occur without apparent cause or context, are typically like the dream state. These dramatic events seem to have little if any effect upon the physical world beyond the person who has experienced them.

People who claim to have been abducted are worried by loss of time, vague memories, feelings of being trapped or restrained on a table, and unusual and unknown sounds from the darkness. They become irritable, often unable to concentrate, suffer loss of short-term memory and forget the simplest things such as numbers, names and dates.

Some begin to have recurring dreams from the years of their adolescence. Others claim to hear voices and odd sounds, apparently real and nearby, issuing from beings or objects not visible to the five senses.

Most disturbing of all, actual marks and scars have been found on the skin of some who believe they have been physically examined by aliens. A number of people have awakened to find painful bruises on the fleshy portion of their noses. These bruises, while tender and annoying, may leave no marks and vanish in a day or two.

Sometimes a red spot with a small dark puncture wound will appear in the center of the bruise, suggesting the bruise may have been caused by a hypodermic needle or similar instrument during an examination of which the person is consciously unaware.

Many of these people feel separated from the rest of society by the very strangeness of the experience and by negative emotions of which they are reluctant to speak: anxiety about the next abduction or examination; worry about the medical problems that might occur as a result of having been examined in an alien environment, and real fear for the future for themselves, their families and humankind at large.

Despite the great distances between groups who believe they have been abducted or who believe abductions are occurring, the barriers separating them from the rest of us have made the abduction phenomena an international social movement.

Topics of discussion or interest include: how to avoid future abductions; how to discuss the subject with children, especially if they, too, are having abduction experiences, and how to cope with the problems they have in acknowledging their abductee status to family and friends without being characterized as odd or actually insane.

The suggestion that accounts of abductions are hoaxes concocted for fame and profit can be generally dismissed since few abductees seek publicity or invite the media to share their anguished memories, knowing they are more likely to meet with ridicule than offers of money and fame.

Additionally, the claim that most, if not all, the abductees are of doubtful sanity can also be generally dismissed since the preponderance of psychiatric evidence to date does not support such views.

To begin an investigation of any event, particularly an unusual nonrepeatable event such as the sighting of UFOs, we must remember that, lacking photographic evidence, we will be dealing with only the memory of the event as perceived through conventional senses.

Abductions, particularly if perceived only in some unconscious portion of the mind, are even more difficult to investigate since the abductee cannot provide any evidence or details to support the claim.

Claims of abduction fall into three categories: 1) Hoaxes. The abduction did not occur; 2) True abduction. Person was actually abducted but may or may not be aware of the event; 3) Imagined abduction. Person was NOT abducted but may believe  an abduction actually occurred.

Hoaxes, unfortunately, consume many hours or weeks of the investigator's valuable time while producing only negligible results, thus hindering serious UFO research. One can only wonder if these hoaxes are not being perpetrated by those who wish to discredit the pro-UFO groups.

True abductions are generally revealed by hypnosis or psychiatric examination, although a number of victims are able to remember at least portions of the abduction on a conscious level. These memories may include incisions, cell sampling, gynecological or fetal interference, interbreeding and other traumatic events. Often these people may recall events of abduction beginning as far back as early childhood. Recurring dreams during adolescence and into early adulthood, particularly if of "monsters" and suffocating, or of being restrained or stabbed, or of walking or floating aimlessly through large, old, empty houses, while not proof, may provide clues to abductions.

Imagined abductions, where the victim believes he or she has been abducted but has no physical scars or specific details and cannot produce evidence that they were absent from their home or city for a length of time, are puzzling but, if sincerely claimed, should be treated with respect and given the same treatment as a real abduction.

These types of "abductions" might actually be telepathic contact, precognitive episodes or out-of-body experiences induced or initiated by 1) aliens, or 2) foreign or domestic intelligence agencies. In other words, ideas, scenes and sounds may have been implanted in the victim's mind during telepathic contact so they afterwards believe they were abducted, taken aboard an alien spaceship and examined or interbred.

While both abduction and telepathic contact may leave the victims with exactly the same memories and lingering fears, the events differ substantially in that the abductee's experience was on primarily a physical level and the telepathic contact was on a purely mental level.

One clue to physical abduction and medical examination may be gleaned from experiments conducted prior to and after the Challenger disaster. It was discovered that certain fertilized chicken eggs did not develop in space and that others produced healthy chicks with slight vertigo problems that left them unable to balance during roost.

Could it be that the aliens, having spent a great deal of time in space, are no longer able to produce fertilized eggs or that space born alien children are being born with serious handicaps? Could it be that they now require eggs fertilized in Earth's gravity by Earth women in order to produce children capable of surviving in space?

And could the telepathic contact episodes be experiments to discover which of us is most sensitive to communion of the minds? Could it be a selection process by intelligence agencies to find future telepathic cosmonauts among your children and grandchildren who may carry the same inherent abilities?

While there is no proof for the theory, it is possible that abductions and telepathic contacts may be executed by aliens and intelligence agencies either jointly or separately for widely different reasons. The aliens may be searching for new genes (suggesting a long period of interplanetary travel and fear of inbreeding) and the intelligence agencies may be searching for individuals (present and future) who will carry the human seed to the far fields of space. Because the distances traveled may be great and the time spent on the journey long, they may also need spare parts and spare genes or sperm and eggs ready to incubate at the appropriate time.

If fertilization in space is risky or even impossible, second generations of pilot and crew will have to be prepared before the ship leaves Earth; that is, seeds stored in containers for future incubation. If human eggs can only be fertilized in space on, say, a 50/50 basis (50% abortion rate), future female cosmonauts would be kept busy on the nest and have little time for anything else if they were expected to produce the succeeding crew!

While no criteria has been established for the study of telepathic contact, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that something or someone is conducting such experiments upon human subjects. These contacts are even more bizarre and difficult to prove than sightings, physical contact or abductions for the reasons stated earlier: there simply is no physical evidence.

Yet the problem, which occurs totally within the human mind, is real and is apparently growing or evolving into the next phase of the UFO phenomena. This insidious invasion of the subconscious mind may herald the beginning of mass landings of alien craft, the final step in the conquest of planet Earth.

If telepathic contact is being conducted by some intelligence agency rather than by aliens, it seems to pose an even more frightening threat because we are left with the mystery of discovering their intentions for doing so.

People who have experienced this telepathic contact generally do not attribute the phenomena to aliens from other worlds; they almost universally claim they are being scanned by some agency within our own government! It seems likely they understand this intuitively, on a subconscious level.

The voices these people hear are real. They seem to emanate from the air either behind or to the side of the contactee. The words are clear and precise, usually short statements or questions. The person may run from the room in fear, display fits of trembling while staring at the space from which the voices or sounds emanated. They may wave their arms at the sounds, begging the entities to go away. They may scream or they may even begin answering the questions or responding to statements they are certain they've heard! They may begin to blame awkward accidents (dropping things or spilling things) on some unseen adversary.

Most notable is a periodic loss of short term memory (hours or a day) during which periods they are unable to recall telephone numbers, dates, addresses or even names of their closest friends.

This suggests that the telepathic contact continues on a kind of "holding pattern", passively rather than actively engaging the victim. On the other hand, the contactee may be so distracted by the frightening events that they are unable to resume normal thinking functions of the brain until several hours have passed even though the contact may have been discontinued.

If this relatively new and undisclosed type of contact is part of the modern "UFO phenomena", it may be very far removed from the mystery with which we began some 50 years ago!


You have video tapes but did you really see it?

A crowd of people wait in the chill darkness of the desert night near Groom Lake, Nevada for a brief glimpse of a UFO. Bundled into blankets and thermal coats, they make small talk, drink gallons of coffee and cast hopeful glances at the sky. At 2 a.m. their vigil is rewarded when lights, arranged in a vee pattern, rise vertically from beyond the mountains, hover for a brief moment, turn and fly directly over their heads. Cameras click and whirr frantically. The craft is out of sight in a matter of seconds.

But four hours later, just before sunrise, the UFO is back, descending from several thousand feet to a vertical landing on the lake bed. Ten or twelve hours of surveillance has resulted in less than 10 seconds of video tape of the suspected UFO. The intrepid sky-watchers creep into their campers and cars for a few hours sleep before returning to their homes and jobs hundreds of miles away.

Planned sky watches and serendipitous UFO sightings occur on a daily or nightly basis somewhere in the United States of America and worldwide. Those who witness UFO flights are certain they have seen something and their video tapes appear to confirm it.

But why are government agencies so eager to proclaim the sightings as hoaxes or mis-identified aircraft? How do they know a hoax is a hoax unless they have perpetrated it? It is odd, is it not, that within seconds of viewing a video tape, some government spokesperson can confidently identify your UFO as twelve ultra light airplanes flying in formation, or four hot air balloons flying in formation; all this from watching a two dimension image on a TV monitor; all this without having waited with you in the cold and darkness.

There can be no doubt that you and your companions saw something rise into the sky and fly silently away (silent, at least, to human hearing). Your video tapes prove it. It seems unlikely that the video camera could capture a telepathic hallucination. It seems equally unlikely that your senses and the video camera could clearly see and record a holographic projection of lights rising and sailing away into the darkness.

But isn't it interesting that the apparent shape of the Groom Lake aircraft is precisely that of unidentified flying objects reported in various parts of America and later claimed to be hoaxes perpetrated by members of  flying clubs? Who arranges and pays for these elaborate hoaxes? Who authorizes ten or twelve private planes to fly in tight formation at low altitudes, some of them without navigation lights, at night above populated areas? Why have not these pilots been prosecuted for violating FAA flight regulations (minimum altitude, aerobatics over a city and failure to display navigation lights)? Who is protecting them? What are they really hiding? Why?

When you see and photograph UFOs over your city and report them, you are telling the truth. Later sightings in the same area, staged by secret agencies, are proclaimed as hoaxes to discredit your sightings. There can be only one viable explanation for these expensive ruses: to prevent you from examining too closely the images on your video tape that might reveal the existence of either 1) government super spy planes or 2) actual alien craft.

UFO sightings are increasing alarmingly worldwide, but particularly in the United States of America. Ample evidence and testimony indicates that several saucer-shaped craft, whether alien or domestic, are being hangared and tested at Groom Mine and site S4 near Papoose Lake in southern Nevada. If they are alien craft, engineers and scientists have obviously not fully  determined how they function although disassembly and study is reported to be a prime subject at S4.

Physicist Robert Lazar has given rather specific details of the propulsion system used aboard at least one of the S4 saucers. According to him, element 115 is converted to anti-matter by bombardment in a small engine on the second deck of the saucer. The resulting conversion of matter into 100% energy creates a thermo-electric burst which is used as intermittent thrust by steerable nozzles on the underside of the craft. When fully energized, the craft is reported to become completely invisible and is able to travel cosmic distances in seconds or minutes by bending space, which, according to the theory, places point A directly upon point B so there is no real linear distance or motion between the two.

In other words, when fully energized, the saucer simply jumps sideways into the target solar system! In the case of the alien "Greys", who have been reported running amok and terrorizing Earthlings for about 10,000 years, the target, when they have completed each round of experiments, is somewhere around Zeta Reticuli (or so the government would have us believe).



Thought to have been built by Northrup and test-flown from Groom Lake since 1983, the THAP (Tactical High-Altitude Penetrator) is probably related to the company's B-2 Proof-Of-Concept vehicles, and also to the TSA (Tactical Stealth Aircraft) Program.

The concept results from a study for a tactical high-altitude penetrator design which is a UAV that can carry a weapons load in an internal bay. Thrust is provided by two high-technology turbofan engines mounted on top of the airframe with some RAM components inherent in the design. Airframe shape is the span-loaded flying wing type resting on tricycle landing gear. Pitch, yaw and roll are controlled by two canted vertical fins, called rudderatrons, coupled to fly-by-wire computer systems. Materials comprising the airframe include RAM plastics surrounding a foam core.

Tests for control probably include remote piloting via VCASS, with the human pilot situated in a simulator at Nellis AFB or Groom Lake and linked to the THAP via one or more of the NAVSATS or by a system similar to Joint STARS.

The terrain outside the vehicle would be relayed via video cameras and other electronic sensors such as those found on many modern strike aircraft to the VCASS helmet worn by the pilot or displayed in at least two dimensions on the interior surface of the simulator shell. The pilot would literally fly the THAP from the comfort and security of his chair on the ground.

Because the satellite link extends over the entire surface of the planet, it seems likely the pilot could fly the craft anywhere he wished until the fuel was depleted. Additionally, because aircraft can always sustain more G's than can humans, we must assume the THAP could perform extreme maneuvers (tight turns, sudden stops and acceleration, etc.) if it was designed to do so. In other words, the remotely piloted THAP could duplicate the maneuvers commonly assigned only to "Flying Saucers."

The THAP is exactly the shape reported during a number of UFO sightings, so we might assume the witnesses are seeing the vehicles during one or more of its many sorties. Designed to penetrate enemy airspace from high altitudes, THAP may have long-range capabilities, perhaps as far as 2,500 to 3,000 miles and subsonic to supersonic speeds.

THAP and  other unidentified aircraft, may be unmanned surveillance vehicles remotely guided by "pilots" sitting in a flight simulator thousands of miles away linked via satellites through VCASS or holographic projections on the interior surface of the simulator shell, giving them a 360º virtual reality view of the terrain over which THAP is flying at any given moment. By extending the concept, we could imagine any type of aircraft, known or unknown, might be controlled in this manner. Without the need to protect a pilot from severe G-forces, the aircraft could be built to perform extreme maneuvers such as those reported during UFO sightings.

AURORA AGAIN: USA to Russia in about an hour?

Code name, Aurora, once thought to belong to the B-2 Bomber or to the F-117A Nighthawk programs, is now known to refer to a super-secret hypersonic long-range stealth aircraft designed and built for the USAF and CIA at Lockheed's ADP facility in Burbank, California. A number of sources have reported Aurora flying from Nellis AFB's Watertown Strip (Area 51) at Groom Dry Lake, Nevada.

Officially, Aurora's top speed has been set at 3,800 miles per hour with a cruise range of 5,750 miles and an operational ceiling of 150,000 feet (28.4 miles). Some independent information places Aurora's top speed closer to 5,000 miles per hour and the operational ceiling at about 40 miles.

With these impressive figures, it is obvious the Aurora was designed to replace the now decommissioned SR-71 strategic reconnaissance aircraft.

According to reports from various aviation authorities, since 1980, Lockheed and the USAF have been testing a Mach 6 hypersonic research, air-breathing, manned aircraft from the secret test range at Area 51 and that Aurora was derived from that research.

The USAF began reducing the  numbers of the aging SR-71s during the mid-1980s so watchers of stealth aircraft knew something was up. Air Force Secretary Edward Aldridge, while explaining the SR-71 retirements, noted that the USAF was interested in developing a manned reconnaissance aircraft incorporating the latest stealth technology.

Aurora's engines run on liquid methane. After taking off from Watertown Strip and refueling once in flight, Aurora can cross the Pacific Ocean in about two hours!

Allocated $2.3 billion in 1985, there are now at least 25 operational hypersonic spy planes  flying from Tonopah Base Area 30 in Nevada.

Two or three personnel, seated in tandem cockpits, operate the Aurora. Its external shape is double delta design with a conformal fuselage/wing blending. Aurora's radar signature is low, probably near that of the F117, which is from 0.1 to .203 square meter.

According to one retired DOD official, "With the SR-71 Blackbird, they knew we were there but they couldn't touch us. With Aurora, they won't even know we're there!"

Lockheed has been studying hypersonic aircraft, Mach 4 to Mach 7, with operational ceiling of up to 250,000 feet (47.3 miles) for years, so it should come as no surprise that squadrons of Auroras are now flying.

Designed and built by the Phalanx Organization, Inc., based in Long Beach, California, the Dragon is a VTOL two-engine aircraft with a 650 knot maximum speed, 30 to 40 knots reverse speed, 2,600 nautical mile range with a payload of about 1,800 pounds and a maximum takeoff weight of 10,000 pounds. The MP-21 Dragon will be manned by up to three personnel and powered by two 4,500/5,000 pound Garrett 731-3 turbine engines. Thrust nozzles similar to those on Harrier jumpjets will be utilized; four for each engine for a total of eight thruster nozzles. Single engine horizontal flight will be possible since each engine nozzle extends to both sides of the aircraft, however, the plane would not be able to hover or reverse if one engine was disabled by enemy fire.

Low fuel consumption, projected to be .485 pounds per pound per hour, is maintained by varying the size of the nozzles' outlets to keep the proper 1,100 to 1,200 foot-per-second exhaust velocity for maximum efficiency.


On October 3, 1967, the North American X-15A-2, piloted by USAF Major William J. "Pete" Knight, was released from its NB-52 mother plane at 35,000 feet above the Mojave Desert to begin its dash for an absolute speed record of 4,520 miles per hour, a record which stood unbroken until exceeded by the Space Shuttle.

Because of the lack of oxygen at the altitudes at which the X-15 flew, the XLR99 rocket engine used anhydrous ammonia as fuel and liquid oxygen as the oxidizer. Fitted with external fuel tanks to prolong engine burn up to 70%, the A-2 climbed to 102,000 feet and reached a speed of Mach 6.7.

A-2 differed from previous Marks in that it had an ablative coating to protect it from the high temperatures encountered at the high Mach velocities. It also had a dummy scram-jet engine fitted to the stub ventral fin to test the feasibility of the engines for sustained high-Mach flight.

The X-15 expanded the envelope of manned, winged flight to the very limits of the atmosphere and opened aviation to horizons only dreamed of previously. In all its variants, X-15 will be remembered as one of the most successful X-planes.

As a direct result of test data obtained by early X-plane flights, and advances in stealth technology, super fighters have been developed that will carry America and her Allies well into the 21st Century. Using exotic fuels and oxidizers, these aircraft will operate at extreme altitudes and be capable of speeds approaching Mach 30, or 17,500 miles per hour, which speed will allow these aircraft to be placed into orbit after unassisted lift-off from their desert bases.

As aircraft technology advances, airplanes are beginning to look more and more like ovate ellipsoids, or 'Flying Saucers." The newest stealth fighters will most certainly be capable of vertical takeoff and landing and may, until the orbital goal is met, operate at speeds approaching Mach 8 or even Mach 10 with ease.

Because of the constraints inherent in protecting the pilot from death during severe maneuvers, many of these aircraft will be capable of only straight and level flight or shallow dives and climbs when operating at their Mach limits. As new data is evaluated, this problem may be solved by designing the aircraft to stop in mid-air, hover, or change directions quickly (but not instantly), or they may be flown remotely from simulators on the ground thousands of miles away.

But while we occasionally see glimpses of these new aircraft or hear rumors of their development, even more remarkable aircraft and devices are being tested in complete secrecy in underground facilities in the American Southwest deserts. If the rumors are correct (and there is no reason at this time to doubt them), galactic travel and even time-travel may be only weeks away!


The mineral wealth from a single asteroid, hundreds of thousands of which are floating through near and far space at any given second, could completely eliminate the U.S. national debt.

The lunar soil, which is 40% oxygen, will one day be processed into water, oxygen and hydrogen fuel for use on Earth, in the lunar colonies, and in Martian colonies and beyond.

Mining the moon, which is a potential bonanza, will be relatively easy once all the habitats and colonists are established. Even Martian colonies, duplicating those of the moon, will become self-supporting worlds, processing minerals and transporting them to Earth and, perhaps, to other colonized planets of this solar system.

Asteroids, some of which could measure five miles across, will be somewhat more of a problem. Because it would be impractical to overtake and mine a wandering asteroid (which may be traveling away from Earth), scientists and engineers have plans to capture these errant wanderers and attach huge "mass driver" engines to them.

After a journey of several months and millions of miles to several years and billions of miles, the asteroids would be inserted into near-Earth orbit. Teams of miners would then be shuttled to the asteroids (which would actually become tiny moons of this planet) in a matter of minutes or hours to work their six-month shifts.

It just so happens that the "mass drivers" will be anti-matter engines very much like those described by Robert Lazar in his remarkable video. Anti matter engines are the only known source of energy capable of moving the mass of asteroids and planetoids for prolonged periods of time (months or years and billions of miles).

According to the theory, 223 grams of element 115 should burn at peak efficiency for 20 to 30 years. That is an efficient engine! And just what the space industry needs to get colonists to the far fields of space or the asteroids to the near fields of Earth.

Unless someone has cornered the market on mass driver 115 engines, I believe I would, had I the technology, turn my efforts to forming a company to build them for the government or even for private enterprise; someone like Dupont, let's say, who will be queueing for position to stake claims to those asteroids.

I don't know what a 115 engine would sell for but it would be a lot more than a 60-minute video tape, that's for sure! Maybe Bob would like to form a company and sell stock among UFO enthusiasts to get it rolling.

Before you begin laughing, let's give it some serious thought. According to a fairly recent Gallup poll, about half the adults in America say they believe UFOs are real. If you could get one dollar from each of them, you would have about $50,000,000.00.

Now, that won't go very far these days when one is thinking of forming a company, but it might be impressive enough to persuade a bank to loan us more so we could begin manufacturing the engines that will take humankind to the stars.

Of course, there is always the old axiom that a bird in the hand (video tape) is worth two in the bush (115 engine). At least for the short run. The 115 engine is obviously being developed anyway at Groom Lake Area S4 in a vehicle that may or may not be shaped like an ovate ellipsoid, perhaps built and funded with your tax dollars, or, perhaps, back-engineered with your tax dollars.

Since we're paying for it anyhow, why not have control of it by owning the company that builds it?

Unless everything we see and hear from the government or from former government employees is just more smokescreen to divert attention from serious UFO research; unless the whole concept of the 115 Anti-Matter engine is a lie, there would be no reason why a private company could not and should not  develop and build it.

Because most of us are uninterested in Chemistry or Physics we don't have current Periodic Tables. Mine is the table published in 1961 and lists only 103 elements, a few of which do not occur naturally and are listed parenthetically. Element 115 does not appear. A trip to the library or a call to UCSD will, of course, provide the information not only on the current table but projected uses for new elements as well.


Risking reproach from a number of UFOlogists, I prefer to begin any analysis of the phenomena with the premise that it is being orchestrated by governments rather than off-world beings in fantastic lightships.

That is not to say that we are not being visited now or will not be visited in the future. I simply have seen no concrete evidence of it and, until I do, I will continue to believe first that the military and particularly the intelligence agencies are behind much of the UFO phenomena. They have the money and the motives to both create the hoax and to keep it going for years.

Despite revealing videos such as that produced by Mr. Lazar,  we still don't have any proof that the USAF or CIA has sequestered alien disks at S4 or anywhere else. Much to Mr. Lazar's credit, he acknowledges the fact that he has no solid proof to substantiate his claims that he worked on alien disks for the government.

As badly as I want to believe the drawings in the video represented alien craft, I fear I cannot simply because I found nothing during the presentation to explain how the saucers operate while in Earth's atmosphere or why they appear as extremely bright balls of light when floating over our cities or preparing to land in our meadows.

According to Mr. Lazar, the saucer should appear as something similar to a comet standing on its tail until it becomes fully energized, at which time it should become invisible as it jumps into another dimension or star cluster such as Zeta Reticuli or Proxima Centauri or even to the dark side of the moon. All that is wonderful narrative but it doesn't tell us what glowing balls of light are flying the skies of this planet.

Until someone can answer those questions, I'll continue to examine the UFO phenomena primarily as secret US reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft. Until someone kills a real alien and lays its cadaver on my doorstep, I will continue to believe "Grey Aliens" are USAF or CIA personnel dressed up in funny costumes. I will continue to believe that our comrades are being abducted and murdered by government agencies. I will continue to believe that telepathic contact experiments are being conducted by the same government agencies.

If "grey aliens" are not humans in costumes, they are at least darklings built by human DNA tinkerers in some of those secret underground laboratories.

I have a great deal of trouble accepting the story that aliens have been conducting genetic experiments on humankind for 10,000 years. That would suggest that we are really little more than their livestock, that they actually "own" us, just as we believe we "own" beasts of the field and fish of the seas and birds of the air.

It also suggests they have an extremely long attention span unless they are moving through time and aren't really "going anywhere"!

We tag sea turtles in the North Atlantic and track them by satellite to see which way they go. We tag birds and fish and elephants to follow their migrations. Are we supposed to believe creatures from Zeta Reticuli are doing the same to us?

Friends! Why would beings who can travel sixty-six zillion light years through space and time in any direction at any time want to concern themselves with something as stupid and boring as tagging and following the migration and sexual behavior of humans (who would be the equivalent of primeval slugs to them)? What is the point?

To capture, examine, impregnate and tag human females to carry their cross-bred children? If they are as wonderful and advanced as some say, they should be able to grow their children in canning jars on their own planet!

To cultivate us as food? If they are twenty billion years more advanced than we, why haven't they figured out how to grow synthetic protein in culture dishes in their own labs on their own planet in their own star cluster?

If we are nothing more than experiments of an advanced race of beings, no more than bacteria on a cosmic glass slide, that means there is no God, no law, no rules, no leaders, no followers. It means anyone should be able to load a gun and kill anyone or anything and no one should have to worry about it or suffer for it.

There should be no trials or punishment for "crimes" because the concept of crime and punishment would be null and void if we belong to funny-looking grey creatures from Zeta Reticuli.

If we have no more rights than a common housefly, then we'll have to do away with ownership of property as well.

If we believe that, we'll have to do away with governments and public minions, dismantle the military and let anarchy reign supreme, laying about in slovenly disgrace until one of the owners comes round to lop off an arm or leg for dinner or grind us into sausage and stir us up in a big vat somewhere in Nevada, USA.

But wait! Why would creatures who can jump from Earth to Zeta Reticuli in a heartbeat keep their food supply in Nevada? Why don't they take it with them?

If you were able to jump from one town to another or one state to another by thinking it, and you wanted to paint a house in, say, Texas; would you keep the paint bucket in New York and jump back and forth every time you had to load the brush just because you could jump back and forth?

If you could jump to the grocery store, would you jump forty times to buy forty items or would you get everything in one jump so you wouldn't have to bother?

People! That's why we have refrigerators and pantries! So we don't have to get in the car (flying saucer) and drive to the store (Nevada) every day!

I can't believe we're more intelligent than our grey owners! They must be humiliated.

But if all this nonsense is being orchestrated by an agency of Earthlings who want you to believe in UFOs and funny-looking grey aliens, then it all makes sense, doesn't it?

They don't take hostages to Zeta Reticuli because they can't get there. Yet! Their medical instruments and surgical techniques are identical to ours because they are ours!

Humans are being abducted for medical experiments. Humans are being contacted telepathically to sort out the espers. Human females are carrying the seeds of a future race of cosmonauts. They may be producing embryos which are sent into space aboard the shuttle to see if they live or die in a weightless environment, the evidence of which will be applied to the technology of future manned excursions to the planets of this solar system and beyond.

Lab rats simply won't provide the needed information, you see.

THE BIG PICTURE! Genetic engineering for 10,000 years? Some say YES!

About 30,000  to 10,000 years ago, something odd occurred in the evolution of homo sapiens: a new and different kind of modern human appeared almost magically and began  evolving beside Neanderthal man in Europe and the Middle East.

The Saldanha Man of South Africa, the Montmaurin Man of France, the Rhodesian Man of Africa, and Neanderthal Man of Europe and the Middle East all existed generally during the early part of the upper Pleistocene era with the Neanderthal Man actually overlapping the appearance of Cro-Magnon Man of Europe after about 30,000 years ago.

There is ample evidence to suggest that Neanderthal Man and Modern Man lived side by side even up to historic times in Europe, the Neanderthals having been interbred with Modern Man to the point that they are no longer recognizable as Neanderthals in much the same way that the Ainu have merged into the mainstream of modern Japanese stock.

Cro-Magnon Man seems to have emerged as a separate species of homo sapiens and related sciences agree that in Earth's recent history, Cro-Magnon underwent a change that is difficult to explain: He lost most of his body hair and he began walking completely upright. He developed layers of fat to help keep him warm and sweat glands to keep him cool.

While scientists agree something happened to dramatically alter the human creature 30,000 to 10,000 years ago, leading him quite suddenly from a stone tool -hunter-gatherer-wandering furry semi-primate tree and cliff dwelling society towards a monogamous-pair bonded-law-making-technologically oriented spaceward-looking society, they cannot, of course, agree on what the event was.

The skeletal remains of a tiny hominid (humanlike anthropoid) were discovered on the coast of Africa and are believed to date from about the same period (10,000 - 30,000 years ago).

The hominid was about three feet tall, had an enlarged head, and was very frail and slender when living. The jaw was so weak that it could not have been a predator; it could not have chewed raw meat or cracked bones. It would have been no stronger than a two-year old child.

But this tiny creature was discovered in layers of silt that were deposited upon the Earth during the Upper Pleistocene Period before Neanderthal Man faded into evolutionary history and during a period when Cro-Magnon Man underwent an unexplained change. Did a Zetan get left behind? Was he bopped on the noggin by a right brain motivated Neanderthal who was immune to telepathic suggestion?

Theories abound in UFO mythology that claim humankind has been tampered with by aliens from Zeta Reticuli for about 10,000 years! According to some, humans have been genetically altered 65 times during that period. At least one person has come forward to state publicly that the government has a repository of information showing that the Zetans have "photographic" proof they have visited Earth since about 8000 B.C.

Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so here is mine: I suspect the people who conjured up this theory knew that humans underwent an evolutionary change about 10,000 years ago and are using this (as yet) unexplained event to form the basis of their claim.

Anyone with the gumption to do so, may read of these unresolved evolutionary mysteries in a number of books on anthropology, particularly those dealing with the subject of The Aquatic Ape or The Naked Ape.

But, just to provide fodder for the religious zealots, let us agree that the tampering claim is true as presented and that all proof to substantiate the claim has been accepted by all without further argument.

