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If you're like most of us, you've got a loose collection of stray

papers gathering dust in your closet or attic, and on those pages

are recipes by the score, gathered from your mother, your

grandmother, or your elderly aunts. You can make money - lots of

money - from all those old recipes you've collected over the

years. Did you know that advertised in the right places, such

recipes will sell like hotcakes?

Small classified advertisements for recipes in such national

checkout stand newspapers as The National Enquirer and Globe have

long been known to generate large amounts of money. Publications

such as these sell millions of copies every week, mostly

housewives who take their cooking seriously and who are always

scouting for new recipes to spice up their weekly menus. Even a

one or two percent return from such a large readership means

thousands of dollars in your pocket. and that return is generated

from the moment the publication hits the stands.

Do you have a cooking specialty? Perhaps you've come up with ten

fantastic new ways to cook hamburger, or your cheesecake gets

rave reviews. Maybe you've discovered there's a unique regional

theme to your cooking. Take advantage of it to make some big


First of all, read those newspaper ads carefully. Look at a

number of issues of the newspapers and observe which ads appear

over and over again. Rest assured, those advertisers aren't

paying classified ad rates to throw their money away! They've

developed a winning ad style, and they're making full use of it.

Study those ads to see what makes them tick. They're short,

promising, tantalizing, aren't they? They spark an idea that

makes you want to hustle to the kitchen to experiment, don't


Now, start working on your own ads. Try a number of approaches,

coming up with several that you can test in different

publications. As you'll see, the ad need only be simple, direct,

capable of sparking the reader to immediate action. Use high

impact words that the reader's head will imagery of taste new

meals. Best of all. you don't have to change much for your recipe

or collection of recipes. Aim for volume sales at reasonable

prices. If you write an ad that captures reader's attention, the

money will pour in.

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