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Recipe 1

Combine 2 cups of rose leaves with 1-3/4 cups vetiver root,

1-1/2 cups patchonly herb and 3/4 cup mace.  Fill little cotton

bags with the mixture and tie with a ribbon.

Recipe 2

Combine 3/4 cup calamus root, 1/2 cup caraway seeds, 1/4 cup

ground cloves, 2 cups lavender flowers, 1 cup marjoram, 1 cup

mint, 2 cups rose leaves, 1/2 cup rosemary and 1/4 cup thyme.

Mix well.

Recipe 3

Combine 1/4 cup orrisroot, 4 cups lavender flowers, 3 cups

patchonly herb, 1/4 cup ground cloves, 1 cup deerstongue leaves

and 1/2 cup ground allspice.  Add 10 drops oil of rose, 10 drops

oil of lavender, 12 drops oil of neroli and 1/4 tsp. oil of

sandalwood.  Mix well.

Recipe 4

Combine 4 cups cassie flowers, 1/4 cup orrisroot powder and 1/2

cup starch.  Mix well.

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