What we are left with, if we accept the claim, is a past without reason and a future without hope. If we have mistaken Zetans for God all these centuries; if we have mistakenly ascribed to the prophets (Buddha, Brahma, Mohammed, Isaiah, Yeshwa) mystical powers that rightfully belong to little grey aliens; if we really began life in a test-tube on Zeta Reticuli Four and Earth is simply a garden for growing their culture smears; if we are living only to satisfy the egomaniacal theories of Zetan scientists, and if, when we die, we go, not to Paradise or Valhalla, but to a trash bin in someone's laboratory on ZR4, then:

The Magna Carta meant nothing. Arthurian codes of conduct meant nothing. The French revolution meant nothing. The second world war meant nothing. Poetry means nothing. Music means nothing. Great literature means nothing. Truth means nothing. Purity means nothing. Religion means nothing. Family means nothing and decendancy is all an illusion.

Government means nothing (well, we knew that). Laws and lawyers mean nothing. Goodness, kindness, honesty and generosity mean nothing. Military powers have none, never did and never will.

What we thought of as real and right does not now and never did exist, and never will. The hours of the day and days of the week, the seasons and turning of the cosmos is a dream in the mind of little grey hominine anthropoids who implanted the idea into our collective consciousness about 10,000 years ago when they created Cro-Magnon Man, the first real, upright-walking hairless ape that was to become 20th Century humankind.

If all this is true, you can easily see why people in positions of power would not want you to know and understand it. Number one, they would no longer have any power over you (not that they really ever did unless you said it was okay). The military would be only a bunch of well-armed hairless apes who nonetheless still belonged one and all, from the lowest E-1 to the highest zero, to the same funny looking little Zetans.

To the Zetans, everyone bears the same rank: Nothing. Zip. Nada.

And if all this is true, then the Uniform Code of Military Justice isn't worth the paper it's written on, just as the Constitution and Declaration of Independence weren't worth the effort and time and killing.

So what do we do? Do we tell everyone the truth and lose our stature and status, our money and property, or do we keep our mouths shut, agree to work with the Zetans for awhile, and keep our money, power and property? It doesn't take a Harvard grad to figure that one out.

There are a number of flaws in this theory, although the flaws do not necessarily disprove it. The number one objection to the theory is that if we are genetically engineered Zetan experiments, the Zetans have badly botched the batch, have they not? Why, when they were tinkering, did they not eliminate fatal and harmful diseases? Why did they not eliminate death? If they are as good as some people think, it should be no problem.

Unless we are literally lab rats on whom the Zetans are testing their latest toxins and anti-toxins, we would be hard pressed to see any benefits of their tampering. Even the grand poobahs of government die from the most lowly and common of diseases. Seems to me that if they had agreed to help and to cover up the crimes of the Zetans, they would be immune and would be granted eternal life or something.

But, no. Their kids get chicken pox. Their wives develop ovarian cysts and breast cancer. They get prostrate cancer or have heart attacks and croak just like the rest of us. Where's the justice in that?

The second flaw in the theory is the question of consciousness. Why would the Zetans force us out of a primarily right brain intuitive, layed-back existence in the Garden of Paradise and into a left brain, high-stress, high tech existence, implant us with knowledge of the world outside the Garden, give us self-awareness, then  crush our esteem by springing upon us with the revelation of the great lie?

Okay, Dr. Frankenstein created a monster then had to kill it after it became self-aware because it was running amok and killing people. Left to his own devises, Frank the Younger may have conspired to start a war that would kill 80 million or so. Or he might have scratched around on his drafting table until he came up with, oh, an atomic bomb or something.

Considering the cosmos as a whole, the good doctor was probably wise to nip his terribly flawed experiment in the bud.

But here is the truth of the matter: If our society became as uncontrolled as the rampant Frankenstein monster after learning of the lie, we, like it, would have to be eliminated to preserve law and order, would we not? If not, then society "as we know it" would literally cease to exist.

When it finally sinks in that you are not a child of God but the property of a Zetan chemical engineer that will fairly well cut the cake for you if you are unable to deal with the concept of being little more than livestock, tagged and branded and herded into a corral called Earth, each of us awaiting the day when we will be lifted by our ears and plunked down on a cold steel table to be cut apart and examined or put to death for the advancement of the Zetan space program.

Revelations like that can ruin a Super Bowl Sunday in a hurry.

But what if it isn't that at all? What if we have become storage bins for Zetan kas awaiting rebirth (reincarnation). What if we are reincarnated Zetans?

Or what if the Zetans are us 10,000 years from now? What if they are coming back through time to make the necessary changes to either insure time travel or to prevent it (having discovered that it is a bad idea)?

Or what if neither the Zetans nor humans even exist? What if we are just a nightmare inside the mind of a creature that is greater than either of us? And what if this fitful dreamer wakes up? What happens to us?


Then, of course, there is this theory: The Zetans arrived about 10,000 years ago and genetically altered a creature roaming the plains and savannahs of planet Earth, returning periodically to prod the new creature, to tag it and follow its migrations until, now, after several disastrous wars, famines and oil shortages, they find we have developed weapons that could, if perfected, blow them right back to home base.

A few get through to claim their livestock but, so far the intelligence agencies and the USAF have kept them fairly well restricted to the upper atmosphere, using, of all things, the very technology the Zetans left here for our enlightenment forty years ago!

Man, I'll bet that really makes them gnash their mandibles! I can almost hear the scalpels bouncing off the walls now!

GETNOW WHAT IS THIS? Odd things in the sky; discs coming from the sea near Hawaii!

I recently received a large packet of information from a reader which contained a transcript of a recorded lecture by Bill Cooper, and a computer printout of several reports of UFO sightings in Belgium.

Belgium Air Force officials categorically deny that the UFOs sighted by police, citizens, Air Force personnel and government officials are military aircraft (particularly US secret aircraft), and especially not F-117s or B-2 Stealth Bombers.

True, they are not F-117 Nighthawks or B-2 Bombers. They are THAP RPVs. This is what people are seeing worldwide. THAPs may be configured as RPV photo surveillance and cartographic scanning vehicles. In other words, it obtains images that are subsequently made into computerized maps for systems like Joint STARS, and for inclusion in remote VCASS simulator control units.

Joint STARS stands for Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System. Originally mounted in aging 707s, this system utilizes radar images overlaid onto computerized maps of any region of the world and can pinpoint single human beings from several hundred miles away. This information is displayed on any of a dozen monitors in the airborne aircraft and, simultaneously, to ground units (Army and Marine) who are in a position to strike the people and/or machines observed on the screens. The information is also instantly transmitted to air squadrons who are in a position to attack and destroy the enemy units.

STARS was used during the Gulf War to observe Iraqi reinforcements moving toward Al Kafje in Kuwait. They never made it. STARS was also used to observe Iraqi units leaving Kuwait City in the face of advancing coalition forces. The "Highway To Hell" scenario attests to the effectiveness of the STARS system. Nothing moves on the face of Earth that cannot be seen and tracked and ultimately destroyed by using Joint STARS.

But, in order for STARS to work, it must first have accurate, up-to-date maps of the area over which the 707s (and other aircraft) will fly (the Theater of Operations). These up-to-date charts and computer maps with roads, lakes, even foliage, are obtained by 1) Aurora, and 2) THAP RPVs.

By now, STARS is probably standard equipment on most tactical penetrators and on all Aurora aircraft since it seems no longer necessary to have the 707s in the loop, they having proved that STARS is a viable airborne system.

But, why, you might ask, is the CIA mapping the whole world? No answer is required; you can figure it out for yourself, I think. Cold War mentality and the grandeur of ultimate power rank very high as reasons. Also see my Report #1, ref: mapping for future space flights.

Next subject: Bill Cooper.

I really don't know what to make of Bill Cooper. I have a video tape of one of his lectures in which he makes a lot of serious historical errors and contradictions.

I realize the reader was transcribing from a tape and might have heard some things incorrectly, however, if transcribed properly, some errors appear that Mr. Cooper could not possibly have made if he is telling the truth (rather than just guessing).

1) He claims his Security Classification TS/M/RI* is imprinted on the front of his DD-214. Not likely. It would not even be imprinted on the back of the DD-214. There is no space for it. The DD-214 is a record of a person's enlistment, date of entry, dates of promotions, duty stations and dates, awards, medals and ribbons, date and type of discharge. Security clearances are shown on separate sheets of paper provided by the investigating agency.

2) He claims (if heard right) that BI stands for Bureau of Investigation. Not so. BI stands for Background Investigation. Information on the page will tell who performed the investigation. It is not always the FBI. A Background Investigation is standard procedure for anyone requesting or required to obtain a security clearance and does not denote any particular priority or favor to the person. A person obtaining a Confidential clearance (lowest) will receive a BI just as a person receiving a Crypto clearance (highest known) will receive the same, although more complete,  BI.

3) Project Grudge was the Air Force investigation of UFO sightings which was later changed to Project Blue Book. It seems unlikely they would have two operations with the same name. The government doesn't normally work that way.

4) The MAJority documents have been tested and found to have been falsified.

5) The Germans built and test flew a highly advanced jet-powered saucer shaped craft in 1944, very near the end of the war. It was built by the BMW plant in Prague and was destroyed so it would not fall into allied hands (so the intelligence reports would have us believe).

The reason Germany was unable to deploy these aircraft against allied troops was because it was NOT derived from alien technology, although it most certainly used advanced (for that time) ideas. The allies may or may not have captured a disk which  later flew (1946-47) from the American Southwest National Ranges. We may be seeing developments of those aircraft today!

6) Mr. Cooper names Professor Hermann Oberth as "James Oberth", and claims he was the greatest rocket scientists who ever lived. Professor Oberth, considered by many to be the "father" of German rocket science, did not "retire" from government service; he elected to go back to Germany after only a two-year "scientific advisor" position at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama (1955 to 1957). His expertise in the field of rocketry was deemed so inconsequential that his "advisor" position was offered on a one-year basis, renewable by request of either party. Professor Oberth realized that his stipend from the German government would be many times greater than his salary at Redstone or any accrued retirement, so he went back to Germany.

Professor Oberth was actually barred from Dornberger's military rocket center at Kummersdorf during the 1930s because he was of Rumanian citizenship and considered a potential spy! That made him ineligible to work at Peenemunde as well. In 1938 he moved to Vienna where he investigated the possibilities of liquid propelled rockets, remaining there until 1940, when he moved to Dresden, Germany to take a similar middle-post position. Not until one year later, in 1941, when he requested to return to Mediash, Romania, did he discover that he was a virtual prisoner in Germany because he knew a bit too much about Nazi rocket developments.

He had two options: To renounce his Rumanian citizenship and become a naturalized German or to remain on the Nazi's "alien" list, a course which could land him in a concentration camp. He chose German citizenship, and the Nazis sent him to Peenemunde in 1941 where, after recovering from the shock of learning of the great advances of von Braun's team, he was assigned an inconsequential position as "consulting engineer."

In 1943 he was transferred to Wittenberg and remained there as an "investigator" until the war ended in 1945. Intensive interrogation by allied intelligence units revealed that he did not possess information worthy of exploitation so he was allowed to return to his country house in Feucht, West Germany.

Until 1952 he could do little more than" grow cabbages and turnips in my little vegetable garden," and he was unable to land a job even as a teacher in a secondary school. Eberhard Rees, von Braun's deputy at Redstone Arsenal, learned of Oberth's plight in 1952 and he was subsequently employed there in 1955, again, as only a "scientific advisor." It would be interesting to find out where the Oberth "press conference" was held (if) and obtain news releases. Perhaps Mr. Cooper can provide them.

Other information contained in his report is only half-researched and half-correct. It makes me doubt his credibility since it seems necessary, in explaining the UFO phenomena, to be correct all the time (allowing for minor typos or misinterpretation of dates or job descriptions, etc.). Making just one mistake can cast a great deal of suspicion on the entire testimony. Mr. Cooper has made several mistakes, and glaring ones at that! If his other information is true (documents he saw while in Hawaii, craft rising from and diving into the sea), why would he taint it with obviously incorrect information about historic figures and historic events? If he has not researched historic (verifiable) events except summarily, then how deeply has he probed other (unverifiable) events?

Much of the information Mr. Cooper lectures about is speculation that has circulated through inner circles since about 1950. I was reading most of it in 1964 when I was attached to 1) Naval Reconnaissance Technical Support Center and 2) Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington, DC. Except for a very small percent which could not be verified, nearly all of it has been shown to be speculation or downright false information.

But if Mr. Cooper wants us to believe him, why would he make false statements any of us can verify with a phone call, a letter to the Navy Department, or trip to our local library? Surely he doesn't expect us to take everything he says at face value without doing some investigating on our own!

Witnesses and investigators of the Belgium sightings were astounded by the maneuvers of the UFOs. One UFO speeded up when acquired by the radar of a pursuing F-16 from about 280 KPH to 1800 KPH while descending from 3000 meters to 1700 meters in one second, an acceleration of 40 Gs!

As the F-16 continued to search for the intruder, the UFO dove for the ground until at an altitude of 200 meters, at which time it was below the scan of the ground radar.

One G is equivalent to the exact force of the gravity of Earth, or 9.81 meters per second per second. Since humans generally die at forces greater than 8G, everyone assumes the vehicles are unmanned or are manned by creatures not of human origin.

They fail to take into consideration the possibility of an anti-mass field surrounding the vehicle and its passengers. A vehicle and crew rendered massless would not be subjected to inertial forces and could, therefore, perform extreme maneuvers without harm to the airframe or to the crew.

Another objection was the absence of sound, especially of engine noises or a sonic wave as the vehicle accelerated past the speed of sound at tree-top level. Sound, which is a wave vibrating in air, can be nullified by computers emitting the exact opposite wave.

Additionally, reflected light, which is also a wave vibrating in air, can be altered by causing the vehicle to vibrate at frequencies not visible to human senses or recording devices, rendering the aircraft virtually invisible!


The Paperclip Conspiracy,

The Hunt for the Nazi Scientists; Tom Bowker;

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The Dreamers Who Made Space Flight a Reality.

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MOONBASE ALPHA: U.S. Army proposed building a base on the lunar surface in 1958!

In January 1958, Lt. General Arthur G. Trudeau, upon relinquishing command of troops stationed in South Korea to become chief of army research and development, promised to inject a "vigorous attitude" into U. S. Army missile and weapons programs.

In a secret message dispatched to Major General John Bruce Medaris, head of the army's ballistic missile program, Trudeau declared a "proposal to establish a lunar outpost to be of critical importance to the U. S. Army in the future."

Medaris and von Braun promptly organized a task force to address the project which was to utilize Redstone's new Saturn boosters to place men and material onto the lunar surface. One of the men they employed was H. H. Koelle, head of von Braun's launch vehicle analysis group. Koelle, although enraptured by rocket science at an early age had not found his way to either the Raketenflugplatz or to Peenemunde. At the outbreak of the war he had joined the Luftwaffe, became a pilot, and was shot down and captured by the Americans. After the war he founded the German Space Society in 1948 and began a seven-year exchange of letters with von Braun which culminated in an offer of employment at Redstone Arsenal, which Koelle accepted in 1955.

Koelle and his task force set out to propose a daring mission, beginning with a statement of purpose. Foremost of the benefits to be reaped from a lunar base would be a unique reconnaissance and surveillance platform. Additionally, the lunar base was expected to improve communications on Earth and deep space by establishing a high-powered relay station. They also offered the civilian scientific community an opportunity to establish an independent research laboratory there. Finally, the lunar base would have provided a low-gravity launch platform for excursions into deep space.

The Redstone team saw this as much more than imaginative speculation and theatrical adventures. "Project Horizon" gave the Saturn boosters a mission. Their report, completed and rushed to Trudeau on June 9th, 1959, promised landing of cargo on the lunar surface would begin in January, 1965 with the first cadre of personnel to follow three months later!

Thereafter, the moonlift project would move into high gear, and by November 1966, twenty-two months after the initial landings on the moon, nearly 150 Saturn boosters would have delivered over two hundred tonnes of useful cargo. An additional 100 tonnes would be delivered the following year, including cylindrical tanks twenty feet long and ten feet in diameter to be used in building a permanent lunar station capable of supporting twelve scientists or technicians.

Unfortunately, the fates threw a wrench into the game in the person of Dr. Herbert F. York. As director of defense research and engineering, he was in a position to dictate scientific and technical matters to the secretary of defense and he wasted neither time nor words on Army Secretary William Brucker and General Medaris. Expressing his belief that "nothing yet suggested by the military, even after trying hard for several years, indicates any genuine need for a man in space," York effectively formed the strategy that would keep America's Army deeply rooted on terra firma.

Aware that Defense Secretary McElroy wanted to be rid of the expensive Saturn and knowing no constraints had been placed on NASA for superboosters, Dr. York offered them not only the Saturn booster, but the transfer of ABMA's entire rocket organization of several thousand people!

And that's how NASA got into the big booster business and that's how America put men on the moon before the advent of the Shuttle program.

Whether or not the army placed men and materials on the moon subsequent to the first lunar excursions is a topic of heated debate. Something is up there! Russian and Japanese astronomers filmed an enormous vehicle (perhaps one kilometer in diameter) orbiting the moon, casting a good solid shadow on the surface as it passed north to south at the estimated speed of 200 kilometers (124 miles) per second!

That figures out to be 450,000 miles per hour. If the craft moved on impulse power alone it could travel from the moon to Earth, a distance of 240,000 miles, in about 25 minutes, roughly the same amount of time it would take to eat a decent meal.

The Russian scientist, clearly awed by the sighting, said, "Can you imagine it? A space station that large, traveling so fast?"

A TV photographer filming a documentary on a farm near Bellevue, Wisconsin also inadvertently captured the image of a large vehicle entering Earth's atmosphere in broad daylight. Using the Cirrus clouds at 25,000 feet and the height of the windmill as reference points, the craft was calculated to be 500 feet in length, above 50,000 feet (10 miles) and moving at 14,000 miles per hour! The object was clearly a real nuts and bolts-three dimensional craft.

If the Army or Air Force is not driving this immense vehicle out of and into Earth's atmosphere and to the lunar surface, Dr. York would have good reason to regret his decision to reject an army base there when we had the boosters and motivation to do so thirty years ago!

If earthlings are not the owners of that vehicle, then we had better spend some time and money to discover why it is in lunar orbit and why it comes to Earth from time to time (to capture humans or to rotate the Army's lunar crews?) A vehicle one kilometer in diameter (slightly greater than one-half mile) obviously required some time, money and effort to build and most certainly requires a lifting technology of which we laypeople are unaware.

But if we possessed the ability to lift men and materials to the lunar surface in the early 1960's, when the world's collective attention was upon the Vietnam conflict and civil unrest in America, we most certainly have better technology now. The VTOL Freighters have been on the drawing boards for years, particularly those for the military. Using the proven "Shuttle" hull and tilt turbine engines and scram jets, it could lift enormous weight from desert bases and place it into Earth orbit. Three days later (or less) the freighter could be landing on the moon.

Crews could be rotated every three to six months. Neither the journey nor the assignment would be outside the bounds of current technology or physical and psychological constraints.

But the question is: Why? What are the lunar crews doing up there? If they are mining the lunar surface, what are they doing with the extracted materials? Is the kilometer-size vehicle loaded with lunar soil, gold, silver, hydrogen, oxygen? Does the engine run on the very soil it digs from the lunar surface? Are there processing plants on Earth to convert the ore and materials into something worth the time and effort? Where are they? Who owns them?

The ten seconds of film from the Japanese astronomers is the most compelling evidence that a huge vehicle is in orbit around the moon. If it is an Earth vehicle owned and operated by earthlings for the benefits of humans, fine. If it is a vehicle from another galaxy or solar system, should we not find out what they are doing here? If someone here is in cahoots with them, it's time to find out why, and discover why we who pay their wages have been excluded from the decision process.

The Gulf War, which revealed some of the marvels envisioned during the Vietnam conflict, proved, if anything, that America can win any war, anytime, against any foe, and do it in a minimum amount of time with a minimum loss of American troops. EWACS and AWACS and Joint STARS can pinpoint anything that moves on land or in the air for several hundred miles in any direction. Strike aircraft and ground to air missiles can find and destroy anything man-made that moves within the view of military detection equipment. Ground forces can be instantly alerted to the movements of enemy troops and can destroy them with an arsenal of sophisticated weapons without ever acquiring them visually.

But do military air forces and ground forces engage UFOs hovering or cavorting for hours over American cities? They do not!

There are only a few reasons why the military does not attempt to intercept and destroy vehicles that have entered our air space: 1) They have concluded that it would be futile to try since the (alien) UFOs can always detect and evade incoming weapons; 2) They don't want to engage the UFOs because they are American (or allied) secret aircraft and are operating in American air space with permission; 3) They are alien craft operating in American air space with permission; 4) The UFOs cannot be detected with any system currently in American military inventories; 5) The UFOs aren't really there at all but, rather, are images projected mechanically or telepathically to the viewers, which images can also be recorded on video tape! (Which leaves us with a whole new set of mysteries!)

It has been said rather poetically that, "The Sky Keeps No Memories." Whatever occurs in the ether vanishes when the event has passed. But video cameras keep rather astounding memories and we should make every attempt to obtain clear, sharp images of any unusual craft traversing the skies  of planet Earth (or moon if you have a good telescope).

 The Gulf War, like the Vietnam conflict, was a theatrical diversion to keep the world's attention away from spectacular aircraft and UFOs that are now orbiting the moon and, perhaps, freefalling toward deep space with human cargos destined for the Martian colonies.

Some UFOlogists have insisted for years that America has military or scientific outposts not only on the moon, but on Mars as well. They may be right about that but one wonders why no one has come forward to leak the information to the general public. Perhaps they are vigorously dissuaded from doing so by threats of death.

A craft capable of traveling at 450,000 miles per hour could make the 35,000,000 mile journey to Mars in about 80 hours (Friday afternoon to Monday morning) whereas a conventionally powered craft requires about three months.

But if America has developed engines capable of driving space craft at such fantastic speeds, why do they not use the technology to propel automobiles, ships and conventional aircraft?

Number One: Such a revelation to a society based upon a fossil fuel economy would destroy the very fabric of our cultures. Millions upon millions of people would become unemployed if such an engine were to be introduced onto world markets.

At the present time there is simply no room for the perfect power source in a society designed to either produce fossil fuels or to be driven by them.*


A number of people contend that secret societies have financed Science Fiction and Science Fantasy films to prepare us for the day when we are overwhelmed by off world beings who are coming to harvest us as food.

My response to this suggestion is: BALONEY! If a secret agency or secret society is financing films like Close Encounters, ET, Mac and Me, and other films considered "pro-alien," who is financing the anti-alien films such as Predator I and II, Alien I, II, and III, Terminator, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Body Snatchers, The Thing  and others?

How can some UFOlogists claim pro-alien films are financed secretly to persuade us to love the aliens who will ultimately eat us for dinner, then dismiss anti-alien films as just accidents or of no consequence? Why not face the truth of the matter and admit that some filmmakers are entranced by the idea that aliens might be cute innocent little baby-like creatures who mean us no harm, while others see aliens as mean, ugly beasts who want to destroy Earth and all who dwell here?

Science Fiction and Science Fantasy films, unlike war propaganda films which are often financed by the government, are clearly the creative choices of the filmmakers, not the dictates of intelligence agencies or secret societies or body-snatching aliens! It is just this kind of nonsense that distracts us from serious research and investigation of the UFO phenomena. The sooner we drop it, the sooner we can uncover the real meaning behind the sightings, contacts and abductions!

PERFECT COVER: How "aliens" and UFOs are used to hide secret military projects.

Amazing Alien! It is hairless, has no eyelids, is about the same size as an adolescent human teenage girl, comes from Zeta Reticuli, drives a spaceship no one has ever been aboard, zips from here to there in a twinkling and has been tampering with human genetic codes for about 10,000 to 30,000 years (or so some would have us believe). It might have been created by genetic engineers in one of those secret underground labs right here on Earth! On the other hand, it could be an intelligence agent or military member dressed up in a funny suit!

If I had a secret intelligence organization and I wanted to be able to go anywhere, anytime and do anything I wanted while I gathered intelligence information on any person or country without having to answer to anyone if (or when) I got caught, I would "create" an "alien" life form, let it fly around in my amazing saucer-shaped craft armed with the latest weapons and detection-evading systems and deny knowing anything about it.

That way, if a saucer crashed or someone got lucky and killed one of my agents, I would not be held responsible for violating anyone's civil rights or for violating any international laws with respect to espionage.

It would be the perfect cover.

Or if I had a secret intelligence organization trying to find out who was controlling the "aliens", and if I wanted to devise methods of detecting and destroying or, at least, repelling the "aliens" and their controllers, I would try to obtain one of their aircraft and crews and I would take everything apart and see how it worked. That way I could invent machines to counter their incursions into my air space.

But I wouldn't tell anyone in the general public what I was doing because I might want to join the "aliens" someday (to save my life or political career), or I might want to use their methods to control the citizens of my country after declaring the beginning of the New World Order.

It would be the perfect cover if I could always blame some unknown "aliens." If things went bust, I could simply tell the world that I knew nothing about the "alien" life forms, that it was obviously an "invasion" from another galaxy but that the last ten administrations knew all about it and had been helping the "aliens" take over for forty years. You can see how this would enhance my opportunities if I had aspirations for the highest office in America, especially if I had forty or fifty years of intelligence information to back up my claim.

By the way, if you have a photograph of a real alien, send it along. We'd like to see one!


Many people who deny the existence of UFOs do so because they have not seen one and, indeed, do not even know how to go about observing UFOs and TLOs.

The "classic" sighting is one where the witness sees a three-dimensional, metal object hovering in the sky at low altitude or very near (if not touching) the ground, usually in a remote area and generally when the witness is alone. The witness is so bedazzled by the appearance of the craft that they cannot give a good description of it and cannot recall many of the important details, including its actual shape!

But UFOs must come from somewhere and go to somewhere on or near Earth. That means they may traverse the skies from coast to coast all the time at speeds too fast to record by the human eye or mind except, perhaps, subconsciously. Even cameras with fast film and high shutter speeds may often be inadequate to record the flights of these craft. Here's why:

Let us assume, for purposes of illustration, that a bright craft 500 feet in diameter and moving at 15,000 miles per hour enters the atmosphere and could be seen by a steady human eye at an altitude of 30,400 feet (5 nautical miles). Let's say it is first observed moving East to West at a slant range of 200 miles by a person in St. Louis, Missouri. When first seen, the UFO would be somewhere over southern Indiana generally above Evansville.

At a speed of 15,000 miles per hour the UFO would be directly above St. Louis in about 40 seconds. Forty seconds later, it would disappear from sight in the West above Kansas City. The UFO would have traveled some 400 miles in about 80 seconds.

Since the human eye generally cannot acquire objects that small at distances so great, we must confine the area of sighting to about 100 miles total (50 miles on either side of the observer) in clear sky with unlimited visibility. The entire sighting area would be restricted to a line no greater than the distance from St. Louis to Hannibal, Missouri (or perhaps to Quincy, Illinois).

The UFO would traverse the 100 miles in 25 seconds if moving at a speed of 15,000 miles per hour.

But assume the UFO is moving at a speed of 200 km (124 miles) per second, a speed estimated as that of the craft photographed orbiting our moon. At that speed the UFO would travel through the area of sighting in less than one-half second! Unless you were looking directly at it and knew which direction it would be moving; unless your camera was pointed at exactly the spot where it would first appear, was on and recording, and unless you could pan with the object as it passed overhead, you would not even see it or know that it flew over your cities!

At 200 km per second (450,000 miles per hour), the UFO would make the entire trip from Key West, Florida to Victoria, BC, a distance of some 3000 miles in about 24 seconds! It would not be in your field of view long enough for your brain to record its passing!

To make matters worse, we have completely discounted clouds, trees or buildings which might obstruct our view of the skies. If the sighting was recorded at night and if the UFO was seen as light reflected from the setting sun (rather than transmitted), it would reach a point in its passing where it would move beyond the terminator and would no longer reflect light from the sun. For all practical purposes, it would become invisible to the unaided human eye at that point.

So how may we record the flights of UFOs that are traversing the skies of Earth at any given time day and night? A fairly simple but not inexpensive device can help us record the fleeting images automatically. Construction of the device will require 1) the help of 12 friends with video cameras, or 2) the purchase of 12 identical video cameras. 3) Purchase and construction of a parabolic sound recording dish, tapes and recorders.

Preferably, the video cameras should be identical and should be capable of recording data directly onto the tape (dates, times, camera number, etc.). The focal length of the lenses should be identical and the size and recording time of the tapes should be identical for obvious reasons.

We will have to utilize 12 cameras because a normal personal video camera generally will cover an area of 35º horizontal field of view. Placing 12 of the cameras on a circular platform will give us coverage of the entire 360º horizon with some overlap for reference points.

Because vertical coverage is normally only about 25º, the cameras should be tilted upward to include only a degree or two of the horizon. This will still leave a void from about 25º to the zenith, or a total of about 100º overhead that will not be covered unless you want to invest in several more cameras.

Generally speaking, most UFO sightings seem to occur within this 25º of area covered by our camera arrangement so we should be able to record something nearly every night.

One good thing about video tape is that you can rewind and reuse it if you do not record any significant images. All aircraft lights, automobile lights, meteors and lights reflected from satellites (if observed and identified) should be discounted at once. We are only interested in those craft or phenomena referred to as UFOs or TLOs.

Since the cameras and platform will be left outside and operating most of the night, they should be protected from moisture. This will require construction of angled windows made of optically clear glass. Additionally, because some condensation may form inside the enclosed housing, some sort of low temperature heating or evaporating device should be employed.

The cameras and recording devices should be connected to house current and should be rigged to shut off when all the tape is expended. If you stay awake to monitor the devices, this automatic shut-off feature may be eliminated from the plan.

Smaller and less expensive cameras are those used to monitor children or infants. These are "see only" cameras and must be connected to recording devices (VCR recorders) and monitors. This set up would require 12 cameras, 12 recorders and 12 monitors (if you plan to sit and watch). Eliminate the monitors if you only plan to replay each tape when you arise the following morning.

