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1. The major reason why fish are lost is poor equipment.  You as

Dad may have the good stuff, but the wife and kids get your hand

me down worn-out junk!!!  Now you know why they don't want to go

with you.

2. Now once good stuff has been obtained, we'll go to the second

most important reason - it's maintenance.  Clean reels with

smooth working drags, rods with good eyelets - they're a must to

land good fish.

3. Line!!!  New!!! Repeat, !!!New!!!  Put on new line every three

trips.  What is between you and the fish once you have it on?

!!!Line!!! !!!New Line!!! What is that 30 lb. cat, 7 lb. bass or

even a big crappie worth, $1.49 for a spoon of line??

4. Once you've got it on your reel and are using that new line,

how about getting into the habit of checking the first three feet

of it every 3 to 4 casts.  Make it a habit.  I've checked, found

a nick and retied only to land a big one on the next cast.

5. You're in pretty good shape, but we have two things left which

still make a lot of difference.  One of them, is to learn one

knot, learn it until you can tie it without thinking, in the

dark, in the wet, in the cold with fingers' freezing.  Now make

another habit of checking your knot each time you check your

line - knots get weak.  Grab your bait or whatever you're using

and yank hard.  I'm sure a fish will do it for you, but if you

don't, and you'll lose him.

6. I left the greatest secret until last.  Everyone knows it, but

they don't do it and it costs millions of people good fish every

year.  Buy a good, no several, good hook stones.  Keep them

where you can see them in your boat, in your pocket if walking.

Now just as with checking your line, now start a habit of

checking your hooks to see if they're sharp each time you check

your line and knot.  I've lost a good fish, checked my hook and

found it dull.

I didn't hit anything or pull my bait through rocks, so how did

it get that way?  Your guess is as good as mine.  During the

winter's long nights, go through and resharpen everything.  If

it won't hang in your thumb nail surface when pulled across it

at most angles, it won't hang that big one's mouth either.

 You've got them, these tips.  Make and break pro's every day on

tour.  They will help you get into that elusive 10% club.  I

know - I'm there!!

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