The advantage of this set up would be placement of the recorders and monitors in a protected environment, eliminating the possibility that moisture (dew, rain, snow) might damage your expensive video equipment and the tapes. Additionally, VCR recorders will shut off automatically when all the tape has been expended. Set on SLP, the recorders could tape up to six hours of surveillance data each night (more if you load your own cassettes or can find 8-hour tapes).

Because the light transmitted from UFOs and TLOs is so brilliant, you should give some serious thought to using neutral density filters when taping these objects. By reducing the amount of light entering the lens, we may be able to more clearly identify the hull shapes and any prominent features (portholes, sensing devices, etc.) not normally visible because of the intensity of the light surrounding them.

Additionally, colored filters should be used on hand-held cameras to eliminate certain colors while enhancing others. During daylight shoots, try to use a minus blue filter (yellow to amber) to darken the sky and brighten floating objects, including clouds and UFOs. Make certain the camera is in focus and batteries are fully charged. Anything you can do to enhance the sharpness and definition of the images will increase the chances of properly identifying what you have recorded.

A word about filters: Filters prevent their own color from being seen while passing all other colors in an altered fashion. If you use a red filter, colors like green and blue may be transmitted as black; yellow and white as orange, etc. This is not particularly a disadvantage as those altered colors may reveal things about UFOs we cannot normally see in the visible spectrum. Infrared and Ultraviolet films and filters will reveal a great many more things considered totally invisible to the unaided human eye!

Because sound can be enhanced or separated with sophisticated equipment, you should make every attempt to record the night sounds during your taping sessions. Audio tape, like video tape, can be used over and over if you record no significant sounds. Even if you think you have recorded no sounds while having recorded the passage of a UFO, take the audio tape to a sound studio and have them analyze it carefully, particularly for sounds outside the range of human hearing. Their instruments can do this easily, although not inexpensively.

All intelligence information is important! Sounds, no less than visual images, can reveal important clues about UFOs and TLOs, including the power source and reasons for the absence of sonic waves. A fairly inexpensive piece of equipment all UFO researchers should carry is a "BIG EAR" parabolic dish you can attach to almost any directional microphone and recording device.

The "EAR" directs sound to the sensitive tip of the microphone rather than allowing the sound to scatter in all directions. A good directional microphone coupled with a parabolic dish can enhance sound hundreds of times over that received by the human ear.

MISSIONS TO THE MOON AND MARS: Has someone got there ahead of us?

Clearly defining America's role in space for the coming century, former President Bush expressed a long-range continuing course for human exploration on July 20, 1989 when he said, "First, for the coming decade, for the 1990's, Space Station Freedom, our critical next step in all our space endeavors. And next, for the next century, back to the moon, back to the future, and this time, back to stay. And then a journey into tomorrow, a journey to another planet, a manned mission to Mars. Each mission should and will lay the groundwork for the next."

With those words, the President specified the goals contained in the 1988 Presidential Directive on National Space Policy: to expand human presence and activity beyond Earth orbit into the solar system. Now the shape of human exploration of space was clear.

Exploration of the moon and Mars will help us regain our competitiveness and strengthen America's technological foundations. It will be the catalyst to provide needed initiatives and enthusiasm to stimulate our people in sciences and engineering.

It provides the opportunity for international cooperation by expressing a world space exploration initiative. It can be built on current scientific initiatives and, coupled with new objectives, sustain America's leadership in unlocking the secrets of our planet and the universe.

The mission sequence of the Space Exploration Initiative (SEI) is now defined: Begin with Space Station Freedom in the 1990's; return to the lunar surface to establish permanent colonies early in the 21st century, then use the lunar bases as a soft-launch platform for the Mars missions.

SEI provides a framework from which various elements of and approaches to human exploration of the moon and Mars may be examined to determine where best to invest in high-leverage innovative technologies to make major impacts on costs, schedules and performance.

Information generated will be used as a data base to determine the appropriate scope, schedule, and ultimate approach to be used in implementing the program. Following an evolutionary path over many years, transportation systems and habitats will be designed to serve many generations of technicians and colonists both on the moon and on Mars.

Space Station Freedom will provide the essential scientific and technological foundation for later human missions to the planets. Initially, crews will remain on the station for three months, and research will focus upon understanding the various mechanisms responsible for adaptation to weightlessness and the physiological problems encountered upon return to Earth. Later programs will extend space assignments to 180 days or more and will include enhanced physiological countermeasures for low gravity and radiation effects.

When the planetary exploration missions begin, Freedom will become a transportation node where both lunar and Martian vehicles will be assembled, tested, launched and recovered for future missions.

The next logical evolution of the process would be establishment of a permanent lunar base for scientific and commercial exploitation of the lunar surface. Rovers and crews could explore the geology and geophysics of the moon and samples could be examined in the lunar laboratories.

The moon provides an ideal location, just three days away by conventional propulsion, at which humans can learn to live and work in an extraterrestrial environment with increasing self-sufficiency, using local lunar resources to support themselves.

The lunar outpost could both advance science and serve as a testbed for validating critical mission systems, hardware, technology, human capabilities, and operational techniques that will be applied to future exploration.

Once the lunar outpost has verified the techniques and demonstrated the systems, the first human expedition to Mars will be launched if, indeed, it has not already been launched. Missions to Mars will establish a Martian outpost with the objective of conducting research and exploration of the solar system's most Earth-like planet, expanding our understanding of the solar system, and living and working in an extraterrestrial environment with a high degree of self reliance.

In 1989 and 1990, NASA used the Inertial Upper Stage (IUS) to fly the Magellan, Galileo and Ulysses planetary missions from the shuttle. The IUS has put NASA's scientific programs back on track earlier and more cost effectively than any other alternative approach.

In eight months Magellan mapped 90% of the surface of Venus, using advanced radar to penetrate the planet's thick, poisonous clouds with a resolution 10 times greater than any before achieved.

Galileo will orbit Jupiter and its moons for two years after a slingshot trip from Earth lasting six years. The spacecraft and a probe sent into the Jovian atmosphere will provide scientific information and possible clues about how the solar system was formed.

Ulysses left Earth orbit to explore the polar regions of our Sun. Its sophisticated instruments will measure complex physical processes as well as unexpected phenomena to better understand the formations  and deaths of stars.

The capability offered by the IUS to perform NASA missions provides an attractive and cost-effective solution for accomplishing the planetary programs. The system is safe and reliable and is compatible with the entire shuttle fleet and requires no orbiter modifications. All of the necessary resources and assets (engineers, technicians, hardware, etc.) are in place and available to support the planetary missions.

A cooperative plan has been established with the USAF to provide IUS units from inventory with paybacks to the Air Force with new units as they are produced. This results in NASA being able to conduct its missions on an efficient schedule, while the USAF benefits by replacing existing IUS units with new ones. This assures that previously procured units will fly well within their designated shelf life.

(Source: Boeing Aerospace, POB 3999, Seattle, WA 98124-2499).

While exploratory craft may secretly be in lunar orbit at the present time, it seems unlikely that Cascade Engines have been developed to propel large payloads of crews and materials out of Earth orbit at speeds greater than 18,000 to 25,000 miles per hour. If it were otherwise, government agencies would have them available for use on vehicles scheduled for missions to the several planets of this solar system and beyond.

If Cascade Engines are available, why is NASA spending millions of hard-won dollars on obsolete technology (IUS, shuttles, multi-stage boosters) and unusable hardware that would eat up their annual budget while producing only short-term benefits? Despite the Presidential Referendum on Space Exploration, NASA still must rely upon a budget committee for funding of current and future missions. Missions that produce only a few short-term results are usually relegated to file 13 and will not be funded for the next fiscal year.

Placing satellites and other hardware into Earth orbit or into deep space with the STS (shuttle) program is, without question, the most expensive and time-consuming method of accomplishing the task.

Certainly if NASA had a better, faster, less expensive way of achieving the same results, they would utilize it. That they do not is evidence enough that alternative engines such as those reported on UFOs do not yet exist.

In 1989-1990 NASA utilized IUS systems because direct flights were not achievable using any existing alternative system. If they are available now were they built from alien technology? Probably not.

X-30 NASP: The National Aero Space Plane

As a part of a five-company team, Pratt & Whitney is pursuing and refining propulsion technologies for the National Aero-Space Plane (NASP). Designated X-30, this huge aircraft will operate from conventional airfields on Earth and fly at hypersonic speeds - up to Mach 25 or Mach 30 (15,000 to 17,000 miles per hour) - and be capable of achieving low Earth orbit.

A scaled propulsion system has been tested at a speed of Mach 8 and other components as high as Mach 14. Additionally, an engine cowl cooling device has been tested at temperatures it would encounter at Mach 20.

The team is made up of two engine companies, Space Propulsion and Systems and Rockwell's Rocketdyne Division, and three airframe companies, General Dynamics, McDonnell Douglas and Rockwell's North American Aircraft.

After establishing a configuration decision, the team developed and verified the necessary technologies to fabricate and test components, leading to a decision to proceed with construction and flight testing of two X-30 vehicles.

If accepted and  certified as airworthy for commercial use, the X-30 could take off from Los Angeles, California and cross the Pacific Ocean to land in Japan or Australia in a bit over an hour, hardly enough time for a decent in-flight meal!

Using the same technology to create military and intelligence surveillance aircraft (Aurora and others) utilizing synthetic aperture radar, gamma ray spectrometers and other sophisticated recording devices, they could map the entire surface of the Earth with the resolution of photographs taken from 200 to 400 feet in six to nine months or even less.

Images from the synthetic aperture radar which can see through dense clouds, smog and smoke to record swaths 12 miles wide by 10,000 miles long, are stored on the aircraft's tape recorder and downloaded via ground based high gain antennas as the aircraft approaches the California coast. Ground based antennas and download facilities would be located generally on the plane's primary approach flight path to Nellis/Groom Lake, somewhere in the vicinity of Helendale, California or Waterton, Colorado.

If the information is considered perishable; that is, subject to change quickly, it might be downloaded during the mission via satellite to Helendale or sent directly to NPIC in Washington, D.C. where CIA and other interpretation agencies could act upon it.

Coupled with this type of information is Keyhole and Joint STARS, both of which provide instant, high-resolution vertical and oblique images and electronic information of any location on Earth virtually at the speed of light.

But can a satellite capable of receiving and transmitting cartographic information be capable of also transmitting holographic images toward Earth or into our atmosphere? Could holographic recordings played at, say, Vint Hill Farms in rural Virginia, be transmitted to a satellite in stable orbit over the USA and projected into the skies above Kansas City?

Could the UFOs seen in Gulf Breeze, Florida and the identical UFOs seen near San Diego, California be the same recording played and projected on different nights to different audiences? If these types of aerial displays are possible, why would any agency expend enormous budgets, materials and manpower to produce them?

Well, remember that these objects and devices are primarily weapons of war and/or population control. The Russians have actually admitted to experiments with these types of Psychological Weapons in the "M" Triangle. They are the New World Order's newest weapons and, possibly, their New Final Solution.

If people can be stunned to stupefaction by psychological inhibitors and implanted with locating devices or injected with DNA altering chemicals (HIV), then who needs Earth-destroying nuclear bombs? Why kill the people who will become your slaves when you can turn them into zombies safely and easily, leaving the environment intact?

THE LEAP TO SPACE: Is this what astronauts saw battling above Earth?

LEAP is a kinetic energy weapon that destroys its target through high-velocity impact alone. This program is developing and integrating technology for SDI related missions.

Lightweight projectile technology is essential to developing a cost-effective SDI system and has application to both space and ground based interceptors. The LEAP program will produce multiple, fully integrated terminal homing test projectiles for flight test by SDIO. Program accomplishments include advanced composite structures, midwave infrared terminal miniature homing seeker, Interferometric Fiber Optic Gyro inertial measurement unit, high-throughput data and signal processors, and alternative solid and liquid divert propulsion systems for maneuver and attitude control.

Rocketdyne developed a lightweight kinetic vehicle with a visible seeker, and successfully conducted a free flight hover test in July 1990. Boeing is now testing the LEAP projectiles in a hardware-in-the-loop environment (in space). The government will use these test vehicles as pathfinders for testing and conduct independent terminal homing simulations to validate LEAP performance. These tests will demonstrate the ability of LEAP to home on a simulated target.

Two test were planned for 1991. A free flight hover test was conducted at the National Hover Test Facility, Phillips Laboratory, Edwards AFB, CA. Space flight tests were conducted near the end of 1991 at White Sands Missile Test Range. During this test, LEAP was programmed to intercept and destroy a boosting target vehicle (rocket).



Nazi weapons or the new "Final Solution?"

As early as 1943, German engineers and scientists had proposed and built several disk shaped aircraft. For the most part, these aircraft were conventionally powered by Jumo axial flow turbine engines. It is possible that one or more of the several designs built were powered by some electro-magnetic force or cascade type engines.

It seems likely that some of the aircraft were remotely guided (RPV's), were extremely fast and highly maneuverable. Other models were flown by human pilots and it is remarkable to note that, in at least one drawing, the pilot is standing up, rather than strapped into a seat!

Before we jump to the conclusion that the aircraft was surrounded by an anti-mass field rendering the craft and crew massless, we might suggest that this particular model (Rudolf Schriever's "Flying Top") was simply a low-flying, slow and cumbersome jet "helicopter." It was certainly not very aerodynamic.

When some disks came into close proximity to Allied bombers, the bombers would sometimes experience electrical and instrument malfunctions. Aircraft bearing radar sets might lose signals. Electronic gun aiming devices might fail.

It is clear from the reports that German scientists were using technology that was 25 years or more ahead of our own.

But it was human technology, not "alien" technology. That is why the Nazis were not able to destroy the advancing Allied bombers and ground troops with these saucer shaped aircraft. One of the greatest problems Germany had during the latter stages of the war was their inability to produce sufficient numbers of reliable jet engines.

Had they been able to do so, and had Hitler utilized his jet aircraft as fighters rather than bombers, the outcome of the war might have been far different than it was.

Before the fighting was even over, teams of American, Soviet, British and French investigators were combing the countryside searching for German hardware and engineers. The Soviets captured nearly all the disk shaped aircraft that had not been destroyed along with most of  the engineers and support personnel who had been working on the project.

American and British intelligence reports indicate that at least one model of saucer was destroyed with its blueprints to prevent it from falling into the hands of the advancing Allied troops.

But others were probably recovered, some intact, and shipped with thousands of other German aircraft and ground weapons to America for back-engineering studies. Ground support personnel, engineers and scientists, pilots and ordnance personnel were also kidnapped and brought to America to develop weapons for the U.S. arsenals.

Some of those weapons, years, decades ahead of American technology, were the flying saucers. It seems likely that at least one model of German saucer may have been back-engineered and flown by a large aircraft manufacturing company in the Pacific Northwest, somewhere around Seattle, Washington.

While there is no hard proof for this suggestion, several sightings in an area within the flight range of early German jet engines is, at least, evidence from which we should begin an intelligent investigation of those reports.

To bring you up to speed on circular all-wing aircraft, the first such craft photographed and recorded was in 1910, seventeen years before Charles Lindberg flew the Spirit of St. Louis solo across the Atlantic Ocean! This crude wood and fabric disk actually flew with a pilot hanging precariously beneath it; the first "alien" aircraft!

That captured German technology advanced American science by 25 years is beyond doubt. We might speculate that unreported  German technology may have advanced American and Soviet science as much as 50 years! The Philadelphia Experiments may have been attempts by the US Navy to test German theories on matter transportation. The rocket back-pack was developed from German ideas to transport their ground troops en masse using these personal little jet boosters! Waffen storm troopers would have rained from the skies, crossing front lines at will day or night!

But how does this relate to the modern UFO phenomena? Is there a connection between German disk aircraft of the Second World War and V/STOL aircraft we see today flying from and to Nellis AFB? Are developments of German saucers flying the skies now? If so, to whom do they belong?

I think there can be no doubt that saucer shaped nuts and bolts aircraft reported as UFOs are refinements of German disks of WWII. While some attempts had been made to refine these craft during the years immediately following the war, the project was probably put on hold for a number of years until modern computers and modern composite materials were available to use in the construction and guidance of these craft.

If anti-mass fields have been developed for use on moving craft, these disks could travel at extreme high speeds and perform extreme maneuvers without harm to the airframes or to the crews.

Without anti-mass fields, the extreme maneuvering aircraft would fall into the category of HIMATs (Highly Maneuverable Aircraft Technology) and might be unmanned (remotely piloted). At least a half-dozen aircraft in this category are being tested at Area 51 at any given time. Some of these craft are disk-shaped or "Flying saucers,", ovate ellipsoids and/or Spanloaders (Flying Wings). Others are fairly conventional airframes constructed of composite plastics and RAM fibers or with RAM coatings.

But even very conventional USAF aircraft like the F-16, fitted with vertical canards, can now perform maneuvers so extreme that they could render the pilot unconscious for long periods of time, even to the point of death. These aircraft are fly-by-wire systems and a computer takes over if the pilot does not regain consciousness after a short period of time.

As noted in several other reports, I am convinced that 80% of what we are seeing in the skies of every country in the world is nothing more than military hardware, very advanced aircraft, both manned and unmanned. I am convinced that this technology has been developed from theories expressed before, during and after WWII in Germany, in USSR, in America and in the United Kingdom.

I am convinced that cascade engines exist and are being used to drive aerial cars surrounded by anti-mass fields ( a fairly new innovation for the saucers?) and that they have been developed primarily as instruments of war and population control.

I am convinced that most nuts and bolts UFOs are, in reality, one or more of these vehicles and I am reasonably certain that off-world space craft are NOT visiting this planet, never have and probably won't in our lifetimes.

I am also convinced that humans are being abducted for military medical experiments and that animals are being mutilated to develop new and even more deadly toxins and viruses than those already released onto the populations of the world.

But if there are no off-world craft, no aliens, and no cosmic plan to invade and conquer Earth from far places such as Zeta Reticuli, who is abducting our comrades and killing our livestock? Who is implanting our friends with mini-micron transmitters? Who is stealing human children? Whose is this face,  this enemy, this goblin we fear but know not?

By his own admission, Bill Cooper is uncomfortable when lecturing about UFOs. His lectures were geared toward UFO buffs because, he claims, "... they were the only ones who would listen to me."

But Bill Cooper is not uncomfortable when lecturing about the Shadow Government and the Illuminati. Much of what he says concerning this subject is similar to if not identical to the sobering literature of the John Birch Society. It is true, it is frightening, and if you don't know what is happening, it could kill you!

There is not room here to express this ideology, however, if you are interested (all Americans should be!), I urge you to attend a lecture and listen to what Mr. Cooper has to say on this subject, particularly as it relates to the UFO phenomenon.

For those of you who are too young or disinterested in true historical events, I will present a capsule synopsis of the founding of the John Birch Society.

In 1942, Col. Jimmy Doolittle and his B-25 crews launched an attack on Japan ("30 Seconds Over Tokyo") from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Ocean. They struck their targets, primarily of psychological value only, and headed for China because none of them had enough fuel to make it to any other friendly country.

In China at that time was U.S. Army Captain John Birch. Birch helped find and return all the air crews who survived the crash-landings of their B-25s.

At the end of the war, in 1945, Capt. Birch was captured by the Chinese Communists, imprisoned, and tortured to death. Maintaining a steadfast faith in God and country, Birch refused to tell his captors what they wanted to know. His body was hanged from a pole and mutilated by bayonets until it was unrecognizable.

In 1958, Robert H. Welch, a retired candy maker (Welch's Candies), founded the John Birch Society with headquarters in Belmont, Massachusetts. It is dedicated to the preservation of the American Constitution, States Rights, Bill of Rights, abolition of unfair taxes, reduction of federal power, etc., and opposing the powerful men of Socialist politics who control or will control all world governments.

The basic ideology is that ultra-liberalism is equated with Socialism and Communism or creeping Fabianism which may cause the downfall of the Republic.

 If you are interested in Mr. Cooper's sobering ideas about UFOs and the Shadow Government, you should make an effort to contact him or, at least, listen to one of his lectures.

It appears increasingly likely that the entire UFO phenomenon, particularly the so-called conspiratorial cover-up, is orchestrated by these powerful groups as a prelude, a softening-up, to the announcement of an invasion from outer space and the formation of a One-World Government under the guise of planetary security which will transform itself into the New World Order.

The New World Order was first expressed by Adolph Hitler as he began his expansionist lightning war causing the deaths of over 80 million people. There is no reason to believe that the New New World Order will be any less threatening or more tolerant than the Old New World Order, because it is all the same World Order and murder is the name of the game. Plan on one-tenth of the world population (500,000,000) to die when they stage their big UFO "event." They will probably pass this off as the "Rapture" so you won't argue too loudly about being murdered ("Carousel").

Remember: this will NOT be a nuclear war. Nuclear bombs dirty up the atmosphere and the terrestrial environment and the Illuminati have to breathe and eat just like the rest of us. This "event", which will occur in the near future, will be a biological war. They may demand that people be inoculated to protect them from an "alien" Andromeda Strain. The injection they receive will be HIV or some other even more deadly toxin or virus.

Briefly, the UFO "event" which should occur within the next few years, certainly by 2000, will be declared as an invasion from space by "greys" or other creatures. A new World Government will be established to deal with the calamity, probably with promises that as soon as the aliens are all dead, each country can have its government back.

That, of course, will never happen. We will all be under a single dictatorship, new money will be printed, your life savings won't be worth the paper it's printed on, all gold and silver will be recalled, border guards will be stationed on all roads and highways, firearms will be confiscated and hundreds of thousands of us in every country on Earth will be murdered by agents dressed up like little grey aliens, flying around in their advanced saucer shaped aircraft firing laser weapons from space and spraying us with biological toxins.

At an appointed time, they will unzip their costumes, declare a victory and we will find ourselves slaves of a World Socialist Federation. That's the real UFO conspiracy!


This cascade engine was invented in the 1930's by a 17-year old amateur experimenter who was simply trying to make a new version of the old Fizeau's condenser. Instead, he discovered a revolutionary new propulsion system which he patented as the "Electric Rocket."

Standard Oil of New Jersey (now MOBIL) reportedly paid the lad one million dollars for his patent, swore him to secrecy and signed a contract calling for forfeiture of the money should he tell anyone of his invention.

Why? Because this device can and will make fossil fuels obsolete. Not only can it provide clean, safe, and efficient propulsion for vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft and machinery of every type, it can also be used to run ordinary electrical generators, and collect far more energy than is required to keep it running.

The better you make and assemble your engine, and the greater the heat capacity of the insulating material between the disks, the longer it will produce a "thrust" of open-curve gravitational waves before it requires another charge. If you were to use titanium dioxide dielectric compounds, it could conceivably run for centuries on a single charge!

T. Townsend Brown worked on the principles of electro-gravitation for about 50 years and invented many fantastic devices, most of which were  suppressed. The government did not give him funding to develop electro-gravitic propulsion, but they did manage to steal some of his best ideas, and used their own scientists to continue development and refinement of his engines in secret.

Many UFO sightings, especially in the 1940's and 1950's were experimental aircraft being tested by the American government. The cascade engines, or some versions of them, have been used on aircraft and spacecraft for nearly 50 years, yet the technology will not be used on vehicles driven by the general public simply because the fossil fuel economies of the entire world would crumble overnight!

The engine described here is simple, if a bit crude, but it works by directly utilizing the gravitic fields that accompany high voltage, low amp electricity. It might be possible to build energy self-sufficient cars by using flywheel generators connected to the wheels, and perhaps a turbine generator in the "wake" of the array. These cascade generators might be enough to drive energy self-sufficient vehicles until someone re-discovers free energy receivers.

(Note: Some free energy receivers may already be in use in some spacecraft).

The technical name for this device is Capacitor Array Gravitational Warp engine, however, it is not really a capacitor but, rather, a conduit for pulsing high voltage, low amperage electricity to effect gravitic propulsion.

Conventional science tells us that "the attractive force" between + and - plates of a capacitor varies inversely with the square of the distance between the plates. What they don't mention is that this is precisely the equation for gravitation.

High voltage, low amperage electricity is accompanied by gravitational fields, just as ordinary current electricity is accompanied by strong magnetic fields. Using electrogravitation is much different from using electromagnetism, however.

A dielectric must be used that will allow the pulsing energy to cascade through the array without overheating and/or burning through. (Titanium dioxide or Bakelite litharge)?

Staggering the inner and outer diameters of the plates and overlapping the plates from layer to layer causes an undulating cascade effect. The energy flows in a circular zig-zag between inner diameters from small to large plates as well as around the outer diameter of the small plates.

Small and large plates must have the same surface area, which can be accomplished by varying inner and outer diameters in the right proportions.

The cylindrical configuration causes a gravitic "doughnut" or "smoke ring" field to pulse through the array with the high voltage energy. This has a direct gravitational action/reaction on the dielectric and plates, as well as on surrounding space, especially along the axis of motion.

Each pulse causes a gravitic ripple, and these ripples link to create a wave form. The faster it is pulsed, and the higher the voltage, the better the wave form. The energy is pulsed into the positive end of the array and moves toward the negative end or ground or lower potential as does lightning.

High voltage coils, as well as van der Graaff generators and Wimshurst machines produce energy suitable for charging the Cascade Generator. Propulsion is accomplished as energy cascades through the grid carrying a gravitational warp field with it, creating a gravitic "pressure" wave in the surrounding space. Higher voltage and pulse rate generates greater thrust.




Detroit 31, Michigan

November 7, 1957

In response to a letter directed by him to Dr. Robert Cutler, Special Assistant to President Dwight D. Eisenhower, reflecting that he "might have some information about the rocket in Texas," ------------, Detroit, was interviewed November 7, 1957 and furnished the following information:

Born February 19, 1926 in the State of Warsaw, Poland, --------- was brought from Poland as a prisoner of war to Gut Alt Golssen, approximately 30 miles east of Berlin, Germany, in May 1942, where he remained until a few weeks after the end of World War II. He spent the following years at Displaced Persons Camps at Kork, Strasburg, Offenburg, Milheim and Freiburg, Germany. He attended a radio technician school at Freiburg and for about one year was employed in a textile mill at Laurachbaden, Germany. He arrived in the United States at New York, May 2, 1951, via the S.S. General Stewart as a Displaced Person, (sponsored by) Reverend -----------, Hamtramck, Michigan; his alien registration number --------.

Since May 1951 he has been employed at the Gobel Brewery, Detroit. News reports of (a) mysterious vehicle in Texas causing engines to stall prompted him to communicate with the United States Government concerning a similar phenomenon observed by him in 1944 in the area of Gut Alt Golssen.

According to (him), during 1944, month not recalled, while enroute to work in a field a short distance north of Gut Alt Golssen, their tractor engine stalled on a road through a swamp area. No machinery or other vehicle was then visible although a noise was heard described as a high-pitched whine similar to that produced by a large electric generator.

An SS guard appeared and talked briefly with the German driver of the tractor, who waited five to ten minutes, after which the noise stopped and the tractor engine was started normally. Approximately 3 hours later in the same swamp area, but away from the road where the work crew was cutting "hay," he surreptitiously, because of the German in charge of the crew and SS guards in the otherwise deserted area, observed a circular enclosure approximately 100 to 150 yards in diameter protected from viewers by a tarpaulin-type wall approximately 50 feet high, from which a vehicle was observed to slowly rise vertically to a height sufficient to clear the wall and then move slowly horizontally a short distance out of his view, which was obstructed by nearby trees.

This vehicle, observed from approximately 500 feet, was described as circular in shape, 75 to 100 yards (200 to 300 feet) in diameter, and about 14 feet high, consisting of dark gray stationary top and bottom sections, each five to six feet high. The approximate three foot middle section appeared to be a rapidly moving component producing a continuous blur similar to an aeroplane propeller, but extending the circumference of the vehicle so far as could be observed. The noise emanating from the vehicle was similar to but of somewhat lower pitch than the noise previously heard. The engine of the tractor again stalled on this occasion and no effort was made by the German driver to start the engine until the noise stopped, after which the engine started normally.

Uninsulated metal, possibly copper, cables one and one-half inch to two inches in diameter, on and under the surface of the ground, in some places covered by water, were observed on this and previous occasions, apparently running between the enclosure and a small concrete column-like structure between the road and the enclosure.

This area was not visited by (him) again until shortly after the end of World War II, when it was observed the cables had been removed and the previous locations of the concrete structure and the enclosure were covered by water. (He) stated he has not been in communication since 1945 with any of the work crew of 16 or 18 men, consisting of Russian, French and Polish POWs, who had discussed this incident among themselves many times. Of these, however, (he) was able to recall by name only ----------, no address known, described as then about 50 years of age and presumed by ------- to have returned to Poland after 1945.

62-83594-384. This report is loaned to you by the FBI, and neither it nor its contents are to be distributed outside your agency.

THE RAPTURE: Do You Really Believe You're Going To Heaven In A UFO?

Among the few Insiders who have bravely stepped forward to expose the true conspiracy of the UFO enigma, Norio Hayakawa and Bill Cooper appear to be leading the way and, before you purchase a ticket for the GREAT RAPTURE that is supposed to occur around the year 2000, I earnestly suggest you attend one of their lectures and listen carefully to what they have to say about this planned "staged" event.

Until I heard Mr. Cooper and corresponded with Mr. Hayakawa, I thought I was the only person who believed the UFO flap of the future would be presented by the Illuminati.

Now, of course, having reached more deeply into the Inner Circle of UFOlogy, I have learned that throngs of worried Americans and, indeed, people from all lands, are preparing themselves against the day the saucers appear over our cities and begin frying them with laser weapons while pretending to be messengers  of Jesus and Yahweh.

If you believe you and your beloved family are going to heaven aboard a flying saucer, I am certain you will be disappointed to learn you aren't.

New Age literature proclaims with typical pantheistic fanaticism that if you go to a certain place at an appointed time, the heavenly angels will drive their aerial cars overhead and lift you, rejoicing all the way, straight into paradise.

The great exodus of human souls from earth, they say, will occur about the year 2000, but I wonder who made them guardians of this incredible knowledge that we have heretofore ascribed only to that which we call GOD?

Orthodox religions teach that GOD is that which there is none greater than, and that man is lower than the angels in the scheme of the cosmos.

Pantheistic religions insist on displacing GOD  by teaching that humans, as everything else (including slugs and lice) are only a small part of GOD and, therefore, are, in reality, GOD. That which we think of as GOD does not exist in pantheistic literature. Pantheistic cosmology would place humans on an equal level with flies, mudholes, sea cucumbers, poison ivy and dung beetles, however, I suspect none of these god-creatures will be invited to ascend into heaven with you and your family, a clear indication that pantheists are all wet.

A long time ago humankind was admonished to "place no gods before ME for I am a jealous GOD." Today, thousands upon thousands of deluded people are turning from their creator to worship gleaming metal airships and lights in the skies. If I understand the literature correctly, these people are planning on walking out into open fields and upon mountain tops to expose themselves to laser cannon and biological toxins expecting to be carried away to Valhalla on the "Carousel."

Listen to me, friends! Several thousand Iraqi soldiers were also transported to Paradise by 20th Century technology during the Gulf War. I guarantee you that what the New Age/New World Order/One World Government has planned for you will be no less carnage than the "Road To Hell" out of Kuwait City.

The only difference will be that they tried to avoid it and you will go willingly to the slaughter, dragging your entire family, kicking and screaming up to the mountain top to certain and eternal death and damnation.

The Grand Poobahs of the New Age pantheism, in their higher degrees, worship Lucifer as the Lord of Light and Truth, and they have offered to sponsor a trip to heaven under the outspread wings of their god, the Great Satan!


Because the term "UFO" has been generally understood to describe unknown or unidentified aerial craft or other transient luminous objects, I will use it to convey the same meaning here although I find the term both misleading and inaccurate. I am convinced that most intelligence agencies worldwide know exactly what is moving through the skies of Earth and nearby space. The term probably should be revised to AO, or Aerial Objects.

Now, let's be straightforward about this UFO thing, shall we? Let's use our common sense to see if we can get to the bottom of the enigma.

Where are most UFOs observed? Near military bases; most specifically near Air Force Bases. They rise from Air Force Bases and they return to those same Air Force Bases.

What does this tell us? It tells us that the military stations are the home-bases for those particular UFOs, does it not? It does not imply, in even the broadest meaning, that the UFOs are off-world visitors refueling or resting from a long flight from Zeta Reticuli.

It does not imply that the craft are recovered alien wrecks or reconstructed from crashes. It does not imply that the UFOs are "loaners" from benevolent aliens until we can build our own.

They are our own. These secret "black projects" are being built by American companies with American tax money and are being tested at American bases worldwide. Additional craft are probably being produced in Great Britain and also tested worldwide. They are not the only strange craft plying the skies of Earth, however, and they may have been built to defend the planet from a sinister force, indeed!

Has anyone accurately described the interior of a "flying saucer?" Has anyone noted the location of the sleeping quarters, the galley, the head, the recreation area? No?

Why not? Two reasons: (1. UFOs are apparently built without these facilities for the same reason that an Air Force fighter plane has none. They are designed to make quick excursions to a specific target and return to a USAF base, or (2. the UFOs can jump sideways into the dimension from which they came or can return to a mothership or nearby off-world base and, therefore, have no need of such facilities.

A mothership, now, would have all these spaces and more; just about everything one might find aboard a modern U S  Navy nuclear aircraft carrier or modern US Air Force base, including air wings of fast attack saucers and reconnaissance craft.

But somewhere out in the American southwest and middle western deserts, there may be a few secret bases where Earth patrols are sequestered to combat those incoming off-world craft.

Or maybe not.  What if all this UFO conspiracy is nothing more than a ploy to keep someone's finger off the big red button? Despite what the media tells you, we are not out of danger from enemy nations right here on Earth and there are more wars being fought today than at any time in the past. Many of those nations have access to nuclear weapons. Many of those leaders would not hesitate to launch them, either!

In the heavens above Earth at this moment are several dozens of silent, dormant satellites. They were launched but were never activated. Someone here on earth is waiting for a certain time, a certain signal before activating them.

I suspect the time will be somewhere around the year 2000 and the signal will come from a vaulted room right here on this planet. The person who gives the command to activate those dozens of sleeping weapons will be the Commander-In-Chief who will rain fear and destruction down upon the "enemies of the State" during the inauguration of the New World Order.

If you consider that the evil assembly has at its command hundreds of satellite weapons and perhaps hundreds of advanced disk-shaped aircraft that can track a single human in a redwood forest from 500 miles away and can vaporize that human with a single computer-controlled laser blast, then we probably haven't a chance of stopping them.

One thing we can hope for is that there are still some intelligent people in the military who will refuse to kill their countrymen if they understand what is happening. The best we can hope for is that the human military pilots who man those saucers will turn them against those who seek to destroy modern civilization to install a worldwide Socialist dictatorship. If the pilots are gray clones, without allegiance to any human seed, we are lost.

Surveillance instruments like Keyhole and Joint Stars were not designed merely to find and track enemy soldiers on some far-flung battlefield. They were designed to find and track human beings and their vehicles, whether those humans are docile "politically correct" sheep, or those who will be labeled "enemies of the Socialist State."

Weapons to find and track humans are always linked to weapons that kill humans. At the end of each weapon system is a human fist, ready to slam the hammer down and send some unique technology on a one-way journey to death and destruction.

Now that the intensity of the cold/hot war is over and we are being convinced from every form of media that "Communism is dead,"  to what use do you imagine military and political powers will put their expensive technological marvels?

Well, tracking and killing regular old citizens is right up there at the top of the list. When there are more people than food, don't you imagine someone somewhere will figure it is time to rid the Earth of the "useless feeders," those whom they feel are breathing "their" air, drinking "their" water and eating "their" food?

A few weekends past, National Guard Units all over America were training to do only one thing: House to house search for weapons and political literature not deemed "correct" by the New World Order/ New Age One World Government.

The New World Order will be strictly Marxist Communism, people, and the sooner you get that through your heads, the better we can prepare to oppose them.

Preparations have already been made for the United Nations and its worldwide army to collect taxes from Americans, beginning as early as 1994 or 1995. They will collect these "taxes" at the point of a gun.

A few years ago this would have been called a "Protection racket." Today, it is called the New World Economic Order/New World Order/New Age Movement/One World Government and is being forced upon freedom-loving Americans through Socialist controlled newspapers, ALL television stations and all popular "trendy" magazines.

The One-Worlders insist that all things proceed from God and are, collectively, God; therefore, everything has an equal right to life.

Yet, this same movement did not hesitate to murder 125,000 Iraqi soldiers who are no less a part of God than any one of us. 20,000 of those conscripts were buried alive by US Army bulldozers. What kind of children are we raising, for crying out loud? And how does the New World Order/New Age Movement reconcile these horrible atrocities against God?

The establishment press (who will be sponsoring the Great Exodus 2000) now tells us that less than 600 Iraqi soldiers were actually killed. The number has been "officially" set at 577.

If this is true, Americans spent about $5 BILLION to kill each soldier. Either the Establishment is exceptionally stupid for allowing such expenditures for so little "kill," or they believe we are so inordinately stupid that we're going to believe the lie.

The Gulf War was actually staged so Russian leadership could change hands while we weren't watching. Or did you not notice that the two events happened at the same time? US military satellites were actually informing the Russian leaders of advancing tanks and Soviet military units (because that old Keyhole in the sky was watching their every move).

With this technology waiting in the wings and given the goals of the New World Order/New Age Movement, does anyone really believe they will not hesitate to use it in any way necessary to achieve their plans?

One of the most significant planned events will be the appearance of their "UFOs" worldwide offering to lift the "true believers" into Paradise. They are already advertising the Ascension and the Rapture! Instead of spending months searching every village and farm for idiots wanting to take a ride to hell, they will invite millions of gullible people to come to them. Then they will fry them all in one great nuclear/photon oven and be on their way to the next rendezvous.

Incidentally, among those people chosen to die will be the very faithful New Agers who spent years of their lives advancing the New Age Movement, those who will go to their deaths believing they will ascend to heaven in a UFO.

Well, not only are they not going to heaven, they will have wasted their lives manifest as flesh by helping to advance the cause of the most evil people on Earth. There will, of course, be an accounting for that somewhere considerably short of Paradise.

Now, I do not mean to imply that I believe all UFOs are from this planet, that they are nothing more than military hardware or the advanced technology of enemy nations. On the contrary, I can think of a number of reasons why they might be off-world craft. I will, however, leave that for a future report and explain, instead, why I believe most UFOs have a terrestrial origin. I realize that anyone with enough intelligence to have researched the enigma can and should refute any of my ideas if they have sound reasons for doing so.

1. Animal mutilations have never been proven to be orchestrated by off-world beings. There is, however, considerable evidence to lead one to conclude that animals are being mutilated to provide the medium for growing horrible disease cultures designed to kill human beings in great numbers. Does it not seem odd that animal mutilations have occurred in the same country accused of developing the AIDS virus at Fort Detrick, Maryland (now the National Cancer Institute)? The AIDS virus is a recombinant cattle/sheep virus grown in human tissue and it was specifically designed to kill humans.

2. No one, regardless of their background or testimony, has proven that aerial cars observed by people from every nation on Earth have off-world origins. Again, there is considerable evidence to show that "nuts and bolts" UFOs are military hardware developed in Germany as early as 1943 or 1944 (i.e., see reports #32 and #38).

3. Of one thing you may be certain: Those who have come out of secret bases to reveal extraordinary information about "alien beings" and "alien spacecraft" and their fantastic engines are either unknowing dupes of the New World Order/New Age Movement or they are its active agents. They have either been "allowed" to escape to spread lies and "disinformation" (a KGB term, by the way) or they have been instructed to do so, probably under threat of death.

If you remember nothing else from these reports, remember this: The first step in planning a covert operation is to create a diversion that will keep everyone looking in the wrong direction so the real operation can commence with as little notice as possible.  Once the operation has begun, the media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines) will feed disinformation to the people so they do not catch on to what is really happening until it is too late. The present UFO flap (TV, books, "in" magazines, motion pictures) is the diversion, people, so you can bet something is going to happen soon. Unfortunately, it will be quite unpleasant for us all.

4. If what we are seeing are off-world vehicles driven by evil aliens, it seems to me that they are not using their power, technology or time in an economic manner. No one, with such advanced technology, should have to waste 50 years (or 5000 years) to overpower a primitive Earth. On the other hand, if the technology is Earth-based and is only now reaching a stage of high development, the delay in overcoming us can be explained, can it not? I cannot, for instance, believe that an advanced race of beings (grays) have not been able to figure out how to eliminate the deadly radiation fields around their space craft after millions of years. I can, however, imagine that the Air Force or the Navy has been unsuccessful in protecting its pilots or stray observers from being burned or electrocuted by electrical or nuclear fields surrounding disk shaped craft.

5. There is evidence to indicate that the "gray aliens" may have been grown in Earth laboratories from altered human cells (DNA manipulation). This same evidence suggests that humans are being abducted so these New Age Doctor Moreaus may obtain new, fresh human cells, blood and tissue in which to nurture those fabricated "alien" embryos. Having obtained a successful strain or egg, they could easily implant them into human females to carry (almost) to term.

Like all other hybrids, the "aliens" probably cannot reproduce themselves, therefore, new humans are always required for eggs, tissues, etc. If you believe you have been abducted, you were probably kidnapped by the New Age doctors and parts of you may still be in their laboratories. Additionally, if the tissues they removed from you prove to be  a successful medium in which to grow their "aliens," they will be back for more.

To keep track of you, you may have been implanted with a micro-transmitting device  similar to those found on sea turtles or other creatures science wants to keep under their scrutiny. This is  certainly not a method of surveillance that would be used by a race of beings "millions of years" more advanced than Earthlings. It is, however, exactly the method of tracking that is now being used by human scientists to locate and count everything from fish to bears to household pets (and humans).

6. Unexplained, and perhaps ever unexplainable, are reports of sightings of aerial phenomena since the beginning of recorded history. Certainly, many of those sightings must be attributed to naturally occurring atmospheric or celestial disturbances. Others may be exactly what the authors suggest: angels or messengers from God. If we take these as literal translations, there is nothing in the sighting to imply that the beings were aliens from another planet. They were God's messengers.

7. More recent reports of sightings before the advent of jet aircraft, missiles, rockets or laser beams may be attributed to ball lightning, swamp gas or other transient luminous objects that fall within the realm of (almost) known science. A small percentage of those sightings, however, must be classified as unknown and may have been something we can never explain.

It is interesting to note, incidentally, that most of the New Age books printed to reveal these otherwise unverifiable recounts, are those published by the very companies that actively support the New Age Movement/New World Order/One World Government/International Socialism and whose editors, owners and managers generally are Freemasons or other New Age cultists.

For all practical purposes, those unverified sightings, signs, artwork and experiences should be discounted as pure propaganda unless and until they can be firmly proven; a feat, I submit, that cannot be done. Newspaper accounts and even "official government" reports prove nothing and can be refuted as easily as this report can be refuted. Writing something is not proof of authenticity. Until proven, all text, especially that found in Establishment books and magazines edited by government  or New Age monitors is little more than one person's conjecture or outright propaganda.

A case in point is an account of the MJ-12 documents revealed by two investigators some years ago. These documents were "exposed" as having been falsified when it was shown that President Truman's signature was lifted from another document and the entire text was typed on a typewriter not built until several years after the document was supposed to have been written.

We might assume from the meaning of the article, since the FBI was more involved then than they are now, that they (FBI) examined and proved the document false. It should be noted, however, that the book in which the article was printed is published by the same company that actively supports the coming New Age/One World Government. My questions about the article were never answered by the editor or by any staff member. That does not mean the article itself was false, but it certainly casts some doubt over it, at least to my way of thinking. Why won't they explain how and where they obtained their information that supposedly disproves the MJ-12 documents? Perhaps they are more deeply involved in the conspiracy than they wish to reveal.

Unfortunately, the investigation of the UFO enigma, from the UFO Inner Circle to federal intelligence agencies, is so fragmented that none of us may ever reach a useful conclusion.

Inner Circle factions fight like little children over their separate ideas about tiny aspects of their experiences. Of course, this delights the New Agers no end! As long as none of us can agree, their plans can and will proceed undeterred.

But even federal intelligence agencies are having a tough time coming up with answers to everything. Each of them believes they have the only correct theory and they fight each other every step of the way. They do this primarily out of fear of losing budget money so their vision is clouded at the outset, particularly since they must invent new reasons why they should continue now that Russia has severely cut military/intelligence budgets in these areas.

Military intelligence agencies investigating UFO sightings probably have less to lose and more to gain by discrediting opponents than do civilian intelligence agencies since they do so out of a real need to protect secret aircraft and engine designs.

DIA, NSA, CIA and various Military units are actively investigating UFO sightings. The FBI, which is probably the one organization that should be investigating, officially states that it has a passive role only, collecting reports but passing them on to other intelligence agencies for further study. If this has not changed by some Executive decree, I think it should.

One method used by federal agencies to investigate UFOs is the use of scanners or psychics. These psychics have been expected to look at photographs of Soviet submarines and to then  "see" those ships at their present location under the seas. This was Project Aquarius and was reported to be almost 50% accurate! This is an impressive score, if true.

But if psychics could touch a photo of a submarine and find it beneath the seas, could they not also locate UFOs or predict the appearance of flying saucers? The answer appears to be, "yes." While scanning Soviet submarines, one psychic seems to have "seen" a UFO hovering above it. This led to further investigation into scanning by several federal agencies and, simultaneously, by Soviet intelligence agencies.

But if scanners can locate submarines beneath the seas and aerial cars or aircraft above the planet, could they not also locate specific people, specific documents, including military officers and secret projects? Again, the answer appears to be, "yes." One particularly proficient scanner accurately located an officer and several classified documents in an underground secret base in rural Virginia. This feat so disturbed the intelligence agency that they dispatched teams to determine if the documents had been stolen or otherwise jeopardized. Their conclusion: The psychic has seen the environment only through the power of his mind.

This raises some serious questions. If scanners can locate military officers and classified documents buried in a secret underground base, can they not also scan each of us at will to discover what we write, how we think, where we store our documents and, indeed, how much money we have and in which banks we have our bank accounts? The answer, of course, is, "yes."

Cannot these scanners also, then, by extension, communicate with off-world beings or predict the appearance of aerial craft, or even create manifestations of UFO? Well, if we are really being visited by off-world creatures and if there are really off-world craft entering our space, then the answer must be, "yes." Why else would intelligence agencies continue to investigate, to employ psychics, to question witnesses, and to discredit investigators who are trying to get to the bottom of the enigma?

Can they not influence our thinking by "projecting" their wishes into our minds? Can they not confuse us with errant ideas and theories? Could they not, if they willed it strongly enough, cause their enemies to drop dead? The intelligence agencies are actually experimenting with these mind-weapons.

According to recently published claims, there is  a "fence" of electromagnetic detection devices located across the southern border of the United States to detect space craft above US territory. This "fence" is reported to be tripped by space craft, missiles, satellites and "unknown" craft, upon which occasion NORAD is alerted. More than once have they been alerted by the incursion of "unknown" vehicles.

Whether these unknowns are secret US aircraft participating in planned exercises or true unidentified flying objects is anybody's guess, however, reports, real or imagined, have been received that NORAD and the intelligence agencies have no answers for some of the contacts  which have prompted near-war standby conditions.

But if the intelligence agencies are prompted to action by a few UFO sightings, they are notably lethargic about most others, suggesting that they know exactly what is flying above our cities most of the time.

While some European nations have sent aircraft aloft to investigate UFOs intruding into their airspace, to date, no one has launched interceptors to investigate the triangle-shaped craft that hovers above New England cities for hours on end. About the only action our military or intelligence agencies have taken is to claim that the THAP is nothing more than a formation of ultra-light aircraft! This should give us a clue to the origin of some UFOs.

But if we want to know what this strange craft is, what other odd unidentified aircraft are, we should be questioning Northrup and Lockheed designers, Rocketdyne and Boeing engineers, not CIA or NSA or DIA who are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the integrity of secret "black projects."

What we should be doing is investigating the sightings the intelligence agencies are investigating. Everything else has already been identified.




Where television's "Unsolved Mysteries" has tried and failed, the General Accounting Office is unafraid to venture! At the request of Rep. Steven Schiff, R-N.M., Congress' investigative branch has launched a study to determine whether the government covered up a story alleging that the bodies of alien space voyagers were removed from a crashed flying saucer found near Roswell, N.M., in 1947.

After the purported crash of the spacecraft, the bodies of the extra terrestrial visitors were said by a local undertaker and many UFO researchers to have been autopsied and then secretly flown to an Air Force base in Ohio.

Even though the "Roswell Incident" has been repeatedly dismissed by the Defense Department as nothing more than UFO fantasizing triggered by the discovery of a downed weather balloon, the GAO has begun searching for documents to prove allegations that the Air Force "suppressed" information sought by Schiff.

Schiff is a member of the House Government Operations Committee, which oversees the GAO.

GAO spokeswoman Laura A. Kopelson said the office's investigation, first reported in the Albuquerque Journal on Thursday, stemmed from a meeting in October between Schiff and GAO Controller General Charles A. Bowsher.  Schiff complained then that the Defense Department had been "unresponsive," to his inquiries about the 1947 incident.

Kopelson said "as far as I know only one investigator had been assigned" to the case so far, and that not enough work had been done to report any results back to Schiff.

At another point, Kopelson said "the people doing it are either on sick leave or are unavailable."

She said there was no way of estimating how much the investigation would cost, and that the GAO does not release such information anyway.

GAO conducted 1,380 inquiries into government operations in 1992. Its budget has risen from $46.9 million in 1965 to $490 million last year.  The agency has been criticized, especially by Republicans, as the "lap dog of the requesters," producing reports that tend to support whatever conclusion the requesting member of Congress suggests.

Kopelson said Schiff had asked the GAO "to see if there is any evidence that information regarding UFOs had been suppressed" following the Roswell incident.

Schiff said that at a routine October meeting he had merely complained about the Defense Department's lack of responsiveness. A DOD spokesperson had earlier told Schiff that Roswell "is none of your business."

Schiff, in a telephone interview from Albuquerque, said that last March, after receiving inquiries from "UFO believers and some Roswell residents who were in the military in 1947, he wrote to Defense Secretary Les Aspin asking for more information about the reported spacecraft crash and the alleged disappearance of the aliens' bodies.

The crash of a mysterious object 75 miles northwest of Roswell, which the Air Force later claimed was a weather balloon equipped with a radar-reflecting device, was the subject of several books by Stanton Friedman, a noted nuclear physicist who worked on nuclear powered aircraft during the period of the Roswell crash.

A private museum in Roswell contains a number of documents and photographs purporting to prove the existence of the aliens.

Additionally, FBI spokespersons have admitted that the object they examined from the Roswell site was definitely "not a weather balloon."

UFO investigators who have researched information about the Roswell crash have always asked these questions: "If it was a simple weather balloon, why the shroud of secrecy and why did the AAF fly the debris under guard to  be examined elsewhere? And why did they change the original press release?"

After years of doubting the proponents of the Roswell crash, we now believe at least one and perhaps two saucers were recovered from the area in 1947. Were they off-world craft spying on planet Earth or were they advanced Nazi saucers from polar or lunar bases? If the GAO does its job properly, we may soon have the answers!

SUBLIMINAL CONTACT: Thousands Are Affected

We have received several lengthy and comprehensive reports from worldwide sources detailing episodes of subliminal contact or telepathic communication from unknown sources. While we believe these people have experienced something, we have generally reserved judgement or analysis until we could obtain some sort of confirmation that governments are using subliminal transmission devices, or that anyone can use them with any degree of effectiveness.

Following is a portion of a  telephone conversation with a reliable contact who  seems to have confirmed what many of us have long suspected.

There was some discussion of other subjects running through this portion and we have abridged the conversation to avoid confusion.

FIO: "Would you be surprised to learn that the FBI consulted their chums at KGB headquarters in Moscow during the assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco?"

WE: "Really? What for?"

FIO: "They wanted to borrow one of KGB's psychological weapons to persuade Mr. Koresh to surrender."

WE: "What sort of weapon?"

FIO: "The KGB has had for some years a technique for beaming inaudible or barely audible subliminal transmissions to individuals and groups that could have convinced Mr. Koresh he was actually hearing the voice of GOD."

WE: "Whaaaaat!?"

FIO: "Oh, yes! I suppose you don't believe it but I assure you it is true. They developed the weapon to convince enemy soldiers-Americans-to lay down their weapons or disgruntled citizens to follow the orders of their politicians."

WE: "Why didn't they use it?"

FIO: "How can we be certain they didn't?"

WE: "But Mr. Koresh didn't surrender."

FIO: "Precisely my point. Odd, don't you think? Especially in the face of such overwhelming firepower."

WE: "You're saying they might have suggested he resist... ."

FIO: " they could kill them. There was a time when it seemed Koresh was willing to surrender. A few of them actually did. But then he suddenly changed his mind, saying he was instructed by God not to surrender. I found that very unusual."

WE: "Do you think we have the same kinds of weapons?"

FIO: "I'm certain we do, even if we purchased them from the Russians. But I'm waiting for you to ask some pointed questions."

WE: "Which ones?"

FIO: "Why is the Justice Department so chummy with the KGB, how did they know the Russkies had the weapon and why did the Russkies not deny they had such a weapon."

WE: "Okay, why?"

FIO: "Number one, American technology and tax dollars probably helped develop the weapons and number two, CIA, KGB and FBI are really just different divisions of the same intelligence network. They've always shared a great deal of their technological information, regardless of what the media or the feds would have us believe to the contrary. But the Russians developed some other rather technologically superior devices as well. Notable is a type of radar that can penetrate the walls of buildings to see people, machines and weapons inside; to render the buildings invisible as it were."

WE: "Could the FBI have used such a device at Waco?"

FIO: "They could have but whether or not they did is something we may never know. They would have to obtain special access to the satellite or allot funds for a blackbird flight. It is academic now in any event, however, it is chilling to know that governments can and do develop and use such advanced devices against their citizens, don't you think?"

WE: "Ummm. You know, we've had people write to tell us they have heard sounds or voices, sometimes sounding like a tape recording being played fast forward. Do you think those sounds could be from subliminal transmissions?"

FIO: "Are these people under the scrutiny of law enforcement agencies?"

WE: "Oh, no. They are people who are investigating UFO's or who claim to have been abducted by aliens. I've heard them myself while doing research on UFO's."

FIO: "Ah."

 (long pause)

WE: "Do you think they could be subliminal transmissions?"

FIO: (silence)

WE: "Hello?"

FIO: "We... I don't know that much about UFO's."

WE: "I'm not asking you about UFO's; I'm asking you about subliminal transmission weapons."

FIO: "I'm sorry. This is a subject I cannot address."


by Lee Walsh

A long time ago I had a contact, Birgit Thiede, from Copenhagen. She said she had turned over all of her files, personal letters, etc., concerning Terrestrial UFOs to Mr. Hynek who, in turn, gave her a membership to SITU. As far as we know Hynek never released any of the material. Birgit saw an article I had written for the Danish Newspaper, Forteana, and wrote me.

She gave me most all of the same information. Unfortunately, she had mailed Mr. Hynek all her original letters and had kept no copies.

Later I wrote an article on Terrestrial UFOs when few people were talking about them. Although I was having material published in newspapers, magazines and newsletters around the United States, nobody would publish the article. In 1982 Tokyo's "UFOs and Space" published it in Japanese. (copy was enclosed).

In any case, all I have left is my first draft, but the information is there if you can use it or care to print it.

Birgit disappeared some time ago. She did tell me that she had somehow been exposed to nerve gas and advised me that if it got to a point when I couldn't find her, I could do so through her bank.

But when I enquired they informed me that they "had no patron by that name." She is not the first of my UFO friends to disappear.


There is a universal, limitless, free electro-magnetic energy being used by scientists to make terrestrial UFOs and those who refuse to work on these machines or try to resist conducting experiments are programmed to obey orders by subliminal and remote mechanical means.

There is a growing concern that subliminal engineering has been going on for some time and that it is connected directly with the development of terrestrial UFOs.

A small chain of dedicated researchers, working underground throughout the world, now feel they have evidence that the "great UFO cover-up" does not deal with captured extra-terrestrial technology but with highly specialized, technical and secret "black" projects being conducted at various remote locations on our own planet.

They know that those who wish to hide these facts will go to any lengths to avoid compromising their projects and that many scientists who have been reported missing or dead are working on these UFOs, space travel and time travel!

Even more awesome is the report that some of the most outstanding scientists have been offered honorable positions at "non-existing" institutions and they are forced to work on specific projects in secret underground locations around the world.

If they resist in any way they are deprived of their individuality and programmed to obey any instruction given them by subliminal suggestion and/or implanting electrodes in the brain. They have been treated in such a way as to become little more than robots who obey any order, including orders to assassinate others.

Another method employed is the use of powerful telepaths (scanners) and machines that synchronize the brain waves to some kind of emitted electromagnetic wave. (Refer to NSA and DIA "Scannate" projects). There is no physical contact and the target has no knowledge that subliminal suggestion has occurred, believing the ideas to be their own!

We have received reports and information about experiments in free energy, magnetic energy machines, invisibility, time and space transport, and even reports of suicides, accidents and murder as a result of subliminal suggestion.

One of my overseas contacts states: "When reported to the Commission of Human Rights in Strassbourg, their comment was, 'The victims have to complain themselves!'" That, of course, is highly unlikely!

Ever since the 1950's when a Fort Lee, New Jersey movie theatre flashed DRINK COCA-COLA over the face of actress Kim Novak during the showing of Picnic, there has been a growing controversy concerning the practice of subliminal suggestion. At that time some Congressmen and The women's Christian Temperance Union voiced strong objections and called for an investigation.

Hal C. Becker, president of Behavioral Engineering Corp. in Metairie, Louisiana, stated that he had implanted electrodes in the human brain when he was an engineer at Tulane Medical School. That was a beginning.

In looking at the subject of subliminal suggestion and conditioning today, we now find a wide scope of more frightening possibilities.

On an NBC Magazine TV news special, March 13, 1981, a segment on mind control was aired. It was reported at that time that the Russians were known to be experimenting with changing human behavior by external electronic influences, and witnesses expressed fear that the minds of many of the world's most important and influential people are now being controlled by these processes!

Witnesses told of seeing experiments where a person's spinal cord was paralyzed by the mental suggestion of a scanner less than a half mile away. They also told of another experiment where a person in one room was influenced by a scanner in another room to become so dizzy he could not stand.

It has been shown that the human brain does emit electric energy and that it may be harnessed and used. In a laboratory in Leningrad a man is able to light a bulb using only his mental powers.

The news program discussed an experiment where someone tried to influence the mind of another who was speaking on a radio, to see if the speech could be changed during the program.

Near Portland, Oregon, there are unusual radio waves of an extremely low frequency pulsating 10 times a second. I can pick these up on my shortwave radio nightly. Sources, some of them classified, have traced these pulses to a transmitter in the former Soviet Union! These sources will not discuss their work.

There is no evidence that anyone has suffered biological effects from the signal, but they are at the frequency that the human body functions (10 hertz-the range of biological frequencies).

The implication is that extremely low frequencies like that, absorbed by the body and brain, can influence brain waves. The brain can be disrupted by electronic fields and microwaves because whenever you can get a resonate frequency between portions of the brain and physical energy then you can alter the structure of the brain or any other organ in the body. Heart attacks could be induced, for example.

An experiment was witnessed where someone in another room fractured the spinal cord of a person and disrupted mental processes.

Why would anyone want to fracture spinal cords or make another person ill? Why disorient or control another human being? Bizarre as it may seem, we are beginning to discover reasons.

Since this concerns only Terrestrial UFOs and their possible connections to subliminal suggestion and conditioning, we cannot, at this point, ignore the fact that over the years there have been thousands of apparently honest accounts of personal contacts with UFOs and their occupants and a number of perfectly credible abduction episodes.

Some have returned proclaiming messages of hope and love from our space brothers, some of which have accurately predicted future events. These contacts have posed some of the most perplexing questions concerning the UFO enigma.

Considering that very knowledgeable people are able to deliberately project thoughts, experiences and visions, perhaps even words, into the minds of witnesses all over the world, the answer is a practical though fearsome conclusion: Someone is conducting mass subliminal suggestion and mind control.

Additionally, there have been and still are intelligence agencies, often using front organizations, who are exploiting the extra-terrestrial hysteria while busily collecting data on the effects of terrestrial UFO sightings.

Knowledge has been systematically controlled down through the ages. In the past, all women and most men were denied the right to learn to read or write and "wisdom" was granted only to the select few. Books were burned, information recorded on stone, wood or clay was defaced, destroyed or hidden from the profane.

Lest you think anything has changed may I remind you of the secret documents to be released after the year 2000. They include information on Kissinger's "Dead Key Scrolls," Watergate, Martin Luther King's and JFK's deaths. It should be obvious to all but a few that we will not be told about mind control and terrestrial UFOs as long as there are those who think we should not know.

In his book, "Messengers of Deception," Jacques Vallee, well-known French astrophysicist and UFO investigator tells of "mind manipulators" who are controlling certain individuals on this planet.

There are many scattered pieces to this great and intriguing puzzle. It is possible that many "suicides" and deaths by "heart attack" have been caused by subliminal suggestion when some who have dedicated themselves to finding out the truth have ventured too far into the realm of arcane knowledge.

We may soon learn why Admiral Forestal took a dive out of a Naval Hospital window; why Admiral Byrd lacked sensible explanation about his findings at the South Pole and why his original report is missing from libraries and collections.

There has already been much speculation on the death of Morris K. Jessup, well-known UFO researcher and writer, and much has been written on the subject.

There are others too numerous to note, but we will briefly discuss Dr. James E. McDonald. Among many other things he was a respected scientist. While researching the unclassified files at Project Bluebook in the Spring of 1967, he came across a copy of the Robertson Panel report that had accidentally been declassified. He took notes and was troubled when he read that the government had been advised to launch a comprehensive program of 'public training and debunking' in regard to UFOs. (Robertson Panel, pp 18-24, Tab-A).

The CIA sponsored panel suggested that the government employ well-known personalities, Walt Disney Productions, and psychologists to begin massive UFO debunking campaigns to either decrease or completely eliminate civilian UFO reports. The news services carried McDonald's accusations across the nation. Dr. McDonald also accused Dr. Hynek for refusing to release important information on UFOs for many years.

McDonald found many other things that disturbed him in regard to UFOs. He was called to testify about the SST supersonic transport to the House Committee on Appropriations and was promptly attacked by Congressman Silvio Conte of Massachusetts, proclaiming that McDonald had 'to back up his theory that there are little men flying around in the sky. I think that this is important.' (92nd Congress, 1st Session, 1-4 March, 9171, pp 587, 592).

The SST was McDonald's last project. He had ventured too far into the fog surrounding the UFO enigma. He was found dead in the desert near Tucson, Arizona on June 13, 1971. A .38 caliber revolver and a note were found beside his body and it was presumed that he had taken his own life.

Those who pursue the riddle of UFOs have always been held up to public ridicule. In 1962, Arthur Sylvester, then Assistant Secretary of Defense, told reporters that the government took the position that lying was okay if justified by the results.

It is possible and probable that many nations are involved in the production terrestrial UFOs. A number of sources claim that Nazi scientists produced models for Hitler's war machine and then for Russia, Communist China and America after the cessation of hostilities. Reports abound of research stations in Antarctica, Australia, South Africa, South America, Tibet, and the American Southwest desert.

The Danish weekly, "Danske Tidende," carried an article claiming that the Russians have occupied the Norwegian island of Svalbard and were transporting what appeared to be UFO type machines.

Renato Vesco, Italian author, head of the technical section of the Italian Air Force, and senior member of the Italian Association of Aerotechniques, wrote about the history of terrestrial UFOs in 1968! His book, originally published as "Intercettateli Senza Sparare (Milan) was later published in English entitled, "Intercept-But Don't Shoot: The True Story Of The Flying Saucers." Mr. Vesco states that England and Canada continued German UFO projects after the war.

Two-hundred and fifty thousand young Germans were never found after the war. There are probably more pure Germans in South America and South Africa than in Germany. What could these elite scientists and engineers, living in protected enclaves  accomplish if funded by the plundered wealth of Europe? It staggers the imagination!

It is believed that some high ranking atomic scientists, sometime between 1933 and 1945, erected a secret research center in a remote valley in Tibet. Monks who have escaped the area and made contact with the outside world report that the scientists have magnetic devices in operation. One such magnetic device forms an impenetrable wall around the valley where terrestrial UFOs are manufactured.

These machines are capable of instantaneous movement to any location on earth and often are invisible while in flight. The machines described, whether real or projected,  are identical to thousands reported around the world.

It now seems entirely possible that many of the most intelligent and capable people in the world can be made to work on these secret projects and that there are those who will go to any lengths to protect these bases and laboratories. It is also possible and highly probable that the truth of UFOs is not that there are extra-terrestrials regularly visiting Earth but, rather, that there is an Aryan super-race ready to take over complete control of the planet.

With turmoil and conflict increasing worldwide, it would be comforting to believe that ever-watchful creatures will swoop down to save us from ourselves at just the right moment, however, we feel this complacency and faith in false saviours will only make it easier for the terrestrial UFO pilots to murder millions of humans with little effort at all.


"You get so interested in the image in the mirror that it becomes you, and you forget who you were, who you are, who you could become. You become the person in the mirror."

"I had everything I wanted. I envied no one, wanted no one else's life. Having survived the experiment, I felt I was unlike anyone else. I was reborn and, having realized that, I had just begun to live."

"I imagine every large college in America was conducting similar experiments, some in conjunction with mind-altering drugs, some not, during the late 1960s and into the late 1970's. A few, those that showed promise,  probably carry on today."

K. C. Grams, who lives in Taos, New Mexico hears a constant, irritating hum that deprives her of sleep and depletes her energy.

Steven Walters hears it, too; a low, throbbing sound that robs him of the precious quiet he sought when he left the big city.

Robert Faurie hears it: an unnatural, generator-like noise just at the edge of what his ear can pick up.

It is the Taos hum, a phenomenon fit for a supermarket tabloid, a sound that not everyone hears and no one can identify.

"You know how it is when you're about to go to sleep and one of those big black flies or a mosquito is on your room? Imagine having that every single night and not being able to swat it. It makes you crazy," Grams said.

When she first heard the sound two years ago, she assumed it was something in her old, adobe house on the outskirts of town. But she could never find the source.

She was horrified to discover that when she went camping 30 miles away she could still hear the sound.

About a year and a half ago, at a potluck dinner at her son's school, a stranger asked Grams if she could hear a humming sound.

"I almost started crying," Grams recalled. "It's such a relief to know you're not crazy and not alone, and that it's real."

Experts don't doubt Grams and others are being bothered by something. A team of scientists and engineers spent a week in Taos recently at the request of two Congressmen, using sophisticated equipment to measure acoustic, electromagnetic and seismic signals. They found no ready answer.

"Right now we're not close to being able to say anything. It's disappointing to all of us," said Joe Mullins, chairman of the mechanical engineering department at the University of New Mexico and leader of the team from Sandia and Los Alamos national laboratories and the U.S. Air Force's Phillips Laboratory.

Based on initial observations, the team believes it is probably an acoustic signal-that is, not a sound- the hearers are picking up.

"If it was a sound then one of the microphones would have sensed it," said team member Horace Poteet. The team used conventional laboratory microphones as well as a specially built microphone that detects low frequency sound.

Poteet, a physicist whose work involves nuclear test-ban treaty verification, heard the Taos hum while he was there.

In fact, he says, he's been hearing a noise for a while at his Albuquerque home 130 miles south of Taos. He hasn't found it particularly bothersome and describes it as sounding like a diesel truck idling in the distance. (Refer to UFO Report number 8 for a description of a spherical object landing and making the same kinds of sounds).

Seven persons who simulated the sound for the investigators using a signal generator and a loudspeaker selected low-range frequencies, from 33 to 80 hertz. The range of human hearing is between 20 and 20,000 hertz.

Taos residents are convinced the problem is not with their ears because the sound can be masked with other sounds or by getting far enough away from Taos that they no longer hear it.

At first, U. S. Representative Bill Richardson, D-NM, was inclined to write off the complaints as "some of my more colorful constituents." The town of 4,000 in a spectacular setting in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains has long been known as a haven for artists, writers, dancers and other sensitive people.

But he is now convinced the problem is real, and has asked a staff member from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to investigate.

"It isn't a figment of anyone's imagination," Richardson said. "I think there is a hum, a noise of some kind."

So does Steven Walters, a musician who moved from Portland, Oregon in search of the quiet life.

"Every time I become quiet, the sound is right there, throbbing," he said. "The best word I've come up with for it is insidious."

So do more than 100 people who have contacted Bob and Catanya Saltzman since the Saltzman's first reported hearing the sound.

Dozens of people also responded to the Saltzmans' informal survey, complaining of headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, shortness of breath, balance problems and other ailments, the couple said.

Catanya Saltzman first heard the sound in May 1991 and her photographer husband heard it two weeks later. They have heard it almost continually since-including on occasional visits to Santa Fe, 70 miles to the south.

They describe it as a low, grinding, pulsating noise, with a whine overlying it. It disrupts their sleep, and Catanya Saltzman, a dancer, said it affects her balance and concentration.

The Saltzmans spent two months in South Carolina recently to escape it.

They speculate the sound emanates from a secret defense related project and that it may not be random noise at all but, rather, specific electromagnetic waves.

John Keel, well-known UFO author and researcher feels that there is now abundant evidence that "somebody" has developed a technique for broadcasting not only to HAM radio operators but to civilian band radios, walkie-talkies and even over telephones. Strange voices and code-like signals have been heard on TV sets. He says that interference is often in the form of rapid, guttural language that sounds like an odd combination of Spanish and German. It is most prevalent in the low frequencies, on bands used almost exclusively by governments for transmitting time signals.

He suggests that if you own a good short wave radio you may be able to hear these signals at the low end of the band after midnight during the UFO flap months of March, April, July and August.

We must never discount the possibility of subliminal contact-telepathy. Thought is not limited by distance; the mind transcends all that is physical and there is nothing in the physical universe that cannot be penetrated by human thought.

The most remote corners of the universe can be reached in an instant. The physical body can be transported by the power of the mind anywhere in the universe.

When I was in the Navy, particularly from about 1955 until 1968, I would project my thoughts at night to my younger brother and try to heal his broken and crippled legs. I did this every night for about 15 years as a normal routine. I had no idea if the thoughts or projections were working or not and I never told anyone that I had done it or continued to do it for 15 years.

It was only in 1992, 22 years after I returned from Southeast Asia,  that his wife pulled me aside one afternoon during a visit to Indiana and told me that she had awakened one night to the sound of someone talking in their bedroom.

She said she could clearly see me standing at the foot of their bed looking at my brother and that she insisted I leave at once, but I told her that I had come to help heal him.

The mind (as opposed to the brain) is not a physical object. It is being rather than matter. It is an entity that has no substance and, yet, is aware of itself. And it can be affected and even altered by electromagnetic harmonics and sounds, often to the point of death.

If you have heard unusual sounds, particularly a sound like a diesel engine idling, alternately high and low, or what seem to be voices played in fast forward on a tape recorder, or clearly heard and understood questions or commands that seem to originate from a point about one foot behind your right ear, we urge you to write and tell us about it. You are probably being scanned as a potential target for mind-altering experiments, including suicide or murder.

You may be receiving instructions to go to a certain place at a certain time to accomplish a task that will never be consciously revealed to you.



by Jim Shults

I must admit I am just a little gun shy about publishing this particular article for obvious reasons.  Who is going to plead guilty to inventing the AIDS virus? Do I think it was invented? Absolutely and without a doubt. First, where has it been during the past 5000 years?  Why haven't we had exposure to it sooner, like in the last 50 years?  All of a sudden certain countries and entire continents are coming down with the AIDS virus and no organization, body, group, or whatever you care to call it will offer a clue to the real source. It certainly wasn't some monkey in Africa.

Over the last twenty years the genetic scientists have been having a field day inventing all kinds of new "life." Some have even been granted patents for their creatures, which are usually various types of bacteria, etc.  One patent was granted for the invention, or more accurately, creation, of a type of bacteria that eats oil, handy for oil spills I guess.  Now do you think for even a second that a virus like the AIDS virus couldn't be created with all the genetic engineering that is going on around the world?  There are certain types of bacteria that are living in test tubes in labs around the world that if released would cause the end of mankind in less than a year. The real question is why we allow these bozos to play in labs, making all kinds of new and artificial life in the first place.  It is going to backfire. In fact the author already feels it has, through the deliberate release of the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus); that's what AIDS is really called.

Something happened in June of 1991 so extraordinary that nothing like it has ever happened before.  The Surgeon General had mailed to every address in the United States a brochure attempting to explain AIDS, its danger, myths and means of transmission.  The absolutely amazing thing about this was that it was done at all.  Think of this for a minute: the Fed mailed this information to every address in America. That in itself should tell all of us something that the media has somehow missed - that this is a population-destroying virus. It is significant that they did the mailing, and that should be very significant to anyone who knows how our government works and what kind of very real panic those who really know are experiencing.  When something like this brochure is made available as it was, you can be very sure that the boys at the top, including the scientific folks, are up against something they may not beat before it has a very real  chance of destroying at least half of mankind!  In fact, the fastest time even guessed at, for some kind of beginning cure for some types of AIDS is at least five years and that's thought to be impossible by many medical people.

The author offers a very plausible scenario for how rapidly AIDS has been distributed.  We are not blaming the World Health Organization. In the author's scenario he simply indicates that the WHO was used by others to distribute the epidemic.

Let's face it, we are in very real trouble.  There are several types of new AIDS viruses and more to be discovered. Who is to say how the new ones, not yet mutated, will spread - a sneeze perhaps? The "leaders" in our government and others around the world are not telling us the truth about the real danger of the situation in order to protect themselves from a worldwide outcry that could lead to their ouster and "they" know it.  Many scientists predict we will lose half the world's population (including U.S.) by the year 2000. - Jim Shults.


Dr. William Campbell Douglass, M.D.

Age:  62. Education: BS, University of Rochester, New York; MD, University of Miami School of Medicine; Graduate, U.S. Navy School of Aviation and Space Medicine. Career: U.S. Navy, 7 years - Flight Surgeon. In practice for over 25 years. Former state president, Florida, American College of Emergency Physicians. Former Editor of the journal of the Sarasota County Medical Society. Consulting Editor, Health Freedom News. On Board of Governors of the National Health Federation. Regular speaker at the National Health Federation meetings around the United States. Appears regularly on radio and television programs on health.  Doctor of the Year: National Health Federation, 1985. Dr. Douglass has studied in England with Dr. Katharina Dalton, discoverer of the premenstrual syndrome.  He was one of the first doctors in the United States to diagnose and treat PMS. He opened his PMS Clinic in 1981.


by William Campbell Douglass, M.D.

The great powers renounced chemical and biological warfare 20 years ago - but kept right on experimenting.  The germ warfare experiments on Seventh Day Adventist soldiers, (1) the Tuskeegee syphilis experiments on prisoners, (2) the San Francisco Bay attack by the U.S. Army using serratia marcescens bacteria, (3) the New York City subway germ attack, (4) and many other experiments on humans, largely unknown to the victims, continue in the free world.

In Novosybirsk, at the Ivanofsky Institute and other Soviet centers of biological warfare, you can be sure that similar diabolical experiments on humans continue at a frantic pace.

The Soviet press, always masters of the half truth, accused the U.S. Army of having engineered the AIDS virus in the biological warfare laboratories at Fort Detrick, Maryland. This was a clever psy-war ploy which, for a while anyway, neutralized those of us who were saying essentially the same thing, that the AIDS virus was probably created through recombinant genetic engineering (the rearranging of genes between two or more species of plants or animal) and/or serial passage: the growing of a virus in a series of generations of tissue culture cells or live animals, thus adapting the virus to a net species, using human tissue culture cells in the top security labs at Fort Detrick. People started accusing us of spreading the communist line, not a comfortable position for a dedicated anti-communist like myself.

What the Soviet propagandists didn't say was that their agents had been working in our top security biological warfare laboratories for over 20 years.  In a burst of brotherly love they were invited in by President Nixon. The astounded communist scientists from Russia, the Eastern Bloc and communist China, who had been trying to penetrate this vital security area for 40 years, quickly accepted. They have been snickering in their beakers ever since, while they prepare for our demise.

"It's no secret that they are there," Dr. Carlton Gajdusek, Nobel Prize winner, a top official at the Fort Detrick Army laboratory in Maryland, said in Omni magazine (March 1985). "In the facility I have a building where more good and loyal communist scientists from the USSR and mainland China work, with full passkeys to all the laboratories, than there are American. Even the Army's Infectious Disease Unit is loaded with foreign workers who are not always friendly nationals."

This answer to an interview question refers to the high number of Soviet bloc scientists in this U.S. facility who act as inspectors to ensure that we are not producing bacteriological weapons in violation of treaties with the Soviets.

You can't put it more plainly than that.  Even the Trojans weren't that stupid: at least they didn't know the Trojan horse was full of soldiers.

When it became obvious to the communist press that we were getting the truth out about who was running things at Fort Detrick, they completely reversed themselves and said it was all a mistake. Everything was just fine at Fort Detrick.

To understand the enormity of our betrayal you must know about the origin of the AIDS virus.  The virologists of the world, the sorcerers who brought us this ghastly plague, have a united front in denying that the virus was laboratory-made from known, lethal animal viruses. The scientific party line is that a monkey in Africa with AIDS bit a native on the butt.  The native then went to town and gave it to a prostitute who gave it to the local banker who gave it to his wife and three girlfriends and what!  50 to 75 million people became infected with AIDS in Africa and throughout the world.  This is an entirely preposterous story, and it is preposterous because:

1. The green velvet monkey of Africa doesn't get human AIDS. You can't reproduce the disease in monkeys even by injecting AIDS virus directly into them.

2. After injecting the virus into monkeys, you can't transmit it to other monkeys, much less to humans.

3. Genetically, AIDS (HIV-1) is not even close to the monkey form of immunodeficiency virus.  [Ed. note:  For references on the three items above, see: Seale, Dr. John J., Royal Society of Medicine, Sept. 1987, Seale, Dr. John J., The Origin of AIDS - International Conference on AIDS, Cairo, March 1988.]

4. AIDS started not in the villages but in the cities of Africa, where there are no wild monkeys.

5. The doubling time of AIDS infection being about 12 months, one monkey biting one native and then spreading the disease would have taken 20 years to reach a million cases.  Seventy-five million Africans became infected practically simultaneously.  At the same time, the disease became rampant in the U.S., Haiti and Brazil.

It is obvious that one monkey couldn't have done that for one homosexual, either.  There had to be some sort of simultaneous seeding process.  The only worldwide simultaneous seeding going on at the same time was the smallpox vaccine program of the World Health Organization (WHO). The early epidemiology of the AIDS pandemic fits the smallpox vaccination project of the WHO - AND NOTHING ELSE (with the exception of the U.S., which we shall examine subsequently.)

The AIDS virus was created in a laboratory by combining lethal animal "retroviruses" in human cancer (HeLA) cell cultures.  These viruses have never before caused infection in man.  The "species barrier" has always been nature's way of keeping a deadly virus from wiping out the entire animal kingdom, including man.  The myxoma virus of rabbits, for example, wiped out the rabbit population of Europe, but man and other animals were not affected.  The sheep visna virus completely decimated the flocks of Iceland, but no other animal was affected.

The virologists deny that the AIDS virus, HIV-1, is of animal origin.  I am sure that you see the paradox here.  Aren't monkeys animals?

They are also united in saying that it's not possible for the virus to have been engineered in a laboratory. If it didn't come from other animals and it didn't come from a laboratory, and they now admit privately that the monkey couldn't have done it, then it must have come out of thin air.  That's a theological position and hence beyond argument.  It's certainly not scientific.

These scientists who have created this monstrous problem in their sorcerer's retrovirology laboratories are constantly caught in their own lies.  The line goes: "The AIDS virus could not have been engineered in a laboratory because the technology wasn't available until recently." Icelandic scientists combined the sheep visna virus with human tissue cells over 20 years ago.  The technology has been refined in recent years, but the basic process has been actively used in labs all over the world for long before the AIDS virus made its dramatic appearance.

But the scientists hold fast in their denial of culpability. Professor William Jarrett said, when asked about the possibility of AIDS arising from animal retroviruses, "That is like someone saying babies come out of cabbages." (5) Dr. Robert Gallo said that people who claim AIDS was manufactured artificially "are either insane or communists." (6) Dr. Luc Montagnier, the discoverer of the AIDS virus, said, "In 1970 there was not enough knowledge in genetic engineering to make such a virus starting from already existing viruses."  (7)  (See Icelandic experiments mentioned above.)

This tower of lies must eventually fail of its own weight.  Then what?  Where do we look for a solution?  Certainly not from the people who caused the disaster.  But where? - the Pentagon? The Pentagon is supporting research on biological warfare in over 100 federal and private laboratories, including those at many prominent universities. (8) Yet, Neil Levitt, who worked for 17 years at the Army infectious Disease Institute, says, "It's a joke...  there's no defense against these kinds of organisms.  And if you can't defend against something, then why are we pouring more and more money in it?  There's something else going on that we don't  know about." (9)

Some joke.

A short virology lesson will help you understand that AIDS is indeed an animal virus and that it was laboratory-made as a weapon of biological warfare against the free world.

A basic rule of virology is that if two viruses have the same shape, design and size, then they are almost certainly the same virus (a very simple and easy to understand rule). (10) For example, this virus:

... a virus of bacteria (bugs have diseases, too), doesn't  look anything like this virus:

... a virus of ticks that's transmitted to pigs, or this virus:

... which is found in horses.

The AIDS virus, which "couldn't have come from animal viruses" is almost certainly a recombinant virus from fusing a cattle virus, bovine leukemia virus:

with sheep visna virus:

You combine the two in human tissue culture cells and you get bovine visna virus:

...A VIRUS THAT HERETOFORE DID NOT EXIST - a product of man, engineered in a laboratory. Now, if you isolate the AIDS virus from an infected human, it looks like this:

It doesn't look like this (the tick virus):

... or this (the cattle virus):


... the recombinant virus from cattle and sheep AND IT'S CALLED AIDS.  You don't have to be a genius to understand this.  Any properly instructed 10-year-old can understand it!

But, some alert reader will say, we don't give smallpox vaccinations in the U.S., so how do you explain the simultaneous outbreak of AIDS in Africa, Brazil and Haiti, where they did indeed give the vaccine, and in the U.S., where they didn't give the vaccine?

Simple. The homosexual community was used as a large group of experimental animals through the hepatitis-B program.  It didn't take many infected homosexuals among the I.V. drug users to quickly spread the disease among a large percentage of the addicts due to the near certainty of infection through direct intravenous insertion of the virus.

To understand the seeding of AIDS among homosexuals (and eventually to the rest of us through bisexuals unless drastic action is taken), you must know about a character with the strange name of Wolf Szmuness. His life story will seem bizarre to you unless, like me, you have a conspiratorial turn of mind.

Dr. Szmuness was a Polish Jew who supposedly ended up in a Siberian labor camp during World War II. But after the war he somehow became a privileged person, was sent to medical school in Tomsk, Russia, and married a Russian woman.  Hardly typical treatment of an enemy of the Soviet state [under Stalin].

Szmuness's biographer said that Wolf was always reluctant to discuss "those dark years in Siberia." Maybe he wasn't in Siberia. If he actually was, he certainly wasn't shoveling salt.

In 1959 the Soviet government "allowed" him to practice in Poland in a public health capacity.  Standard policy in all communist countries is never to allow all members of a family to travel out of the country to the West at the same time.  This eliminates 98 percent of all defection attempts.  I have physician friends in Hungary, for example.  He can go to a meeting anywhere in the world if she stays home.  She can go if he stays home.  They can both go if the children are left at home.  But in 1969, the entire Szmuness family was allowed by communist Poland to go to a medical meeting in Italy.  At that time they "defected" and moved to New York City.

WITH NO AMERICAN CREDENTIALS WHATSOEVER, he immediately got a job as a "lab technician" at the New York City Blood Center. Within a very few years this Polish immigrant was GIVEN HIS OWN LAB, a separate department of epidemiology was created for him at the blood bank and he, like the chrysalis turning into a butterfly, changed into a FULL PROFESSOR OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AT THE COLUMBIA MEDICAL SCHOOL!

In six years this "lab tech" became a full  professor AND THEN WENT BACK TO MOSCOW for a scientific presentation and was received as a dignitary, not a defector.

We tell you this amazing story because in retrospect it is obvious that Wolf Szmuness was a carefully groomed agent, planted here after years of preparation, to instigate biological warfare against the American people.

Szmuness, with the full cooperation and financial support of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health, (11) masterminded the hepatitis-B vaccine experimental program used on homosexual men.

He insisted that only young, promiscuous homosexuals be allowed to participate in the experiment.  The experiment started in New York at the blood bank in November 1978. THE EXPERIMENTAL VACCINE WAS PRODUCED in a government supervised laboratory. (12) The study was completed in October 1979. Within 10 years, most of these young men would be dead or dying from AIDS.

In 1980 the program was expanded to major cities all across the U.S. In the fall of 1980 the first AIDS case was reported in San Francisco. Eight years later most of the homosexuals in San Francisco are infected, dead or dying.

Szmuness did not live to see the fruition of this larger experiment.  He died of cancer in 1982.

In 1986 Dr. Cladd Stevens, one of Szmuness's collaborators, penned an astonishing report that did not make your local newspaper.  She reported that the majority of the homosexuals in the experimental program were infected with the AIDS virus. (13) The AIDS-laced vaccine, through the bridge of bisexual men, now infects as many as three million Americans. Mission accomplished.

AIDS was not the first germ warfare attack against Americans. In the early '60s, millions of unsuspecting Americans took either Salk injected polio vaccine or the live Sabin polio vaccine, which was taken by mouth.  BOTH WERE LACED WITH S.V.-40, A CANCER-CAUSING MONKEY VIRUS. (#4) With an incubation period of 20 years, we are only now seeing the grim results of this bio-attack against Americans, largely in the form of brain tumors and leukemia.  Salk didn't like the Sabin vaccine and Sabin didn't like the Salk vaccine.  I think they are both right.  It is interesting to note that polio was rapidly disappearing WITHOUT a vaccine  (J. Trop. Pediat, env.  Child. Health 21,  (11).

Our Soviet enemies not only instigated the AIDS epidemic through clandestine agents within our government, but they now control, through the World Health Organization, the AIDS policies of the free world.  You are probably not  aware that the International AIDS prevention program of the World Health Organization (WHO) is run by the Soviets.

You don't believe it?  Call WHO and ask them who is in charge in Europe. If you want to save your nickel I'll tell you.  He's a Russian named Bysencho and he operates out of Copenhagen.

The Soviets control the response to AIDS of the entire free world at many levels, including the top.  Dr. Sergei Litvinov, the coordinator of all task forces on AIDS at the WHO, is a high official in the Soviet Ministry of Health. Allegedly Litvinov gave out the order to our scientists and medical organizations in the western world not to discuss the real cause of the epidemic.

At a secret meeting (information supplied the author from a confidential source) between the editors of Lancet, the highly respected British medical publication, and a group of the leading retrovirologists of the world, it was decided not to publish any academic discussion about the possible artificial creation of the AIDS virus in a laboratory.  They particularly agreed not to make any mention of world-renowned biologist Isaac Farlane Bernet's published remarks that molecular biology may get out of hand like atomic physics and be used for evil purposes and "practical applications of molecular biology to cancer research might be sinister."

Other medical journals such as Science and JAMA have lock-stepped with Lancet and put all references to the man-made origins of AIDS down the memory hole.

Did comrade Litvinov have a little talk with the retrovirologists? They, of course, wouldn't need any encouragement from the Soviet WHO bosses to attempt a little cover-up of their own heinous crime, but Lancet, the British Medical Journal, and the New England Journal of Medicine are another matter. It took some powerful and sinister forces indeed to get these respected publications to cover up the crime of the millennium.

The notable exception to this appalling censorship of mass murder is Professor Harding Rains, Editor of the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. Rains refers to "a conspiracy of silence" covering the allegation that AIDS was man-made.  We hope Dr. Rains is watching his backside!

Dr. Zhores Medvedev, unlike Bysencho and Litvinov, supposedly is a Russian exile.  Medvedev operates out of London at the National Institute for Medical Research. He's a senior research scientist who continues to communicate freely with his supposed enemies in the Soviet bio-warfare laboratories, but we lack the space to catalog all the details here.

Medvedev is spreading the disinformation that AIDS is rampant in Russia due to the escape of the virus from a laboratory, a sort of biological Chernobyl. This tends to divert suspicion away from Litvinov, Schmugner and the other reds that President Nixon allowed to penetrate our biological warfare laboratories at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Having the Soviets control  the spread of AIDS in the West has led to some interesting paradoxes.  Our masters in the U.S. tell us that there shall be absolutely no restrictions on travel between various parts of the non-Communist world by persons who test positive for AIDS.

Surgeon General C.E. Koop supports this Soviet policy of biological suicide.  (Are those the instructions he received when he made his trip to Moscow, where the WHO has set up its main AIDS research center?) But, our Soviet masters in the WHO tell us this open policy of international travel does not apply to the communist bloc of nations.  If you or I were to visit Moscow and tested positive for the AIDS virus, POW! - out on the next plane!  If they stay clean through their immigration policies and we die because of the immigration policies imposed on us through the U.N.-controlled World Health Organization, who needs atomic bombs for world conquest?

Cuba, Dr. John Seale informs me, has a strict asylum system for the AIDS-infected. When their troops come back from "liberating" Africans, they are tested as they get off the boat.  If tested positive the soldier goes directly to Hell - euphemistically called a Sanitarium. He can visit his family occasionally, but only in the presence of a commissar called a"health official" (no hanky-panky).

Unless the West gets its act together and closes down the U.N. genocide division called the WHO, freedom and decency will disappear from planet Earth for a thousand years.  But the problem goes much deeper. How do you close down the U.S. government laboratories such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Fort Detrick bio-warfare lab when the perpetrators of the crime are in control at all levels? I don't know the answer.


(1).  Project Whitecoat, to be published in Health Freedom News, P.O. Box 688, Monrovia CA 91016. Subscription $20.00 per year.

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(14). Salk/Sabin s.v.-40 Proc- National Academy of Science, vol.  77, #8, p. 4861, and Atlantic Monthly, 2/76.

There are 9000 to the 4th power possible AIDS viruses (9000 base pairs on the genome) so human misery worldwide has just begun. Because of the trillions of possible genetic combinations, there will never be a vaccine to end this plague. The HIV will be constantly changing and attacking humans with new esoteric diseases, forever mutating faster than scientists can conjure up cures.

It is no longer a question of when we will see an end to AIDS; it is a question of when we will see an end to humankind on this planet.

Original estimates of 500,000,000 dead from AIDS by the year 2000 have been called, "liberal," and many knowledgable scientists predict half the world's population (2.5 billion), including United States, will succumb to this man-made plague by the turn of the century only seven years from today.

            MEN IN BLACK: Menace or Mirage?

            Ominous entities visit UFO witnesses to threaten and coerce them to silence.

Men in black are unknown entities who threaten and menace UFO witnesses. They claim to be from obscure government agencies that don't exist and they drive brand new vintage cars with license plates that subsequently prove to be unissued numbers.

Men in black ultimately prove to be harmless, despite all their threats of beatings and kidnapping. But who are they and who sends them to the homes of UFO witnesses?

An encounter with the mysterious figures can be one of the most disturbing experiences a UFO witness can have. Visits from MIBs follow a set pattern and usually happens to a male UFO witness who reports his sighting or encounter.

Immediately after (and often before) he reports the sighting, two or three figures who appear to be almost human, dressed in black conservative suits, often with sharply white shirts, black ties, dark hats and black shoes, arrive at the witness's home.

They appear to be FBI agents from early black and white B-movies. Some appear to be suntanned or olive skinned with Asian features. Some are pale and wan. They flash badges and ID, claiming to be from government agencies or UFO investigating organizations.

They often appear awkward or ill-at-ease and talk in the stilted, dramatic slang of 1940s gangster movies, warning witnesses that if they want their wives to "... stay as pretty as she is," they will keep their mouths shut or recover samples or photographs sent to labs for analysis.

Their cars are as unusual as the entities. Classic reports of MIBs state they arrive in brand new Cadillacs (in America) or brand new Jaguars (in the UK and Europe), although the models they drive have been out of production for 20 or 30 years! License plates, when checked, are always numbers that have not been issued. A third entity will often remain in the car, sometimes enshrouded in an ozone-like aura.

One explanation of the enigma is that they are some kind of transmitted hallucination. Another is that they are pure hallucinations conjured from the minds of the witnesses, perhaps as a result of the stress associated with a UFO encounter. But why their appearance and mannerisms remain so consistent in reports from worldwide sources, including from people in remote areas who know little or nothing of UFO lore, remains a mystery.

More complex theories purport that MIBs are a part of some elaborate psychological experiment conducted by government agencies, both foreign and domestic, using subliminal transmissions and telepathy to either implant the images or to test a witness's integrity.

In 1976, Dr. Herbert Hopkins was working as a consulting hypnotist on an alleged UFO abduction case in Maine. One night when he was home alone, he received a telephone call from a person who said he represented a New Jersey UFO research group, a claim which later proved to be false.

The caller asked to visit Hopkins to discuss the abduction case and the doctor agreed to meet with the caller. It was only after the meeting that he would reflect upon how odd it was that he had so readily agreed to share the details of the case with a stranger.

He did not even consider it odd at the time, however, that only seconds after the call he found a man waiting at his front door. The man was hairless; bald and completely without eyelashes or brows. He was dressed in the classic black suit, white shirt. black ties, black shoes. Hopkins imagined that he was a mortician.

Completely at ease with this unusual visitor whose dead-white face was punctuated only by lips that appeared to be covered with lipstick, Dr. Hopkins invited the man in and sat with him for some time while the details of the abduction case were discussed.

After a period, Hopkins noticed that the stranger's speech was slowing and his movements appeared to become unsteady. His parting words to his host, as he rose to leave, were: "My energy is running low. Must go now. Good-bye." Only after the MIB had staggered away did Hopkins understand the strangeness of the event.

With certain variations, this visit is considered to be typical of the legendary Men In Black, beings who are on the surface human, but who are clearly something else. Since the 1950s, MIB have become almost an adjunct of some UFO sightings and have attained a near-mythical status in UFO lore.

Many MIB appear to be puzzled and confused about such everyday items as ball-point pens and eating utensils. Nearly all have in common a somber appearance and immaculate black and white attire. They tend to be robotic or android-like, emotionless and business-like in their mannerisms. Some instill fear by their very appearance and presence.

Although there has never been a report of actual physical harm, MIBs often threaten witnesses with all sorts of violence to dissuade them from talking about UFO sightings or seeking information about them.

The theory that MIBs are from some government organization has gradually lost favor, primarily because no one can imagine any but the most paranoid and nefarious federal agents of perpetrating such a conspiracy, but that is not to say that paranoid and dangerous federal agents are not out there listening to your phone calls or reading your mail.

Whether or not they paint their faces and dress in pressed black suits to dissuade you from investigating your UFO encounter too closely is another question, and one that may never be satisfactorily answered.



In an article from the January 26, 1994 edition of the Bakersfield Californian, "An unmanned spacecraft roared off the launch pad Tuesday for a seven-month mission to photograph the moon as part of the first U.S. lunar exploration mission in 21 years.

"Clementine I will use sensors built by the Defense Department for missile defense to create strip photographs of the moon and an asteroid called Geographos.

"Data collected when Clementine I points its instruments at the moon next month and at Geographos next summer will be merely a by-product of a $75 million plus mission primarily intended to test new defense technology."

UFO researchers have learned that Clementine I will also be sending detailed photographs of the "artifacts on the moon" first reported in the early 1970s.


In a January 9, 1994 article in The London Sunday Times, Lois Rogers states: "The International Committee of The Red Cross is demanding a ban on futuristic laser guns which it says are being developed to blind enemy troops by burning out their eyes.

"The move follows a four-year inquiry by medical, military and legal experts, and will be put to United Nations delegates in Geneva next month. It is hoped that a ban on blinding weapons, including an existing Royal Navy system, will be part of a new UN weapons convention next year.

"Concern centers on a range of laser systems being developed in America which, experts say, could be used as anti-personnel weapons. The report also highlights a British laser system which has been used on Royal Navy ships for more than 10 years, designed to dazzle pilots in attacking fighter aircraft. Three Argentine planes are thought to have been brought down by an early version of this weapon.

"It has been reported that one U.S. weapon has been demonstrated to the Royal Marines. That system, code-named Stingray or Outrider, targets the optics and range-finding equipment of enemy tanks, blinding them with laser beams to render them useless without destroying them. American officials deny that anti-personnel laser weapons are being developed.

Ministry of Defense laser research has concluded that there is a threat to British troops and John Marshall, professor of opthalmology at St. Thomas' Hospital in London, was commissioned to research anti-laser goggles. He concluded that there is no total defense against laser beams.

"His alarm is shared by Major General Bengt Anderberg, Chief of Planning and Budget in the Swedish Defense Staff, and co-author of a book on blinding weapons. He says, "It is difficult to care for a lot of people blinded at the same time."


What's $12 million between friends?

In a recent article from the Albuquerque Journal, Tamar Stieber says: "A pittance, if the friends happen to be the U.S. Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

"The laboratory, part of the DOE's national nuclear weapons complex, acknowledges it has lost track of about $12 million worth of property-mostly scientific equipment but also things like computers, copiers and electronic components.

"Officials say most of the missing equipment is somewhere on lab property-43 square miles of it-they're just not sure where. And the lab's own "wall-to-wall" inventory still hasn't solved the mystery.

"They also point out that compared to the lab's $1 billion inventory, the missing equipment is statistically 'insignificant'."


Cooleemee, North Carolina.

"Roger Spillman paid $75 for what he thought was a radio amplifier at a salvage auction. He never got it to work and never got a refund.

"There may be some consolation in knowing the device would have survived a nuclear blast, however.

"Turns out the device is a $363,735 piece of military hardware, part of a planned global communications system designed to survive nuclear war, according the Winston-Salem Journal in a January 1994 article.

"The Air Force showed up with a court order in December and reclaimed the device. It only learned about the missing amplifier when Spillman, unable to get it to work with his radio, turned to a local ham-radio operator, who called the amplifier's manufacturer, Raytheon Corp., for an instruction manual. Raytheon employees asked for the serial number, then called the Air Force.

"Air Force Special Investigations found out that Raytheon sent two Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Amplifiers to the Milstar program at McClellan Air Force Base in Sacramento, California in December 1992.

"Several Air Force officials couldn't explain how such a sensitive piece of equipment could be missing for nearly a year, how it ended up in the freight salvage yard or how it came to be sold.

"The new pale-green amplifier is part of the $32 billion Milstar system designed to send and receive military messages throughout the nation's nuclear arsenal even while under nuclear attack, the paper reported."


The New York Times, January 17, 1994

"An elaborate satellite system created to help fight a long nuclear war with the Soviet Union is being prepared for launch next month, even as questions mount in Congress about its cost and need, given the diminished prospects for such a conflict.

"Built to act as a space-based brain for nuclear war, the Milstar system would be a global switchboard-a network of satellites to relay military commands long after Washington and the Pentagon were destroyed in battle. It would also be one of the most expensive projects in the Pentagon's history.

"Designed to allow the United States forces to endure a six-month nuclear Armageddon, it has already survived attempts by the Air Force to eliminate it to save money.

"The first Milstar launch is scheduled for February 5th from Cape Kennedy, Florida.

"Although many of Milstar's abilities remain secret, the original goals for the system included the ability to retreat from an orbit of 23,300 miles to a deep-space orbit of 110,000 miles to evade potential attackers; the ability to shield itself from nuclear explosions, including the electromagnetic pulse, a tidal wave of charged electrons that could devastate the nation's electronic circuits; and the ability to foil enemy effort to jam their messages.

"Eric DeRitis, a Lockheed spokesman, said, 'There is no satellite system that can do what's slated for this system.' But Pentagon officials acknowledge that it will take years, and a large-scale war, before they know if Milstar can do what it was designed to do."


Executive Orders, already signed into law, will take away all citizens' rights. These orders can be placed into effect at any second for any reason by the President alone, without the consent of Congress or the Supreme Court. Here they are:

EO 10995: Provides for control of all communications media.

EO 10997: Provides for control of all electric power, fuels and minerals.

EO 10998: Provides for control of all food resources, farms, processing plants, etc.

EO 10999: Provides For control of all transportation, highways, seaports, etc.

EO 11000: Provides for mobilization of all civilians into work brigades under federal supervision.

EO 11001: Provides control of all Health, Education and Welfare.

EO 11002: Designates the Postmaster General to conduct nationwide registration of all citizens.

EO 11003: Provides for control of all commercial, civil and private airplanes.

EO 11004: Provides for relocation of any populations.

11005: Provides for control of railroads, waterways and public storage facilities.

EO 11490: Combines all of the above into a single Presidential Order (by former President Nixon). A declaration of National Emergency would put any or all into effect immediately.


Since it is widely believed that diamonds are somehow used in the manufacture of disc-shaped aerial cars, it is interesting to note that Africa, the diamond center of the planet, also has the world's largest deposits of columbite and tin. One researcher has pointed out that a wire made of columbite and tin will carry electric current with almost zero resistance. It will do, however, only at a low temperature. If it could be made to do so at normal temperatures, we could use a flashlight battery to power the universe!


by Lee Walsh

Perhaps some of the most controversial and contradictory information concerning attempts at space communication surrounds the project known as Cyclops.

Construction of Cyclops began in November of 1971, 20 miles north of Carlson, Arizona. This project was said to have begun operating Thursday, May 31, 1973 and was headed by John M. Oliver.

On February 14, 1976, it was reported in The New York Times under the heading, "Late Bulletin," that Cyclops had picked up intelligent signals from the Ophiuchi star system in a "series of tones, in a regular rhythmic pattern that could not possibly be of random natural origin." This star system is approximately seventeen light years away! The transmission lasted about 28 seconds.

On February 29, 1976, The New York Times ran another story claiming that the Cyclops project had lost its credibility and on March 27, 1976, the President, in a White House press release, accused Dr. John M. Oliver of "staging a hoax of colossal magnitude in order to enlist unearned support for the federally-funded program."

On April 10, 1976, in another press release issued by the President, it was stated that the "hoax was carefully planned, the finished product having fooled the scientific experts across the nation, including Dr. Oliver himself." He said the 'supposed" alien message was composed of the regular emanations of a pulsar, over-dubbed with artificially-generated tonal pulses. After receiving the natural pulsar signals, two unidentified astronomers fed the additional compatible tones into the computer tapes for the final results.

In the summer of 1977 I requested a copy of the report on Project Cyclops and received a rather large book detailing the plans and hopes for the project, and a letter from John Billingham, Chief of the Interstellar Communications Study Group.

There was no indication of problems of a hoax in the Cyclops project. That would seem to be the end of it, however, further investigation revealed the probability that the communications were real and had been partially decoded, and that Cyclops would continue under a new name with new and additional funding. The classified black project apparently continues to monitor Ophiuchi and Eta Cassiopeia systems.

Apparently several nations are in hot pursuit of technology for interstellar communications. Contracts are made, then suppressed; information is gained, then buried. As long as rival governments are playing games it becomes the responsibility of private civilian investigators to collect, research and disseminate information. Even if the best we can do is call attention to these projects, that is a fruitful beginning.

Other research into interstellar communications is being conducted by large universities worldwide. Classified as experimental or paranormal research, many acclaimed colleges today are continuing studies begun in the 1960s and 1970s concerning the abilities of some gifted espers to contact off-world beings or to manifest appearances of UFOs at will. Even some federal intelligence agencies, while they publicly deny it, are using espers to seek out and communicate with off-world beings.

At some time in the future, a number of researchers claim, some gifted people will set in motion all the engines of the world and keep them going with the power of their thoughts alone! This new physics or supranormal mental activity does not suggest a solution to the age-old question of the effects of the human mind over matter; it does, however, admit to the possibility of such action and suggests where this action will occur.

The following letter, received from NASA in July 1977 seems to indicate that Project Cyclops was under full power with no hint of the scandal or hoax claimed by the White House press releases one year earlier!


We have heard a lot about UFO conspiracy theories and they are always connected to same branch of the military/government, the CIA, FBI, NSA, all those infamous 3-letter organizations. But how about the United Nations?

In the 1960s, it was reported that Colman von Keviczky, a member of the UN Office of Public Information decided that it would be a good idea to bring all UFO sightings under the jurisdiction of the UN and that the UN be the only authorized group to openly contact craft and their occupants.

In the 1970's, Sir Eric Gairy, then Prime Minister of Grenada (a small island in the Caribbean) repeatedly called for a special group within the UN to investigate UFO's.  It was while Gairy was at the UN, attending a conference with other UFO experts, including Gen. Kurt Waldheim, the late Allen J. Hynek and Maj. von Keviczky, that a coup by a group calling themselves JEWEL put Maurice Bishop in power in Grenada.

Gairy had accused 'some nations'-which he did not identify publicly-of stifling UFO information.  By the way, the United States opposed Gairy's idea to have the UN conduct UFO research.  We must assume, however, that does not mean that the UN was not involved with UFO.

In July of 1978, Astronaut Gordon Cooper spoke before a UN assembly. Present were Len Stringfield, UFO researcher; Sir Eric Gairy, then still Prime Minister of Grenada; Lee Spiegel, Research and Visual Consultant on UFO data; the late Dr. Allen Hynek, then Director of the Center on UFO Studies, Evanston, IL; Dr. Claude Poher, Director of the French Agency for the Investigation of UFO's and the Rev. Ray Nielsen, representative of The Aertherius Society.

A rather lengthy speech given by Cooper began: "I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting the planet from other planets that are a little more technically advanced than we are on earth.  I feel that we need to have a top-level coordinated program to scientifically collect and analyze data from all over the earth concerning any type of encounter and to determine how best to interfere with these visitors in a friendly fashion... ."

The content of the speech was also written, by Cooper, November 9, 1978, in a letter to Ambassador Griffith, Mission of Grenada, to the UN.

It was later reported that Cooper, though not actually denying his words, "changed his mind about the subject of UFO's, aliens, and travel between planets."

The UN is now more actively involved in the "nation-building" activities of almost every country in the world, especially those from which massive UFO sightings were reported since 1989, the time when those particular countries began their most dramatic changes.


In February 1960 a station of the North American Air Defense System picked up a radar echo from an enormous space station orbiting the Earth. This intercept caused panic and alarm throughout America's and the Soviet Union's Defense Departments. It was the wrong kind of orbit for a Soviet launch. The space station was in a polar orbit, whereas the orbits of Soviet satellites were invariably inclined at 65 degrees to the equator, which took the satellites over South America and North Africa. Apart from that, there was no booster on either side of the Atlantic capable of putting such an object into space. American scientists had calculated that the weight of the orbiting station was around 15 tons. For three weeks the Americans kept track of the space station, then it vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

The February intercept was just the first in a series of strange space phenomena which have baffled scientists worldwide for over three decades. On September 3, 1960, seven months after the first intercept, it was revealed that an unidentified object had been photographed in the sky over New  York by a tracking camera at Grumman Aircraft Corporation's Long Island factory. The object, which appeared to emanate a red glow, had been seen several times during the preceding two weeks, apparently following an east-to-west orbit, whereas most satellites were launched in the opposite direction, and its speed appeared to be about three times that of America's Echo 1 "metal balloon" satellite.

The Americans attached so much importance to these mystery sightings that they organized a special committee to gather as much information as possible about them. But the committee's findings, if there were any, were kept secret and the sightings were forgotten.

Then, on May 15th, 1963, a Mercury capsule carrying Gordon Cooper blasted into space from Cape Canaveral on a 22-orbit mission around the world. During the final orbit, Cooper informed the Muchea, Australia tracking station that he could see a glowing, greenish object rapidly approaching his capsule from directly ahead.

Whatever Cooper saw was solid and large enough to be picked up travelling east to west by Muchea's radar. Cooper's sighting was reported by NBC, which was broadcasting live coverage of Cooper's flight, but when Cooper landed, reporters were not allowed to ask him about the sighting. The "official" statement was that Cooper had been hallucinating due to release of poisonous carbon dioxide from an electrical short in the capsule.

But Cooper, who is a firm believer in UFOs and later made the UN speech in which he had referred to aliens, UFOs and interstellar travel, had 10 years earlier seen a UFO while piloting his F-86 Sabrejet over western Germany.

In June 1965, astronauts Ed White-the first American to walk in space and who was later to die with Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee in a launch-pad fire during a test of an Apollo capsule-and James McDivitt were passing over Hawaii in a Gemini capsule when they observed a strange metallic object some distance away. It appeared to have arms or projections. McDivitt took pictures of it with a motion picture camera. Those films have never been released.

The "official" Air Force explanation was that the two astronauts had seen a Pegasus satellite, which was equipped with broad protruding "arms" to register hits from micro-meteorites. But the Air Force forgot to mention that while the astronauts were over Hawaii, the Pegasus was over 1,000 miles away and could not have been observed.

In December 1965, Gemini astronauts Jim Lovell and Frank Borman also saw something strange in space during the second orbit of their record-breaking 14-day flight around Earth. Borman reported that he was observing an unidentified spacecraft some distance away from their capsule. Gemini Control at Kennedy suggested that he might be seeing the final stage of the huge Titan booster which had lifted him and Lovell into orbit earlier that day.

Borman confirmed the sighting of the booster shining brilliantly in the sunlight. But what he was observing was something different; something he could not explain. Later NASA claimed that Borman had seen the wreckage of a U.S. Air Force rocket that had been blown up during a launch several days earlier. But the Air Force rebuked the claim when they insisted that no wreckage was in that particular orbit. They were placing a series of military recon satellites into orbit, however, and those launches were cloaked in secrecy.

There may be rational explanations for all the NASA sightings and for many of the sighting which occur in America almost daily. For years flying saucer scares were carefully fostered by the Soviet Union to draw attention from sensitive areas and secret experiments. Anything unusual seen in the skies above Sverdlovsk, a town barred to all foreign visitors because it is an important center of Soviet missile production, was attributed to UFO activity.

We suspect every other industrialized nation does the same to protect their "black" projects and secret weapons.

ET BODY LANGUAGE: Are they related to crop circles?

As if strange symbols appearing on the ground aren't intriguing enough, how about "body symbols"? Lee Walsh, UFO investigator from Damariscotta, Maine, has in her files a number of reports from New York, Massachusetts, Maine and some Canadian Provinces in which people describe symbols left on their bodies after encounters with UFOs. The earliest report, from New York State, was in 1976.

Figure #1 shows a page from a diary containing several symbols. Figure #2 is a later report shown a different set of symbols reported to have been left on the skin of people who have investigated UFOs or who have had encounters with UFOs. Figure #3a and 3b show symbols or glyphs cut into a stone stela and amulet that have been discovered in Maine.

The two-holed amulet was a common  fetish among prehistoric Maine tribes, but the rayed sun and the Eye of God on the reverse were more common in Europe. Nearly identical glyphs have been found cut into lava flows on Grand canary in the Canary Islands off the African west coast. The people of the Canaries are believed to have drifted southward in boats or rafts from Europe or, more specifically, from Portugal, on the Gulf current perhaps 10,000 years ago.

The two holes in the amulet were bored to place a thong for draping the amulet about the neck, but the glyphs and symbols are, for the moment, outside the experience of Richard Will, the archaeologist  from Castine, Maine who has been studying the find.

The "hooked" x-symbols at the bottom of the amulet are nearly identical to a symbol of the Dogan tribe of Africa, used during a narration of the origin of their tribe on a distance world called "Numo" somewhere in the constellation of Aquarius.



The Dogan are an ancient people of Mali in Northwestern Africa. Presumed by anthropologists to be root African humans, they inhabit an almost inaccessible, inhospitable desert south of Timbuktu and south of the Niger River on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert.

 Because there are no paved roads, no electricity, no surface water and little contact with the outside world, the Dogan Territories in the Hombori Mountains have been called the "end of the earth." Indeed, the word Timbuktu-in the 16th century  a thriving metropolis of a million Muslims and now reduced to a crumbling village of only 10,000-is synonymous with barren desolation at the end of nowhere.

Anthropological studies by the French in the 1930s and more recently by British anthropologist Robert Temple, have revealed a stunningly complex and sophisticated Dogan society.

But what has amazed and mystified researchers most is the fact that the Dogan have a quite unusual and extensive knowledge of the star system Sirius.

For centuries the Dogan have held as their most sacred religious tradition a body of knowledge of the star Sirius which should be impossible for any primitive tribe to know.

They consider, for example, that the most important star in the sky is Sirius B, a small star that orbits the bright star Sirius. But Sirius B is invisible to the unaided eye and was only photographed via telescope for the first time in 1970.

Their ancient drawings show the Helical rising of Sirius with the Sun and Sirius joined together. They show the rings of  Saturn and the four major moons of Jupiter as well as the elliptical orbit of the invisible star Sirius B around Sirius and relate that, not only is it a dense and heavy star, which it is now known to be-far more dense than earth-but correctly note that the elliptical orbit is completed once every 50 years, an event they celebrate at exactly the proper moment, even if only once or twice in a person's entire lifetime!

Robert Temple suggests that the only  access  a primitive African people could have had to such sophisticated knowledge of a distant and invisible star system would be through the visit to our planet in ancient times of extraterrestrial beings who somehow described and explained from whence they had come.

To add to the mystery are strange cliff dwellings that were carved into the Hombori mountains above the Dogan villages many centuries ago.

But the rooms are far too small for normal size humans to live in. Dogan legend has it that these dwellings were inhabited by a long-vanished people they call "the little blue men."

Was it from them that the Dogan received their remarkable knowledge of the cosmos?


(with comments)

1. Fort Detrick, Maryland-U. S. Army Bacteriological & Chemical Warfare Experimental Labs.

            2. Langley, Virginia: CIA Headquarters "The Shop"- Experiments in Biological Weapons, Psychological Warfare, Psychics.

3. Indian Springs, California- U. S. Air Force Base: "Shut down in 1978 due to budget cuts." Way station for the homeless. Experiments on humans.

4. Dugway, Utah- U.S. Army Biological experiments currently being conducted:

A. Cloning

B. Biogenetic Engineering

C. Biological Warfare Experiments

D. Headquarters of DERO

5. Battle Mountain, Nevada- U. S. Army Biological-Chemical-Nuclear Warfare Storage Facility.

6. Thunder Mountain, Nevada- U. S. Air Force Headquarters of Project Rainbow.  Storage facility for UFOs and alien space base. (Maybe).

26 April, 1978-Dugway, Utah:

            "Leak of chemical warfare gas when truck overturned," was story given to press. Killed sheep and other livestock, made some people sick.

            Field experiment #13417-T-137: Nerve gas released to determine range of open air dispersal and effects of weather on potency. 417 Americans died. Government controlled press to hush the story.

11 August, 1978:

            Field experiment #13481-A:

Test sites: New York City; Miami, Florida; San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois; Detroit, Michigan.

            To determine extent of artificial virus in decreasing homosexual  drug-user populations.

            Method of dispersal: 20,000 kilos of heroin infected with HIV and distributed to federal agents posing as drug dealers.

            Expectations: Within 5 years should cause epidemic among homosexual population and force them out of mainstream population. Expect most to be dead within 10 years.

            (Note: We have repeatedly stated that the New World Order is encouraging homosexuals to "come out of the closet" so they can be identified for future extermination. If you want to see how the New World Order really feels about the gay community, you need only study the history of Nazi Germany).

            14 June, 1973

            New Mexico. Code name: Fallen Rainbow; Project Rainbow, USAF. Crashed UFO recovered with survivors. 385 American witnessed the crash. All disappeared with their families. Anthrax epidemic was blamed. Area cordoned off within 1/2 hour. DERO activated. Some Americans near the crash site were shot by paramilitary stormtroopers. Moved to Coonty Mountain on 15 June, 1973. Moved to Battle Mountain on 21 July, 1974 and remains there.

            Note: Project Rainbow originally was the code name of the time/space experiments conducted aboard the USS Eldridge and dubbed "The Philadelphia Experiment." We believe it continues under that name.

Coonty Mountain, Utah

            Project "Beastmaker."

            For security reasons, moved from Fort Detrick, Maryland. Genetic manipulations of different animals to be used in warfare. Some failures. Success rate: 14.37% of test subjects perform to ideal.

            Best case: 1787-P "Outsider." A killer soldier.

            Other: Golden Retrievers with extreme intelligence trained as spies for missions in foreign countries.

1979 (date unknown):


            Government agencies began using "expendable" homeless people for genetic experiments and chemical and biological warfare agents. Used for psychological testing, drug experiments, and as bargaining tools with aliens. Main terminal is Indian Springs, California. Abducted from shelters, streets and hang-outs. These "invisible people" are not even missed by the general population and no mention is stated in the media.


#13481-A: AIDS Project (ongoing).

#1787-O and others: Outsider genetic manipulation to create the perfect mindless killer soldier.  Successful. May be using DNA obtained from aliens to produce crossbred beings. NOTE: We believe this crossbreeding is being conducted as a joint operation between earthlings and aliens.

#1593-GR Genetic manipulation to see how many different species can be melded into a single creature. Some successes. Since mid-1950s.

#01961-A "Chimera" A genetic experiment to determine if created lifeforms can learn to transmutate, become invisible, transport, levitate, have extreme ESP, etc. Success but many in conjunction with electromagnetic machines only.

NOTE: A future series entitled, "A Fine Raving Madness"  will be publishedby Kerson Publishing Company and details the genetic creation of Darklings.

#3180-JC The "Christ Project" attempted to clone Jesus from DNA particles obtained from the Shroud Of Turin. Terminated due to lack of subject control.

#3186-JCA The "Christ Project" refunded in 1986. Children* are being raised in a closed environment.

*NOTE: Not "child", but "children."

DERO: Downed Extraterrestrial Recovery Operations. May be referred to as DART: Downed Alien Recovery Teams.

NOTE: We cannot authenticate these reports and do not endorse them as valid, current experiments by any government or civilian agency, foreign or domestic. They are presented as information only.

            U.S.S. ELDRIDGE: Project Rainbow "The Philadelphia Experiment"

In 1943, the U.S. Navy began conducting tests to degauss the hulls of ships so they could not be damaged or destroyed by magnetic mines.

Coils of copper, rather scarce at that time, were tested in a number of configurations. The final type, deemed suitable for the tests, was a cadeuceus coil wound into a toroid inside the ship's hull.

When charged, the toroid coil was supposed to demagnetize or degauss the hull. But the engineers and scientists had miscalculated. Something went terribly wrong.

When the toroid coil was charged, an electromagnetic field completely different from that predicted by the engineers was created. This unknown field changed the amount of basic energy contained within the space occupied by the ship. It was increased by an unknown factor.

Material objects remain visible and tangible only in a low energy-density per unit volume of space. If that energy density and charge is increased by a substantial amount, enough to equal an electron, the electrons become indistinguishable from free space. If the energy density and charge are increased beyond the amount required to nullify an electron and a proton, then neither the electron nor the proton could continue to exist in the physical world.

Any slight increase in the field charge at that point would cause the material object to completely dematerialize.

Witnesses later stated that they could see the outline of the Eldridge in the water-the hole where it once was visible-but they were unable to see the ship. It had become invisible!

Moments later, water rushed in to fill the hollow as the ship dematerialized; that is, moved from the physical, visible plane of this world into another dimension, the properties and characteristics of which they could not explain.

Some time later the Eldridge reappeared at Norfolk, Virginia. Many of the sailors aboard were dead, having been burned to ashes by the strong electromagnetic forces in the toroid coil.

Others were alive, some barely, and some had melded into the steel decks and gun tubs of the ship. A few had melded into their nearest shipmates.

Later theories declared that the sailors had joined with their companions and ship structure because the ship had moved in the water and the sailors had moved from their assigned spots some time during the transition from this three dimensional universe to the unknown time/space continuum and back.

They may have panicked and run or they may have been thrown off balance by the transition. We may never know.

But what is known is that some of the sailors aboard the Eldridge who survived the experiment would begin to smoulder as if burning from the inside out. The required "cure" at that time was a "laying on of hands." Their shipmates and comrades were instructed to touch the burning sailors to decrease or otherwise change the magnetic fields surrounding them. This "cure" apparently worked to some degree.

Obviously, humans who have undergone such radical electronic modification could not long endure and, indeed, many were reported to have gone mad; other to have died horrible lingering burning deaths.

A Norfolk, Virginia newspaper reported in a small column hidden deep within its pages that two sailors from the Eldridge had been sitting in a bar having drinks when one began to smoulder. His comrade placed his hands on the sailor as instructed and the burning ceased. Then, without warning, the affected sailor stood and walked through the wall of the pub, but did not appear on the other side. He had vanished completely from this space/time and has not been heard from to this day.

The theory of this time/space shift has been expressed by a number of prominent scientists and engineers. It is complicated and fraught with Einstein's equations of the unified field. To make it easier for the layman to understand I will break it down simply as this:

Using the equations, it has been determined that an infinite energy charge could be produced outside the toroid coil while inside the coil (ship) zero energy charge would be indicated. Inside the ship there is no current flowing through the conductor and, therefore, no magnetic field. Outside the coil there is an infinite energy charge producing an enormous magnetic field.

The charge outside the ship is seen as Scalar Electrostatic Potential. When this is increased the electrons, then protons, neutrons and all other subatomic particles collapse into the quantum field. The ship and all within the toroid coil will vanish into the quantum field, acquiring other dimensions of space/time/motion in the process.

Witnesses would see the ship vanish and the hole fill with water as the ship transitioned into the quantum field. Inside the ship, however, the universe would appear to be much the same as before, even if it now exists entirely within the quantum field. Its spatial properties will have changed. It can now be in any part of the universe all the time or all of the universe at any time. Anywhere and anywhen at once.

Because of the transition, the Eldridge became a probabilistic construct  having existence equally probable anywhere in the universe, in all dimensions and times at the same time and same place!

The Eldridge travelled not only through space during the transition, it travelled through time as well. The transition may have been instantaneous or it may have spanned centuries for those on the ship.

The difficulty with time travel in 1943 was that the transition contained within itself unknown factors of probability. One factor states that the faster you travel in time, the more acute the probability curve becomes. Time travellers in 1943 might have transitioned through several parallel worlds without even knowing it. This theory appears to have some validity since the Eldridge and her crew reappeared in a different location from where they began.

The questions are: How far did they travel on the curve and in what direction? Did they complete a cycle forward in time and then reappear at Norfolk, Virginia, or did they moved backward in time, encounter neutral time and space, transition to positive time and reappear in 1943 after having experienced a hundred or even a thousand years of cosmic time?

And most important: Was the Eldridge that reappeared in Norfolk the same U.S.S. Eldridge that vanished during the test or was it a parallel ship with parallel crew from another time on a parallel world conducting an identical test?

Project Rainbow in 1943 was an experiment that resulted in the deaths of several sailors because the engineers did not know what effects their toroid fields would produce.

In 1994, however, we can be certain that scientists and engineers know exactly what to expect from time/space transition inside their anti-mass/anti gravity electromagnetic coils.

We see them today, not as ships of the high seas, but as ships of interstellar space; the flying saucers and fiery lights in the midnight skies.

LUNA: What Is This Strange Thing Orbiting Earth?

Three theories have been postulated to explain the moon, none of them really worth their salt. The first is that the moon was created from the same cosmic dust cloud at the same time as Earth about 4.6 billion years ago. The second is that the moon was torn from the Pacific Basin which later filled with water. The third, generally accepted by most scientists, is that the moon was captured by the Earth as it wandered into our gravitational field.

The mechanics involved in such a celestial capture are enormous and even NASA scientist Dr. Robin Brett admits, "It seems much easier to explain the nonexistence of the moon than its existence."

Over 99% of the rocks returned from the moon were found to be at least 90% older than the rocks found on Earth, ranging from 3.6 billion to 5.3 billion years old. The area where the lunar rocks were chosen was thought to be one of the youngest on the moon. The oldest rocks found on Earth are only 3.7 billion years old, leading some scientists to conclude that our moon may have been formed eons before our sun was born.

Another, even more perplexing puzzle is the discovery that the lunar soil is older by at least a billion years than the rocks which rest upon it. This seems completely unexplainable since soil has always been understood to be the residue of eroded or decomposed rocks. Analysis of the soil revealed that it is not rock residue and, therefore, has its origins somewhere else.

One of the strangest of all lunar enigmas is that when the lunar module ascent stages crashed onto the surface of the moon, the moon rang like a hollow sphere, vibrations lasting for up to four hours! While NASA officials are reluctant to postulate that the moon may be hollow, they cannot otherwise explain it.

After some difficulty, astronauts were able to drill into the extremely hard surface of the lunar maria to recover samples of rare minerals such as beryllium, zirconium, titanium and yttrium which were fused with surrounding rock at temperatures of about 4500º.

In addition to these rare minerals, American and Soviet probes recovered pure iron samples. These iron particles have not oxidized, even after two decades of exposure to Earth's atmosphere. Although there is an iron pillar of unknown origin and age in New Delhi, India that has also never rusted, scientists are unable to explain it.

Uranium, thorium and potassium samples were found to be unusually radioactive. Using thermal equipment, astronauts discovered that heat flow near the Apennine Range was so great that scientists on Earth were convinced the area was ready to melt and that the moon's core must be very hot. The core is not hot, however, and, indeed, if it has a core at all, it is quite cold. In addition to being extremely radioactive, the amount of material discovered is quite great, leaving scientists to wonder about its origin. If it came from the interior of the moon, how did it get to the surface? Since some scientists agree it could not have come from the interior (since the moon appears to be a hollow sphere), how did all this radioactive material find its way to the surface of the moon and when did it happen?

Early Apollo missions found no traces of water on the lunar surface. But NASA scientists were stunned later when they detected a water vapor cloud greater than 100 square miles in size. This water vapor appears to have come from inside the moon, according to NASA testimony. Clouds, fog and other surface changes have been observed on the lunar surface for centuries.

Six different 19th century astronomers reported having observed a fog which obscured details in the floor of the crater Plato. This would seem to contradict the idea that the moon's low gravity is incapable of holding an atmosphere.

Lunar exploration has also revealed that much of the surface is covered with a glassy tile-like material, suggesting that it has been scorched by some unknown source of intense heat. Analysis has proven that the glass was not produced by meteor impacts but is nearly identical to glazing caused by atomic explosions on Earth. Nuclear glazing combined with the extreme high radioactive surface materials might indicate that a nuclear war or severe explosion occurred on the lunar surface at some time in the past.

Lunar rocks were found to be highly magnetized, when such magnetism was neither expected nor imagined. Again, NASA experts are unable to explain.

Magnetic Anomalies discovered on the surface of the moon beneath the circular maria (which, incidentally, are found almost exclusively on one side of the moon) are so strong in places that they actually effect the orbits of the lunar spacecraft. These massive concentrations, located almost centrally under the maria, cause orbiters to dip toward the surface and to accelerate as they pass over. While they appear to be huge concentrations of dense, heavy matter, NASA scientists have no suitable explanations.

Since the moon is smaller than the Earth and has a gravitational attraction one-sixth that of Earth (as we've been told since Sir Issac Newton formulated the Law in 1666) the neutral gravitation point between Earth and Luna should be quite close to the lunar surface. We've been told, and it has been repeatedly reinforced, that the neutral point is approximately 24,000 miles from the center of the moon or about 220,000 miles from the center of the Earth.

Using this figure, U.S. and Soviet scientists began hurling objects at the lunar surface, the first being the Luna 1 Russian probe on January 2, 1959. It passed within 4,660 miles of the moon before disappearing into deep space.

The U.S. made three unsuccessful attempts before a fly-by of 37,000 miles was achieved. Luna 2 hit the moon, Luna 3 circled the moon and took pictures of the far side and the Russians immediately postponed all lunar research and refused to release any information they had collected.

America, alone in the race for the moon, launched a series of embarrassing probes designed to hard land with seismic detectors. Ranger 3 missed completely and went into solar orbit. Ranger 4 hit the moon but sent no useful information. Ranger 5 missed by a full 450 miles, prompting the engineers to sit down and recalculate their equations. Somewhere along the line, they had made some serious mathematical errors!

Two years later Ranger 6 was launched but its electrical system burned out. Subsequent flights had a bit more success and the Russians were encouraged to reactivate their lunar research. But Luna 5 crashed at full speed onto the surface. Luna 6 missed. Luna 7 crashed when its retrograde rockets fired too soon. Luna 8 crashed. Then Luna 9 became the first probe to successfully soft land on the lunar surface.

From that time both Soviet and American probes were largely successful, but only because they had been able to recalculate the gravitational neutral point between Earth and the moon.

The most amazing disclosure to emerge from the many failures was that NASA was able to accurately find the neutral gravity point between the two bodies. This new calculation was never officially revealed or explained, leading many to suggest that NASA is covering up important data concerning the origin and composition of the moon.

The neutral point, as published in Time magazine, July 25, 1969 and same year in "History of Rocketry & Space Travel," was 43,495 miles from the center of the moon. This means that the gravitational attraction of the moon is not one-sixth or 16.7% of the Earth's, but is actually 64% or greater than one-half of the Earth's gravity!

Because of their relative sizes, if the neutral point is really 52,000 miles, rather than 43,495, the moon's gravitational attraction would be identical to Earth's. A 170 pound man on Earth would weigh 170 pounds on the moon.

Inconsistent and contradictory information concerning the recalculated neutral point leads some investigators to believe NASA is conducting an official cover-up. Using NASA's own figures, researchers have determined that the flight times for the Apollo missions were shorter than they should have been, indicating that the spacecraft began to accelerate sooner than they would have if the moon's gravity were only one-sixth that of Earth's. The figures, in fact, validate the claim that the moon's gravity is nearly the same as Earth's!

Assuming the moon's gravity is one-sixth that of Earth's, the payloads for the Lunar Module are correct, however, if the moon's gravity is nearly the same as that of Earth, we are led to conclude one of two things: (1) America did not send men to the moon as claimed, or (2) America sent men to the moon but used a landing technology other than rockets to place the lunar module on the surface and return.

Top secret military research being conducted in lifting technology may have provided the means to launch, land and recover the LM. Rockets aboard the vehicle clearly could not have worked in the high gravity now known to exist on the moon. Were super-secret anti-gravity devices used aboard the vehicle? Let's take a look.

In a gravity one-sixth that of Earth's, a 180 pound man would weigh only 30 pounds. That means he could easily leap 15 feet straight up on the moon as opposed to about 18 inches on Earth. None of the astronauts who walked on the moon could do that. They were unable, in fact, to leap more than about 18 inches!

When Apollo 12 astronaut Conrad dropped the final three feet from the LM ladder to the lunar surface, he remarked that the jump may have been a short one for Neil, but it was a long one for him. Later he was warned not to lean too far forward when gathering soil samples because he might fall and be unable to stand again!

But jumping from a three-foot ladder in one-sixth gravity would be the same as stepping off a six-inch curb on Earth. Even with the weight of the spacesuit, Conrad should not have even noticed it. If  Conrad had fallen while gathering samples, we should assume he could have pushed himself upright by arm strength alone in one-sixth gravity.

Charles Duke fell several times during the Apollo 16 lunar landings and was unable to catch himself, even though  he should have fallen three to four times slower than on Earth.

Apollo 14 astronauts were unable to climb a cone crater as planned. During the mission, astronaut Alan Shepard went down on one knee to recover a sample and required the aid of Astronaut Mitchell to stand again. Their heart rates increased to 120 beats per minute as they moved up the slight grade toward the cone. After nearly four hours, they were still approximately one-half hour from reaching their goal and Shepard claimed they could not reach the crater summit in that amount of time so they abandoned the task.

But the crater, little more than a hill, was only 1.8 miles from the LM. If they were two-thirds of the way to the top, they should have been able to cover the final half-mile in only six minutes, assuming they were moving at five miles per hour in one-sixth gravity.

During Apollo 17, astronauts Cernan and Schmitt began their first tasks by loading the Lunar Rover. Cernan, apparently excited, was told that his metabolic rate was climbing at an alarming rate. He was using too much oxygen. Cernan told his communicator that he thought it was due to being accustomed to "zero gravity."

Astronaut Parker, the communicator, then stated that he thought Cernan was working in one-sixth gravity, not "zero gravity." Cernan replied, "Yes. You know where we are... whatever," suggesting that he did not think it wise to discuss the gravity situation.

While a number of people have claimed America never did send men to the moon, others believe we did but that we defeated the moon's high gravity with some new lifting technology such as anti-gravity devices rather than with rockets.

The most compelling visual evidence for such claims is the footage of the lunar ascent module leaving the surface of the moon. Its ascent is completely inconsistent with that of a rocket-launched vehicle and there is no rocket exhaust.

Recently, a Japanese astronomer photographed an enormous disc-shaped vehicle crossing the surface of the moon at extremely high speed. It was later agreed by many scientists to be space station at least one kilometer in diameter. Numerous light flashes have been seen and recorded on the surface of the moon. Water vapor clouds have been detected rising from the floors of craters. Water and high gravity suggests an atmosphere capable, possibly, of sustaining human life.

When NASA recently made a commitment to return to the lunar surface to stay, did they mean they were already there and that humans were living at least fairly comfortably while they terraform it for their employers?

Are some of the large craft spotted in the skies of Earth shuttle craft and supply ships embarking for or returning from lunar excursions or even Martian excursions?

Have Earth scientists really perfected free energy, anti-gravity engines and anti-mass fields? Have they finally figured out how to bend and reconstruct time and space so they can jump back and forth from one dimension to another as easily as driving down to the local grocery store?

There is so much circumstantial evidence for it that it is nearly impossible to ignore, yet, not one shred of real physical evidence has been produced to prove any of it.


The new saucers.

Electro-gravitics research-seeking the nature of gravity and its control-has reached a stage where profound implications for the entire human race have emerged.  Perhaps the most startling and immediate involve aircraft, guided missiles, atmospheric and deep space flights.

If only one line of research achieves the goal-and it now seems plausible that this has already happened-gravitational acceleration as a structural, aerodynamic and medical problem will cease to exist. So will the task of providing massive volumes of combustible fuels in order to escape the earth's gravity, the biggest headache facing NASA engineers.

There are now gravity research projects in every major country of the world; in fact hundreds, are deeply involved in anti-gravity and anti-mass research, much of it funded by military and federal intelligence agencies. Some are over 70 years old.  Some are much newer. A few, purely theoretical, seek their answers in Quantum, Relativity and Unified Field Theory mathematics.

Some of these now secret projects, mostly empirical, investigate gravitic isotopes, electrical phenomena and the statistics of mass while others combine both approaches in the study of matter in its super-cooled, super-conductive state, jet electron streams, peculiar magnetic effects or the electrical mechanics of the atom.

The concept of weightlessness in normally heavy conventional materials  like steel, aluminium, barium, etc., is difficult enough, but some theories, so far proven empirically in the laboratory, postulate that not only can they be made weightless, they can in fact be given a negative weight. That is: the force of gravity will repel them and, when dropped,  they will fall upward into the sky!

In this particular line of research, the weights of some materials have already been cut as much as 30% by "energizing" them. Security precludes disclosure of what is meant by "energizing" or in which country this work is being conducted.

By 1956 a localized gravitic field used as a motive force was created in the laboratory. Disc airfoils two feet in diameter and incorporating a variation of the simple two-plate electrical condenser charged with fifty kilovolts and a total continuous energy input of fifty watts achieved a speed of seventeen feet per second in a circular air course twenty feet in diameter.  Later the discs were increased in diameter to three feet and run in a fifty-foot diameter air course under a charge of a hundred and fifty kilovolts with results so impressive that the project quickly acquired the highest classification and laboratories were moved, lock, stock and barrel, to hastily prepared and prodigiously funded underground facilities throughout the world.

Variations of this work done under a vacuum have produced efficiencies that can only be described as startling.  Researchers immediately began to develop generators producing power up to fifteen million volts! Such a generator would drive a vehicle of enormous size into deep space at near light speed, a clear indication of the intent of governments in this research.

That generative force raised exponentially to levels capable of pushing man-carrying vehicles through the air or outer space at ultra high speeds soon became the object of special interest in several countries.  If achieved it will eliminate most of the structural difficulties encountered in the construction of high-speed aircraft.  Importantly, the gravitic field that provides the basic propulsive force simultaneously reacts on all matter within the field's influence.  The force is not a physical one acting initially at a specific point in the vehicle then to be translated to all the other parts. It is an electro-gravitic field acting on all parts simultaneously. The gravitic engine generates an anti-mass field when charged and, thus, eliminates inertial forces completely.

Subject only to the laws of momentum, the vehicles are able to change direction, accelerate to hundreds of thousands of miles per hour, or stop.  Changes in direction and speed of flight are effected by merely altering the intensity, polarity and direction of the charge.

The communications possible using electro gravitics stagger the imagination. There are apparently in the ether an entirely new unsuspected family of electrical waves similar to electro magnetic radio waves. Electro-gravitic waves have been created and transmitted through concentric layers of electro-magnetic and electro-static shielding without apparent loss of power in any way.  There is evidence that these waves are not limited by the speed of light. The new science seems to strike at the very foundations of the Relativity Theory, however, rather than invalidating current basic concepts, the new knowledge of gravity will probably expand their scope, ramifications and usefulness. It is this expansion of knowledge into the unknown that emphasizes just how little we know and how vast is the area still awaiting research and discovery.

The most successful line of the electro gravitics research so far reported is that carried on by Townsend Brown, an American who began researching gravity in the 1920s.  He conducted research projects in the U.S. and Europe, postulating that there is between electricity and gravity a relationship parallel and/or similar to that which exists between electricity and magnetism.  And as the coil is the usable link in the case of electro-magnetics, so is the condenser that link in the case of electro-gravitics.  Years of successful research lend great credence to this hypothesis.

Other than the obvious military significance of electro-gravitic engines, the development of the new science will most certainly alter the value of certain raw materials.  Some are more prone to induced weightlessness than others. These are becoming known as gravitic isotopes.  Some are difficult to find, but others are common and, for the moment, cheap.  Since these ultimately may be the vital lofting materials required in the creation of anti-gravitational fields, their value might become extremely high with equivalent rearrangement of the wealth of national natural resources, balance of economic power and global strategies.

How soon all this happens is directly proportional to the amount of effort expended.  Surprisingly, those countries normally expected to lead the field wasted years before showing real interest. Before 1956, Great Britain, with her Ministry of Supply and the National Physical Laboratory, apparently never seriously considered that the attempt to overcome and control gravity was worth practical effort and had to work overtime to catch up.

The U.S. Department of Defense had consistently considered gravity as the realm of science fiction and, until the mid 1960s, only put token amounts of money into research.  The French, apparently a little more open-minded about such things, initiated a number of projects, but even those were not properly funded. The same was true throughout most of the western world and, until less than five years ago, we could only guess what was going on behind the Iron Curtain.

Government and private interest is growing  with each passing day and we should not be surprised to learn that space vehicles with anti-gravity engines and anti-mass fields from America, Great Britain and Russia have been zipping back and forth between Earth and the moon, or Earth and Mars for a number of years, perhaps since as early as 1960.

If so, the military has clamped a lid of secrecy on the projects that is impossible to penetrate and, now that the cold war is over, it leaves us to wonder why.

            MARS. Monuments, cities, pyramids, roads and canals!

            By William C. Kern

Mars has featured in mankind's fantasies and mythology for thousands of years.  The planet itself is named after the Roman god of war.  Jonathan Swift wrote in "Gulliver's Travels" in 1726 that astronomers on  the mythical floating land of Laputa  had discovered two swiftly moving moons on Mars, and provided information on their distances from Mars and their periods of revolution about Mars.

Astonishingly, the moons of Mars had not been discovered  yet, and would not be for another hundred and fifty years or so, though Kepler had surmised before Swift's time that Mars had two moons.  Swift's information on the distances from the planet and the revolution periods of Mars two moons was extremely accurate, however, many scientists  pass it off as a good guess.

This was only the beginning of the mystery of the moons of Mars, and of Mars itself.  Prior to 1877, when the moons were seen for the first time, no one  had seen any moons near the planet even though excellent telescopes at the disposal of astronomers were easily capable of discerning them.

Mars was a popular planet to view and literally hundreds of astronomers observed it for some time. These same astronomers even discovered moons on Uranus. Then one day Asaph Hall found that Mars had two satellites where none had been observed before.

The two Martian satellites moved at very high speeds and appeared to  travel in different directions!  These and other factors prompted prominent astronomers to actually suppose that the moons might be artificial!

Phobos (Fear), about 13 by 16 miles, orbits some 5,800 miles from the center of Mars every 7 hours, 39 minutes.

Diemos (Terror), 7 by 9 miles, orbits some 14,600 miles from the center of Mars every 30 hours, 17 minutes.

Soviet astronomer I.S. Schklovsky pointed out that the Martian satellite Phobos exhibits a strange acceleration irregularity which would be expected only if the satellite were a huge hollow metallic sphere.  The same irregularity, however, would be impossible for a natural astronomical body.

Therefore, says Dr. Schklovsky, at least one of the moons of Mars is not a natural object, but an artificial satellite placed in orbit around the planet, possibly in 1877, or shortly before that time.

A few years later, astronomers noticed markings that seemed to be connected in a system that covered the whole planet.  These markings were  dubbed "canals" and were believed to be just that by many of the foremost astronomers of the time. Italian astronomer Schiaparelli was first to note the canals in the early 1890s and other astronomers began to notice them as well.

American astronomer Percival Lowell, who built one of the best observatories in the world in Flagstaff, Arizona, became obsessed with the canals, drew detailed maps of them and worried that the Martians were fighting a losing battle on a dying planet.

Something like canals exist, there can be no doubt. What they are is anybody's guess.  Considering the great variety of canals on the Martian surface, it was believed by some that the Martians were trying to signal us and plans were suggested for planting mid-western crops in patterns by way of acknowledging the communication. (The first crop circles?)

In the 1910 issue of "Nature," astronomer James Worthington, after visiting Lowell at his observatory in Flagstaff, commented, "As to the deductions which Dr. Lowell had drawn from his observations I have nothing to say except that the startlingly artificial and geometrical appearance of the markings did force itself upon me."

Flashes of light were frequently seen on Mars and have been called Transient Martian Phenomena, similar to Transient Lunar Phenomena.  Some astronomers interpreted it as signals; others thought them to be clouds drifting across the surface.

One particular place where the flashes of light occurred is the lcarium Mare. Percival Lowell speaking at the American Philosophical Society meeting in December 1901, declared that the more than 400 light flashes seen in the Mare were clouds reflecting light.  He believed lcarium Mare  was a great tract of vegetation forming layers of clouds.

After Percival Lowell died other scientists declared that there was no life on Mars, nor on any of the other planets in our solar system.  This did nothing, however, to quell the hysteria when Orson Wells broadcast his Halloween hoax of H.G. Wells' "War Of The Worlds," simulating an invasion by Martians.

After Viking 1 Orbiter flew past Mars on July 31, 1976 at an altitude of 1,278 miles, taking pictures of the surface, some new and interesting information suddenly appeared in a photograph released and described by NASA only as "the northern latitudes of Mars."

In the photograph since published several times, a huge rock formation that looks like a face can be seen.  This formation has been measured as one mile across.  NASA claims that it is an illusion caused by the angle of the sun.

To the left of the photo are two rock formations which appear to be pyramidical in shape.  They are clearly throwing out triangular shadows.  Parallel lines, looking like perfectly straight runways or roads appear in the upper let hand portion on the photo.

According to Jim Safran of Lunar Photos in Van Nuys, California, these markings appear in quite a few of the Viking Mars photos. Oddly, these artificial-looking markings have been cropped out of photos appearing in Omni magazine and are not mentioned.

But two computer scientists who work for Computer Science Technicolor Associates, of Seabrook, Maryland, contract workers for NASA, noticed the photos, and decided to analyze them.  The scientists, Vincent DiPietro and Greg Molenaar concluded that the face in the photos, taken of the Elysian Plains, would "appear to have been carved rather than formed by nature," as there is no surrounding sediment that could have resulted from natural erosion.

Additionally, they concluded that the face was truly symmetrical, having two halves, each containing an "eye," a "cheek" and continuation of the "mouth." They even discovered what resembles an eyewall with a visible pupil in the eye socket!

Then science writer Richard Hoagland got original copies of the photos and claimed to have found, in the same photo, a "lost civilization on Mars,"  as reported in Omni, Vol. 7 No. 6, March, 1985!

They turned their attentions to the pyramid features to the left of the face, and to the grid-like markings like the plan of a city in the shadows of the upper pyramid.  Hoagland also spotted a series of right angles contributing to an overall impression of a main avenue leading toward the face.

Hoagland discovered that this "avenue" seems to be aligned with the face, which runs along a northeast-southwest axis with the Martian poles.

A Martian standing in the center of the "city," gazing east over the face, would be sighting along a solstice alignment; that is, seeing the sun rise directly over the face on the longest day of the Martian year.  Hoagland surmised that for 50,000 years, the first summer sun of the year would have risen above the face.

As the planet tilted with time, the alignment of the solstice viewing would have passed right through the top of the pyramid.

The honeycomb-like walls in the shadow of the pyramid  cast shadows. The grid spacing suspiciously resembles that of real city streets, and the layout is aligned toward the winter solstice sunrise.

An architect friend of Hoagland's calculated the buildings were originally oriented in a manner to best use the scant winter warmth of the shortest day of the Martian year.

Harold Masursky, senior scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey and one of the world's leading experts on Martian geology, in charge of selecting the sites where the Viking landers set down, told Omni magazine, "If you're going to say features like that are evidence for a past civilization, that's total nonsense.  I'm working on finding landing sites for a possible Mars Rover. And this is not one of the areas where I would send what is probably a thirty-billion dollar mission.  In fact, if somebody bought us a free one, I'm not sure I'd send it there because there are too many other places that are more interesting."

Is Masursky toeing the party line by refusing to acknowledge the possibility of life on Mars at some time in the distant past?  He is not an idiot, and considering NASA's startling finds on the Moon, their many secret projects and cover ups, it is not surprising that he would make those declarations.

He is either on the periphery of NASA knowledge, and actually believes that there is nothing worth viewing, or he is trying to divert attention from this startling find and cover up what may even be a "live city."

An Avon book published in the United States in 1978, and which originally appeared as a BBC special in Britain, called "Alternative 3" was reportedly an investigation into the disappearance of scientists in Britain and the United States. According to the book, these scientists were being sent to Mars by NASA to work in secret cities there, in an effort to create a habitual climate on Mars, which work included melting the polar ice caps and building dome-cities.

The reason stated in the book  was that NASA was doing this because the Earth's atmosphere is becoming super-heated and unbreathable.

A secret conspiracy, involving most of the world's governments, including Russia,  were working to move a certain portion of mankind to Mars, the first manned landing on Mars having taken place in the early 1960s.

Mars bases were begun shortly afterwards.  Antigravity ships were used to shuttle scientists and "brain washed," kidnapped, slave-workers to the bases to work.  There was a lunar staging base in a crater on the moon. These scientists were listed as missing or killed by foreign agents so people would not be looking for them.

It was in fact an April Fool's Day television special done for the BBC that was never aired because of a television strike in Britain. When it was finally aired, most people did not realize that it was an April Fool's joke.  It was later published in Britain and the United States in book form as "science fact," also on April Fool's Day.

An interesting story, it is unlikely  considering the difficulty both the Soviets and the Americans had in just landing space probes on the moon in the early sixties. Even if NASA possessed anti-gravity vehicles in 1965, it seems unlikely that they would have been flying them to Mars when they could not even hit the moon with a Ranger.

Furthermore, the author, Leslie Watkins, admitted that the book was a hoax; still, many UFO enthusiasts believe it.

One does wonder, however, if NASA is visiting Mars in "Anti-Gravity" ships. It seems unlikely.  They are far too busy setting up bases on the Moon.  With all the UFOs out there and their occasional interference, NASA may consider it too dangerous to send their people on a flight to Mars, particularly if the reports of a huge space station orbiting the planet are valid.

One cannot help but think that there may have been intelligent life on Mars in the past, if not now.  Some UFOs may have come from Mars to Earth at some time in the past, perhaps to escape an environmental calamity such as might befall the Earth  not too many years hence.

But if we are to accept that idea, we must be able to produce some kind of evidence to back up the claim, otherwise it is nothing but idle speculation.

The requirements for living organisms to evolve from non-living chemicals (hydrogen, methane, ammonia, and water) almost certainly existed on Mars about 4 billion years ago. Life could have formed and adapted, evolving right up to the time of the Exodus.

Of four experiments conducted aboard Viking landers, three gave evidence of life forms still on Mars in 1976. The fourth experiment detected none.

Living Martians, in whatever form, would have to exist without oxygen and large amounts of water for long periods of time, would have to live underground or possess natural shielding from solar ultraviolet and cosmic radiation, and would be required to withstand great temperature changes over short periods of time.

While each of these requirements is met by earth organisms of some sort, no earth organism meets them all, but only because no living earth organism has been forced to do so.

Those coming closest to meeting all the requirements are reptiles and it is interesting to note that a number of people have reported lizard-like aliens scrubbing about in the bushes outside landed UFOs.

In 1982 Dale Russell and R. S-guin of Ottawa published an article on an intelligence dinosaur,  Stenonychosaurus, a small, fast creature with a large brain and cunning hunting skills. In their paper, they showed a detailed model of the upright bipedal creature this dinosaur might have become had it continued to evolve from the Cretaceous period about 64 million years ago to the present day.

Russell and S-guin assumed for it a large brain, and the short neck and upright posture was arrived at as a way of balancing the head more efficiently. The vertical posture removed the need for a tail. The legs were modified by lowering the ankle to the ground and the forefoot was lengthened. This creature would have stood upright at about five feet. Given the proper conditions and time, this evolution would have been possible.

            FALLEN RAINBOW: Navy downs UFO

            by William C. Kern

Disturbing new reports of downed UFOs and captured aliens, of cover-ups by federal agencies and harassment of citizens seem to be increasing worldwide.

Clear Intent: The Government Coverup Of the UFO Experience, by Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood, details a lot of evidence for what they term "a massive coverup of UFO data and even captured UFOs that have either crash landed or been shot down by the airforce."

One interesting story about a "crashed" UFO in the Pacific  occurred in 1973. A Naval Intelligence officer relates a tale that , when he was standing the Officer of the Guard at Great Lakes Naval Center, he was told to take a sealed message to the Commander inside a highly restricted quonset hut at a remote part of the base.

He had been told that there was highly top secret material inside.  Normally the OOD would come to the door, but was busy that night so the NIO was allowed inside.

"As I went to the doorway, where the OOD was, I saw a very highly unusual craft over to my left. The craft  was possibly thirty to thirty-five feet long, about twelve to fifteen feet at its thickest part; then it tapered off in the front to a teardrop shape.  I only caught it at an angular view. It looked like it did not have any seams to it.  It had a bluish tint, but that was only if you looked at it for a few seconds."

As the officer turned to leave, he got another look at it. "At this time," he said, "I had a very good view about halfway, from the middle of the craft, to the tail section.  It tapered back to a very high edge.  It looked as if it had a razor edge, a razor sharp edge.  The bottom went about three quarters the length of the craft and then angled sharply upward."

The craft sat on what appeared to be a frame made of four by four wooden blocks, with crossbeams under it, so that it was sitting one or two feet above  the floor.

Later, the Intelligence Officer was in San Diego talking to some crew members of a destroyer who said that they had shot down but had not destroyed a UFO with a surface to air missile while heading from San Diego to Hawaii in 1973.  It sank in about 350 feet of water.

The Glomar Explorer was used to recover the UFO from the sea floor and it was sent by rail to Chicago. When the crew member drew a picture of the UFO, it matched perfectly the one seen by the Intelligence Officer at the Great Lakes Naval Base.

Another interesting incident reported in 1981 by many newspapers  and magazines was the case of three Texas school teachers who saw a "flaming" flying saucer cruise over their car in the desert and crash beyond a hill.

Just behind this "flying saucer" was an Army helicopter, which landed at the crash site. The ladies, all respectable, reported their sighting to the police.  Then, a few days later, all three of the women lost the hair on their heads! They had apparently been exposed to some kind of extreme radiation as the saucer flew overhead.

This particular sighting appears to be another unsuccessful experimental U.S. military craft.

The most famous UFO crash is the one that occurred at Roswell, New Mexico, detailed by Charles Berlitz in the book, "The Roswell Incident."

Many, but not all, UFO stories are deliberate lies and planned disinformation, particularly those dealing with alien abductions, implants, space flights to fanciful worlds with beautiful, blond Germanic knights of the cosmos, sexual intercourse with ugly little grays, and messages from the star voyagers.

People are being abducted alright but not by little gray aliens from distant worlds who have only our best interests at heart. Most of them are being abducted by their own imaginations and the greed of their psychiatrists; others by agencies within the federal bureaucracy conducting chemical and biological research into cloning, DNA structuring and gene manipulation, and the development of new deadly diseases and mass population killers.

If engineers and scientists discovered and perfected the art of space/time travel with the help of German scientists kidnapped during and after the Second War (and there is plenty of evidence to at least suggest that they have), don't you imagine some time capsule pilot somewhere has been back and forth into different dimensions more than once or twice? And don't you imagine that these things crash now and then when returning from those other dimensions?

If you have any concept at all of what this might mean, you would understand that UFOs, TLOs, grays, and all the rest have one and the same origin, namely: they are creations and experiments by Earth scientists to bend and manipulate space and time.

These experiments had begun in Germany long before Hitler came to power, they continued with the experiments aboard the U.S.S. Eldridge, and they have been refined, refunded and continue to this day in Australia, America, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and still-secret laboratories in Russia.

There is ample evidence to indicate that the engineers in these various countries exchange a great deal of information and data, though probably not all. This would suggest that most research facilities exploring space travel as time travel are being financed by the same groups. If you have any clue at all about what is going on in the secret governments that really control us, you know who these groups are.

And you will also realize the extreme danger these people pose to everyone not in their group.


Subliminal transmissions used during Gulf War.

Most Americans had the opportunity to watch the live briefings of the Persian Gulf war on CNN.  Live briefings, to the astute listener, nearly always disclose revealing information that later will be edited out.

A CNN reporter said that he had just returned from Kuwait where he had travelled with an American patrol.  They had observed a patrol of about thirty Iraqis some distance away and the Americans were wondering how they would get them to surrender.

A U.S. helicopter suddenly appeared and flew over the Iraqi patrol, and by the time the helicopter had reached the next sand dune, they had surrendered.

This is very unusual because these were the same Iraqis who waged unrelenting Holy War against Iran for eight years.

Later, as the land battle was winding down, a BBC reporter asked about American plans to get the Iraqi soldiers out of the deep, well-fortified bunkers built by the Germans.

General Neil started to say, "We bring in the psychological...

He then broke his sentence with a cough, apparently having caught himself saying something he shouldn't reveal.  When he stopped coughing, he said the Army flew in with PA helicopters and "talked them out."

It seems apparent that the General had made a mistake and had to cover up something like:  "psychological warfare broadcasting helicopters" with "PA helicopters."

Even after massive pin-point air bombardment, the Iraqis were still alive and well protected in the bunkers.  They had electricity, entertainment and enough food and water to last for about six months. They also had equipment to tunnel out if prime entrances were blocked.

That these fanatic soldiers would have surrendered under the slight threat of PA system helicopters is absurd and, knowing of the mind control experiments being conducted by the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, it seems reasonable to assume that mind control or subliminal transmissions were used to coax the Iraqis to surrender en masse,  so many, in fact, that coalition forces were hard-pressed to house, feed and guard them!


While the Phoenix Project was investigating weather and the use of radiosondes, Project Rainbow resurfaced in 1947 or 1948. Project Rainbow (The Philadelphia Experiment) was funded to continue research into the phenomena encountered on the USS Eldridge. This project was concerned with the  electromagnetic technology.

Dr. John von Neumann and his research team, loaned to the Manhattan Project during the Second War, were called back and put to work on a new agenda.  It was similar to Rainbow but had a different goal.  They were to find out how to protect humans within an electromagnetic field so vessels and crews could be transported through space and time without harm to either or any.

By the early 1950's,  Project Rainbow and the radiosonde weather project were included under the same funding and "Phoenix Project" was used as a cover title to refer to all of these "black" activities.

Dr. von Neumann, a mathematician and theoretical physicist who came from Germany, was placed in charge of Phoenix.   He was noted for his advanced concepts of space and time. He originated and built the first vacuum tube computer at Princeton University, where he served as the head of the Institute for Advanced Study. He had the ability to apply advanced theories to technology and, because of these qualifications, he could easily communicate with Einstein and acted as liaison between him and engineers serving on the project.

Von Neumann quickly learned that he was going to have to study metaphysics; to understand the metaphysical side of man.  The Rainbow experiment had disassembled the physical and biological structure of human beings. Crew members had melded with bulkheads and changed beyond recognition. Those who had survived were quite mad or died later from madness and some strange internal burning.

Project engineers and scientists spent nearly ten years working out why human beings had troubles with electromagnetic fields that lofted them through different times and spaces.  It now appears they discovered that humans are born with what is known as a "time reference" point.  At conception, an energy being (human) is attached to a time line and must begin life manifest as flesh from that point.  To understand this, it is necessary to view the "energy being" or soul as completely different from the physical body.

Our references as both a physical and metaphysical being appears to have origin in the time reference residing within the electromagnetic background of Earth.  This time reference is the basic orientation point to the way the universe operates. Time, in the normal context, appears always to flow in one direction-forward-at least to our limited senses.

But the Rainbow technology apparently creates  an alternate reality having its existence entirely within the quantum field, literally transferring material objects out of our "normal" time and space. This accounts for the light-invisibility of the USS Eldridge and her crew.

The alternate reality created by the shift has no time references because it is not part of the normal forward flow of time. For the person who was experiencing the phenomenon uninstructed, it would be like having an intense and enduring nightmare wherein nothing makes any sense.

So Phoenix engineers were faced with solving the problem of letting human test subjects get into and out of the quantum field without harm by somehow connecting them to the time reference they could recognize as the planet Earth. This meant that when they were in the alternate reality, they had to be equipped mentally with something that would give them a "real  time" reference.

Engineers solved this by feeding in all the required natural background information of the Earth to convince test subjects of a continuous stream real earth time reference so they would not experience trans-dimensional disorders. Test subjects would believe they were still in Earth "real-time."

Dr. von Neumann was the ideal Director for the Phoenix Projects. He knew computers would have to be used if they were going to calculate the time references of specific people and replicate those references while they were in the quantum field, otherwise the test subjects would be experiencing  essentially "no reality" or a continuous nightmare reality at best.

The computer had to be programmed to generate an electromagnetic background with which the test subjects could synchronize. If not done, the soul and the physical body time and space reference points would be out of sync, resulting in dissolution and insanity or inability to return to Earth real time.

Because they were dealing with two separate and distinct entities-the spiritual human and the physical human-the time reference would be required to lock in the spirit and the electromagnetic background would be required to lock in the body. The technology, begun in 1948, was apparently fully developed by 1967, during the height of the Vietnam conflict.

When the project's first phase was complete, a report was submitted to the Congressional committee from which funds had been appropriated. Congressional members were told that the consciousness of man could definitely be affected by electromagnetism and, additionally, that it would be possible to develop electronic hardware and software that could literally change the way a person thinks about anything and everything.

The committee, fearing they would be first on the list of new test subjects, refused to refinance and Project Phoenix was disbanded in 1969.

But the scientists and engineers at Brookhaven had spent too much time, effort and money on Phoenix to just scrap it and walk away. Their empire was in place, the technology was secure, and the engineers were looking for a mission. What they needed was funding from a secret agency to continue with the mind control experiments. The military seemed the most logical source.

When told a device had been developed that would alter the way people-and particularly soldiers- would think and act, military pundits were beside themselves with joy. Such a device could not only change the outcome of a battle already begun, it might be used to convince entire populations that war is not only unnecessary, but completely impossible. Or that total war was the only solution to a political crisis.

Phoenix had found its mission.

            SPINAL TAP: The intelligence community discovers mind control

Exploration into telepathy, teleportation, transportation, levitation and tentative excursions backward and forward in time has continued almost without cease from 1943 until the present time. The results of the experiments aboard the USS Eldridge, disastrous as they might have been at the time, provided fuel and data for a series of programs and black projects that now consumes a great portion of America's defense budgets.

Scientists and engineers learned how to alter and direct weather, how to create storms or to vanquish natural storms by tapping into the planet's orgone energy and turning it on or off at will. This series, under the title of Project Phoenix, would later absorb Project Rainbow and others, and the entire curriculum would be known as Phoenix.

One facet of the Phoenix Project was intense research into various areas of paranormal activity, particularly telepathy. The military was well aware that the Soviets were involved in paranormal research, and they knew that if sensitive espers could be found who possessed skills or powers strong enough to nullify Soviet espers or even overpower them, America might have an incredible super-weapon with whom they could defeat any foe, military or civilian.

When Congress refused to refinance Phoenix and disbanded the group, they had no idea some zealous scientists would seek support elsewhere. When scientists approached the military and told them what they had accomplished and what could be developed from the research, facilities were eagerly prepared, equipment purchased and millions of dollars  began to appear from more than one unknown source. By 1970 the Brookhaven group as well as several elite universities worldwide were deeply involved in paranormal research. Some of these splinter projects involved use of drugs and hallucinogens; others not. Some experiments were conducted using electromagnetic fields. A few purists tapped only the mind-power of their test subjects (whom they considered "expendables").

Investigation quickly revealed that telepathic waves, while not radio waves,  behaved similar to radio waves and could, therefore, be controlled, modulated and directed with the use of proper equipment. Scientists were elated. They had discovered (or rediscovered) electromagnetic functions unlike anything ever reported in scientific journals and textbooks. They were on the verge of wholly new discoveries in human mind power.

Because the projects were funded by and controlled by the military and federal intelligence agencies, the data gathered was delivered to them and filed away in war rooms and at secret military bases. The general public, by and large, was wholly unaware of these insidious mind-probing activities.

Out of early research came the revelation that certain radio frequencies in the 410-420 MHz range could effectively block human thought patterns, leaving test subjects unable to perform their tasks. Unknown to the researchers and test subjects at the time, the military had established a secret base on the east coast and was using a jamming device in the form of a modified radar antenna that, for 14 years, from 1970 until about 1984, beamed thought altering electromagnetic frequencies toward thousands of Americans in dozens of New England communities.

These thought altering waves would cause crowds to gather and then suddenly disperse in bewilderment; cause an increase in crime, including murder,  in areas receiving the frequencies, and stimulated increased delinquency and rebellion among teenagers. When the signals were turned off, these communities would return to normal. The body snatchers had arrived!

When the base was suddenly abandoned in 1983 or 1984, the former residents left behind nearly all their equipment, papers and military orders. Military transfer orders discovered by other researchers were complete and accurate in every detail, except that some had large words scrawled across them: GONE!

This odd defacing of official government orders could not be explained until further investigation revealed what intelligence agencies had paid for at the secret base. They had been sending their test subjects, all males, some military, some civilians, back and forth through time!

Espers found the base surrounded with unusual vibrations and images; remnants of unusual weather patterns, mind control and beings that had been created from the ether out of the thoughts of test subjects. The investigators were certain something remarkable had happened at the facility and set out to discovered what it was. Their focal starting point was the premise that everyone on the base had vanished at nearly the same time, perhaps the same day, and that they had no time to actually shut down the base or decommission it officially. In fact, the base did not officially exist.

Except that it was in a state of general disarray when they arrived, investigators found materials, machines, supplies, reports, buildings and support gear in place as if the base might still be operational. But all the people were gone. Without a trace.

Citizens in nearby cities revealed that while the base was operating strange things, other than increase in crime and delinquency, had happened. Large groups of animals would suddenly charge into town and crash through windows. It snowed in August. Hurricane force winds suddenly came from nowhere and as quickly subsided. Thunderstorms, lightning and hail would appear and vanish when no meteorological indications of such violent storms were present.

In 1947, federal agencies in America began an extensive research project into the specific control of weather. This was the original Phoenix project and was  developed from data provided earlier by Austrian scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Most of his research data was burned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and is no longer available for general reading.

Dr. Reich was best known for his discovery of a force he called "orgone" energy, orgasmic or life energy, the existence of which he proved in his lab. While this discovery in itself, associated with the Newtonian concept of "the ether," was not earth-shaking, he soon ran afoul of the medical authorities when he claimed his control of the life energy, the wave-form nature of the cosmic ether, cured cancer. In 1940s America, such a proclamation was certain to be a decree of professional suicide.

Still, Reich found practical uses for his wave-form energy to control and modify weather by modulating the amount of "orgone" within a storm. Varying amounts of orgone were found to reside in biological organisms as well as in every square inch of cosmic space. By using electromagnetic force fields, Reich was ultimately able to reduce the violence of natural storms, a feat he promptly and foolishly reported to the government.

But the government had been closely following Dr. Reich's experiments and already knew what he could do. They asked for, and received, all his prototype equipment and research papers and quickly used the information to advance their own weather research.

This research combined the radio meteorograph, a balloon lofted weather monitor, with Reich's "orgone buster" and  produced the devices now known as radiosondes. In the 1950s, radiosondes were lofted by balloon into the atmosphere at the rates of about 200 per day. Despite the government's cover story that the radiosondes were lofted to gather weather data, no receivers for the transmitters aboard have ever been discovered and the government was able, through a chain of disinformation, to preserve the secrecy of the weather altering devices for over forty years.

Even if radiosondes were used to nullify violent storms on the eastern seaboard, the potential exists to use them to actually create violent storms and to direct them toward specific targets, communities and factories or military bases, which research has been reported in the former Soviet Union for about thirty years.

According to investigators who have pursued weather control,the joint RAFB/USAFB Woodbridge-Bentwaters, just north of London, England, was partially destroyed by a man-made storm. Huge tracts of lovely forest on and around the base were literally pulled out by the roots during a sudden, violent, localized storm of great intensity, a disaster which is lamented by citizens from nearby communities to this day.

            PHOENIX II:

            Research into mind control produces some dangerous and unexpected results: TIME-TRIPPING!

Of all the mind-control experiments conducted in the 1970s and 1980s, those of the Phoenix Project produced some of the most bizarre and unexpected results. While they were primarily interested in altering the moods and behavior of test subjects, scientists at Phoenix quickly learned that they could beam specific controlled frequencies to produce specific mood changes and thought patterns.

Once they had learned this, they beamed those frequencies all over the New England area to see how they could alter the thoughts of local citizens. Those tests produced the results already discussed.

Test subjects were bombarded with many different pulse rates and widths as scientists tried to determine which pulses made the person cry, laugh, sleep, violent, etc. They discovered that when the equipment was operating, the mood of everyone at the facility would change.

From this they concluded that the person did not have to be in the direct path of the beamed frequencies to be affected by the mind control pulses. Their newly found weapon of RF power gave them a virtual doorway to the human mind! Next on the agenda was to discover what was inside and how they could alter it permanently.

Unfortunately, several people died of massive brain damage during the early tests when exposed to long periods of intense pulses of microwave energy. After this problem was solved, the scientists began compiling a data base of pulses and frequencies that produced the results they were looking for and, by 1972, had developed a non-burning, non-lethal technology and began using it almost continually on military personnel and nearby communities.

A natural outcome of these experiments was changing the frequencies to see which produced the best results. From these rapid and random frequency change tests there emerged the first useful ideas and mechanics of time-tripping which would be used later to purposefully send test subjects out of this time/space continuum.

By about 1975, shortly after cessation of hostilities in Vietnam, the Phoenix Project was in full swing with computers, a comprehensive data base covering a broad range of cause and effect, and all the new, powerful transmitters they required to begin beaming their subliminal transmissions over a large area of the American Northeast.

This pulse, when it can be heard above local noise, sounds like a diesel engine running at idle about a mile away and is just at the low end of human hearing. In some areas, a pulse attributed to Soviet experiments is at a very low frequency and sounds like a "woodpecker" at the 5Hz to 8Hz range on shortwave radios. This low pulse has been detected from Taos, New Mexico to the Seattle, Washington area and, most recently, in the New England area.

New technology almost always produces unimagined side-effects and Phoenix was no exception. When directed at automobiles, certain pulses could cause engines to stop running and electrical instruments to malfunction. Even animals could be agitated to do strange things. So the scientists had not only a machine that could disable automobiles and machines of war, they had, by the early 1980s, built and programmed a device that would allow them access to the human mind and complete thought control over every citizen of the world. They could turn us on and off like lights, but further research was required to determine which switches needed to be on and in what order to produce the desired effect on a mass scale.

Help was already available and funds were pouring in from private and secret sources. Phoenix had a wealth of supporters, all of whom expected to reap great financial rewards from the new mind-control technology. Some contributors would gain from the manufacture and sale of the hardware and software; some would gain from sale of machines to the military; others would gain by programming consumers to purchase their advertised products and services. Apparently no one stopped to think of those who were going to lose: the people-those into whose  minds the programs would be fed.

But the most important discovery was just around the corner. While they were refining the mind-reading/thought control research, the scientists would stumble onto time-tripping .

Facilities were expanded, equipment upgraded, new Cray computers fed with synthetic human blood were installed to decode the messages returning from the brains of test subjects and translators were placed into the loop to convert the electrical signals into actual pictures which could be displayed on television monitors.

The engineers, funded by some of the largest communications companies in the world, were able from that time to listen, read and watch the thoughts of their test subjects! They could hear and see what was going on inside their minds. They could join in conversations and record running dialogues. They could vary pulses to change the test subject's mood and actually see what the effect produced.

After refinements, the translator was changed into a transmitter; that is, the thoughts of the subject, instead of being merely recorded into a data base, were going to be transmitted to other test subjects who were conducting time-tripping experiments to give them a "real time" reference to present time Earth. This reference was found to be necessary so time-trippers would not become disoriented and lost in the quantum field which might produce images vastly different from those the test subjects recently left.

But the "dreamers" or "scanners" could not always lock onto images and hold them for long periods of time and several time-trippers were lost before the "real time" images were converted to computer images that could be locked on for indefinite periods.

It was at this point and with the aid of the Cray and IBM computers and the new "virtual reality" imaging technology that time-tripping became possible without the dangers inherent in the earlier systems which used human scanners who were unable to generate continuous images to those travelling through the quantum field.

Theoretically, time moves in one direction only: forward. There are, however, very subtle shifts in time that most people cannot detect and of which only very astute and sensitive people are aware. One of these subtle shifts is the phenomena of deja vu or "second view." Another is precognition or viewing events in another time before they happen in this time.

I experience these episodes so often that I don't even consider them unusual anymore. They are, as far as I can determine, good evidence that some people have existed in more than one time in the same lifetime and that the friends we gather here are gathered there as well. I suspect this construct would be a parallel universe since things there are as familiar as they are here, however, I am not certain in which of the realities the events actually occur first.

Once the time shifts and scan lock problems had been solved with computers, the scientists could conjure up a "pseudo-time" that would tie the time travellers to an Earth reality. This would keep them from getting lost and allow them to find their way back through the quantum field vortex being generated at the facility.

But, because the computers could now generate images that appeared real and solid, the scientists realized they could project or broadcast them and cause people outside the facility to believe they were actually seeing creatures and machines interacting with them. These images were particularly apparent to people who had more than normal sensory perception and, because many of those people report what they think they see, the scientists have been able to compile a small list of potential receptors (espers) who generally incorrectly translate the images and pass them on to non-sensitive people.

This mind control through intermediaries (the espers) has been actively conducted since about 1975 or 1976 and accounts for almost all reports of alien abduction other than those incidents attributed to actual abduction by military or federal intelligence agencies for medical or psychological research.

The early tests, under the cover title of "The Seeing Eye" were conducted to determine how easily espers linked with computer-generated virtual images could influence the general population. The scanner or "Scannate" projects were born of this new technology and were employed by several different intelligence agencies during the cold war to find submarines, troop staging areas and underground facilities of the enemy. Some of them continue even now at secret bases in American western states.

The only purpose of the new technology being directed at American citizens is to load thoughts into their minds to make them do things they would not ordinarily do, including murder, suicide, madness, or purchasing items they do not want and cannot use.

By 1984, as predicted by George Orwell, Big Brother was inside your head and you didn't even know it.

            SPACE ENOUGH AND TIME The first test subjects go through the vortex.

After the electromagnetic fields and computer-generated images were refined and perfected, the Phoenix Project scientists began conducting a series of comprehensive tests to determine how effective their subliminal transmission were on the general population.

By 1980 they were transmitting mental images of hairy anthropoid creatures, flying saucers and grey aliens across a large area of North America. All the while they compiled vast data bases and continuously altered frequencies and programs.

Other departments were creating storms and hurricanes and causing floods and blizzards as they perfected their weather machines to be used (they claimed) as weapons of war. We wonder, since Americans became the test subjects, against whom they intended to wage this unholy war? Most certainly from 1980 until the present time, this war has been waged against Americans.

The first hint of something new and exciting came early in 1980 when someone observed that an artificial event occurred before it was transmitted, and others were observed hours or days after they were broadcast. These astounding observations led the scientists and engineers to conclude that the broadcasts were getting lost in time and were being shifted or re-broadcast sooner or later than they should have been.

Further investigation revealed that time shifting was, indeed, occurring. By reconstructing the events and tracing the cause of the shift, they were ultimately able to isolate and control the moment and duration of the shift. They had, by accident, discovered how to manipulate or "bend" time.

Because their present equipment was barely adequate to fulfill the requirements of the time shifting, they requested and obtained new and more powerful electronic devices, most of which were installed and operational by 1981. By surrounding their test subjects with powerful electromagnetic fields, they were able to create the effect produced aboard the USS Eldridge but with a great deal more control.

They had found the portal into the quantum field and began tentatively to explore it, discovering in rapid succession, null time in which all things material and ethereal exists at one and the same moment in all planes as "being" before the creation of the manifest cosmos; negative time (past); present time; positive time (future) and proof of parallel universes also having their own past, present and future times! It was into this vast unknown quantum field the scientists intended to project their test subjects.

Immediately there were problems. People vanished and were never retrieved from the vortex. They appeared to have fallen into the rabbit hole and not found their way out again. It was from these calamities that the computer-generated links were devised. These "real time" links would serve as a lifeline for the time trippers, allowing them to find the portals so they could return to present earth time and space. It established a "zero time" or beginning and ending reference for the travellers.

During the early phase of this refinement, and because they worried about losing their trained psychics, it became routine to take homeless people from the alleys and project them into the vortex. If they were lost no one would even miss them. If they returned, they were forced to relate their adventures and then they were projected into the vortex again for additional tests. When they outlived their usefulness or if the scientists feared they might remember what happened and tell someone else,  they were projected in and the computer links were shut down. Hundreds of people may have been lost in this manner.

Once the zero time and the image links were perfected and programmed into the computers, the human psychics in the loop were deemed unnecessary and they were taken out, primarily because they were unable to  consistently lock in the real time images required to maintain the link between this time and "other" time. The project was now totally controlled by vast  electromagnetic generators and computers.

Most of the base personnel-those who had not succumbed to the project-had been transferred to other assignments. New crews arrived to guard and maintain the base. Civilian cadres were down-sized and many of the psychics  were cut loose.  Many of them simply disappeared.

Between 1981 and 1983 a large number of successful, if mostly tentative, excursions had been made forward and backward through time in parallel and alternate universes as well as projections back and forth in earth time. During the trips back into earth time, a number of significant historic political events were altered. They explored the vortex in Earth's past and future, sampling air and water and observing the evolution of society and the loss of natural resources, altering those events that would have caused natural or man-made disasters in the future. These alterations have bent the earth's time line and forced it out of its original direction and chronology. Those of us living since 1983 are not the people we would have become had not the time-trippers altered our time/space.

Because the transmitter could be tuned to any point or time, travellers were often projected into parallel universes and into past, present and future time. The vortex was described by test subjects as being a twisted tunnel, brightly lit and having branches and side tunnels. They described their trips, their missions and their return trips.

It is interesting to note that, while hours or even months might pass while they were performing tasks in the alternate or parallel time, the trippers almost always returned to the exact moment they left Earth's real time. To the casual observer, they would have appeared not to have gone anywhere at all!

"There was not," claimed one scientist, "more than a slight bending of light rays to indicate the test jumpers had gone into the vortex. They reappeared, after having performed tasks for weeks, in the next second."

The project, sophisticated as it was by 1983, was not without danger. More than one tripper was abandoned in the vortex when power fluctuated or was lost. Still, both volunteers and conscripts, all males between the ages of 16 and 24 years,  and in the total number of perhaps ten thousand, were being lofted into the vortex on a daily basis, many of them equipped with transmitting devises that could send messages and images back to the test facility, and many others with mining and survival equipment. A large number of these trippers did not return to present day earth and it is to be assumed that theirs was a one-way mission through time. They were not expected to return and, indeed, must have agreed not to.

From this revelation, many are led to conclude that the trippers were sent through the vortex to terraform a distant planet or, perhaps, to colonize a near celestial body such as the moon or Mars.

Several sources have indicated that manned landings were made on Mars as early as 1962 and there is some evidence to suggest that the first large group of colonists were lofted to the Martian and lunar surfaces by the Brookhaven group using their time/space bending technology. Something is certainly going on up there!

To understand time, one must remember that "time" as a thing does not actually exist. "Time" is the orderly progression of events occurring only in the mind of the observer and only within the limits of the particular universe in which they are manifest. These same (or similar) events may also occur at the same moment in a parallel universe. If the observer was projected suddenly into the parallel universe, he might not even be aware that a shift had occurred, except that he might experience some vertigo or an episode of deja vu. Generally these episodes are nullified with a shake of the head or a shrug of the shoulders.

The observer appears to be in his own real time and continues with his life as if he were. He is totally unaware that a time shift occurred or that he was momentarily in the vortex. These sudden and unexplained shifts may have no direct impact on one's future. On the other hand, they may have profound effects on all of humankind, for the act of changing the time line of a single person is tantamount to changing everyone's time line. The alternate future, once established, becomes fixed until or unless someone goes into the vortex to tamper with it again.

Because the time line has already been altered, first accidentally with the Philadelphia Experiment and then purposefully during the Phoenix Project, we find ourselves in a time lock in which everything appears to be progressing normally but is, in fact, progressing through altered time. Events are getting away from us. Our control over normal chores diminishes. Events occur for which there are no logical answers. The weather has gone haywire. People have gone mad and the prisons are full to overflowing. We've jumped sideways and are having trouble finding our way back to 1943.

Those who time-travelled to the future came back predicting the year 2000 as the beginning of the end time. Those who went farther found only desolation. What do they know that we don't?


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